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Shortly after taking this photo, just off to the left was when I found myself wondering where a piece of a bee/wasp nest had come from. Only to discover that where it came from wasn’t as important as where it was in relationship to my current position. Which was directly underneath me. At this same time I discovered the nest I also discovered they weren’t too happy with me. Thus began my short career in the sport of forest obstacle course running.



This morning was beautiful. Me and Viks walked the dogs at 5:15am and at 6am me and Momma went for a run. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning- everything was perfect. We ran off road on a trail right next to where we live, its quiet and secluded and stunning at that time in the morn. We took Momma’s dog, Molly, to keep us safe. 

Me and Momma had a good laugh as usual- we have had a few issues recently but last night we had a huge talk that lasted about 3 hours. We both laid our cards on the table (something we both find really hard to do). 3 hours later the outcome is we love each other to bits and only want the best for each other- it is just a change for both of us to have such a good friend in one another and sometimes it is overwhelming because of things have happened to us both in the past. Having people so close to me scares the hell outta me and at times I have just wanted to run away and block them all out but as Papa told me last night “all families have ups and downs, especially when you are close but you both still love each other.” Papa is always right…. damn you Papa!  

Tomorrow me, Momma and Katie are having a girly shopping day (so expect a lot of selfies), on Saturday, after spending the day with my Gran and Grandad in my hometown,   I am going round for tea with them (nom)  and on Sunday me and Papa are competing in a 10KM! Good few days ahead.

I need an early night tonight. The 4 and a bit hours sleep I had last night just wasn’t adequate! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

Day 2 - The Loneliest Road in America

After staying at the Nugget in Sparks for the night, we started the day pretty early.

Quickly covered the last section of the major highway (80E) and took US 50 - The Loneliest Road in America.

We crossed the town of Fallon, where we had to take a small detour for 4th July Parade. As we slowly crossed the small town residential area, the voice in the helmet prompted. Cute little houses, let’s move here, said Kuntal 😊
But really the town quickly gave the feeling of small village roads back in India. The smell of the farms was nostalgic. The greenery at the other end of the town made me forget the drought in California! We took a quick stop for pictures near the aviation base, and we were off on the real span of US 50.

Salt beds, Sand mountains, Off road trails, Humboldt-Toiyabe national forests, Ghost towns, prefect weather, everything was a treat for the eyes.
It was around 85F, but cloudy and still very pleasant weather to ride. Just when we reached Middletown, it started drizzling. We took a quick breather stop at the junction, and moved on. The drizzle was good enough to soak us. Still perfect to ride. Patches of dark clouds and pouring rain was looking scary at first. Kuntal started feeling a little chilly, so it was time to put on the extra layers. Took bunch of pit stops, snaps etc, crossed Austin at around 12 where it was still raining, then final reached Eureka. Time for lunch at an Amish Deli.

Met Chuck and Patty at lunch. Chuck rides a Victory, and used to work as an Intel for the Navy. Lots of interesting conversations with the lovely couple. The feeling of being in a small town was in full swing!

Managed the after lunch laziness, crossed Ely, then off to Baker.

Road kills today? Well, a couple of them. Saw a deer and an Elk on the side of the road. Luckily the only interception with me was a deer crossing quite far ahead. No harm done.

By now the new tires have broken in.
Loneliest part of the road was the fastest too 😉
Crossed the state of Nevada. Staying at Baker for the night.

It’s July 4th.
Will post pictures later…
Project Trail Force Jeep Wrangler goes to SEMA, then to a lucky winner

Filed under: Aftermarket, SEMA Show, Jeep, SUV, Off-RoadExtreme Terrain worked with Barricade Off-Road, Rock Krawler, Rugged Ridge, and Kevin Tetz to create the Project Trail Force Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. They’re going to take it to SEMA and give it away.

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Mountain Bike Trails Near Dc

Mountain Bike Trails Near Dc

Trails fall mountain biking – federal, Munson hills mountain bike trail. the munson hills off-road bike trail offers a scenic and challenging ride through varied terrain. the original trail has expanded to. Mountain bike trail conditions, current trail conditions, Now you can get the latest update on trail closures and current riding conditions for all mountain bike trails listed on…

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musingsinhtx asked:

Asking tumblr jeepers a question: interested in getting a jeep, but looking at a used Liberty. However, if the opportunity presented itself, should I get a nice used late 90s cherokee?

It all depends what you have in mind to do with the jeep you buy, if your off roading rock climbing and trail riding , a Cherokee might be better equip . Than a Liberty ! Both are trail rated ! But that’s just my point of view !

