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Can we talk about The Judge

Can we talk about the cat who, unable to accept his younger brother’s death, spent god knows how long desperately calling out to him

Can we talk about the cat who realizes he unwittingly helped The Batter commit infanticide, who has to kill said only other creature left alive to stop him from doing worse, and thus is left to wander a monochromatic wasteland alone for eternity



The Value of OFF after Undertale
-Vrai Kaiser

It can be difficult to recommend OFF in a post-Undertaleworld. After all, it would seem that everything Mortis Ghost’s 2008 indie darling had to offer was revisited and built upon by Toby Fox’s recent masterpiece. OFF, in broad strokes, is basically equivalent to being locked into a Genocide Run; only without the other, redemptive half of the story on offer. This isn’t to say that OFF is somehow to blame for this: the seven year gap between the two games spans the death throes of the PS2, the entire 360/PS3 generation and the beginning of current-gen and nascent VR; it’s to be expected that there would be leaps and bounds in what could potentially be programmed even before taking in Toby’s experience as a modder versus what was, by all appearances, the first time effort of an amateur developer. I come not to dismiss OFF nor to bury Undertale, but to ask: what does a landmark work have to offer when future generations build on its best ideas?

As you might suppose, extensive spoilers for two excellent games will follow hereafter.

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