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Do you have any spideychelle & avengers team headcanons?? thanks <3

yes okay let’s go

-just in general, tony and michelle do. not. get. along.
-like tony doesn’t trust her dating peter, because he is obviously a protective dad, and whenever he sees them together he makes some comment about michelle
-and one time it gets aggressive when tony and pepper come to their monthly dinner at aunt may’s and michelle is THERE??
-tony is offended that peter told michelle all about being spiderman and showing her the suit, and michelle keeps criticizing tony’s coding because like, a fifteen year old cracked it in five minutes wtf
-and tony insults her hair or her clothes or something really petty (and pepper is Mad) and instead of yelling back, michelle says something really existential that literally makes tony question his identity and purpose on earth
-and then they actually start forming a good bond after that and they tease peter together and it’s all good
(-the avengers actually bring michelle in when they’re prepping to fight thanos because she’s almost as existentially manipulative as the reality stone)
-michelle lowkey gets tony’s number from peter’s phone and texts one day to ask him if he’d maybe be chill with her marrying peter and maybe he would come to the wedding and stuff no pressure
-and that’s when tony really goes head over heels for this tiny nerd child, and he finances the whole wedding and crashes the reception to have a dance with michelle

-michelle also does not like steve at all (which helps win over tony’s affection too)
-he’s just too patriotic, and he’s gotta be hiding something, and what the hell is that beard even?? the human embodiment of american capitalism
-peter is so embarrassed when he first introduces michelle to the literal legend captain america, bc she immediately starts questioning him about the sokovia accords and bucky barnes and so many other things
-but one night when peter’s in the med bay at avengers hq, and michelle’s making nutella toast at 2 am as you do, steve walks in to grab a mug of chamomile tea
-and michelle asks if that helps him sleep, because her mom always gave her chamomile, and steve admits that it’s his go-to whenever nightmares keep him up
-and at first michelle is like pfft what nightmares, but steve starts talking about peggy and michelle is ENTHRALLED
-when peter wakes up from anesthetics michelle tells him she NEEDS access to the avengers library so that she can read up on agent carter
-and peter notices that she starts wearing this red lipstick that peggy was known to wear and curling her hair and listening to jazz and stuff and she is so darn cute that he can’t refuse when steve wants to teach them how to swing dance

-so michelle was like completely in love with nat for most of her junior high experience, and still kinda crushes on her hard
-so when nat casually decides to accompany peter and michelle on a sci fi movie date, michelle cannot. relax.
-peter tries to put his arm around her and she jumps, and they spend most of the movie in awkward confused silence
-after nat leaves, peter asks what happened and michelle tries to play it off as her being starstruck because she isn’t technically out to peter yet
-peter isn’t really buying it, but he doesn’t push
-and literally, on the train ride back, michelle starts rambling about how pretty girls are, and she can’t get all the way to the point, but peter is like, “it’s chill, dude, i crushed on hawkeye for most of freshman year”
-at some point michelle is eating cereal with peter and nat and she’s also reading some russian novel and natasha is like “hey!! i love that book!” and michelle and her form a small book club, which peter tries to keep up with but they ‘read too fast’

-ok so peter and michelle actually met bruce at the same time
-and like, they’ve studied his stuff in school, and one of their dates was legitimately to the library to research dr. banner’s ultron solution
-so when he waltzes by them while they’re in the courtyard one day, they both have to stop and breath heavily for a few minutes
-and they ask tony to introduce them and peter tries to ask a bunch of questions about the other guy like “can you drink caffeinated things?? what’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? what kind of meditation have you tried?”
-michelle is so done with him and she elbows him in the side when it’s obvious that bruce is uncomfortable
-michelle insists that they call ned and soon half of the ac dec team is there to listen to bruce talk science
-after some conversation there’s a total nerd sesh and all of them stay in the lab for like six hours straight working on the webbing formula

-again, peter didn’t meet thor before michelle did
-actually michelle met thor first because he took the last pop tart and she started yelling at him before she realized who he was
-and she got a little shy and embarrassed and walked quickly out of the dining room to find peter and yell at him for not telling her that thor was in hq
-and peter was like “thor’s in hq?!! omg man we have to go find him!”
-thor is initially confused by the tiny humans, but later he sees peter crawling around on the ceiling and lifting michelle around and it clicks that peter is spiderman
-but he also thinks that michelle is powered somehow
-so one day when michelle and peter are out in the courtyard reading, thor joins them all happy and grinning, and he just throws michelle like fifty in the air, hoping to figure out what her power is
-and peter freaks the F out on thor, who he has never actually had a conversation with before, and demands that thor do something, and he catches little mortal michelle in his ginormous arms and apologizes
-later in the night he comes to peter’s room with a bouquet of flowers and a box of pop tarts for michelle, and he awkwardly apologizes again for assuming she was also powered
-michelle plays it off, and says it’s okay as long as she can try to lift mjolnir and thor laughs and grabs the hammer and they make a night of trying to use physics to lift it (can she push it up a ramp?? let’s calculate the amount of jerk force needed to knock it over)
-peter asks thor to toss it and is able to web it and stick it to the ceiling, and everyone debates about whether or not that makes peter worthy

-so michelle is weirdly good at archery?
-peter had no idea but apparently the only other club she did besides academic decathlon was archery club
-???? who knew
-so one day peter, ned, and michelle are walking around hq and they find clint’s shooting range and bows and michelle just walks up, notches an arrow, and hits the bullseye in like twenty seconds
-peter and ned are shook
-they spend an hour interrogating her about it and asking her to shoot more arrows into specific spots and try a moving target and everything, she’s just really good at it
-so nat walks by and sees her do it, and woah she’s gotta show clint this one
-clint happens to be on base that day and he and michelle geek out about bow styles and high school competitions and stuff
-michelle knows asl too so they also geek out about that
-clint and michelle get pretty close and when clint needs babysitters, he calls peter and michelle and they play family for a night or two
-ned also comes, and he usually brings like three or four lego sets

-peter and scott like to tease each other, and michelle picks up on this pretty quick, and joins scott in pulling stupid pranks on peter
-they put a bunch of plastic spiders in his favorite cereal, and shrink his soap and shampoo and stuff, and one day peter walks into the courtyard to find his little avengers action figures are now fifty feet tall and also missing limbs
-t r a g i c
-peter decides to retaliate and now scott’s underwear is webbed up all around hq
-he can’t figure out how to prank michelle, though, because the only physical thing she cares about is books, and he’s not about to ruin her books because she’d literally kill him
-so instead he tries to engage her in deep literary discussions about the twilight series and poorly written stucky fanfiction
-and the pranks suddenly stop

-rhodey is so done with all these damn kids on base
-like tony and scott were bad enough, and now Actual teenagers? god help his soul
-and when he first meets michelle and ned, he expects total immaturity, so he’s surprised when they start talking about a robotics class project where they created prosthetic limbs
-and then someone mentions the sats coming up and rhodey is like hey! i got a perfect score on those!
-and the kids beg for study tips and tricks, and he ends up holding a mini tutoring session for them every saturday during lunch, because they pick it up so fast that it’s actually really exciting
-and rhodey chills with them at aunt may’s apartment the day that scores are released because he’s so proud of his students
-none of them get perfect scores, but they’re all in the 1500s which is great!!
-he treats everyone to chinese food and ice cream

-for some reason, sam just hates peter’s guts
-this kid can not legally drive a car but he’s out here training like he’s gonna single-handedly start and end world war three
-and he doesn’t like peter’s pretentious, weird girlfriend either
-and nothing changes that
-though he does secretly wish that one day he’ll have kids as smart and dedicated as peter and michelle

-bucky doesn’t say much, and peter doesn’t really question him about it, but michelle bonds with him right away
-they’re like the loner duo. michelle shares old books with him and bucky shares old music with her.
-one day they just show up with matching tattoos of the New York skyline
-peter is slightly jealous and mostly confused because he’s pretty sure they’ve never had an actual conversation
-he just lets it be though, because michelle can be friends with whoever she wants, and she usually picks good ones

-so wanda is hesitant to have another young person on base, because she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt
-but her room is right by peter’s and peter always has friends over, and sometimes she listens to their conversations and laughs at their inside jokes and gosh, she wishes that she and pietro would have had a childhood like that
-so one day she joins peter and his friends and it feels like she has a younger brother in him
-and though michelle is pretty guarded, wanda can sense that she has a big heart and they get closer throughout a few months and wanda actually helps michelle get ready for senior prom
-they both agree that beauty standards suck, and that michelle should wear what she wants and do everything how she wants
-but michelle wants the whole hollywood effect so she gets the ballgown and the hairstyling and the face of makeup, all done by wanda maximoff, expert at all ‘girl stuff’
-AND peter sets up wanda with ned for prom (mostly to make betty jealous) and flash and every other guy at senior prom is blown away
-wanda is such a good sport about it too, coming up with a fake story of how ned and her met and making up a fake identity as a model to impress everyone even more
-everyone loves wanda maximoff

-let me tell you
-michelle is also obsessed with black panther, and when they meet she cannot get a word out
-until he mentions the political situation in wakanda and the economic exploitation of his people’s land and michelle is all. over. it.
-she’s gone to protests with peter and ned before, but they don’t Get It as much as t'challa does
-yeah so they’re protest buddies and she accompanies him on all his dignitary duties and she loves it
-peter also comes, but he usually zones out unless someone asks him a question
-at some point people start mistaking michelle for the princess of wakanda and she does not correct them


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  • sorry this gif has a caption but i have to set The Mood and this v-live was all I could think of when i got this request
  • okay so apparently this is a series?? with mingyu??? where he has this imaginary girlfriend named younghee and honestly i died bc i was not ready when this vlive aired
  • but i got lots of inspiration :D
  • so mingyu has had a few relationships

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dating nct jaehyun!!!1!1!

