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KCON EXPERIENCE ~rough version bc im a tired bish and im still in shock

okay so
1: met edward avila twice didn’t get pics tho, met joan (with eddy yesterday + again today and got a pic) met JRE and got a pic but i look soooo bad we’re both squinting bc the sun
3. yesterday during highlights performance they threw plushies off the stage and i caught??? a white tiger !!!! it fell right into my hands !!! I OWN A PLUSHIE THAT MOST OF HIGHLIGHT HAS TOUCHED??? BRUH
4. met really great people like amelia (who gave me a win win fan and hyped me up ily thank u, u deserved that hat from up10tion smh @ that mom in front of us) and kat!!! (who i gave up10tion hitouch to and she gave me sheet masks?? so sweet, and we hung out so much and she bought hella nct albums and got her boy doyoung’s poster and gave me the win win sticker from it 💕 ily wooooo) and these two girls who we stood near both days in the platinum pit (never got their names rip they were so pretty and i hope curly haired girl took her heels off bc omg)
5. ummm dude in up10tion wearing the black jacket with the zipper in the back was ?? gorgeous!? i might need to stan up10tion now, and cnblue was SO GOOD LIKE ??? fan service to the extreme also knk on day 1 has cake??? thighs ??? ass?? booty??? white pants with everything poppin, they were?? iconic
6. NCT 127 were SO GOOD live i wanted win win to notice me so bad but i feel like they didn’t really interact with the crowd that much except for Johnny, mark, and maybe jaehyun but then again maybe he interacted on the other side of the platinum pit idk but rip 😢😓😭 ily win win he was so precious his dancing killed me he looked so good?? we were both wearing white hats i feel like we have a connection
also MARK KILLED IT and yuta? taeil? doyoung? jaehyun? live vocals that spoke to my soul?? so ?? good??

this isn’t even everything i’m just a mess im sunburnt and thirsty and my feet are killing me but wow so much sooooo much in such little time


Padparadscha from Steven Universe. I think the next time I make her, I’ll give her pink hair. I wish I knew what her color pallete in daylight was. I can’t tell what some of the colors are and I hate to be end up being really off.
Anyway I like Padparadscha. She’s so sincere and cute. But I wonder if she’s blind. I mostly ask because with her prediction delay it seems like it would be more practical to just not use it and rely on her other senses. Before people start saying stuff about how being a bit late to everything is the point of her character or something else, I understand that. I only bring it up because in situations where she and her friends are being directly attacked, it seems like that would be a time to stop focusing on seeing the future and just perceiving things as they come. Or maybe she can’t help but constantly predict which would still leave her blind. I can’t wait to see her abilities fleshed out a bit more.
I don’t own padparadscha.
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Since this reaction will be quite short compared to my other ones, i’ll do an exception and do all of the members for this one. Also i’m assuming that the members only like you and you aren’t their girlfriend (if i’m wrong, please correct me so i can do it again!). 

And thank you so much, it really means a lot! ^^

The boys watching their crush waking up in the morning on TV

Shownu; He would be quiet while watching the TV screen, focusing on the cameras that are entering your girl group’s dorm. They would start to play loud music and sirens to wake you and the girls up, and once the camera focused on your frowning, confused face, Shownu’s face would lift up with a huge smile, thinking about how cute you looked. 

Jooheon; I feel like he would be yelling at the members to shut up when your group’s reality show came on, and he’d be concentrating on the TV with his tongue poking out, super excited to see you. He’d burst into laughter when the crew would wake you up, and he’d see you sitting up with a hoodie over your head, eyes squinted while looking around still half asleep. He would find it hilarious, and he’d boast to the members, saying, “Look! Look how cute she is!” while pointing at the TV. 

Wonho; Wonho would be watching the TV screen with a smile on his face, and his heart would pound in his chest when he saw you rub your eyes cutely and pull the covers over your head while the filming crew tried to wake you up. He would find you super adorable and he would be fanboying inside, wishing he was there to wake you up in person. 

Minhyuk; Omg, Minhyuk would be so loud and excited to see you. He’d be watching you on the screen with his mouth open, laughing and giggling when he saw you grumpily getting out off bed, a plushie that you sleep with still under your arm. “Guys, look how pretty she is with no make up! I’m so in love with her, oh my God..” 

Hyungwon; He’d be the quietest one, occasionally hitting someone (probably Minhyuk) so they would shut up while he watched you. He would fall for you even more when he saw you wake up and stretch, and when you figured out the situation, he’d smile, watching you giggle and bow to the camera, thinking about how sweet and cute you were.

Kihyun; Kihyun would be really into the show lol, he would sit on the floor in front of the TV screen, watching you as you slept peacefully cuddled up to one of the other girls from your group, thinking you were absolutely adorable. He’d grin from ear to ear when you woke up, and his heart would sink when he saw you nuzzling into the other girl, hiding your face from the camera. Pretty sure he’d be super jealous of the other girl and would wish you were cuddling up to him instead. “Wah.. So cute..