Searching for shade...

Leaving my house at 7am I figured I could beat the heat. What I wasn’t expecting was for it already to be approaching 80 degrees. Wanted a fairly easy run today so I decided to get to higher elevation and take some off-road ATV trails. Another thing I wasn’t expecting, extreme ups and downs! At one point I had a 700 ft drop in elevation in a ½ mile, I typically love flying downhills however this was slow going. My thoughts were more along the lines of “damn, I’m going to have to climb this later” haha. All in all it was a great day running through the mountains, sweating and getting a great leg workout.

Detours - When Plans Change

We left the Finger Lakes Trail in Dryden six days ago.  Since then I’m still not feeling 100% with this chest cold that seems to never end.  Neither of us have health insurance, but despite this I took myself down to the local walk-in clinic to see if anything could be done.  After spending $110 to be seen I was told I had acute sinusitis and that really nothing could be done as I wasn’t showing signs of active infection (all my mucus is clear, not discolored).  I was given a prescription for an antibiotic if it got worse, but was told to treat symptomatically until the symptoms went away.  Five days later I’m still not showing signs of infection and I’m still not any better.  Meanwhile, the rain has continued to fall.  We have been following the trail conditions very closely as the area we are about to hike in is full of gorges and waterfalls.  We are seeing updates like this: 

“The timber bridge at mile 1.75 on map M16 (eastern-most of the two large timber trail bridges on the FLT in Cayuta Gulf) has been totally washed away by recent severe weather activity.” “Please be aware that some white-blazing on either side of this creek crossing is also missing as some trees have also washed away from the area, however the trail tread itself is clear of debris and readily apparent.” “Because of recent heavy rain events, it is currently not advisable to ford Fish Kill on the Finger Lakes Trail (mile 17.1) in upper Treman State Park. Also, the blue-blazed high water detour route is impassable because of severe storm damage to the bridge just east of the Old Mill, making it impossible to cross the lower section of Fish Kill. DO NOT FORD THE CREEK AT THIS TIME, AND DO NOT TAKE THE BLUE-BLAZED HIGH WATER DETOUR ROUTE AT THIS TIME.” and finally, my favorite: “The Flash flood that occurred last week has impacted the FLT section that runs from Sweedler Preserve/LickBrook to Treman State Park.  The field section near the RR track was probably under about 2-3 feet of water.”

These updates for us just mean more detours and more road walking.  Since I’m not getting much better and we’ve already taken ten days away from the trail, we have decided to give the FLT some time to dry up.  Instead of heading back to the trail, we are going to take a road trip through NY, PA, OH, WV, KY, and TN taking some scenic byways.  On the way back to NY, we will be driving the Blue Ridge Parkway through NC and VA, possibly taking a detour to ride on the C&O Canal Trail through the MD and WV region.  We have some business to take care of in TN and VA anyway so we feel this is really the best option.  We will come back to NY in a few weeks and hop back onto the FLT to complete our end-to-end hike.  Then, northward to Vermont to hike the Long Trail.  We will still finish our hikes, just not the way we planned!

This decision didn’t come lightly for NoKey or me.  I feel like I’m letting down all of my blog readers and, more importantly, I feel like I’ve really let myself down.  I know that getting sick can’t be helped, but it’s really hard to tell a long-distance hiker that you can’t do things until you get 100% better.  This chest cold has a tight grip on me and if I can’t breathe then I know I can’t hike.  I know all of these things and I’m still disappointed in myself.  We will be posting updates from our road trip with hiking, biking, maybe even some canoeing and cave exploring.  Even though our plans have changed slightly, we are still going to have an adventure!

Data shows Alberta off-road vehicle use unsustainable, environmental group says - Calgary Herald

Calgary Herald

Data shows Alberta off-road vehicle use unsustainable, environmental group says
Calgary Herald
An Alberta Wilderness Association volunteer researcher walks past trail erosion and damage caused by off-highway-vehicles in the Alberta foothills southwest of Edmonton in this 2013 handout photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO - Sean Nichols, Alberta …
Off-road trail of

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Xspec 26" 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Bicycle Trail Commuter Shimano White

Xspec 26″ 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Bicycle Trail Commuter Shimano White

Xspec is excited to announce our new 21 speed Folding Mountain Bike. Take your off-road riding to the next level with the Xspec all terrain mountain bike. With plenty of gears for climbing and front/rear shocks to absorb the bumps of off-road trails, you’ll be ready to tackle the toughest terrain. The Xspec mountain bike is known for its durability and load bearing capabilities, and has also…

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