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an important message

hey everyone! this is tumblr user @headrnaster, voltronpoint’s girlfriend. we were on our way to maine for the weekend when we suddenly veered off the road into the grass and trees and shrubbery. the car flipped over and then back upright. i was incredibly ok, but vicky was in more a critical state.

she is currently hospitalized and has JUST gotten out of surgery to re-circulate blood and feeling into her left arm and leg. shes breathing on her own and talking, and things are looking great so far! she will go into spinal surgery tomorrow night (no paralysis, just fractures! so thats a positive)

i will try to keep you guys updated if she permits me further, but for now this is a fair warning post that there is OBVIOUSLYYY gonna be some inactivity until she is outta here.

please keep my best best girl in your thoughts and prayers– shes pulling strong! shes a true champ and i love her

AAAAAAAAND i got my girl noticed by josh keaton on twitter! she was so happy when i showed her he replied 💕

if you guys have any other Q’s, ask me here! she wont be able to respond for now bc her phone got lost in the accident, and shes bed bound.

Nightmare Before Christmas Asks

Because airborne-melodies wanted some Nightmare Before Christmas memes and I could not find any, so I DECIDED TO MAKE ONE MYSELF. 

  • Hinterlands: If you could live in a holiday world, what holiday would it be and why?
  • Jack Skellington: What’s something you are extremely curious about?
  • Sally: Do you have any scars/stitches? If so where and what were the causes?
  • Zero: Who is your closest creature companion and how did you two meet?
  • Mayor: What is your normal emotion or emotion you mainly express?
  • Shock: What’s something you have a lot of knowledge about?
  • Lock: What do you think of pranks and do you have a favorite one or one you would like to pull?
  • Barrel: What’s your favorite candy or chocolate?
  • Dr. Finkelstein: What kind of parent do you think you will be?
  • Oogie Boogie: What is your biggest fear?
  • Santa Claus: A fond child memory.
  • Pumpkin Patch: A place you like to go to and why.
  • Halloween Town: What are/do you want to dress up for Halloween?
Camera Shy - Peter Parker x Reader

Requested by anon

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

The wind whistled past your ears as you leaped off the swing, landing not so gracefully on the soft grass. You covered your face, laughing on the ground. Peter’s friendly laughter came from above you and you looked up to see him with his camera.

“Ten out of ten. Really (Y/n), that was an excellent landing.” He mock clapped, grinning widely.

You laughed, accepting his hand to get up.

“Smile.” He said, raising the camera.

“Noo.” You giggled, covering your face with the sleeve of your jumper.

“Aww, (Y/n). Don’t tell me your camera shy?” Peter teased, lowering the camera.

You shook your head, not uncovering your face.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. What if I take photos of you but show them to no one. Not a soul.”

You stared at him then nodded.

You went back on the swing, determined not to trip this time.

As you leapt off the swing, you heard the sound of the shutter, and all you could think was how distorted your face must look with your hair everywhere and this stupid grin on your face. After landing more gracefully this time, Peter came over to show you the photos he’d taken.

You, in the air, your hair flowing gracefully behind you, this expression of pure joy on your face.

“I love your smile. You’re just so beautiful.” Peter chuckled absently, flicking through the photos.

You looked up at him, wondering if he’d really just said that.

“What?” He asked, glancing up from the camera to you, “You are.”

You laughed, “No! Just look at those photos!”

“I am! Look at you, you’re gorgeous.” Peter held the camera closer to you, pointing out little things in each photo which he liked and slowly, you started to see it.

“See?” He asked.

In answer, you wrapped your arm over his shoulders, pressing your lips to his. He smiled, kissing you back, the camera hanging loosely around his neck between you. The autumn leaves crunched under your feet as the two of you moved closer together.

And it was beautiful.


This naughty snek was trying to get into one of the birdhouses. He got startled and slithered down around the railing then peeked around the corner like this d’aww. Then he fell off and slithered away in the grass. He’d better stay away because there’s at least one smol precious bird currently living in one of the houses D:

It was a day off and Angelica had been sitting on the grass in the park, her back to a tree, for a few hours. Her handphones were loud in her ears with “Natural Concentration” Spotify playlist playing out as she bend her shoulder down and tried to pick a color. She’d never admit how much time she had spent on this game. Never ever. It was ridiculous how much punching your finger against a screen to color silly drawings and Mandalas could preoccupy your time and calm you. Plus, the “music” was peaceful and it drowned away the sound of the other people. Most of whom were running around catching digital animals. Pokemons were animals, right? She was standing up and thoughtlessly looking down at her phone while trying to pick the perfect shade of green, not seeing the person she slammed face first into when she moved a few steps. She was so dazed she just opened her mouth like a fish out if water and tried to blink away her blurred and picky vision, wanting to concentrate on the person. “My… Oh… Sorry… I’m…” She stammered before shaking her head, trying to balance the phone in her hands as it had been close to falling.