• you guys are super cute
• jaehyun always smiles when he’s w you, not just any smile but he whole, cresent eyes, and the cute, well defined dimples
• he really likes being lowkey w you like
• “hey…,,,, wear a black and white striped shirt tomorrow” “,,,,,ok???”
• the next day
• “oh,,, my,,,, i- we didn’t even realize!!!! haaaa, we’re so perfect for each other”
• he’s awkward in a really non awkward, cute way
• it’s confusing
• it’s like he’s your best friend that happen to be dating and kissing on basis and hugging
• he doesn’t do cheesy things like put your name in his IG bio or anything, but he does make you his profile picture on his social media sites
• there’s some weird shit going on in his lil perv brain
• omg ok when nct u debuted you were like “hoLY- shiT. bABY DO U LOOK GOOD OR DO U LOOK GOOD”
• he’s super tall so you kinda, cling to him but he doesn’t care he likes it
• k he loves kissing you sm sm sm sm
• he kisses the top of your head a lot tho
• ok first kiss time w jaehyun!!!!
• ok so what happened was you were just chilling on the nct boys’ dorm couch
• and the sm BABy rookiES. were like “noONA. LET’S WATCH A MOVIE” and you were like “daMNBOYS. OK”
• jaemin, the princess himself, chose sleeping beauty.
• and at that very moment jaehyun came in the living room and was like “lol what are u guys doing w my girlfriend” and just plopped down in between you and jaemin and jaemin was like “hyuNG. wyD.”
• so it went like, donghyuk, jeno, jaemin, jaehyun, you and jisung.
• the first 4 boys were like, so INDULGED IN THE MOVIE, BUT you and jisung were like “lol lol lol we saw this like 40 times together already let’s just goof off” and you just kept squishing his cheeks being like “ugh jisung u’re like 3 what are u doing in an entertainment company i should be baby sitting you and be feeding u mushed up bananas”
• and jaehyun looked over at you and you whispered to jaehyun while squishing jisung’s cheeks and you were like “omg look at this literal baby jae”
• and jaehyun smiled bc goodness you’d be the most embarrassing mother to you and jaehyun’s children
• and then jisung fell asleep and you got bored and fell asleep with him while leaning on jaehyun’s shoulder
• “WHAT HAPPENED” and you screamed
• and the 2000 boys were like “HYUNG WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER” and he was like “whAT- WHY DO YOU ALL BLAME ME I DIDNT DO ANYTHING”
• and so you just hugged jisung and told him to go back to sleep but he was all shaken up
• and jaehyun just “oK. LET ME. JUST. GO TO MY ROOM.”
• but then 2 minutes later he motioned w his hand for you to come into the room
• and all the babies got up and started following you to his room and jaehyun was like “why- NOT ALL OF YOU. JUST HER. YOU GUYS-”
• a unison of “ooohhhhhhhh” from all the boys who go back to the couch
• and you got into the room and he closed the door and you were thinking “crap”
• but he very awkwardly was like “uh so… uh”
• “a dream??? uh well, did you, enjoy it?”
• “what?”
• “um” and he kinda, walked closer towards you and you just stayed there and he got crazy close to you and he put one of his hands on your cheek and another one on your hip and put his lips on yours and you hesitantly kissed back and put your arms around his neck and sjdjrjejf
• then he gently took his lips off of yours and smiled and he just kinda laughed and it was so cute honestly
• and you coughed and was like “um, uh, we should, take the boys, out of ice cream or something they…they wanted ice cream”
• and he put his arm around your shoulders and was like “alright”
• and fast thinker jaemin was like “hA. LOL. STUPiD US. JENO YOUR CONTACTS AREN’T HERE”
• “me-? oh- Oh YEAH MY CONTACT-”
• “jeno, you don’t wear contacts.”
• “you guys still gonna buy us ice cream or” cause all donghyuk wanted was some ice cream
• y'all did end up getting ice cream tho bc you love jisung sm, he’s you and jaehyun’s baby and he wanted ice cream
• it was a fun day
• ok when firetruck came out you went nuts
• ok you once found an old predebut video of him having a full on conversation by himself in english in his english class and you sent it to him
• he didn’t reply for like, 12 hours
• he cooks for you and you guys cook together sometimes it’s great
• you wear his sweaters sometimes and it’s so cute he loves it you look so tiny
• jaehyun made you cry once
• you guys were best friends first before you guys started dating
• he’s so modest it makes you ejdjfjfk
• ok jaehyun, not to be weird, but he gets boners a lot
• you pretend not to notice sometimes bc “jaehyun come on this happened on stage too you gotta chill man i know you’re growing up and you cant help it and all but-”
• but sometimes you just laugh and give him a small kiss on the cheek and continue doing what you were doing or something bc yoU GUYS AREN’T GONNA DO IT EVERYTIME HIS FRIEND ACTS UP DOWN THERE
• ok but he gets needy he just, hugs you a lot and back hugs you when he NORMALLY REALLY DOESNT, and he kisses you and whispers in your ear and, hM. IT’S TEMPTING BUT YOU’RE A STIFF STONE YOU’RE “you’re cute”
• you guys watch nct life together
• when he sleeps over/when you sleep over it’s so fun you always ask him to sing you to sleep and he does sing and skdkf
• but honestly most of the time y'all are gummy bears, potato chips, video games, dance breaks, and candy till 4am
• lol ok he looks at you, the same way he looks at honey butter chips and oh my goodness it’s the cutest thing
• johnny always messes w jae like “yoUR BAE OR HONEY BUTTER CHIPS JAEHYUN. ANSWER ME. 3, 2, 1. OHHHHH”
• ok jaehyuns lock screen is a picture of you and him together, smiling and laughing at your favorite coffee shop that yuta took when he was with hansol.
• ok so yuta and hansol were stalking you, but the way they put it was “we were not stalking you we were following you to make sure that you were being nice kids and just going on clean, 18 and under age dates.” and while they were behind the bushes, they saw you and him laughing at something and you two looked so cute that yuta snapped a pic and sent it to jaehyun and hansol was like “…wait. YUTA-” and then at that very moment jaehyun and your heads turned and you two made eye contact w hansol and yuta who was awkwardly standing behind the bushes of the coffee shop.
• it was a weird day
• jaehyun’s home screen is a picture of you sleeping, your hair in your face, your mouth kind of open, your cheek squished up from the pillow under your cheek and you hate it but he thinks it’s the cut e s t thing e v e r. it’s his favorite picture of you.
• he loves feeding you and being fed like he’s kinda shy about it but he loVES. IT.
• jaehyun doesn’t really get jealous, i mean, he does like any other guy, but he prefers to talk it out with you and ask you directly rather than keeping his emotions and questions to himself and hurting both himself and you and the relationship.
• he pretends you’re his giant teddy bear
• he likes it when you sit on his lap
• he does aegyo when you’re sad or when he wants something and you’re like “uGHWHAT”
• he loves spooning well, not spooning but, he just likes holding on to you while you’re both laying down
• he loves it when you touch his hair and play with it
• he catches all the bugs and when you’re scared he’s like “iTSOK I GOT YOU”
• when you’re cold, he doesn’t hesitate to take his jacket off and give it to you
• or when you’re like “oh no you’re gonna be cold ill be fine” he just let’s you sit in between his legs and he just drapes around you like a giant blanket
• ok your selfies are so cute it could be super casual where to u’re wearing normal clothes and just smiling or you guys could be wearing weird clothes that look like you’re about to go on stage to perform for lady gaga, sticking your tongues out, they’re all cute, super cute
• you guys say “i love you” when you’re in the mood for it meaning like, you guys would be watching TV then it’d get boring and you guys would just be smiling and really quiet and then he’d say “i love you” really quietly and pat your head.
• he talks in 3 different languages
• now he’s learning chinese from winwin and kun and his chinese classes so, 4 LANGUAGES. Y A Y.
• you saw jaehyun in a suit, once.
• once was enough.
• “stoooooooop”
• you guys never stop smiling around each other
• you guys, barely fight/argue
• he once took advice from johnny and, “went for it” aka took your head band to wash his face without getting his bags wet.
• “she won’t notice” he said. “she won’t laugh” he said. “SHE WON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOU AND KEEP THEM FOREVER.” HE SAID

• he lied. johnny lied. and johnny’s the one that told you about the head band thing, allowing you to get the picture in the first place.

YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW HARD THIS WAS I HAD TO START THIS OVER AGAIN LIKE, 6 TIMES WHEN I WAS ¾ DONE BC I KEPT CLICKING THE BACK BUTTON AND SJDJJFKG i feel like this one isn’t as good as the other ones bc i restarted it so many times omg but yES. bias wrecker af jaehyun yes thank u for existing u wonderful human being//giraffe.

The Small Things Wanna One Does For You


SInCe so many people had a problem with this post, before you complain about it, read this. I will make a follow up post about this topic explaining myself FURTHER and addressing this maturely like it should be handled. That won’t be until a while since I’d like to spend my vacation like I should instead of having to spend more of my time talking about something that I already have.

TO ADD ON, I moved the sexual things said about the underage members (although they are legal in my country so I personally don’t have anything wrong with this stuff but I understand that its different for different places around the world) under a cut. If this still annoys you, then you can leave.

Another Update

I actually did the post talking about all this. Please read it, you can see it here. For now, I’m keeping this post up how it is but take extra precaution with other posts.


Yoon Jisung

-Tries everything to cheer you up when you’re angry or sad

-Spontaneous dates

-Always gives you quick pecks to the lips every once in a while

-Gives you like 5 dozens of roses on valentines day but is still anxious if thats enough or if he should get you another 5

-Cooks for you when you’re tired

-Loves everything about your body

-Takes care of you when you’re sick and gets sick in the process

-Soft touches down your body during sex

Ha Sungwoon

-Lots of back hugs

-Lots of kisses

-Will kill anyone who hurts you

-Makes sure you never worry about him because he doesn’t want you to be stressed

-Runs to the store if you want something

-Longgggg cuddles that could last weeks if you both didn’t have to work and eat

-Lets you top since you love it even though he gets salty you know he lowkey loves you topping though

Hwang Minhyun

-Makes sure you never catch a cold

-If you do, he cares for you by making soup, taking your temperature, running a bath for you

-Plans the most romantic dates

-Super extra with valentines day/your birthday and spoils you because you’re his girl and he gotta treat you well

-Gives you the best kisses because you deserve it

-Takes bubble baths with you because you love it

-Loves going hard during sex but respects your boundaries and wont do anything that makes you uncomfortable

Ong Seongwoo

-Its not even possible to be sad around him because he’s always making you laugh

-Buys all the movies to exist on the planet and lets you choose whatever you like for you two to watch

-Always holds the door open, pulls out chairs, opens car doors for you

-Gets up to get you food and water if you want them

-Buys you the small necessities like shampoo and toothpaste

-Has no shame buying pads in the store because he understands that it must suck for you

-Makes sure you both are comfortable during sex

Kim Jaehwan

-Sings you to sleep at night before joining you

-Teaches you how to play the guitar

-Runs his hands through your hair

-Is extra careful around you because he doesn’t wanna hurt you

-Will run 2km in a hurricane just to get to you

-Kisses your neck always because it makes you both happy

-Cares about your choices but also cares about his

-Makes sex so romantic

Kang Daniel

-Always there for you even if it means abandoning his cats for a few hours

-Cries when you cry

-Lets you lift up his shirt always because who could resist his abs lmao

-Cooks anything you want

-Laughs at the smallest thing you do thats remotely funny

-Says shit like “Only the best kisses for the best girl’ when you guys are making out and ends up making you both laugh for an hour until continuing

-Laughs a lot more because his eye smile makes you melt and he loves seeing you like that

-Extra careful sex so he doesn’t hurt you. Lets you top most of the time so you can run your hands all over his body and abs

Park Jihoon

-Does all the aegyo since you love it

-Hugs for days

-Doesn’t wear his favourite ridiculous outfit because you think its embarrassing

-Sneeks you into the dorm at night for late night Mario kart races

-Gives you roses once everything month on a random day so it always a surprise

-Lets you kiss him first because he’s scared wether you want it or not

-Teaches you how to pop dance 

Park Woojin

-Cares about you so much that he forgets about his own health

-Ditches the members to spend time with you

-Make out sessions on your couch because you guys can’t do it at the dorm without the members nagging you to get a room

-Cuddles anywhere at anytime

-Kisses your forehead and neck a lot which sends tingles down your back

-Goes to McDonalds at 3 am to get you fries since you called him because you were hungry

-Always there for you whenever you need him. Wether its because you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to sit with in silence because you don’t wanna be alone, he’s already booking it to your house the second he sees you called him.

Bae Jinyoung

-Takes you out to expensive restaurants despite idol fees

-Cries when you’re upset or mad

-Tries so hard to impress you when doing literally anything

-Is afraid to speak in front of you and when you ask why, he says its because he’s talking with an angel

-The softest kisses

-Gets you all the food and makeup you want on valentines day

-Is a nervous wreck around you because he just really loves your beauty

Lee Daehwi

-Speaks to you in english so its easier for you

-Writes and composes you a song makes Jaehwan sing it to you on his behalf because he’s too nervous

-Gives you a promise ring and vowing to marry you bc u know he’s cheesy like that

-Sews you clothes

-Cleans your period ruined clothing

-Dips you when he kisses you

Lai Guanlin

-Sweet around you

-Raps his love songs like the nerd he is

-Hides the ugly pictures he takes of you deep in his phone so the members or anyone but him won’t see them

-Helps teach you Mandarin when you ask

-Gives the best presents

-The shyest kisses that evolve into the hottest make out sessions once you become more familiar with each others bodies and likes 

-Gives you the most cheesy name in his phone like ‘my one and only’ or ‘my other half’


N/A : That was all! Im emo now that its over lmao. I never had this much fun writing a scenario in a long time!! Im sorry if it started to get more boring I was running out of ideas rip. Ugh this was so fun though

I didn’t have to waste my time doing this but whatever

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Just Friends (part four) - Stiles Stilinski

Your knee was bouncing like crazy on the couch of your living room.  Your nerves were eating at you like angry gnomes in the pit of your stomach.

“I’m sorry-” Stiles tried.

“No don’t” You shook your head, looking behind you to the kitchen where your mother currently was.  She’d invited him inside, and Stiles didn’t have the time to say no before your mom ushered both of you into the house.

“y/n I know you didn’t want me to be here and if you don’t want me here then I don’t want to be here if I’m not wanted” You wanted to protest, but you just shook your head, and avoided his gaze.

After everything you’d literally gone through earlier that day, you thought that this wouldn’t happen.  But here you were.

Then your mom came back out, smiling as she sat in a chair across from you.  “So” She said cheerfully.  “How long have you been together?”

“We’re just friends” You said, voice dangerously close to a mutter.

“Okay, well then how long have you been hanging out?” She asked.

“I don’t know” You lied with a shrug.  Even though you knew it was a month and a day.

