off my face on jack daniels

There’s a tap on the door, and Daniel enters.

Jack is very much aware of Edward shifting closer to him, turning to face the new arrival. It’s only when he has to lean over to see Daniel’s raised eyebrows that he realises Edward is effectively blocking off any attack from the doorway. An irritable job candidate would have to shoot through a solid wall of muscle and bone to hit Jack.

Astounding. He hadn’t even noticed he was being protected.

He taps Edward’s elbow gently. “It’s alright,” he says. “Daniel is perfectly trustworthy. I’ve known him forty years, he’s had more than enough opportunity to harm me- and I’m sure I’ve caused him plenty of inconvenience.”

Excerpt from @youreusingcoconutswonderful The Irradiative Man ♥ If you guys haven’t already checked it out, what the hell are you waiting for??? I highly recommend it :3

I’ve also got a piece in mind for chapter 2 if I can friggin’ focus >:c