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Next stop on the #mypubliclandsroadtrip in BLM Colorado is Wolford Mountain Recreation Area, a place visited by off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and rock crawlers from far and wide.

Do you know what rock crawling is? It’s an extreme form of off-road driving over rough terrain like boulders, piles of rock and mountain foothills. Rock crawlers drive slowly and carefully, attempting to clear objects that sometimes seem impassable.

Wolford Mountain Recreation Area is a multiple-use area with a number of primitive trails as well as opportunities to camp, fish and hike. An open OHV play area and an extreme 4x4 trail offer energizing rides for the most daring riders. Routes for hikers and bikers cut through the recreation area along with other, tamer trails for ATVs, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles. In the winter, you can even check out some designated snowmobiling trails!

Ready to plan a visit? Learn about diverse recreational opportunities at Wolford Mountain and about Wolford Mountain’s off-highway vehicle trails.  When visiting BLM lands, please use only designated routes and stay on the road.

Photos by Vanessa Lacayo, Public Affairs Specialist, BLM Colorado

How do we get that?

Narumiya stared up at the sky, watched the sun break through the clouds alighting a rainbow after the downpour. He lowered his umbrella and shook it, leaned against the wooden fence where he and Miyuki were supposed to be meeting. He checked his watch and looked up to find Miyuki standing before him, completely drenched. 

“You’re fifteen minutes late,” Narumiya said, matter-of-factly. 

“Sorry,” Miyuki said lowly, chest heaving. And Narumiya’s eyes caught on the movement and the way that the other’s shirt stuck to that skin, clung to Miyuki’s form. He’d never been fonder of the rain. 

“Luckily for you my apartment is close by,” he said, starting off down the road, Miyuki trailed beside him. 

Narumiya was only allowed to watch Miyuki’s clothes spin in his tumble dryer as he waited for Miyuki dress and get the hell out of his room, why couldn’t the other change in the toilet? 

Miyuki came out, towel draped over his head and in sweat pants alone, god was either testing him or treating him. 

“Your clothes don’t fit me,” Miyuki mumbled, almost pouting and Narumiya guessed that he had to gawking.

“That’s more than okay with me,” he said, roving his eyes over the other’s exposed skin more obviously. Miyuki rolled his eyes, rubbing the towel against his still wet hair. 

“Pervert,” Miyuki muttered under his breath, but Narumiya heard and snickered at the other.

“It’s not my fault that you got caught in the rain,” Narumiya smirked at Miyuki, “and I am not the kind to turn my eyes from a masterpiece when it’s placed before me,” Miyuki promptly threw the towel at his head, Narumiya just laughed at the other, loud and abrasive in an effort to get further under Miyuki’s skin. 

OKAY so i went on a last minute beach trip yesterday afternoon with this guy and everything about it was so cute we spent a long time just off roading on some beach trails and in the water and then all of the sudden it was like 1 in the morning and we wanted to go get in the ocean so we just parked and smoked a few bowls and played in the water and looked at how pretty the stars were when there’s no light around which made me start talking about astrology (WHICH HE DIDNT EVEN KNOW WAS A THING!!!!!) and so he downloaded this app that let me hold the phone up to the sky and it would tell you which planets, stars, and constellations you were looking at and I freaked out hard about that tbh it was so cool and we stayed there just listening to music and smoking on the beach and talking about random shit till like 3 in the morning the whole day was so perfect and made me so happy

Went off-roading down some trails with Brett for the first time! Learned so much. Oh, and Wade was on his Grom and doing even better than I could.

got a bike helment, lil pouch to hold my phone, tail light, and water bottle holder :)
im getting a speaker in the mail soon too that has radio, and bluetooth.

today was my cheat day and i hit my bmr at dinner. its still early i miiiight get ice cream or a snack later… idk.

for my cheat i went out to macaroni grill. didnt count anything up until after. i didnt over eat (maybe just a hair, but stopped soon).
so im glad im not using my cheat as an excuse to binge… … …and basically i havent since using mfp regularly

im excited to take my bike on a longer ride . apprehensive about doing it at night just cos im nervous of cars. idk… . theres a few off road trails i want to explore, and then theres a nother trail thats just like 6 miles out and its a dirt path that i want to do too. :)

Danny MacAskill - Endura's Newest Brand Ambassador

If you don’t know who Danny MacAskill is, you must either hate riding on anything other than a road, or not be connected to the internet. The Scottish street trials pro has made a name for himself through amazing YouTube videos going back to 2009. One of my favorites, Epecuén, was launched last year and is set in the flood ravaged resort town of Villa Epecuén, Argentina.…

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Driving The Great Western Trail In Arizona: An Off-road Travel Guide free ebook

Driving The Great Western Trail In Arizona: An Off-road Travel Guide free ebook ,

Driving The Great Western Trail In Arizona: An Off-road Travel Guide free ebook

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