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What kind of things are you looking to do on YouTube?Like what games?

I’d start off with minecraft based off of the fact that I know how to play it completely.

Sorry for the inactivity but here’s past Melody and Jake at a little festival since I thought it was a cute idea while I was listening to a song

this looks so bad cause i wanted to finish this today n i have to leave for bed rn RGFHJHTMFGT

BIG SIDE NOTE: This au will mainly be revolving around MY personal hcs for characters such as sexuality, looks,ships etc. Im trying to get other hcs other people may have but it will mainly be my own personal hcs. I understand some of you may not be comfortable with that but tbh since this is my au Im going to go with what I feel comfortable with. 

As some of you may or may not know, back on my old account (ladylqueen), I was in the process of making a high school au. Mainly because I was disappointed in PDH and I couldn’t let my love for HS aus be destroyed. I ended up dropping it because I left the fandom due to some drama that happened and i was gone for a good 3 months until just recently coming back since things have SLIGHTLY settled. I am currently in the process of reviving the au, at the moment I am currently getting the designs done so I can get a feel for the environment of this au so that is my top priority. Im also working with two of my good friends ( @undercovermcdfan and @crybabytime ) , who are helping me a lot with the story and environment. 

I know a lot of people were excited for this au and I am too, but please understand that designing all these characters is going to take awhile. I’ve decided to go with my more simple style so I can get things done quicker but other than that I ask you all to please be patient. I’m nearing the end of my 1st semester in college and tests are really stressing me out so doing all these designs will be delayed.

I also tend to take a lot of breaks so I can work on more personal projects so if you see me posting something other than the hs au then Im probably taking a break so I dont go insane from overthinking this au. 

This au will be a series if random comic strips (not a comic series), but that wont be able to happen anytime soon since Im so busy with school. Ill probably TRY and start it over the summer but no promises.

Ill try and update you all as much as I can but for now I hope you will all enjoy what i have in store. 


Ok so for the two people that wanted to see Zone 0 in Minecraft, created by yours truly because I’m a huge child.
I tried to be as close to scale as possible, put in some placeholder objects for where the numbers should be, found a cat close enough to Pablo’s appearance, and made Sucre’s room a storage area for the appropriately named game items.
Also there’s a bonus production of Zone 1, because I have zero impulse control.

I really wish I could meet a good friend on here. Someone that I could send dumb memes to throughout the day and talk about anything and everything in the middle of the night. Someone I can make fun of things with and show them cute pictures of my cats. If you like any of the things listed below, and/or just want exactly what I do, then feel absolutely free to message me or some shiz ~(^-^)~

- blink-182
- Mayday Parade
- Set It Off
- Attack On Titan
- Yuri!!! On Ice
- Steven Universe
- Gravity Falls
- Homestuck
- Youtubers (Dan and Phil, SkyDoesMinecraft, Bodil40, etc.)
- Dear Evan Hansen
- emo-ness

you can now go to toys r us and buy tiny action figures based off of popular minecraft let’s players, which also include accessories based off of the running gags from said minecraft let’s plays

they don’t use the words “minecraft” anywhere on the packaging and everything is off-model so i’m pretty sure they only got the rights from the let’s players and not mojang/microsoft

i think this is officially a sign that things have gone too far