“Alright… are you going to let Stiles here talk?” Your mom asked, and you looked to your lap.

“Miss y/l/n, it was really nice meeting you, and I’d like to talk again, but my Dad’s been expecting me home for dinner, so I think I should head out” Stiles said while standing.  You secretly sighed with relief.

“y/n can walk you to the door, we hope to see you again Stiles” Your mom said, and you just nodded, walking behind Stiles while your mother went back to the kitchen.

“y/n I’m sorry- I don’t want you to be mad at me” He said, a hand on your arm as you stood in the doorway.

“I’m not-” You glanced to the other room, seeing your Mom was in the kitchen, then whispered.  “I’m not mad at you Stiles, okay? I’m just glad Jerry wasn’t around”

“So I can come by more?” Stiles asked hopefully, smiling a little bit.  You bit your lip.

“I-I don’t know Stiles” You said with a head shake.  “Can we talk about this another time?” Stiles got the hint that you were done with the conversation, which happened quickly with this topic.  “Just.. just give me a few days and I promise we can talk about it again, okay?” He nodded.

“Can I hug you?” You giggled a little, and nodded your head.  Stiles leaned forward, tugging on your arm and pulling you against his chest.  Both of his long arms wrapped around your back.  Your nose was pressed into the crook of his neck, arms laying on the front of his chest.  Stiles set his chin on your head, and after a few seconds, you realized you were swaying back and forth.  You let your eyes slip shut, just enjoying this that you have right here.

“Stiles” He hummed in response.  “Thanks” And that was that.  You pulled away, hands holding each other’s fore arms.  Everything that you’d needed to tell him, came in that one word.  He opened his mouth to speak again, but you heard the garage door in the back opening.  Meaning Jerry was home.


“You have to go” You rushed, and he stuttered  string of syllables you didn’t quite catch.  “Now, please” You begged, opening the door, and you pushed him towards it.

“y/n what’s-”

“Please just please go I’ll call you and we can talk about whatever you want I’ll answer any questions just right now you have to go” He paused, sucking in his lips and nodding.

“Okay” He said, walking out the door.  You were about to close it when he turned abruptly, taking your hand.  Your eyes shot up to his, and for the five seconds you stared at him, you realized no one had eyes as beautiful as his.  His hand squeezed yours, and then he let go.  “We’ll talk later” He said, walking off to the Jeep.  He got in quickly, and waved a little before driving off.

You stood at the door for a few extra moments, leaning on the frame and staring as his Jeep became a smaller and smaller dot.  You breathed out heavily.

Why’d you miss him?


You had quickly ran up the steps, entering the room, and closing your door silently.  You collapsed back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fingers fumbling over your stomach.  You fell asleep curled up on the mattress.

You woke up two hours later to an obnoxious vibration and the sound of ducks.  Your eyes flickered open slowly, and you yawned as you grabbed your ringing phone.  You glanced at the screen, but pretty much knew only one person would call you anyways.

“’ello?” You mumbled sleepily into the speaker.

“Hey sunshine, did I wake you up?” You shook your head, then realized her couldn’t see you, so you made an ‘nuh uh’ sound into the phone.

“What time is it?” You asked quietly.

“About eight thirty, why gotta be somewhere?”

“No, no just wondering” You said, and rolled over to be laying on your side, curled up slightly under the covers, your phone laying on your cheek.

“So… care to explain earlier?” You licked your lips.

“Yeah okay” You said softly.  Stiles was patiently quiet, waiting for you to speak again.  “Um, Jerry came home” You said plainly.

“Yeah, and what is it that’s so wrong with him?” He asked with a slight chuckle.

“He just uh… he gets drunk and asks dumb questions” You said.  “I didn’t want to embarrass you”

“Please, I don’t know if there’s anything that could possibly embarrass me, I handled your mom right?” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right” You lied.  If Jerry met Stiles, you didn’t know who he’d beat the crap out of first, you, or him.

“So… I can still pick you up for school tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah okay” You shrugged.  “Just text me when you’re here, and I’ll just come outside to meet you” You told him.

“Alright, I can do that” Stiles said.  “I’ll swing through Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks on the way, what’s your favorite doughnut?” He asked.

“Oh, I don’t know I probably like any kind”

“Probably? Doughnuts aren’t like any other food, they’re a gift from the Gods”

“I’m an atheist Stiles” You chuckled, and he laughed with you.  You suddenly wished that you were there with him, hearing his laugh in person.  It always seemed to warm you up, lighten the mood.  But here, you just felt cold, and lonely.

“Alright, well should I be hanging up on you and letting you sleep?”

“Eh, we all know I’ll be up all night anyways” You said.

“So we can play games?” Stiles asked, a hopefulness in his voice, which made you smile.

“Yeah okay, what games?”

“Chutes and Ladders?” You rolled your eyes.

“Stiles” You scolded playfully.  “What games can you even play over the phone?” You asked, rubbing the corner of your eye.

“Truth or Dare?” He offered.  You thought for a moment.

“I think that’d just be truth or truth” You said.  “But sure, if that won’t bore you” 

“Yeah, sounds cool” He said.  “So, miss y/n, truth or truth?”

“Hmm” You pretended to contemplate.  “Truth” You answered with a giggle.  

“Favorite color?”

“(your answer)” 

“My turn” You said.  “Best memory?”

“Scott peeing on my sand castle in the first grade” You giggled.  “If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want it to be?”

“A turtle” You said.  “Not little, but big enough that I can carry them in both hands” You said.  “I’d name him Jelly” Stiles laughed.

“How creative of you” He said.  “Can I have a turtle too?”

“If I name it” You replied cheekily.

“Okay and what would you name it?” You thought for a moment about it.

“Alexander the Fourth” You replied after a few seconds of silence.  Again, Stiles laugh erupted from the speaker.  Your heart fluttered for an unknown reason.

You went on playing the game for another hour, your voice growing quieter as the night grew closer.  Your mother and Jerry had come upstairs and retreated to their room just down the hall.  You didn’t want to get into trouble for being on your phone, so you continued conversations in a whisper.

“Okay, goodnight y/n” 

“Hm?” You jolted, not remembering the past few minutes.

“You fell asleep, I’m going to bed now”

“How long was I out?” You asked, checking your phone.

“I dunno.. ten minutes tops” Stiles said through a yawn.  You held back your own.

“Okay” You said softly.

“Alright, well.. goodnight”

“Stiles wait-” But he’d already ended the call.  You pulled your phone from your ear, looking at the screen as it faded for a moment, before showing you your home menu.  “Goodnight” You sighed.

Maybe you’d talk to him later.

i’m so sorry i haven’t posted in a few days and i like to post at LEAST once a day… maybe i’ll write a quick little imagine to make up for that.  also.  WHERES MY STYDIA FANS BC THAT KISS(ES)!? DAMN! YES! words cannot describe how happy i feel.  my skin is clear i’m smiling at strangers and i’m flirting with cute peeps.  *high fives self* for once i’m thanking jeff davis.  have a good night everyone 
xoxo ~ jordie

Dad! Jeonghan.

Originally posted by jeonghney-archive

  • you guessed it bitch
  • you is pregnant
  • honestly tho jeonghans family would be so fucking PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS SO UNFAIR
  • ngl he’d set a certain amount of kids to have
  • won’t follow it lmao you guys have too many sexy times i laUGH
  • has a good 3 or 4
  • only wanted 1 tbh
  • but yeAH
  • ngl he’d also be low-key stressed when you tell him you’re having the first one
  • it would happen during when SVT’s active as shit so he’s all like ‘will thE BABY EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?!’
  • he sits there for a good 5 minutes
  • he just holds you back by your legs
  • like
  • is literally hugging the back of them
  • you turn around and look down and he literally is an angel
  • he has this hopeful smile and somehow that itself is enough to stop you crying
  • “i know that I’m busy with my job but nothing will ever top my current priority that is you and our child.”
  • you cry
  • hell even I’m fucking crying
  • he ends up pulling you down into his lap and you cry for a good half an hour and I’m sorry for making you such an overemotional person but just for the sake of the au ok I’m sorry ILY
  • boy whispers a ton of sweet nothings into your ear and you’re hella reassured that he isn’t gonna go anywhere
  • my heart is acc in pain
  • i feel as if jeongHAN WOULD BE the good ass liar when you’d be pregnant like you’d ask ‘babe am i fat?’
  • ‘you’re carrying a proof of our love, sweetie, you’re only full of our future :))))))))’
  • he’d have a savage partner during the time of pregnancy bc hormones
  • ‘dino you’re not my baby anymore’
  • dino: *is relieved and thanks you bc he’s tired of his hyung’s shit*
  • wilL take you anywhere and everywhere w him bc he only trusts himself
  • s.coups: “jeonghan, we’re only practicing, whats y/n doing here?”
  • jeonghan: “she was bored :)))))))”
  • you in the corner: “LIES”
  • its also cute in a way bc during breaks from practice, he’ll squeeze his head on your lap (the space that isn’t covered by your bump) hella carefully and shit talk about being a better singer than all of the vocal unit
  • woozi exiles him
  • you get all cute and motherly w vocal unit too like they always have something or the other prepped for you whenever they’re told that you’re coming along
  • seungkwan will sing some fine ass song to the bump and jeonghan pushes him to the side and overlays seungkwans voice w his bc ‘its mY CHILD BITCH, FITE ME’
  • but yeah seokmin always has a tea or cordial juice prepared and y’all are the acc only normal pair w no drama like he literally just asks if you and the baby have been doing ok and its like a literal mothers meeting 
  • on the DL whilst jeonghan is busy, the bump has exclusive access to the songs that have been picked for the comeback by uncle woozi like he’ll extend the earphone head thingy and he’ll just hold it to your bump and I’m writing more about svt than jeONGHAN FFS
  • i forgot to say that even tho jeonghan was dramatic at the announcement of his first child
  • boo you better know now that this guy’s laid-back as shit
  • even tho he has a band on your back at all times
  • would carry you in his arms if he could
  • he acc did like one time it rained and he waS LIKE NO I CANNOT LET YOU SLIp and y’all were also on the way to the clinic for an ultrasound so this extra ass boy literally carries you bridal style ffs i better have me a jeonghan when I’m pregnant
  • acc turns out to be more stressed out than you when you’re in labour but doesnt show it like he knows he gotta be calm for his boo otherwise it’ll all turn into a shit show and he’ll be screwed
  • he’ll honestly be a worry wart in his head whilst you’re actually giving birth like he’ll regret making you go through all this pain just to give birth to his child and
  • once he hears that shrill little cry of a baby, he tears up
  • he kisses the hell out of your perspiring face and just thanks you a shit ton bc your babys finally here and he’s just so damn thankful
  • lmao not when your baby ends up screaming at 4 in the morning for some milk
  • y’all had a girl btw, she grows to be aphrodite bc well her dads basically a gOD W THAT PRETTY FACE OF HIS JEONGHAN YOU HURT ME
  • jeonghan will honestly be the dad version of that one mum who will brag the shit out of their kids
  • not about achievements, about how good looking his children came out to be
  • remember when i said y’all have four kids at the beginning???
  • will have a cuddle/sleep night from a long day of making that money
  • he’s like in the middle of the bed and your litter of children just snuggle up to him 
  • that picture stays on the living room wall for even your grandkids to see
  • so cutE I CRI
  • will bless the childrens ears from birth with his heavenly voice
  • instead of brushing their teeth, dad!jeonghan stands behind his litter and raises his voice by each octave, his children following his lead w their toothbrushes at the side of their mouth
  • he and joshua shit talk about vocal unit and their kids
  • not in the mean way tho lmao they’ll do that thing where they’ll be at the svt family reunion and will emphasise about how the rest of vocal unit are whipped for their kids (lmao as if they aren’t already)
  • seungkwan cackles in the bg as jeonghan follows one from his litter bc apparently dino’s kid denied the fact that they were their baby
  • will most likely be the dad to have all types of connections if their child wishes to go into a certain career path
  • “you’re sure you don’t want me to call this uncle up? they have some great things that they can offer-” “daD NO” “fine.”
  • will also be shut down by his kids quite a lot w savage remarks
  • will not bow down to the spawn that he helped create
  • it becomes a war of savagery where relations are forgotten
  • his kids will also learn to cheat a lot
  • jeonghan gets a taste of his own medicine in monopoly
  • jeonghan’s partner: “jeonghan you literally cheat right in front of them and tell them tricks and tips on how to do so i’m-”
  • also
  • with such immense beauty comes immense confessions of love
  • you better think right that when a bf of his daughter’s comes home for the first time that he’ll be whistling like he’s in no ones business and simply swinging a kiddy bat in a circle
  • jeonghan’s partner: “jeonghan he’s literally 8 and here on a play date”
  • jeonghan: eXACTLY, emPHASIS ON ‘DATE’”
  • that little boy also happens to be one of seungcheol’s kids so its not really coincidental that when baby cheol goes home, its at that time that jeonghan receives a call from cheol
  • oh yeah 
  • will sooooooOoOoOoOoOo be the dad that all the girls and even some boys crush on in high school
  • expect a sexy ass montage clip with the window rolled down and a hand going through his freshly dyed hair bc jeonghan doesnt believe in grey ones
  • 15 year old bb girl jeonghan rolls her eyes and thumps her dads head before exiting the vehicle
  • “the disRESPEKT”
  • i feel as if this is shorter than dad!seungcheol but yeah, for years to come will jeonghan be boasting about his children going on to become great things
  • THE END :)

