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House two has been completed! At least, in the giant version of the city. With a teleport button in order to visit Edgar stashed in the house itself.

Olivia: Roses are red, violets are blue / That’s what they say, but it just isn’t true / Roses are red, and apples are, too / But violets are violet, violets aren’t blue / An orange is orange, but Greenland’s not green / A pinky’s not pink, so what does it mean? / To call something blue when it’s not, we defile it / But what the heck, it’s hard to rhyme violet.

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What kind of things are you looking to do on YouTube?Like what games?

I’d start off with minecraft based off of the fact that I know how to play it completely.

gonna write an au about cryptids support group starring vylad, the human, and his vampire boyfriend Laurance

throw in some werewolf aaron & him falling for aphmau, also a human (later reveal to have unusual power) but doesnt want to drag her into this life of the supernatural

katie, a half siren, who dating her half demon bf travis and two adjusting to their lives in the city

kawaii-chan, the werecat who depends on glamour potions to hide her features and her supposed crush on the nice boy who visits bakery she works at

cadenza, the vamp, married to her almost 300 year old gf, lucinda the witch


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Travlyn. Where did they go on their honeymoon?

title: Life on overload (must we make a spectacle of love)

pairing(s): travlyn

summary: people always said their love would burn out too quickly; travis was delighted how wrong they were. Honeymoon. MCD. Travlyn

a/n: I know this is a question, but I like to answer it with a fic. So, thank you for letting me indulge in my favorite thing!!! Writing sappy stuff for my otp. Basically, the run down is that this takes place far in the future and I’ll keep it very very vague how many years down the line. Inspo song is Overload by John Legend ft. Miguel

warning(s): vague adult humor, fluff, textbook discrimination





day two

“It’s a quite… um, a fixer-upper, I suppose?”

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