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Ok so in the uk the adverts for an insurance company called Money Supermarket are known for being weird/over the top.
Well they seem to have developed a passion for sexy dancing ads, there were several following a dance off between a group of male office workers in booty shorts and heels, and a group of male construction workers. The construction workers won cause their female boss came and single handedly danced away the office guys.

So obviously the next sensible step

Was sexy dancing Skeletor

The Chiam Baby

So. Louis and Harry have effectively taken all attention from the Chiam baby announcement today, but I wanted to make a couple of things clear because I expect some OTT fame [seeking] Sunday from the new mom which may result in some asks that I want to head off now:

1.  I still don’t 100% believe that Liam is really the father, but he has said that he is in enough words, so I’m going to roll with that until he says differently. 

2.  I also do not believe that Chiam is or ever was a real relationship, and I’m probably not going to ever treat it like one.

3.  I don’t like Cheryl and while I hope she and the baby are healthy and well taken care of, I have no interest in either of them and except for occasionally making fun of Cheryl’s thirst for fame, I intend to ignore both of them and focus on Liam and his career, here and on my main blog.

4.  Accepting Liam’s word on this situation is not being a hypocrite as some folks have suggested, it’s self preservation. 

5.  I will not now or nor will I ever on my blogs say a single word against Ziams or anyone else that refuses to accept that this child is his. THAT, my Larrie friends, would be blatant hypocrisy. But I reserve the future right to disagree politely. 

And that’s essentially all I have to say about that.

For @bringmesomepie56 hope it lives up to her creativity standards!!

You were hunting a rogue hell hound and Dean donned a pair of glasses drenched in holy fire, while you took your own pair of glasses and did the same.

The night air was chilly, just effective enough for casual chit chat, while you listened for cracks in twigs and rustles in the bushes.

“Ya know YN you’re the only hunter I know that refuses to wear contacts during a hunt. It’s ballsy.” Dean observed.

“Well you’re the only hunter I know that looks hot as fuck in glasses and maybe you should wear them more often,” if he thought you were ballsy, Hell, you’ll just put it all out there.

“Did you just flirt with me,” he kinda gave off an annoyed flair, with that shake off his head and crinkle in his lips.

“Go big or go home,” you stopped dead in your tracks and pushed him up against a tree.

“Your move, Winchester.”

“There’s a hound from Hell loose and you want me to make a move?” He growled low and squeezed your arms to your side.

“If you’re just going to talk, Dean,” you shrugged him off and took two steps from him before he spun you around, pulled you flush against his body, and kissed you roughly.

A snap in twigs caused you both to jump and to your chagrin the hell hound was fifteen feet from your line of sight.

“Later?” You cockily asked and he growled a “hell yeah.”

We Love to Fly and It Shows.

I don’t really remember much about being taken away, only some slow faded 70’s colors. I was young. I do remember leaving my first foster home a year later to go to a new foster home. The new foster home was only 2 blocks away. but I cried my head off the whole way. Somehow I was totally OK by the time my new foster mom answered the front door. I gave her a great big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was an optimist early on. Still am. 

The trick is you gotta start out at the bottom, then everything is gravy. The super duper trick is, there is only the present moment and you don’t exist, other than being the totality of all awareness, but that’s a story for another time.

I remember my first goat. He was my best friend in the whole wide world. A splendid creature that only wanted to fight and stand on top of cars. What a joyous being! When I had to sacrifice my goat to society and it’s old testament God I almost didn’t make it. Luckily, I already knew about the rock bottom thing. It was horrifying, but there’s no place to go but up! Let the old testament God gut and eat you. The new testament god will be along before you know it and you’ll get to beat his ass and eat him… or her or whatever pronoun they’re using in this eternal moment.
This all reminds me of the future when we were the disembodied consciousness inhabiting that one moon in a nearby galaxy. Remember how we don’t eat or fuck anymore?! It’s all a take-out greeting custom where we go to each other hovels and scream silently while chanting our favorite jingle/mantra.

my default place for any and all League interactions is Random Forest and that’s where all threads take place unless otherwise specified. so if i’m reading someone else’s thread, i just assume it takes place in a forest until told otherwise. 

i was going to use the Random Forest for that reply to jhin but then i realized the flawed logic behind a random ass piano in the middle of yosemite park 

Poor Kimi arrived at the Fan Forum earlier than everyone else, to David Coulthard’s glee, so he had to do a lot more talking than he was expecting :P 

Also it was really cute when Seb arrived, he came up behind Kimi’s chair to tell him it was time to swap and Kimi could head off now. 

But then the rest of the drivers were also called away, leaving Seb to entertain the crowd this time ;)

One day, one rhyme- Day 1180

“There are no unimportant meals.
Ere you fly off, head over heels,
Before you make a right good fuss
Have a listen, the facts are thus:
Each meals an opportunity
To taste a great delicacy
And if you choose not to partake
In quaint tea or dessertly cake;
If you choose the hors d'oeuvres to skip;
To pass on cookies of choc-chip;
To ignore boiled or scrambled eggs;
To turn your nose up at frogs legs;
To pish and posh at sandwich plates;
To shoo the nuts and wave off dates;
Decry the good ol’ barbecue
As something only ‘others’ do;
Shake off the stews, poohpooh hot pots;
Damn the loaves and rolls shaped like knots;
Shun the soup, disparage the cheese;
If you do any of these, please
March back out that door on your feet!”:
Jim’s Nan, when told what he won’t eat.