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Can you please write a fic where Bones gets into a car accident where a drunk driver hits him or something? Jim is a volunteer firefighter who shows up on the scene and just can't handle it because it's his Bones?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • “I’m literally dying,” Jim proclaims, voice a little hoarse from the flu. “You’re sounding awfully alive for a person dying,” Bones replies, lying in bed next to him with his nose buried in a book. Like most nights. The way he’s focused on those pages is the most endearing thing, and Jim loves the sight of it. So Jim shifts closer, clammy hands and hot lips brushing over Bones’ naked chest and toned arms, but Bones is just a very quick: “No”, and pushes Jim off. “Why not?” Jim asks, “I need to sweat out the virus.” “Sex isn’t gonna do that. And you’re sick. It’s not exactly romantic,” Bones replies, turning to look at Jim. “I don’t need romantic,” Jim counters. “You’ll be passed out before we’d even make it to second base,” Bones says, and Jim huffs. “I could be dead tomorrow, and you’ll regret not having slept with me.” Bones laughs at that, closing his book, but rather than turning his attention to sex, he just pulls Jim in his arms and holds him close. 
  • After their initial dislike towards each other, Jim and Spock have grown rapidly close, and they spend a lot of time together on crime scenes, and the bar afterwards. Even if Spock is one of those fancy pricks who only drinks hipster beers, and Jim mocks him for it relentlessly, he’s grown fond of the other. They’ve been sitting together for an hour when Leonard walks in, too, and he sits down with the two of them. There’s still bloodstains on his uniform, and Jim makes sure to order an extra strong drink because of it. “Rough day?” Spock asks, and Bones shrugs. Tries to play it casual, but Jim notices those tense shoulders and stiff jaw. Bones does that either when he’s upset or angry, and so he reaches out under the table, gently squeezing Bones’ hand. “Teenagers gut hurt in a gunfire,” Bones replies, “one dead. The other probably won’t make it through the night.” Spock frowns, gently reaching out, too, hand resting on Bones’ shoulder. “I’m sure he would’ve been in much more agony, had you not helped out.” They talk about everything and nothing, and at least it helps getting Bones’ mind off of the dire situation. The three of them bicker about each other’s professions, until Jim ultimately wins the argument by leaning in and kissing Bones. “What was that for?” Bones asks, and Jim shrugs. “I could be dead tomorrow,” he says, “and you would regret not having kissed me.” “I would’ve regret not shutting you up earlier,”  Bones remarks, and Jim laughs. 
  • And between the three of them, Jim is most often in immediate danger. Sure, Spock gets shot at frequently, but he generally does his homework well before entering a dangerous situation.  Bones is often fine, he’s there to heal people who are already sick, after all. Though he does occasionally gets punched in the face or threatened, those are luckily not daily occurrences. Jim, however, when he’s not pulling cats out of trees and lecturing school kids about bin fires, he’s present at emergency situations. He gets hurt a lot for being the reckless hero, but he’s always okay in the end. That doesn’t mean that Bones likes to point out his dumb luck. Even Jim himself frequently comments how this job’s gonna be the end of him someday, though he’s been so incredibly lucky, it’s often nothing more but a joke.
  • Jim is so prone to getting hurt, he doesn’t twice think about it happening to Bones. Which, surely, happened a couple times, but it’s usually something a few stitches or bandages can fix. He doesn’t consider the fact Bones can get seriously hurt, because, well, he just can’t. He’s a doctor. Doctors are invincible, and compared to Jim’s track record, Bones kind of is. Even when he gets the call about a car crashing into an ambulance, he doesn’t think about it. He just gets into his truck and drives towards the scene.
  • But he instantly recognizes the ambulance where he’s spent many an occasion himself. He knows the scratches off the paint job in the back, he knows that license plate. That ambulance, or the wreckage that’s trapped between the passenger car and a building - that’s Bones’ ambulance. 
  • It hits him so hard, Jim struggles to breathe. It’s different than that time Bones was stuck in a burning building. Somehow, this is worse. He pushes past the crowd of people, only caught by Spock before he just thoughtlessly runs towards the scene. “Jim,” Spock calls him strictly, holding on to him tight enough. “Spock - Jesus, that’s Bones in there. We gotta- we gotta do something-” “Breathe,” Spock tells him, “I tried, we can’t get him out by hand.” “Is he alive?” “I don’t know.” “Spock” “I don’t know, Jim,” Spock replies, “I know this is going to sound harsh, but I need you to take a deep breath, and then I need you to do your job, okay?” Jim nods, though his hands are shaking. At least until Spock grabs a hold of them. “You’ve saved people in this situation before,” Spock continues, “you can do it again.”
  • And he can, though he barely holds it together. Other ambulances arrive, and the drunk driver is pulled out the wreckage relatively safe. Not if it were up to Jim, though, because the patient in the back of Bones’ ambulance is called dead, and then there’s Bones. Bones, who looks like a mess when the other medics manage to get him out. Bones, who’s barely breathing, with broken ribs, a concussion, and God knows what else. No, if it were up to Jim, that driver wouldn’t have seen the next light of day. 
  • Jim’s never quite had a panic attack before, but he’s had at least three of them that night, relying on Spock to calm him down and breathe him through it. And then still, he’s miserable. He’s miserable because the doctors won’t let him see Bones, while he’s under surgery for hours, and they won’t let him see him after while he’s still on intensive care. Jim tries sleeping at home, but that just makes him feel worse, so Spock lets him sleep over on the couch at his place instead. Though come morning, Spock finds an empty sofa, and he finds Jim in the hospital, asleep on those uncomfortable chairs. 
  • He doesn’t really eat until Spock forces him to. He doesn’t sleep, doesn’t shower, and once he’s allowed to be in the same room as Bones, he just doesn’t leave. When the other wakes up, though, it’s like all of that dread just falls off his shoulders. Even if worry returns to him immediately, because Bones is in a lot of pain, and the nurses up his morphine until he’s knocked out for another few days.
  • But then Bones is finally conscious, and Jim notices because he’s watching reruns of some old sci-fi TV show when he hears the other sniff and sob next to him. “Jesus- Bones, you’re awake! What’s the matter?” Jim asks, immediately getting up and cupping Bones’ cheeks, “are you okay? Do I need to call the nurse?” “I don’t want to go into space.” “… what?” “People can’t breathe in space,” Bones says quietly, “I’m going to die in space. I don’t want to go.” “You’re not going into space,” Jim says, utterly confused until he realizes the morphine’s just doing its job. “You say that now,” Bones replies, “but you would drag us there.” Jim laughs at that, pressing a kiss to Bones’ forehead, and he runs his thumb under the other’s eye to catch that tear. “That’s probably true.” “What if we can’t be married in space?” “We’re not married now,” Jim points out, and Bones just frowns. “I think we should be,” he says, and Jim smiles. “I think so, too.”
travelling w/ taeyong

• travelling with taeyong is probs the most organised form of travelling you’ll ever experience
• guaranteed he’s had the trip planned for at least three months
• ((tried to keep it a secret at first))
• (((but is bad at keeping secrets from you)))
• ((((nd also started stressing out about packing at least two months before you were even due to leave))))
• the type to have made a checklist so you know you haven’t forgotten anything
• “”listen y/n I know you’re trying to help, but the checklist says we need to put the towels in before the toiletries””
• “”okay but does it really matter???””
• “”…….i can’t believe you just asked me that””

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First Day of School (Jin)

So now it is time for the next series!! My week is gonna be busier than normal bc I have a test in a couple days so I wanted this week’s series to be something I could write easily bc some series take more time to write but father!BTS is always something that I find easy to write bc it’s so super cute to me so without further ado, to start us off as he always does is the amazingly talented first half of Jinkook, one of seven princes, the tiny sweetheart who’s not actually tiny at all like his shoulders are so broad and he’s so tall but he’s tiny to me bc he’s cute and precious and I wanna wrap him up in a blanket and give him ice cream, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Jin post, he has one daughter aka the mini Jin in a female form
  • She’s got those cute lil chubby cheeks (hi I love chubby cheeks so fucking much especiaLLY ON BBYS) and those bby lips and the warm brown eyes so she’s just a walking teeny tiny Jin with pigtails and a Mario plushy that’s bigger than she is
  • I also have this head canon that she’s just really tiny especially next to Jin bc how cute is that tol and smol who are forever holding each other’s hands and hugging and giving each other’s cheeks lots of kisses
  • Lil bub is s o excited for her first day of school, she’s got her backpack set a week before the first day, she’s got her outfit picked out, she knows what hair style she wants she’s just so excited 
  • Jin’s a lil sad bc his bby his angel she’s growing up so quickly but he’s also beyond proud of her bc hell yeah what an awesome kid high five Jin
  • Mornings with them are normally pretty calm
  • He wakes her up by rubbing her shoulder or sometimes carrying her downstairs bc no matter how old she gets, you can bet that he’s gonna carry her around like a princess bc she IS one he will fight anyone that says differently
  • They a l w a y s make breakfast together, this one time she’s feeling really sick so he makes her something to eat while she’s asleep bc she needs sleep to heal up but she gets so sad when she finds out he cooked without her and her eyes got all watery so he’s never left her out of the breakfast making ever since
  • Even if it’s just cereal, he’s gotta let her pour it into the bowls which turns into him catching all of the cereal that doesn’t make it into the bowl
  • You always come down to the kitchen to see Jin holding her with one arm and stirring around whatever he’s cooking with his free hand and she’s got a lil juice box and she just looks so content 
  • They chat about their dreams from the previous night and he keeps sneaking her bites of the food especially if he’s doing something with fruit bc that’s instant food just cut it up and go so she gets lots of snacks whenever he makes blueberry pancakes or banana bread or anything like that, those are her favorite to make
  • But on that first day of school, she’s wa y to pumped up to be able to sit still so he lets her run around the kitchen for a bit to burn some of that energy off and he’s just smiling to himself bc she’s a playful kid but she’s never been t hi s hyped up
  • He films her for a few seconds and the entire time he’s giggling bc she stops mid-run and hugs the dog and starts cooing at it before running back over to Jin with that adorably excited grin
  • Jin helps her get ready bc he wants to be there for her first day so you let him handle most of it and just sit with them and help out if they need it but you’re also more than glad to let him do it bc it’s always so precious to see how gentle he is with her and the look of complete and utter adoration in his eyes whenever he looks at her
  • He braids her hair for her bc he didn’t spend the entire pregnancy learning how to braid and trying to force a very displeased Jungkook to sit still long enough to use him as his model for nothing
  • At this point, he knows more braids than he ever thought he would but he’s okay with that bc his princess l o v es braids they’re her favorite hair style
  • Her first outfit is this super pink dress that come with matching pastel pink tights that have polka dots all over them and she goes for some flats that have all the sparkles 
  • She picks her entire outfit even though Jin offered to help her out and he’s just :D as she’s looking through her clothes and she gets this really serious look on her face where she’s got a bit of a pout going on and her brow furrows bc she’s concentrated and Jin has to hold back from smothering her in kisses bc she’s just too precious
  • Her lil backpack is a Peach bag of course bc she’s been around Mario her whole life and lo ves playing it with Jin but her lunchbox is a Dragon Tales lunchbox
  • Her lil feet are swinging the entire car ride to the school and she keeps telling the both of you how excited she is and that she knows she’ll make lots of friends
  • Also quick head canon bc my Namjin heart but she and Namjoon’s daughter are around the same age (joon’s bby is a few months younger) so they’re in the same grade and are each other’s best friends all throughout their lives
  • Saying goodbye is definitely the hardest part, Jin knows that it’s only a few hours but he’s never not been able to be around her, he’s had to work of course but he’s always known that if he wanted to see her, he could just go home or call you and ask to speak to her, he can’t do that with school
  • He hugs her really tightly and he’s gotta hold some tears back and he gives her so many kisses and keeps telling her how much he loves her, if you didn’t know Jin, you would literally think she was going away for a month but he’s just really proud and a bit sad but mainly happy 
  • Bby Kim is already there so the second lil bub goes in, she has her best friend there so Jin knows she won’t be alone on her first day and he waves at her every time she turns around to see if he’s still there
  • “Have fun, princess!! I love you!!! …hey no, don’t walk away yet you gotta say it back first”
  • “Let’s go, Jin, before you get into trouble for running into a classroom”
  • He sighs really loudly and starts to drag his feet to the exit all mopey bc she didn’t hear him say ily bc she was too busy being greeted by the other kids
  • But then he hears tiny feet running towards him and he feels her cheek squish against his leg and her tiny arms are hugging his legs bc that’s all she can reach
  • “I love you too!!”