Draft for first verse

Well hear ye you high rollers
While you’re not watching the stream
And listen to this parody
About high roller memes
Cos Trell has fallen over
Kim’s emersion is ruined
And Cam is checking out his dup’s natural twenty dick
With bearlora activated
Granny Trell is stripping down and showing off her tattoo
They’re being chased by raisins
Where the grass is not that green
So gather round
And enjoy the sounds
Of these nerds playing D&D

Please feel free to send suggestions of both lyrics and improvements to these.

Teas to help you sleep

To calm you down-

  • Linden flowers (1 part)
  • Hawthorn flowers & leaves (1 part)
  • Chamomile (2 parts)
  • Catnip (1 part)
  • Lemon balm (1 part)
  • Wintergreen (1 part),
  • Stevia herb (1/8 part)

Before bed-

  • Valerian (30%)
  • Linden (20%)
  • Kava kava (20%)
  • Chamomile (20%)
  • Catnip (10%

The following are great additions to any of your own blends, and all give off a calming effect-

  • Chamomile
  • Spearmint
  • Lemon Grass
  • Tilia Flowers
  • Blackberry Leaves
  • Orange Blossoms
  • Hawthorn Berries
  • Rosebuds

Make sure you store all leftover plants/herbs in mason jars away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures~

@ people who think vegans/vegetarians only eat raw broccoli sprouts n shit: u ever eaten raw broccoli? it tastes like poison garbage. we have standards. ain’t just out here eating grass off the ground.

anonymous asked:

Quote/lyrics prompt: 'Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars' with Wonwoo, please (:

Originally posted by pangguk

“I wish the smog wasn’t so thick,” you sigh quietly and scoot closer to Wonwoo on the blanket you had laid out across the grass, “stargazing somewhere off in the country would probably be so pretty.” 

Night creatures were making their sounds, all mixing with the soft tune playing from your phone in the darkness. Wonwoo hums in agreement and rolls his head to the side to look at you, “We should go do that sometime.”

You lay there looking at each others soft features in the dimly lit yard, comfortable silence filling the gap in conversation. You see the side of his mouth quirk up into a sleepy smile before he leans in and pecks your lips only to pull back a second later and go in for another one. You lay there for a while, kissing, giggling, wrapped up in each other’s presence, drinking one another in with tangled limbs and heavy eyelids.

The song playing comes to an end and the next one, just as soft and beautiful as the last, begins and pulls you back. Wonwoo lifts his arm and motions for you to come closer - you oblige happily, throwing an arm across his stomach and laying your head on his chest.

You found love right where you were.

-admin kida

Thank you all so much for following this blog. It really makes me happy to see people taking interest in my depiction of Gardenia! ; w ; I’ve mentioned this in my last follow forever, but I’m going to say it again– the fact that others enjoy how I portray Gardenia really puts a big smile on my face. I love roleplaying as her and to see people enjoying it is just satisfactory. Though I appreciate and love all my followers, these are the peeps I enjoy and consider friends/acquaintances/senpais/great rp partners/people I stalk and adore from afar. So, in no particular order ofc, here we go!

Friend like me B]

dewforddude| jasmineofjohto | reditandweep| eliteaaron | theofficerjenny: bruh. BRUH. Ika is one of the first people on here I started to talk to. I can always count on Ika to rp with on all my blogs and I can especially count on her to give Gar a hard time c; I always love and appreciate it whenever I get a hankering for a new muse and she urges me to go for it :’D. She is REALLY GOOD at details, you mention about something you like JUST ONCE and she’ll remember it. Her muses are great to interact with and I would recommend you all to her blog but I am pretty certain that anyone who follows me already follows her =w=;

timidfrailty | silencingwithawhisper: This mun is the first person in the Tumblr RP community that I was comfortable with talking to! I enjoy reading their threads on my dash as well the headcanons they come up with for their muse. I will forever love their rendition of Fantina, you can tell that they put all their love into her character and that greatly inspired me. Luckily I will see their dear Fantina very soon! So everyone keep an eye out!

