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Tyson Barrie is in love with Nathan Mackinnon

and I have proof. I love Tyson. He’s such a soft bro and a nice person like honestly, he’s great. And while all the stuff being passed around about how great he is, is awesome, there’s something I just need to clear up. Tyson is dating Nate. There is no question about it. Sit down, while I present some facts to you about these awesome muffins.

Here he is gracing Nate’s Instagram in 2013 when he started rooming with Tyson on the road. Earlier in the season he was rooming with Gabe and changed roommates sometime in November. 

Here we have an adorable picture of the two of them on a plane. I don’t know whether or not Tyson is actually sleeping on Nate, but I like to think he is. This was posted by Nate during the All-Star Break of the 2013-2014 season. Obviously, he misses Tyson a lot.

Here we have a ridiculous montage of pictures posted by Nate for Tyson’s birthday. The bottom left picture is so soft, I don’t know what to do with myself. The message screenshot is just so wonderful and just makes me so sad that they ever have to be apart.

In this picture that Tyson posted in June from the NHL Awards, we’ve got the three amigos. There are a lot of pictures of the three of them over their social media. But, only two in the picture are up for awards: Nate and Ryan. Basically, Tyson was Nate’s date the year he won the Calder Trophy.

Next, we have the infamous photo of Nate and Ty adopting Max Talbot’s son for the night. Max was Nate’s billet family for his first two years in the league. It’s worth noting that Max took this photo and Nate liked it enough to post it. Honestly, if it weren’t for the caption I would completely believe that was their child.

They went on vacation together during the Avs off week in the 2014-2015 season. I know this because it’s not like they just took a day off to go swimming when they were in Florida. Fort Lauderdale is about an hour away from Miami where the Florida Panthers play, and that’s with good traffic. 

The next two photos go hand in hand. After their win at Worlds in 2015, they went on vacation supposedly with this group of guys in the photo Nate posted. But, two weeks later, Tyson posts a picture with a guy that doesn’t appear in the first picture. I think they actually went on vacation just the two of them. 

Both Nate and Tyson posted this picture after Tyson came to visit him and Sid in LA. Something to note with this picture and any picture containing Nate, Sid, and Tyson, Tyson is always between Nate and Sid. Always. 

This link will take you to Tyson’s Instagram to a video that he took of Nate dancing in the car as they drive to practice together (or somewhere).

This link will take you to Nate’s Instagram to a stupid video of Tyson playing basketball with a bear head on. (Also for any of you who wondered how he got the TBear nickname.)

And yet another link that will take you to Tyson’s instagram. It’s a video of Tyson telling a joke about the size of Gabe’s head. Nate laughs so hard he falls onto Tyson’s shoulder and boob grabs him. Its fabulous.

Now, I’ve got a video for ya. The players of the Avs as well as several other Colorado teams put on a dinner every year for the fans to meet the plays and have a good time. Every year, the Avs have a player take on being interviewer for a day and go around interviewing their teammates. It just so happens that the year of 2015-2016 Tyson and Nate go interviewing together. The entire video is a masterpiece, but there’s a specific section y’all should go watch. If you watch between 8:15 and 9:15 you will see Matt Duchene make a pass at Tyson who gets crazy flustered and Nate tries to recover for him.

The next video is from that same night. Tyson and Nate are interviewed in this one and asked to rate each other’s outfits. It’s very obvious they’re in love. Just listen to the way they talk about each other.

Following that night, Nate posts a picture from their interview escapade with the gay couples emoji. So cute.

After all that, Tyson’s Instagram goes dry basically all summer of anything to do with Nate, but Nate posts a picture, again from that same interview escapade when Tyson resigned with the Avs after a very long negotiation process. “Bossekrull” aka Gabe’s private instagram account comments “out of all the photos you guys have taken… this is the one you decide to post???” so it must be a Macbarrie thing to take photos together.instagram account comments “out of all the photos you guys have taken… this is the one you decide to post???” so it must be a Macbarrie thing to take photos together.

Last but not least we have a picture in paris of them together from Worlds just this past May. I love it because they’re leaning each other and yet again Tyson is in between Nate and Sid. 

There ya have it, folks. Nate and Tyson are in love. The proof is here. Also, Gabe is in a long-term relationship with Mel Shouldice. She runs the Instagram account for their dog Zoey Pickles. She’s an adorable pitbull and you should follow her on Instagram. 

So you miss the Habs...

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