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omg :(( burr as a 17 year old dad who's trying so hard to finish school AND raise a kid and there are so many rumors about him and his sister sally watches theo sometimes bc she's in college and doesn't have classes every day but sometimes she can't and (ok there was someone at my school who did this but idk if it's allowed in other places) sometimes he brings theo with him to fucking high school like a literal tiny baby and he's just,, trying so hard :(((

yeah man just rip my goddamn heart out I dont need it pfffft

yoooooo Burr. who’s life was pretty much perfect the summer before senior year. finding out he has a daughter and refusing to let anyone but himself take care of her. Like he’d trust any child of his in the foster system. 

So he gets a summer job or two. Sally helps him out when she can. He learns everything he can about taking care of babies and he fucks up a lot but he gets better at it and he’s not 18, so he can’t dip into his inheritance quite yet, (and refuses the money Sally offers him bc he knows she needs it for school) but he uses the money from his jobs to buy everything little Theo will need and saves up for babysitters and daycare centers for when he starts going back to school. Basically using his entire summer to get this right. To get all his shit together. To make sure little Theo has everything she needs.

Its not as easy as it sounds. He gets little to no sleep. Wonders sometimes if both his and little Theo’s lives would be better off if he just let her go. Some days he just knows he got this. Knows he can balance both a child and school. He’s Aaron Goddamn Burr, he can do this. But other days, Theo just won’t stop crying and he can’t seem to get her to quiet down and he doesn’t know what she wants and he knows he’s not qualified for this. Knows he’ should just quit while he’s ahead. But he believes that this’ll work out. He just has to try harder. Maybe stop being so goddamn proud and prideful and accept some help every once in a while.

So senior year starts. He’s managed to avoid most of his classmates during the summer (which isn’t very hard. He’s used to using his summers to get ahead and seeing very little of his classmates during that time). Which also means Theo is still a secret. A secret he doesn’t plan on revealing any time soon.

Instead of sitting down at lunch with his friends, he escapes to the library (Which saves him some money to buy Theo the healthier baby food, so he doesn’t mind going without lunch most days). Finishes most of his homework there, so he has more time for Theo. Schedules his job around the days Sally has classes. After he gets the hang of it, the first few months of school is a breeze. He’s able to divided his time between school, work, and his daughter evenly and still manages to get at least 4 hours of sleep a night. He might be exhausted all the time and yeah, maybe feels a bit unwell at times, but he’s handling this just fine. He can do this!

Then finals come. For both him and Sally. Daycare centers are either full or deem Theodosia too young. Good babysitters are hard to find. His four hours of sleep a night turns into 2 once studying is factored into his daily schedule. Theo starts teething, so her cries are louder than usual. Burr can only skip lunch so many times until it actually becomes a problem and people are starting to notice. Teachers, classmates, friends, his sister. Its all to much too handle and the stress is getting to him and it gets to the point where Aaron passes out in the middle of class.

At this point, there’s no hiding Theodosia. After hearing about what happened, Sally goes up to the school herself and tries to work something out. The school should have some way of helping out teen parents, right? There’s gotta be some way to make things easier on Aaron.

Of course, Burr is reluctant when they allow him to bring Theodosia to school.  Lord knows what Theo could catch from the germs in that place. Already annoyed by how many people he knows will beg to hold Theo.  And the last thing he needs is to draw attention to himself. This entire situation screams ‘Bad Idea’, but he doesn’t really have much of a choice. So he sucks it up. Packs them both a lunch, stocks Theo’s diaper bag with everything he thinks she’ll need, and tries to juggle a baby, a diaper bag, and a backpack filled with books on his walk to school that morning.

The looks he gets are overwhelming. The things people say when they think he isn’t listening is even worse. But whenever he gets too worked up about it, little Theo smiles at him with her two teeth, and it gets him through his disastrous first day. Their disastrous first day.

He wants to be angry about the rumors. Really, he does. But they go from down right insulting, to completely ridiculous in a matter of days. Things like him finding Theo on the front steps of a church or –his personal favorite – Theo being the product of his failed biology experiment last year. They’re pretty funny and he can’t help but laugh at the ridiculous theories people come up with. Especially when the real story isn’t all that interesting.

Theo only comes along twice, maybe three times out of the week, but it still makes his life a lot easier. He manages a solid 4 hours of sleep again. Passes his finals. Saves enough money to give little Theo an amazing first Christmas over the winter break. A couple of his classmates offer up their babysitting services over the weekend if Burr needs a break. And it’s still hard as hell but dammit he’s trying (((((:

College is even harder on him and Theo than high school was! He has to drop out and get a few jobs just until he’s 18 and van get his inheritance, and then wait until Theo is old enough to go to school and so he can go back to school himself. It sucks working two or three jobs and seeing all his friends off to college when he could be going to school himslef and becoming a kickass lawyer like he’s always dreamed of bUt he never ever resents Theo for it and never ever ever regrets his decision to raise her at 17 because despite how difficult his life has become, she’s the best that that’s ever happened to him and WOW THIS IS MAKING ME EMOTIONAL


• Your first impression of him would probably be that he’s the greasiest boy ever and is really quite full of himself.
• HIS first impression of you would’ve been that you were the most beautiful human in the universe.
• he’d ask you out by simply doing it, walking straight to you and spitting the words out.
• “you, me, a date tomorrow, pick you up at 8” //insert flirtatious wink//
• your first date together was a movie date and he rented out the entire cinema so there was just you two there. he probably tried to make moves in the dark bc he’s greasy asf, the classic yawn then low key wrap their arm around you, the reach over for popcorn but is really an excuse to get you flustered bc his face tOO cLOSE OHMYGOSH CNT BREATHE, stuff like that. it was fun though, he kept cracking jokes that got you choking on your soda.
• is the king of cheesy pickup lines
• “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
• “are you from Tennessee? because you’re the only ten, I see”
• “seungcheol, stop.”
• loves to give you cute pet names that get the other members gagging a little in their mouths.
• “poopsy doodles” “schnookums” “oojy woojy koojy moojy poo poo”
• and you just stand there kinda just dying of embarrassment bc seungcheol plS there are people around!!1!!1!
• your first kiss with him was after their debut, they had just released ‘akkinda’ and he was just so happy that the words just flew out of his mouth.
• “I’m so happy, I could… I could just kiss you right now!”
• “then do it.”
• he has a habit of gripping your hand tightly when he feels the need to protect you, whether it be someone trying to fight you or you just feel unsafe. SUPER S.COUPS IS HERE
• his favourite type of kiss is literally every kiss I mean, as long as he gets to kiss you amiright? smooches, forehead kisses, cheek kisses, you name it, you’re bound to experience all of those once or twice and knowing seungcheol it would probably be more than that lmao.
• you’ll know when he wants a kiss because he’ll either tell you straight up or whine like a baby, making as many excuses as possible to get one.
• “jagiiii!!1! I’m dying! Quick kiss me before your beloved boyfriend disappears forever!”
• seungcheol loves to give you hugs where he buries his face in your hair and when he rests his chin on top of your head. his hugs are usually very strong and secure and when you get inside one of those, there’s no way of getting out unless he lets you.
• he likes hearing you talk, whether it be singing, or just talking to him on the phone, he’s such a good boyfriend that simply hearing your melodic voice is enough to make him smile awh
• he despises it and even gets a little ticked off whenever you look down at yourself and think that you’re not good enough. whenever he hears you or even senses you feeling that way he will grab you by the cheeks and stare deeply and intensely in your eyes.
• “you listen here, and you listen good, okay? you, are the most amazing person I could ever have the pleasure of meeting. you’re the light of my world and the one that always keeps me grounded. without you in my life, I don’t know where I’d be. so don’t even think, not even for a second, that you’re not good enough for me.” • has an addiction to 2PAC like seriously he rants on and on about him, so much that sometimes you gotta just lowkey show him you’re not really interested.
• he likes 2PAC so much that for his birthday you organised all the members to help purchase the newest 2PAC album/mixtape and when seungcheol opened it he was so happy and demanded to know who’s brilliant idea it was. when he found out it was YOU the biggest grin spread on his face and he like sprinted over to where you were and showered you with kisses and thank you’s.
• secretly watches you sleep whenever you take naps and he just smiles to himself BC HOW’D HE GET SO DAMN LUCKY
• “babe lets buy these couple shirts, they would TOTALLY look cute on us!”
• “what about these matching necklaces? or those cute little couple promise rings??!!! I jUST WANT TO TELL THE WORLD UR MINE JAGI”
• gets jealous so easily. if he sees someone even look at you in a way he doesn’t like, he’s straight up going to makeout with you right then, right there and be an affectionate little puppy to show them that YOURE TAKEN. YEAH THATS RIGHT! YOURE TAKEN BY HIM
• will do anYTHING to make you a flustered mess on the floor
• gives you small kisses all over your face, even in front of the members, which makes you die a little.
• on the rare occasion does anyone ever catch seungcheol off guard and gets him flustered, but oh you can. you play his game and get greasy right back at him, teasing him with your kisses, purposely distancing yourself from him just to watch him squirm, giving him cheesy pickup lines. yes, he tries to fight back, but you usually win.
• your phone background is a picture of you and seungcheol sleeping on each other in the practice room, that Jeonghan took a picture of bc he’s you’re number one shipper.
• his phone background is a candid photo he took of you bc he thought you just looked beautiful in that particular moment
• being the leader of a 13 member group really takes its toll on seungcheol, you’re always trying to pry him away from the practice room because he’s ALWAYS in there working himself too hard, thinking about how the group could get better, stronger. on some occasions, you barely get a glimpse of him for days, because he’s always busy working hard.
• “seungcheol, let’s go home, you’ve been in here for hours..”
• “jagi, I can’t, I need to work on this until I’m happy with it, everyones depending me.”
• due to his role as the leader, seungcheol sometimes comes home in the wee hours of the morning, so he can’t wish you goodnight. but he always makes sure to ring you or text, wishing you a good nights sleep and that he loves you.
• and how he wakes you up? he’s always sleeping in so its always YOU having to wake up first and waking him up by flopping on top of him and pecking his cheek.
• seungcheol doesn’t have many insecurities, but his biggest one is the fact that he may not be up for the job, he might not qualify to be the leader of such a successful group. you’re always having to stop him from what he’s thinking, telling him to take deep breaths and reassuring him that he was, and he is the perfect person for his job, he’s got great leadership, he’s kind, and all in all, he’s more qualified than anyone in the world.
• you’re first fight with seungcheol was over something silly, he asked if you could come in and babysit the members for him while he went and ran some errands, they were such a big handful that you had to bring seungcheol back bc it was TOO HARD.
• “you’re telling me that you brought me back because they were being too noisy and loud?!”
• “it’s not MY fault! YOURE the one who signed me up for this!”
• then you got really quiet bc a) he yelled at you and he’s NEVER yelled at you before and b) did he just mention that he planned for you and him to have children in the future???! tears threatened to come out of your eyes but you quickly turned your back to him and wiped them away.
• he ended up wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and whispering his apologies in your ear, saying how he’s sorry to have exploded like that.
• “I’m just worried, you know, what about the future kids?’
• despite the fact that seungcheol can come off as immature, when it comes to you and seventeen, he’s serious about it all. don’t think for a second that he doesn’t mean it when he says I love you.
“jagiya, saranghae ~chu” - bby s.coups


• noisy boyfriend
• always making noise
• almost never shuts up talking
• is constantly singing ??
• whether he’s making dinner, in the shower, wherever
• you can pretty much always tell where he is bc of the noise
• the kind of guy you hear before you see
• only marginally better than jongdae
• ((god help you when they’re together))
• (((and honestly you might as well not even bother when chanyeol joins the mix)))
• the type to wake you up at night to share his “”deep thoughts””
• “”babe….. isn’t it wild that the brain…. named itself…..””
• “”I swear to gOD baekhyun shut the fuck up it is three am””
• “”…..but did you know that snakes r just tails with faces??””
• “”bAEKHYUN””

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Heres the rest of the characters for the head canon prompt you guys c: three days after i posted the first set…¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 



What they smell like: He smells so fucking good. He just smells sexy theres no other way to describe it. Just imagine a woody aroma with a dash of orange blossoms

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): He goes to bed late and sleeps in till his alarm goes off for a third time but not enough to make him have to rush. He hogs the cover so much during the night and he moves his legs around a lot, you will get kicked. He moves his body around in general. While he falls asleep on his back, during his sleep he’ll always end up turning over and hugging either a pillow or part of the blanket against his head so if he was sharing a bed you can bet he’d get his grip on you and you’d be held against him until he wakes up.

