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We’re not friends
We never will be
Because friends don’t do what you did
Friends don’t fuck and then
Fuck each other over
Friends are forever
We are not friends
We are nothing
We’re not even friends with benefits
Because then you would
Have to talk to me
Communicate in some way
And even friends with benefits talk
We’re nothing honestly
We’re absolutely nothing
And I hate you for it
Because in the beginning
I thought maybe we could be friends
I thought maybe
We could be more
Oh how I was wrong
So this is for you
It’s not me wishing you back
It’s not me begging for your love
Because​ I don’t want you
I don’t want your love
I don’t want anything from you
…I guess we could’ve been friends
I would’ve liked that
—  Friends(I know it’s not us, but a girl can dream)
˙ƃuıʇɹnɥ doʇs ɹǝʌǝu I ʇnq ‘ƃuıʇıɐʍ dǝǝʞ ʇsnɾ I


ɹſ ןןıʞןıɐɹɥ⊥ ƃnoᗡ

i remember how he laughed: all breaking clouds to let the sun drip from his tongue like honey. does it still live in the back corners of his head – the night we laid on the grass and watched the stars and they neglected to tell us that we would fall this far? i know it lives in mine. late at night when i have nowhere to go i remember his lips dripping with sweet, with clean, with holy. these moments never die.
—  paradise has never been about places; it exists in moments // abby, day 270 // prompt for anon

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

things that devils on tumblr are apparently trying to say on this night:

being a nazi is bad, sure, but you know what’s worse? being mean to a nazi. that’s just gosh darned evil.

skinny white people are the default base for human beings, and everything else is extra!

“Not practicing drawing the thing means you won’t ever get better at drawing the thing” is an an art-policing, abusive statement.


So I stole this idea for this from someone off of Tumblr, theirs was a choose your matching personality meme I believe.  I saw it and had this ridiculous idea of a dating website and what some of Tom’s characters profiles would say.  It’s dumb I know but I couldn’t help myself


More merch for me! I ordered some stuff by @aileine from Redbubble (a mug, a notebook, some stickers, a print, a pillow) and I’m the happiest bean rn because my Eruri-collection keeps growing and seriously…her stuff is amazing and looks awesome on the products *__*. The quality itself is also very good!

If only the Eruris themselves could keep away from my stuff =__=

They take couple-baths in my tea (til Erwin farts at least)…

…and they try to take glances at my notebook. Those fuckers.

Feet together,
thighs apart.
This is what’s considered art.

Stand up straight,
suck it in.
Maybe now you’ll be a ten.

Wear some makeup,
but not too much.
Do you want to be a slut?

Stomach flat,
breasts pushed up.
You’re cuter with a bigger cup.

Come on now,
show some skin.
But not too much, you’re not that thin.

Perfect teeth,
perfect skin.
Without these, you just can’t win.

“You’re beautiful the way you are!” they say.
Then they ask how much you weigh.

Society can be okay,
but hopefully there’ll be a better day.

A day where our appearance
will not define our worth.

—  society’s definition of beauty.