off season problems

things that actually make a good show:

  • world building
  • character development
  • consistent story arc
  • character subplots
  • healthy relationships
  • high stakes 
  • blurred lines of morality
  • motivation
  • realistic diversity
  • well thought out villain

things that the cw thinks makes a good show:

  • white men
  • hetero romance
  • miscommunication
  • no character consistency
  • token diversity
  • special effects
  • hacking
  • Big Bad™
  • amping up the Big Bad™ by doing essentially the same thing every season but changing the name and giving them more powers
  • lots of murder
  • then just fucking resurrect everyone (note: does not apply to any token diversity that has been killed of at this point)
  • fighting
  • but like only physical fighting
  • because any fighting that doesn’t involve karate doesn’t matter
  • and obviously the only way to help people is by wearing a tight costume
  • “no one is safe on this show”

Y’all are so predictable… Stiles says something random in the trailer and the whole fandom comes up with nonsensical meta to back him up.

Smh, half of the shit y’all are posting doesn’t make any sense. I’m really curious, you say Scott trusted people and bad things happened? Where in canon is that a true statement? And when the hell did Scott ever trust Derek? Y’all shat on him for the first two seasons because he DIDN’T trust your fave; so how are y’all going to turn around now and say he did?

That goes for Peter, Deucalion, Gerard, Chris etc because Scott never trusted them either - he used them to his advantage in those situations. I swear this fandom will bend over backward just to suit some annoying ass sidekick rather than actually trying to understand canon.