Jeep Does It Again:

Sticking with Jeep tradition, they’ve just announced 6 new concepts for the Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

Concepts are as follows in descending order, left to right; the Kaiser M715 inspired ’Crew Chief 715′, a lifted Wrangler with digi-camo wrap called the ’Trailstorm’, the shortened CJ5-inspired ‘Shortcut’, the Fiat soft roader ‘Renegade Commander, another Fiat soft roader called the ‘Comanche’, and last but not least the super-green ‘Trailcat’ that is basically a wider, stockier Wrangler with a 707-hp supercharged Hellcat V8, a chopped windshield, and Dodge Viper seats.

It’s pretty obvious which ones are the most exciting and which are the Fiat least exciting.

I wouldn’t hold your breathe waiting for these to come out in the near future. Jeep has yet to go into production with any concepts shown at these events. 

Boohoo. We want the Trailcat and Kaiser!


Kicking off the weekend with an out-of-this world location – White Pocket in Paria Canyon Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona.  

This remote area (about 15 miles into it on 4-WD roads) is gaining recognition among photographers. It is part of the same formation as its more popular sibling “The Wave”, yet does not require a permit for access. The petrified sand dunes have less reds and more whites to create a very striking contrast in colors.  

Photos and text by Bob Wick, BLM National Conservation Lands