What music they enjoy: Kuroo likes his rock and pop punk but he also likes the tunes you’d hear at a club 

How much time they spend getting ready every morning: After actually getting out of bed he’ll only take like 20 minutes to be out of the house. 5 of that being him trying to get his hair to flatten but to no avail

Their favorite thing to collect: posters of gravure idols probably bc he’s a teenage boy

Favourite sport: Vb 

Favourite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): He’d check out any fun places they have in the area like fairs and the cool monuments and stuff 

Favourite kind of weather: Crispy but sunny autumn days 

A weird/obscure fear they have: He’s probably one of those people that flinch away from dogs

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: darts 

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Someone to talk to

​Based off this ask, as I seriously adored the idea. Expect a second part. 


It might sound rather ironic, but Dick’s favorite season was definitely spring. The air felt cleaner, the city seemed brighter. In winter, heavy grays shrouded over everything, giving Dick a feeling of being closed in, despite flying through the open sky at night alongside Batman. Then the summers were miserable, humid and sticky, and it was the only time of year he was glad that his costume left so much skin uncovered.

Now, as he sat in a higher branch in one of the large oaks that graced the manor lawns, the cool breeze blowing through his hair, he had to admit that spring was perfect, make all the robin jokes you want.

Dick swung his legs, contemplating the possibility of taking a nap right up there in the tree, when he heard a small laugh that carried in the wind. He sat up straighter, glancing around for the source of the noise. From his position, he could easily see over the tall, flowered hedge that separated the manor from their neighbors, the Drake family. He squinted in the sunlight, searching the Drake grounds until he spotted a tiny figure seated in the shade of a massive fir, talking animatedly.

“–Very green, and she had pretty blonde hair… told me I looked… and she… super beautiful…”

Dick caught snippets of what the kid was saying, the descriptions of a girl it sounded like. The weird thing was, he had no idea who the kid was talking to. There was no one with him, and he probably didn’t know Dick was close by. And yet, he continued in his chattering, sometimes laughing at something, sometimes waving his arms around in excitement. Dick watched, not really sure how to react, especially when the little one suddenly went quiet, hands dropping into his lap as if remembering something and the silence would stretch for several long moments before he would start up again, but it was lackluster. He felt inexplicably sad for the kid in those moments. He ended up dropping out of the tree, walking home with his hands in his pockets, unable to continue listening to the childish voice laced with such sadness.


Over the course of the next week, Dick would climb back up onto his branch, staring over the hedge and waiting for the little boy –Tim, he remembered now– to come out, take a seat in the shade and once again start up his one-sided conversation.

The first day, Dick had told Bruce about Tim. Bruce pursed his lips, looking angry for a few moments.

“The Drakes are rarely home,” he had said eventually, his voice flat, “always going on extended trips abroad for months on end. They leave Tim at home with a nanny or a maid, but he’s otherwise mostly alone.”

Dick bit his lip, closing his eyes when Tim lapsed into another bout of depressing silence. He felt his heart break for this kid. He had since realized that when Tim talked, he pretended to be talking to his parents, telling his absent family about his days and experiences. Some days Dick felt tears springing to his eyes, and a simmering hatred towards the Drakes for doing this to their own child.

Steeling himself, Dick swung from the branch, landing gracefully and walking over towards the hedge before scaling it, perching himself on top. “Hello!” He called out, and being closer he saw Tim jerk in surprise, his dark head whipping around until he caught sight of Dick on the hedge. Dick waved cheerfully, smiling kindly. Tim looked around himself, as if to ask are you waving at me? then he tentatively raised one small hand, giving a tiny half wave in return. 

“Hi,” he greeted, slight awe in his higher pitched voice.

“Mind if I hop over?”

Tim shrugged, which Dick took as confirmation and so hopped down, jogging over to plop himself in front of Tim, who’s bright blue eyes held some trepidation along with curiosity. Dick grinned, holding out a hand. “I’m Dick Grayson! Nice to meet you.”

“Tim Drake,” Tim carefully shook the offered hand. He crossed his legs, drawing his hand back and tucking a stray strand of black hair behind his ear nervously. “Uhm, did you need to see Mrs. Mac or some–”

“Nah,” Dick shook his head, “You just seemed kinda lonesome and I thought you could use some company. Unless this is like, weird or something, and I should just leave–”

“No no, it’s okay,” Tim assured, somewhat desperately. “I– yes, some company for a while would be nice, I mean.”

Dick smiled. “Sweet!” he enthused, and was pleased to notice Tim’s previously tense posture relax, and his expression was content. The only thing Dick regretted about this situation is not having done this sooner.


It was nearly dusk by the time Dick stood to return home. He brushed the bits of grass and dirt from his shorts before reaching out to ruffle Tim’s hair. They had spent the hours talking about everything and anything, Tim beyond happy to actually have someone to listen and respond to him. Dick found himself incredibly charmed by this little boy who would just chatter endlessly, only pausing to suck in a hurried breath before plowing on, like he was trying to get everything out before Dick would leave him as well.

Which was definitely not happening.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, ‘kay Timmy?” He grinned when the younger boy rolled his eyes at the nickname though he flushed a happy pink. “I’ll even bring some snacks. You gotta try Alf’s peanut butter cookies, they’re to die for.”

“Okay!” Tim hopped up as well, hands held behind his back and rolling back and forth on his heels, a bundle of nervous energy. He stood there, a silly grin on his face as Dick strode back towards the hedge, offering one last wave before vaulting himself over with a little extra flair, laughing when Tim called out “show off!”


Bruce barely looked up from his book when Dick came barging into the sitting room a few minutes later smelling of cut lawn and fresh air. “Where you been?”

“I was over that the Drakes’, talkin’ to Tim.” Dick flopped down besides Bruce on the couch, catching sight of the man’s arched brow. “That kid talks more than Wally, which is saying something,” he laughed quietly before sobering. “He’s kinda precious, B. I hate that he’s always alone, it’s terrible and he doesn’t deserve that. Can’t you do something about it?”

“Trust me Dick, if there was anything I could do, I certainly would’ve done it by now. From a legal standpoint I’m helpless.”

Dick sighed, picking at a loose thread on the sofa before a thought occurred to him and he brightened. “From a legal standpoint, yeah. But on a personal level we can do something, right? Tim needs friends, and to not be cooped up with some old lady twenty-four seven.” Dick sat up, looking hopefully at Bruce. “We could have him stay here– like for some weeks at a time or something? Or I could go over there? Maybe we could get the Drakes to hire me as a sitter or something like that –though honestly I would rather not be paid– or Alfred can–”

“Slow down, Dick,” Bruce held up a hand, a tiny smile quirking his lips. “Those are good thoughts, but we have to see if the Drakes would even consider anything like this. I mean, we’re are exactly friends, but simply acquaintances.”

“You’ll just have to work some of your Brucie Wayne magic,” Dick said, snickering at Bruce’s grimace at the admittedly awful nickname.

“I’ll see what I can do, Dick. Promise.”

Useless - Jimin Fluff/Angst Scenario

Originally posted by parkjiminz

hey so i’m rlly trying to get out as much as i can for angst week, so angst week might go for like two weeks bc i have a lot of hw and i promised to write a bunch of angst and i cant do that in just one week, so yeah (ALSO THIS WAS DONE ON SATURDAY BUT MY LAPTOP STARTED BEING ANNOYING SO I CAN JUST NOW POST IT, I’M SORRY)

prompt: ¨look, i know we agreed to be friends and everything but that’s what everyone says when they break up. i’m also a crybaby, and i can’t take you asking me for advice on how to ask out the new person you’re interested in, okay?¨ with jiminnie

¨You want me to what?¨ You ask.

¨Can you please help me ask Fei out on a date?¨

You pause.

¨…Uhm.. Why are you asking me?¨ You awkwardly chuckle.

¨You’ve had classes with her, right? Maybe you know her better than I do,¨

¨Can’t you ask Hoseok to help you?¨ You say.

¨But I want you to.¨ He says.

You pull the phone away from your ear, trying to mentally toughen up before you press the phone back to your head.

¨Meet me tomorrow, a hour before school starts, at the gate.¨ You mumble.

He cheers, mumbling a thank you that is answered with an ended call.

He had brought everything you told him to.

He was fidgeting with his clothes and fixing his hair and you had to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling from remembering how he was when he was first with you.

¨Now just go in and confess.¨ You weakly say.

You start your way to the study hall, wanting to not have to see the scene that would happen in a few minutes.

¨Wait!¨ He catches up to you, ¨Aren’t you gonna give me like tips or what I should say?¨
¨You’ve got it down-packed, Jimin, you’ll be fine.¨

¨No, I won’t, I still need your help!¨
¨Well, maybe I don’t want to help you!¨ You had, officially, snapped.

¨Maybe, I don’t want to watch you confess to the smartest and prettiest girl in the school.¨ You said, a lot more quietly.

¨I know we said we could just be friends, but that’s what everyone says when they break up…. Frankly, I can’t watch you do this, it’s killing me and I’m not going to torture myself for you, Jimin. I’ve already done that before.¨

You hate bringing up the fact that he was the reason for your breakup, but you had no choice.

Jimin was turning red, and started stuttering his words.

¨That’s enough.¨ You turn around and start running.

You didn’t know where you were going, but you had ended up as far away from him as possible.

You dropped your bookbag on a school bench, looking around at the cherry blossoms in the near distance.

You exhaled, settling on some grass, before you felt hot tears splashing onto your tennis skirt.

You quickly wiped them away, laying down and closing your eyes to try and forget all the things that had happened in the last two days.

Jimin and Fei were currently the it-couple.

The couple you and Jimin never were.

She had him wrapped around his finger, and you’d often see them kissing behind lockers after and before school.

At first, you were hurt about it, but you had eventually become numb to it all.

Everything was the same until one day, a certain girl walked into class with a face red and puffy.

Lee Fei was furiously wiping at her eyes as she struggled to get the materials she needed for class.

You were the only two people who actually came to class this early, so eventually she had to turn to you after she was settled.

¨What?¨ She asked quietly.

¨…I-I just wanted to know if you were okay.¨ You say.

She ignores you, reaching in her bag for some makeup products to hide her flustered look.

You were curious as to what happened, but you didn’t know how to find out.

You had found out at lunch, as it was the hot topic of today.

Although Fei hadn’t dropped a single tear after you caught her that morning, her face was almost stone all day, and she barely spoke in class.

She didn’t even raise her hand to answer all the questions in class like she usually did.

And it was all your fault.

Earlier today, Fei had snuck up on Jimin… and heard something she didn’t want to hear.

¨Jin said Jimin was talking to Taehyung about you, and he had accidentally let it slip that… he still loves you.¨

You almost choke on your ramen.

¨Excuse me, I gotta go.¨ You say.

You get up instantly, and start your way to find Park Jimin.

