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warm, calm afternoon

I am so happy with life right now 🙏🍃✨

Everything is falling into place in such a positive matter 💞 im getting along so well with everyone at my new salon, i cant get over how nice & supporting everyone is! A girl & i are already really close (i work beside her) we have so much in common its not even funny & we’re both lefties 😍 (we’re literally watching the same movie rn & texting about it together) 🙈 everyone smokes weed, so theyre very open minded to my lifestyle (though im never high at work) i just feel so accepted & i havent felt this good in a very long time. You know how amazing it is to not wake up sick from stress? Living the dream rn.

Me: Yeah anyway I can’t wait to be a dad-

My Grandmother: Are you going to raise your child as trans? 

Me: … That’s not how it works-

My Grandmother: A Queer great grandchild is alright with me. Lets stir the pot!