off season 2

  • Good thing about Supergirl: Season 1 ended in a way that we can consider a series finale.
  • Bad thing about Supergirl: Season 2 has been shitty but Alex and Kara are still there plus we got introduced to Lena, Maggie and M'gann so I can't just simply stop watching.
Aight but where’s Jason at tho?
—  Me every time DC releases anything
a sad anniversary

It’s been exactly one year since Chris Carter left us with the most savage X-Files cliffhanger of all time. You know, the one where everyone is dying except for the ones with alien dna (???) and Mulder and Scully are estranged (????) and stranded on a bridge and a UFO comes and they have a child together but they don’t know where it is and we never know if the show is coming back? 

When Dizzee is dancing covered in paint and saying ‘I’m ready to die now’ and then the last scene of the finale is ambiguous about whether he’s alive or not and you’re not sure if there’s gonna be a season 2 to answer this

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Reasons Why They Won’t Kill Off Steve Harrington So Let’s Stop Talking About It

I told you guys I’d write it, so here’s the top ten reasons why the idiot Steve Harrington is surviving Season 2.

1) This season is clearly going to mirror the first season in terms of who it follows.  Though there are other plots and characters being introduced, they have two major problems to deal with: Eleven’s absence and Will’s situation. Ending a season like that with Steve’s death would most likely disrupt that flow and take away from our emotional appeal towards the kids

2) As of now, half of the fandom still hates Steve.  Even if they manage to change more minds in season 2, it’d be much smarter to wait until there would be more of an emotional pull towards his death.  

3) The Duffers aren’t lazy when it comes to plot.  They’re not going to kill off Steve so that he’s out of the way for Nancy and Jonathan.  They’re just not. And if they did, do you imagine people would really be satisfied with that? Nancy’s not the type of person to wait for her first boyfriend to die before getting with her other guy.  

4) Speaking of Nancy- she already lost her best friend, and killing off her boyfriend would honestly be pushing it in terms of angst against her.  It would feel forced, like they’re just trying to torture her.  

5) Not really a reason, but anyone who’s saying that the introduction of Billy points towards killing off of Steve, well, let’s be real.  Television can have as many white straight-presenting male characters as they want. I’m just being honest.

6) He just got promoted to a main character.  This isn’t necessarily proof, of course they can kill off mains, but I would guess they’d let him last at least a bit longer in the forefront before pulling the cord.

7) Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve aren’t going to be a perfect trio in season 2, or at least I don’t think they will be.  There’s so much tension between them that they’re most likely still going to be working things through.  Maybe they’ll get there by the end of s2, but maybe not.  That’s a good dynamic to work off of, and three is a magic number when it comes to protagonists (think of all the trios in fiction) and I’m sure the Duffers will want to actually get them to that point before killing off anyone, and I just don’t think that’ll happen by season 2.

8) Steve Harrington only just started to develop as a character.  He has a long way to go.  A long way.  And while there is the possibility of some heroic death to help him achieve that final step of becoming a good person… I don’t know, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  He’s not that good.  They like making him three-dimensional, as they do with all their characters, and having him suddenly play the martyr seems unrealistic.

9) (Besides, the only person he might try to sacrifice himself for is Nancy, who, let’s be honest, can hold her own.)

10) Joe Keery is already pretty much responsible for the complete rewrite of that character.  I’m pretty sure he could talk his way out of being killed off– have you seen his smile?  I trust Joe with Steve’s life.  Not to mention, Charlie and Natalia could probably bribe the Duffers out of it as well.  Come on.

Conclusion: Steve Harrington is not going to die so let’s please stop considering the possibility because it’s giving me anxiety and keeping me up at night.