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Hello!// I got rpgmaker two days ago (it’s on sale now!) and I’m planning to make a short sample game to try and get myself adjusted with the program (images may be subject to change)

it’s a story about a girl and a black cat.. and it will be a healing sort of game, probably (the feelings I’m aiming for in terms of the story is similar to this song)

vn maker wasn’t on sale so I didn’t get it yet; but I’ll work on the other game I have in mind later too! I’ve been looking up to gamemakers in the past but now I do a lot more (PLUS the music composers who offer works.. they’re really a lifesaver;) I keep staring into the void and I swear this is only like a ten minute(?) game I’m trying to make this isn’t an easy task

Everyone have a nice day!

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A Journey, a sacrifice, and a hero’s reward.
The rebirth of Laramie Barriga.

I spent like 3 hours on this.

doing it for them tho *wipes tear*