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I realize Julie might use "crazy" in a stereotypical way and, in the end, wants to destroy the fuzzy boundaries surrounding that word, but, personally, there's not anything more hurtful someone could associate me with than the word "crazy". Just because I feel like I'm losing my mind half the time because of my mental illness, anyway. Oh, I don't know, Julie's vision is so off this season.

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Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3


Sana Bakkoush in The Secret


Neal Caffrey reaction gifs | season 1 (½)


This sequence here for some reason reminded me that some people outwardly look fine or even impassive, but have a turmoil going on inside that is terrifying, trapped and only fighting to be barely afloat. And the thought that a word from another can make or break the person terrifies me all the more.

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…



anime vs. stage play

It’s the Alcohol Speaking

Jensen Ackles x Reader

Requested by @sandlee44 from the drabble prompt list. Requested #99:  “You got a cute butt.”

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The end of the filming celebrations were always fun. Hanging out with your friends and coworkers as you celebrated another season of hard work. This one meant more to you than all the rest. It was your last one, seeing as how they had killed your character off in the season finale.

While feeling down hearted about it, you knew there was always the possibility of coming back. Because no one ever stayed dead on Supernatural. And that was a fact you clung to closely. Because you weren’t ready to leave behind some of your coworkers. Sure,you would see them at conventions, and stuff, but it wasn’t the same as working full days next to them. Especially Jensen, who you had never gathered up enough courage to tell him exactly how you felt. And now it was too late, because soon you would be heading back to California, looking for more work.

That thought had you feeling a little down, so you began staying close to the bar, taking advantage of the free booze they were offering. After a couple of quick drinks, you weren’t feeling any pain, your earlier worries gone as the alcohol surged through your system. 

“Hey Y/N, whatcha doing hiding over here?” Jensen asked you, slinking his arm over your shoulder.

“Drowning my sorrows.” You blurted out, the alcohol speaking.

Pressing a kiss to your forehead, he ordered the two of you more drinks before moving away. “I know. It sucks they killed off your character. I’m trying to talk them into bring her back.”

“You are?” You asked, excitedly.

“Heck ya. Can’t have my favorite girl leaving me, can I?” He said, but with your alcohol muddled mind, you couldn’t come up with an answer. You weren’t sure if you heard him right, or what he meant about it.

So instead of talking, you gulped the rest of your drink down, swaying on your feet. “Whoa, maybe we should just go sit down for a little bit. Get you some water to counteract all that alcohol.”

As he moved to walk, you stayed in your spot, watching his body move with confidence. When he realized you weren’t following him, he turned and raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

“You got a cute butt.” You blurted out, clasping a hand over your mouth. “I didn’t…I…” You stuttered. Laughing hard, he came over. Pressing a swift kiss to your lips, he pulled back.

“I’m not going to take advantage of you. Not when you’ve had way too much to drink. But hopefully you remember this so we can have a talk in the morning.” He told you before guiding you to where Jared, Mark and Misha were sitting.

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No. Ok? No. Dean has been through too much for you to go all armchair psychology on him when you finally show up. He’s seen too much loss, felt too much heartbreak, dealt with too much abandonment and insecurity and pain for you to talk to him like this. He doesn’t deserve this. He’s taken on too much responsibility and guilt for you to belittle him and psychoanalyze him. The boy’s got a goddamn savior complex because of you. Dean has been a scared little boy hiding inside a cocky young man for far too long because the father he had failed him. But despite everything he’s been through, that scared little boy still had hope that you might be a good father, and you let him down. So if you think you can just show up and invalidate his current problems with you because he carries years of scars from other people abandoning him, you can fuck off. You don’t get to talk to him that way. He deserves to be loved and listened to, not dismissed and criticized by another absentee father.

what your favorite woy s2 episode says about you
  • The Wanders: You probably love Wander and wanna see development for him or you love seeing more serious, sad stuff
  • My Fair Hatey: You're a sucker for everyone working together and/or really love musicals and know all the songs
  • The Eye on the Skullship: You REALLY love the watchdogs and would 100% adopt them all. they are your children
  • The Funk: you love death glare
  • The Big Day: you love skeleton dance
  • The Greater Hater/ The End of the Galaxy/ The Battle Royale: You like plot development or just really love dominator
  • The Fremergency Fronfract: you love skeleton dance and/or the chuck e cheese palette is literally your aesthetic
  • The Black Cube of Darkness: You can probably relate to the black cube of darkness and like the message of the ep!
  • The Cartoon: You either love nostalgic cartoons or find the animation jokes hilarious (also hey-ey-ey-eyater)
  • The Good Bad Guy: You really love Major Threat/ Jeff and always choose minor characters as your favs
  • The Boy Wander: You probably love Weird Al or find wander's hero persona hilarious
  • The Night Out: You love sylava and think girls are pretty great
  • Any others: ????????? cryptid??? you probably adore wander over yonder and/or didn't wanna be mainstream
geirhildur replied to your post “Oh, no, I the seasons thing, I always laugh bc there are soooo, so…”

I always felt that the sprites in question would be resting because either there would be counterparts in the southern hemisphere (maybe even American Gods style) or they’d have their own sprites. The more powerful spirits would probably be different though.

I like this as a concept, except for me it doesn’t really work within the parameters of the show logic given that Bunnymund, as an example, has a notably Australian accent and lives somewhere that looks like ‘Easter Island’ (lol sigh) and Easter while celebrated in a secular way here in Australia, was originally a European fertility ritual before it was ever co-opted as a Northern Hemisphere expression of monotheism. So Bunnymund is clearly based ‘globally’ and isn’t even European in origin, or American for that matter. (To say nothing of Jack Frost not actually originating in the Americas).

Or basically, the show fucked with its own logic to the point that if Bunnymund can go anywhere and lives in Oceania - Jack should be going everywhere too. Despite the brief nod to the French ‘tooth fairy.’ Plus, the Guardians clearly deal with matters concerning the whole globe, re: the globe itself that North has, and the truly horrendously represented Australia in it, lol.

Tbh, I honestly feel more fan writers are less likely to come up with a headcanon like yours that can be supported in worldbuilding (I kind of love the American Gods style concept, or the idea of different countries having their own sprites), than they are likely to just be forgetting that the Southern Hemisphere exists and the seasons are ‘reversed’ here and therefore Jack should really be ‘working’ 365 days of the year (quotations because that’s not a neat thing but it is Autumn here). I’ve talked to enough people in the fandom over the years via chat and heard ‘wait it’s *the opposite season for you?* that’s so *weird*’ to know it’s not really a thing inherently understood by a lot of people.