airborne-melodies: Oh gosh, PUNK THO. Never, NEVER would I think about shipping Gardenia with an OC– AND HERE WE ARE NOW. First off, I love Skye ok? I enjoy his character overall; everytime mun reblogs a headcanon meme I instantly go in and send in some stuff cuz I want to know more about him ;D I enjoy our interactions both ic and ooc, I just love it when we throw in ideas about our muses and what not. And I’m always willing to lend an ear to him and I know he’ll do the same for me. uwu

mousynezumi | coordinatingdiva | bookworm-elitest | brovahtamer: KIWI IS MY SENPAI– ok, but really I love my Kiwi ; 3 ;. First off, I knew I just HAD to be friends with her when I found out that she loves Disney :’D. I absolutely adore her OCs, they’re all different and it’s really interesting to see her rp as them. If you didn’t know her blogs and you read a thread with Taokaka and then a thread with Arisu, you’ll be surprised that their both the same mun! Since I just adore her characters, I try and send in headcanon memes because I just want to know more! Overall, Kiwi is just absolutely fantastic with superb writing skills and great muses. <3

cosonantea | placidii | I KNOW YOU HAVE MORE MUSES GURL I JUST DON’T FOLLOW ALL OF THEM ; 3 ; : kOOOUUUUUUUU. KOU. Kou is one of those friends where you don't exactly remember how you became friends it just kinda..happened :’D. She is a dork and I love her. I love it when she freaks out about something whether be it about an otp or Magi c; What I really admire is her having so many wonderful muses! They’re all different, which makes it really interesting to read the threads. I love Kou and you all should too B|

I wanna be like you

Here are senpais people whose writing skills are superb and give me inspiration on my own writing (fyi the people mentioned above also fall under here but I’m not gonna put their names down again lol)! 

saffronnights bodaciousbrilliance celadonfragrance jollyolddynamo hopefulleaf ash-chosenone qroton colressofflare engulfingflames platinumverity

Friends on the other side

The awesome cool cats of WPIIA B|

frozenqueencandice | lyracalmiracle | elitefourpachira | steelcladflower | lunarchampion, supersentaicyrus | whistlelikeitshot | pyroarman, qroton | shutterbugtype, bodaciousbrilliance | enrapturedvenoms, lemon-shota, conconweiweiwei | thelittleahogethatcould, pikachuuseirontail

My funny friend and me

And finally people I love interacting with who hasn’t been mentioned yet!

theshyguyarmyhighflying-girl | isetehjerte | toukhime, donjuancoordinator | thepokemonminstrel, rockandroark, salmonmun-and-switchblademuse, patientxpetals

Yea that’s it! I ain’t gonna lie, I probably forgot someone cuz I am a dumb–

ANYWAY! Thank you all for following me once again, here’s to hoping to more shenanigans both ic and ooc!

Also here, have some shameless self promos: paleontologies thepunkiest sirenstavern c;

Alright! I finally got myself to do this, aha. Oh gosh, where do I even begin?? This is my first time joining an rp community on Tumblr and unlike the other rp communities I have joined in the past, this is by far the best one I have ever been apart of. Of course, there has been some drama going on but let’s not think about that right now! Anyways, I am completely flabbergasted at the amount of followers and mutuals I have received. It makes me really fucking happy that you all love my Gardenia, both her ‘crack’ and serious self, and I absolutely love roleplaying her because of you guys. I appreciate all my followers, however, these are the ones I consider friends/acquaintances/awesome rp partners/people that I think are just the bee’s knees. B] (In no particular order of course!)

thesilencingwhisper dewforddude theghostlyqueen airborne-melodies cosonantea askjollydragonite donjuancoordinator crushallinmywake

The crazy awesome peeps of WPIIA

frozenqueencandice supersentaicyrus scalinggranite bodaciousbrilliance lemon-shota roarkpaperscissors

Senpais that won’t notice me Peeps I look up to because god damn

saffronnights celadonfragrance jollyolddynamo to-unearth fogbadge  

Great peeps that I didn’t follow but because we got a(n) awesome thread(s) going on, I am following now :]

vervloekte-kapitein ash-chosenone 


After making this list, I noticed that I don’t have very many people on my follow forever unlike others =u=; Hopefully the next time I make one, that will change! 


Separate OC: Sylleth

Sylleth crouched down in the grass next to blue and red flowers, picking one by one carefully. She set her animal skull staff down next to her, cleaning off any excess dirt or grass that got on it. As she was picking the flowers she looked around, her field of view. She was in a forest shrouded by tall trees with leaves nearly blocking any sunlight from reaching the ground.
No one was here… Good. She took off her crow shaped mask and let down her cowl, it was nice to breathe in fresh air for once…. And fresh flowers. It gets pretty dull after breathing and smelling through a dead animals skull for so long.
She placed the herbs she picked into a safe pouch, double checking to see if there was any more she could possibly- wait what was that noise?
She picked up her staff quickly, placing her hood back around her and putting her mask back on. She stood in a weird untrained fighting position with her staff facing forward. She shouted

“Who’s there?!”