off road camper


1979 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406.

Forget G-Wagons, the Unimog startet it all—way back in 1946.
In case you do not share the author’s infantile enthusiasm for Unimogs, here are some facts for you:

• they are rare
• they are expensive
• they have a climbing ability of 110%
• they have a fording depth of 1,2 m
• they are available as convertibles :)
• they have their own museum
• they won Ralley Paris-Dakar
• they are used by more than 20 militaries, including the United States Marine Corps
• they have a modular gear box with multiple transmission ratios—forwards and backwards
• they can be equipped with contractor equipment on all sides
• they are the only vehicles used by farmers, municipalities, NGO’s, police forces, railway companies, fire fighters and Berlin hipsters alike


How to convert a van to an off-road camper in 17 days.