He was sitting in an empty classroom, headphones in and staring out a window.

You entered and he looked up, smiled at you and then looked away.
¨Jimin.¨ You call out.

He sighs, taking out one earbud and watching as you close the door and walk towards him.

¨What happened?¨

¨You heard, huh?¨

¨I caught Fei crying first period. So I was guessing…¨

¨I fucked up. Like I always do.¨

You couldn’t disagree, so you stayed silent.

¨I’m in love with you. I just figured it out after being with her for a while and I needed to get it off my chest to someone who wouldn’t judge me… Just turns out I said it at the wrong moment.¨ He says.

¨She’s literally perfect, how could you not learn to love her, Jimin?¨

¨Because she’s so perfect. I go to her mansion and get served the finest tea and she helps me study things I don’t know and she’s ridiculously pretty and she works out every day, hardly ever sits down to rest. She scolds me if I so much as make a small mistake

¨With you, I show up to your house and you’re hardly even dressed, and your hair’s really frizz because you forgot to sleep with your headscarf on, you burp at inappropriate times and sit around and watch Cartoon Network for 10 hours straight, and you’re really artistic and gorgeous and you’re really smart but your nonchalant about it and you don’t mind when I act really gross around you.¨ He finishes.

¨I do mind, actually.¨

He chuckles.

¨I don’t have to be perfect around you… and I love that. I now realize that I just took you for granted.¨

He stands up, reaching out for you before pulling you closer by your skirt waistband.

He wraps both arms around you, and then pulls you into his chest.

You breathe in his scent and release a sigh, getting lost in the moment.

¨I want to be yours again.¨ He quietly mutters.

¨You always were.¨ You reply.

yeah, fluffy angst is what is coming currently, but it might get rougher idk, so yeah this was fun to write, lmao

thanks for reading~

as a thank you for all those AMAZING mentions in the fanfic apreciation post (THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH THESE MADE MY ENTIRE DAAAYYY AAAHH) i decided to do this request, which only ended up taking me abt an hour bc i was so inspired by all of your kind words! sorry for messiness in advance, but yeaahhh enjoy!




If there was one thing Gray disliked in life – it was favors.

Being a logical man, he’d assumed his entire life that favors were things to be paid back. An eye-for-an-eye sort of deal, he supposed. But it seemed that with his dime-store luck, all his favors never really ended up being paid back.

Just do me this quick favor,” Lyon’s pleading voice echoed through his phone, barely audible over the raucous sounds of the subway. “Pick up Ultear from dance today, I can’t come walk her home, my shift got extended. I know I said I’d be the one to walk her home, but just this once, please?”

Gray knew he had to say yes, not out of courtesy to Lyon, but for Ultear. Although her ramshackle dance studio wasn’t what he considered far from their shared apartment, it was the simple fact that he would never allow a fourteen year old girl to walk home, alone, after dark, in a nightlife city like Magnolia.

“Fine.” Gray’s reply came in a sort of grumble, he had been looking forward to collapsing onto his bed (which doubled as a couch – the luxury of a bed couldn’t nearly be afforded by him at this point in his life) and sleeping six hours until his telltale morning shift would begin at 8 a.m. sharp.

Gray desperately wished that at least something in his life would be routine – he wished that every day he wouldn’t have to face the question of whether or not they’d have enough money to pay the bills, the rent, basic human needs, etc. Not to mention Ultear’s sole luxury of dance class, which, even if he were truly heartless, he wouldn’t have the guts to take away from her. She didn’t have much. Why not let her have this, at the least?

Thank god. I’ll see you at home, bro. I’m going to the grocery store after to pick up some stuff, do you know if we have any-“

“We don’t.” Gray answered simply. A short and quick way of saying that the refrigerator was completely empty.

Ah. Good to know. What’s my budget?” Lyon asked, knowing full well that Gray was the economics consultant of their three-person household.

“Twenty-five bucks.” Gray answered curtly. The subway roared to life and Gray felt his feet move robotically onboard, making mental note to not forget to get Ultear before walking home.

Nice. Hopefully I can get me some coupons…Oops, gotta go! Boss is tellin’ me to get off my ass. Don’t forget Ul!”

“I won’t.” Gray reminded grimly. It was ironic that Lyon, perhaps the most forgetful person on the face of the earth, would have toe nerve to remind Gray, the most rigid of them all, to not forget a key piece of information.

The subway moved dully – like a lullaby – and the unfamiliar faces blinked like starlight. If Gray wasn’t used to the scenery, he might be overwhelmed sensory wise – the smells, visions, and feelings all combined into a culture shock that could send any country-kid sprawling, but lucky (or unlucky) enough for Gray, he had been raised in the city his whole life. There wasn’t a moment in time when something wasn’t happening.

He wondered if he’d ever be able to experience complete, and total silence.

The subway came to a screeching stop and he supposed not.

He pushed his way out of the subway, not bothering for niceties, because it wasn’t like he was going to see any of these people’s faces again, anyway.

The dance studio was barely a quarter mile from the station, squeezed in between a sandwich shop and a drug store, next to which was an alleyway where someone hoping to sell things outside the law would surely find business.

These reasons amounting to the purpose of Gray walking his younger sister home. He could imagine the sorts of vile folk that would linger by a dance studio, lithe young girls walking in and out all the time.

The thought sickened him, but he always had to be cautious. For Ultear, after all.

He looked down at his watch. Fifteen minutes until Ultear would officially be excused, however there was no point in waiting outside to catch his death on the high winds. There was probably a bench or something inside where he could catch some brief shut-eye before walking Ultear home.

He let himself into the studio, ignoring the suspicious creak in the door and the painful lack of clear light. It was obvious the studio was less than well taken care of, probably the reason why the lessons came cheaper for Ultear in the long run.

There was a split in the hallway, two separate studios with girls and boys alike stretching across the mirrors and bars in the rooms.

Unfamiliar with the territory and seeing no place to sit, Gray simply leaned against the wall where he had a perfect view of both rooms (looking like an extreme creep in the process). His dark jacket and hooded eyes did little to help his reputation.

He spotted Ultear in the room to the left, younger dancers huddled in little circles as they practiced stretches and leaps, crazy shit Gray couldn’t do even if he had a harness around his waist. He had no clue how Ultear found stretching your body to the utmost limits and jumping around was enjoyable, but hey, it wasn’t his pastime.

The room on the right housed older dancers, and Gray would be lying if he said he didn’t appreciate the long legs and tight clothes they donned, but he wasn’t a creeper, so he tended to look away whenever his gaze was drawn back to the girls in that room.

In Ultear’s room, the girls and few boys split apart and began doing collective stretches, Ultear caught his eye and waved curiously. He had never been the designated brother to pick her up from dance, it was always Lyon. She was understandably confused, but went right back to stretching like it didn’t even matter, which it didn’t.

That’s when he saw her.

Lazily, his gaze trickled back to the opposite room, where the girls had parted to leave one girl standing in the middle of the room, legs poised to jump and arms delicately positioned at her sides. She was like a doll – almost surreal. He’d never seen anything like it.

Slow, hypnotic music emitted from a rusty radio in the corner of the room and the girl leaned back to the rhythm, like liquid, her back bent so easily it was like she was made entirely of music. Her legs twisted and the rest of her body followed, spinning into a tight, yet lazily slow pirouette that mirrored the beat of the song so well he became convinced that she herself was apart of the music, and not a separate embodiment.

Dancing wasn’t supposed to be like that, was it?

The girl bent her leg upwards, her arm swinging down to the floor as she performed what he could only describe as a flip – yet one of her legs remained on the floor the entire time.

Entranced, Gray felt his eyes glaze over as he watched her dance. Her long, shapely legs curled inwards as she spun and out when she’d jump – how did she do it? It was like she’d forcibly told gravity and physics to shut the fuck up while she danced – like she could do anything.

At this point, Gray was positive someone had noticed him staring at her like a dumbstruck idiot, but he was too enthralled to look away. She was enchanting. Soon, a few other dancers joined her, but his eyes stayed fixed on her and her fluid like dancing.


Gray snapped his eyes shut and blinked a few times before looking downwards to the familiar voice of his sister.

“…Are you ok? I just finished, we can go now.” Ultear gestured to her dance bag she was carrying and the sweatpants she had put over her dance shorts.

“Oh. Oh, good.” He spoke lowly, hoping she hadn’t noticed him drooling at the sight of the other dancers.

Her eyes followed where his had been, to the other room, and she looked at him understandingly.

“They’re amazing, aren’t they?” She asked him. The other dancers from her class passed them by, but Gray only stood there, stunned.

“I…I mean, they’re…they’re pretty good, I suppose.” He stumbled, clearing his throat a few times uncomfortably.

Ultear looked at him, an impish smile stretching across her cheeks.

“You wanna meet her, don’t you?”

Somehow, Gray knew exactly who she was talking about.

No.” He said sternly. “Time to go.”

“But Graaayyy,” Ultear whined, latching her demon claws onto his wrist and pulling him to the right. The music in the room stopped, and the girls began packing up their things just as the kids from Ultear’s class had.

“Now’s your chance!” Ultear cheered, pushing him forcibly into the room.

However, Ultear forgot to account to the fact that her older brother was much taller and stronger than her, and had no trouble resisting her pushes.

“Not a chance, kid. Let’s go.” He told her, wheeling her around so that she was facing the exit. She stomped her foot childishly.

“Can you at least carry my bag? Lyon always does!” She said pointedly. Gray looked at her skeptically.

“Not a chance, and I ain’t Lyon. Let’s get out of here.” He said succinctly. Ultear glared at him, a familiar desire for revenge glinting in her hard, dark eyes.

Shit, Gray thought. A pissed-off Ultear was not something you wanted at the top of your list.

“Hey, Juvia!” She turned and waved quickly, a plastic smile on her face as she sent Gray a silent glare while waving hysterically into the room full of older girls.

To Gray’s utter horror – the dancer, the amazing one, stood up and waved politely back at his sister. Then, she made her way over to them, and Gray was keen enough to notice that she even walked the way she danced, smooth and thorough, with complete and total direction. Stupidly incredible, really.

“Hello, Ultear. Is Lyon not here to walk you home today…?” She asked, her voice was like rain, cascading and fluid. Gray almost did a double take. Why was he describing her so…weirdly? She was just a girl? Just…a girl.

“No, my lame brother Gray is walking me instead. He was just about to carry my bag!” Ultear said sneakily. Gray almost growled under his breath as he reached over and grabbed Ultear’s dance bag obediently.

“Wanna walk home with us?” Ultear asked sweetly. The girl – Juvia, he noted – looked back at her bag ad nodded.

“Um…if you’re both ok with that, then sure, just….let me go grab my things.” She turned and walked back, Gray’s eyes following her the whole time.

The second she was out of earshot, Ultear punched his ribcage.

“Could you stop staring at her like she’s a steak? It’s weird, jesus christ.” Ultear mumbled. Gray flicked the back of her neck.

“Watch your mouth, kid. And I’m not staring at her, stop exaggerating,” Gray muttered, rubbing the back of his neck as his eyes, ironically enough, sought her out amongst the thinning crowd of girls.

A few of said girls giggled as they walked by, annoyingly, as if Gray were a new specimen for them to gossip over on their way back home. If there was another thing Gray hated, it was being fawned over, the way these girls did all within econds of seeing him.

Lyon probably ate this shit up, stupid bastard. Loved attention, particularly from females but knowing him he doesn’t complain where it comes from. He probably enjoyed watching Juvia, too. Her dancing wasn’t the only thing interesting she had to look at.

Juvia walked back over to them, drawstring bag hanging from her sharp shoulders. She had a dancer’s body, for the most part. Strong, long admirable legs, and a flat and toned waist. Her hair – which, on closer inspection, Gray now realized was a stark shade of dark blue, was pulled back into a loose bun, a few strands falling to meet her cheeks and face halfway, like a watery picture frame to match the hue of her ocean blue eyes.

“Ready to go?” She inquired. Ultear smiled and nodded.

“You know, Juvia lives at the apartment building across the street from ours. Ultear informed him as they began walking. Gray nodded grimly. That meant that she was more well off then they were – the building across the street was a bit more…nice, so to speak. More expensive, too.

Still an apartment, though.

“So…Gray,” he took a moment to indulge himself in the musical way Juvia said his name, before shaking his head visibly.