I.M; 100% the members would be teasing him when you were on the TV, and poor Changkyun couldn’t do anything about it since he’s the youngest, he couldn’t even smack them lmao. He’d blush a little bit as the members kept on teasing him about his crush on you, yet he’d ignore them because his eyes would be focused on you, yawning and stretching as you sat up on the bed, spaced out and half asleep, he’d fall for you even more after seeing you like this. 



I wanted to draw all the Starmyu characters so I drew them based off the plushies I made 😆💕 Hope to make more soon 😭

NDRV3 Boys and their s/o in Summer Holidays

“NDRV3 Boys: They and their s/o in the summer holidays Heacanons”

i am kinda hyped for the summer holidays, so this came up. even though i still have to wait about 2 months or so. – mod chiaki

Shuuichi Saihara

• He isn’t that hyped for the holidays

• Sure, he is glad that he’s able to spend more time with you!

• But he thinks of them as regular holidays; nothing too special.

• Don’t drag him to the beach, he refuses to go

• “B…But if you want to go that badly, s/o, then fine…”

• He hates sand, it’s literally everywhere, even after a goddamn week. 

• Though he likes the sunny weather.

Kaito Momota

• Hell yes, time to go out and party everyday!

• Honestly, he’s super pumped for summer

• The night sky is super clear and you can see the stars just perfectly! And the weather is great, it’s not so cold anymore!

• He would drag you almost every night outside to go stargazing

• “We need to go to the beach. There’s no other option.”

• “Kaito, we don’t have to-”


• He just wants to see you in a bikini/in swimming trunks smh

Rantarou Amami

• He likes the summer holidays

• Great opportunities to go outside and just take nice walks under the sun

• And even if it gets too warm, he refuses to take his accessories off

• “Rantarou, isn’t that a little uncomfortable? It’s hella warm…”

“What are you talking about, s/o, I’m absolutely fine, haha.”

• He really wants to go sightseeing and go to many festivals and all; if you have the opportunity, you should use it!

• Roadtrips and camping are a must

• He just wants to take the opportunity and spent time with you outside and explore!

Kokichi Ouma

• “s/o, we will go to the beach and you’ll wear this bikini/these swimming trunks.”

• “Kokichi, no, these are too revealing.”

• Just kidding! Though he really likes the summer holidays

• You need to go to the beach at least once. 

• Honestly, he would bring all these water toys for kids like these water guns and shot you with water anytime you wouldn’t expect it.

“Kokichi, I’m trying to eat, stop it.”

• He would try to piss you off, basically.

Kiibo / K1-B0

• To be honest, he doesn’t really care that it’s summer.

• It makes no difference for him, the weather is just brighter and warmer, it doesn’t affect him that much. 

• “s/o, you look really displeased and your face is all red! What’s wrong?!”

• “It’s so warm and it feels like death is near…”


• He worries about your wellbeing when it gets too warm though.

• However, nothing else would really change for him to be honest.

Gonta Gokuhara



• He’d be super excited and would be outside the entire time.

• You need to come with him; hang out with his little friends. He would tell you all about them and be super excited and happy.

• Such a pure cinnamon roll, he loves summer.

• I bet he would like to go to festivals! Then you can play together these cute games where you can win prizes like plushies!

• He insists that you keep them.

• Though if it’s a bug plushie, step off, the gentleman wants it-

Ryoma Hoshi

• Hm. I think he’s pretty okay with the fact that it’s summer.

• Though if it’s getting too hot so that he has to take his beanie off, he might get grumpy.

“Ryoma, you’re being ridiculous. Just take that thing off, you’re sweating.”

“No, it’s fine, I am used to sweat a lot.”

“Are you seriously trying to tell me that you’re using ‘playing tennis’ as an excuse–”

• He isn’t fond of the the beach either; too much sand and too many loud kids.

• He won’t admit it, though he thinks that the sunset at a beach is very beautiful.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

• Another one who refuses to take off his accessories. But he is the worst out of them.

• No matter what, he will wear his mask.

• You wonder how he survives like this.

• He honestly sees nothing too special about summer and summer holidays. Nothing to get super hyped about.

• Though he would probably tell you a few folklore stories related to summer and stuff. if there are any, i have no idea about his talent jeez

• He seems more like the type who enjoys the view like sunsets at the beach, or how light falls through the leaves in a forest.

• He would definitely go to a festival though and you should come along, too.

2 Guys 550 Ft In The Air Cause They're Not Gay (ZeRoyalChaos)

copied from a text fic on Wattpad

“God, the fireworks are so pretty tonight.”

“Yeah… they really are,” not prettier than you. His thought was pushed away, Chilled struggling to swallow down the words in his throat. Why was he so… God, what’s the word? This is why he was failing English lit. Chilled fumbled around with his beanie, his fingers just itching to move around and do something other than being still. “I wonder how they make them.” Hearing his own words made Chilled cringe. He had always been awkward around crushes which is why during school Galm had to stick around and play the wingman, but now he and Ze sat in a carriage 550 ft above ground with Galm going on rides with Smarty. This was such a bad idea that past Chilled didn’t think over thoroughly.

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