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Name: Sofa

Nicknames: no, my name is actually sofa just trust me ok (donald trump voice) believe me

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 5 feeto

Orientation: who knows

Nationality: no thank you

Favorite fruit: avocados

Favorite season: dying and being dead

Favorite book: Sorry I can’t/won’t pick just one. Brideshead Revisited, The Golden Compass, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, Sophie’s World, The Silmarillion, Angels in America, Northanger Abbey, anything by any Shelley, anything by any Browning, The Great Gatsby, Dracula, just like a bunch of things ok I read everything that comes into my hands ok. look idk my brain isn’t working too well ok I’ll be honest I took most of this list from another ask I got sometime it’s incomplete who cares not me

Favorite flower: lilies

Favorite scent: leather, smoke, peat, rain

Favorite color: black and white

Favorite animal: sloth bear probably, or okapi

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: yes

Average sleep hours: either 3 or 25 there’s no in between

Cat or dog person: cat

Favorite fictional character: fuck if I know. Marisa Coulter? that idiot boy from The Wind Blows Backwards? 

Number of blankets you sleep with: at least 7 but up and sometimes over to 4,000

Dream trip: back to oxford to die

Blog created: january of… 2010? I think 

Number of followers: I hit 1,000 recently and I was kind of proud but I’ve been in a bad place and I don’t feel like I deserve to be proud so like who even knows honestly

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Things I love. Period Pieces. Colin Farrell. Eva Green.

A live action adaptation of Dumbo directed by Tim Burton starring Colin Farrell and Eva Green.

I just screamed my head off with excitement. Penny Dreadful btw is amazing for anyone who hasn’t checked that out and needs something beautiful to watch.

Colin Farrell slated to play a widowed single father.

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2ps reaction to their s/o telling them that they're pregnant right before the 2ps head off to war.

He’s staying with you. No matter what it takes he’s staying with you to help you with the pregnancy. – 2p Romano, 2p Spain, 2p Prussia, 2p England

Well at least he has something else to look forward to after the war. He’d promise to be there when the baby is born. – 2p Italy, 2p Japan, 2p France, 2p Russia.

Instantly regrets having to go to war and just hopes he’ll make it back in time. – 2p Germany, 2p America, 2p China, 2p Canada.

Saturday 6

Watching youngest play dragon age Inquisition.

Raccoon in attic is chirbling

Work was a disaster this morning. Power was out for 3 hours last night. Took me an hour to get store cleared.

Round 2 of work starts in a couple of hours, I hope I don’t rip someone’s head off.

I slept completely and soundly thru the storm last night. Kinda bummed about it.

Daughter is on spring break in Florida. Must be nice.

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Hey Ash, can you tell us about a time when Oliver and Felicity fought over something silly but they took seriously at the time?


I should’ve realized Felicity was the only person allowed to insult Vegas.

You question the wisdom of installing ten million slot machines in the middle of an inhospitable desert, and you get your head bitten off. Go figure.

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once I had a vegan tell me that honey production is cruel because bees naturally don't produce honey (what???) and beekepers force them to make honey by killing their queen, hacking her head off, mounting it infront of the hive and spraying the head with some special hormones. I've never heard something so PETA in real life in my entire life

What the heck.


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I read your fic called "In memoriam" and it both made me tear up and kinda angry, because that type of subject was never really brought into Cannon, That memorial case is casting a gigantic Shadow in the Batcave, we never really saw how it affects Jason seeing it all the time and I hate it.

Idk if i should be apologizing right now, anon. XD

That Memorial Case, though. 

After Jason’s death it is a Thing that is treated with such solemn reverence. At one point in the Young Justice run (possibly Sins of Youth but I can’t remember), Impulse goes up to the case and basically asks Tim why one of his costumes is on display and Tim–

Rips his head off, basically. Just turns around and snarls at him to not touch it. 

Impulse, in response: O.O

That case is a Thing, for the twenty years or so that Jason is gone. 

And after Jason comes back? it’s still there and Bruce basically just shrugs and decides it should still stay and then it’s never really dealt with, although if I recall correctly Bruce does say something pretty shit that equates to him still mourning because Jason Came Back Wrong. 

DC had no clue what to do with Jason in Post-Crisis after Under the Red Hood and it shows, and now things are different in Rebirth. 

That Memorial Case, though. 


Quick pic of some of my recent favorites before I head off for vacation! 😊 I absolutely adore the Bomi sculpt. Sarang had elf ears modded on and sports a mischievous raised brow. 😀 #dustofdolls #doombomi #fairyland #bjd #soony #elf #soom #k par AngelToast