“Do you, Lyon and Ultear all live in the same building?” She asked, blue eyes widening in curiosity. Ultear cut him off before he could even form an answer.

“Yup. No parents, our parents are dead and gone.” Ultear answered her quickly.

Juvia’s face morphed sympathetically. “Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s fine.” Gray interrupted her, sending a heated look to Ultear. “It’s been a long time.”

“Ah…well, my mother died a long time ago, I live with my dad in Centreside.” She told him. Interesting.

“Juvia’s the best dancer at our studio,” Ultear said, a slightly proud, braggy tone. Gray knew that they obviously weren’t the most renowned studio in Magnolia City, so it made sense that she’d have a little pride in a gifted dancer like Juvia.

“Er, well, I don’t think that’s true, there’s lots of good dancers!” Juvia combated shyly.

“Pshh, but you’re the best! Just ask Gray, he was staring at you the whole ti-“

Gray’s hand clapped over Ultear’s mouth.

“Little brats should know their place~” He reminded her threateningly. She licked his hand and he retracted it quickly.

“Oh…um…” Juvia swallowed quickly.

“Well, there’s our apartment…” Gray interjected with a sigh of relief.

“Why don’t you say goodbye to Juvia?” Ultear hinted. Gray would’ve punched her in the face if he wasn’t against child abuse.

“Nice meeting you.” He mumbled softly. She nodded slowly, a bit confused by Ultear’s hectic need to play matchmaker.

“Why don’t you exchange numbers.” Ultear said clearly, raising her eyebrows expectantly.

Gray narrowed his eyes at her. However, his eyes widened again when he heard Juvia laugh quietly.

“It’s alright, I don’t mind,” she said, noticing his awestruck expression. “I’d love to go out sometime anyways.”

Gray could barely register what was going on. One minute Ultear was blabbing and the next Juvia was fishing a pen out of her dance bag. She clicked it, and reached over, her wrist grazing his as she began to shallowly write numbers on his exposed forearm.

Ultear nudged him, as if silently advising him not to look like a terrified guppy as he wrote the rest of her phone number on his arm before clicking the pen and putting it away.

“I’m glad you liked my dancing,” she said, and if Gray were any dumber, he might have missed the knowing hint in her voice, as if she were saying I-saw-you-staring-at-me-you-absolute-creep before walking off to her apartment building, his eyes on her the whole time.

“That…” Ultear began, a pleased look on her smarmy face. “Went way better than expected.”

“The hell just happened?” Gray asked aloud, looking to the sky for sagely advice. None came.

Ultear began to laugh. “Lyon – Lyon is going to kill you, he’s been trying to get Juvia’s number for ages…”

“But I…but I didn’t even…”

“I guess you have a date now,” Ultear sang. Gray didn’t have a proper response for her.

“Yeah…” he trailed off. “I guess I do.”

the one with the timers, wayf and soul mates

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(Michael has red hair in this bc I would sell my soul just to have red hair Michael back)

Originally posted by versace-hood

The timer on you arm ticked down slowly but surely. 2 hours 27 minutes 39 seconds. 38. 37. 36. 35. You shook your head to clear your thoughts and slid your sleeve down to cover the timer. It looked like you were going to meet your soul mate in the middle of the night. Whenever we meet, they’re gonna have to come to me because there is no way in hell I’m waking up, you thought. Nor am I leaving my house in the middle of the night.

You took a picture of your arm and sent it to your best friend, Luke. Tonight’s the night, you captioned it. Good luck :-), he replied.

You switched off your light and pulled the covers up around you. You glanced at your arm one more time before closing your eyes and falling to a deep sleep.

The thoughts of soul mates and timers that had filled your mind all day disappeared.

Tap. Tap. Tap. A steady tapping woke you. You glanced down at your timer. 30 seconds. 29. 28.

“This is it,” you mumbled, rolling out of bed and quickly glancing at your appearance in the mirror before placing a shaking hand on your window. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes. 13. 12. 11. 10. You opened the window and a pebble hit you square in the forehead.

“Ow! What the fuck?” You said.

“Shit! I’m sorry,” a voice said. You looked down to see an extremely tall boy about your age with bright red standing below your window with a fistful of pebbles. Vibrations were sent up through your arm. The timer was finished. This boy is your soul mate.

“I’m guessing your timer just finished,” he smirked.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Who even are you?”

“I’m your soul mate, babe,” he said.

“I mean, your name. What’s your name?” You sighed. Of course your soul mate would be this asshole who cant give you a straight answer.

“Michael. Michael Clifford,” he said. “And you are?”

“(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N). So what happens now?” You asked.

“I’m going to take you on an adventure. Get dressed, you have 5 minutes and I’ll be waiting right here,” Michael ordered.

“I’m not going out in the middle of the night with a stranger!” You protested.

“I’m not a stranger. I’m your soul mate! Now chop chop, the night is young! We have to go!” Michael yelled.

“Fine but you gotta quit yelling, my parents are sleeping. If you wake them, they’ll come out and whoop your ass, soul mate or not,” you warned, coming away from your window. You pieced through your closet, deciding to wear leggings, an oversized sweater and your Doc Marten boots. You quickly applied a coat of mascara and lip-gloss and fixed your bed head, wanting to make a good first impression, I mean, this is the guy you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

“Are you ready yet?” Michael called. You shoved your phone, wallet and keys in to your bag and stuck your head back out the window.

“Yeah, meet me out the front, I’ll be out in one second,” you said, reaching to shut the window.

“Just climb out the window,” Michael shrugged as if you weren’t currently speaking to him out of a two storey window.

“I’m not climbing out the window. What do you think I am Spider-Man or some shit?” You scoffed.

“What? It’s easy, just step on to the back porch and I’ll catch you when you jump,” he insisted.

“I don’t know,” you said, nervously biting your nails. Michael did seem pretty genuine and trustworthy but it was a pretty long way down.

“C'mon! This is the first night of the rest of your life, don’t you want it to be memorable? What’s more memorable than sneaking out in the middle of the night with your soul mate! I swear, I’ll catch you,” he promised.

“If I fall and break my neck, you can explain this to my parents,” you warned and climbed out your window on to the porch. You sat and dangled your legs over the edge and looked nervously at Michael.

“Look, if I don’t catch you at least I’ll break your fall,” Michael smirked and spread his arms out wide. A look of horror spread across your face. “I’m joking, I’m joking, relax. Of course, I’ll catch you.”

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes and counted down in your head from 5. When you hit zero, you pushed yourself off the porch and in to Michael’s arms. There was a moment where it felt like time stopped and you were completely suspended in the air but it only last a second and then you were hitting Michael’s chest and knocking him backwards.

You were laying on Michael’s chest with his arms wrapped around your waist. It felt normal, it felt good. You almost forgot Michael was a stranger you only met about 15 minutes ago. They always taught us this in Health class, when you meet your soul mate you will feel 100% comfortable with them even if you only met 5 minutes ago. You always thought that it was stupid. How could you feel like you knew someone you just met? But now while you were here in Michael’s arms you realised that was the whole point of soul mates. You were going to spend the rest of your life with him.

You rolled off Michael and in to the damp grass. Michael stood up and you reached out your hand for him to pull you up.

“Where are we going?” You asked, following Michael around the front to his car.

“On an adventure,” Michael grinned, his eyes alight like a child on Christmas morning.

You would have never picked him out as your soul mate. He was an extrovert while you were introverted. Everything made him excited while you were very indifferent. It seemed like he had a permanent grin etched across his face. You liked him.

“Buckle up,” Michael mumbled, starting up the car and pulling away from your drive.

“How did you find my house? I mean, I know you’ve got your timer but that doesn’t give directions,” you asked when Michael pulled on to the freeway.

“Fate,” he winked.

“I’m serious,” you whined. “How the hell did you find my house?”

“Well, you know the way in Health Class they always tell us to just let fate do it’s thing and we shouldn’t interfere with our timers, like we should just ignore that fact that it’s getting sooner and sooner. I used to think that’s a load of shit but I followed it anyway.

I’m not from here, I live in the next town over, but my friend asked me to drop him off here so I said sure. I was on my way home and this dumb GPS fucked up and it said I reached my destination when I was outside your house. Told you it was fate,” Michael shrugged, not taking his eyes off the road.

“That is so weird,” you said, looking out the window as you drove along the coast road. “Can you tell me where we’re going? We’ve been driving for like an hour.”

“Nope but we’re almost there. Maybe another 20 minutes,” Michael hinted.

“So we’re going to a beach? Wait, I know! Santa Cruz is just up here!” You said excitedly.

“Dammit! How’d you guess?” Michael asked.

“I used to come here with my family the whole time when I was a kid. We used to own a beach house,” you explained.

“I come up here with my friends and we have bonfires and we sing and play guitar and chill and it’s so much fun,” Michael said.

“You sing and play guitar? That’s super cool,” you said with wide eyes.

“Thanks. I’ve got my guitar in the trunk, I might play you some later,” Michael said and turned in to a parking lot. You got out of the car when he had parked. The wind whipped around you.

“Let’s go sit on the sand. I should have a blanket or something in here,” Michael mumbled and started searching through his trunk. He pulled out a fleece tartan blanket. “Got it!”

You followed him down the beach and Michael set out the blanket for you to sit on. You looked at the waves crashing against the rocks for a couple minutes. It was calming. You’re mind was racing. This was the night that would change your life forever.

“Tell me a little about yourself,” Michael said, breaking the silence.

“I don’t really know what to say,” you chuckled.

“Tell me about your hopes and dreams for the future,” Michael prompted.

“I’m going to study Psychology in college after I graduate and I don’t know really. Wherever life takes me, I guess. Obviously when I’m way older I would like to have some kids and a nice house but I want to be able to live a little, get out and see the world,” you said.

“I’m pretty much the same except I'm not going to college. I have a job in a music store and I play shows in the local pubs sometimes so it’s pretty cool,” Michael said.

You spent the whole night in the sand. Talking about anything that came to mind and just being with each other. You and Michael had so much more in common than you originally thought. You watched the sunrise together and then headed home to explain to your parents what happened. In the car ride home you had a feeling this wasn’t going to be the last of you sneaking out with Michael and arriving home in the early hours of the morning and trying to explain to your parents what happened. You only new him a few hours and already you were wrapped around his finger. You couldn’t wait for the adventure that would be Michael Clifford.

so idrk what this is?? it’s kinda good but its kinda bad like im not too sure. I hope you like it anyways. let me know what you think. love you all

Fred Weasley x Reader

Anonymous requested: “hi, may I request a Fred weasley x reader where Fred & George walk into the gryffindor common room to hear you crying in the corner (they can’t see u bc ur in ur invisisibility cloak-the only other cloak at hogwarts) and Fred gently lifts the cloak off and asks why you’re crying and they figure out that Malfoy (your bf) has been abusing you for months now and they BEAT HIM UP after they see him punch you unconscious in the middle of the hallway & Fred takes you to the hospital wing & so on? thx!”

A/N: I hope you don’t mind the slight change I made with the cloak thingy. I tried to stay as close to your request as I could while still being creative. I’ve gotta say, I had a lot of qualms writing Draco like this, I just don’t ever see him as this type of character, but for you, Nonnie, I did my best. I hope this is what you were looking for! Thanks, love

Warnings: mentions of abuse, bit of punching, nothing nearly graphic.

Word Count: 2,580 (oopsie)

It’s nearly midnight when the twins enter the empty common room, laughing and high-fiving each other over a successful midnight prank. At least, the common room appears empty. You freeze in your corner as they walk in, fighting to stifle the heavy sobs that have been escaping you the last hour or so. You’ve become friends with the Weasley twins over the past few months, but you certainly don’t want them to catch you now. Thankfully, you had asked to borrow Harry’s invisibility cloak this morning, so they can’t see you. Now you just have to pray they can’t hear you. Apparently your prayers don’t work, as Fred suddenly goes quiet and holds out his arm to stop his brother.

“George, you hear something?” Fred whispers, and George frowns in concentration.

“No, I don’t hear any-” He pauses when you fail to stop a loud sniffle. The twins exchange glances before making their way towards the noise.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Harry, is that you?” Fred calls out hoarsely as the two crouch directly in front of you. You recoil slightly as Fred reaches out and manages to catch hold of the cloak. He lifts it up, and both boys’ faces flicker from confusion over you not being Harry to concern as they notice your emotional state. You hastily wipe your eyes, trying for a casual smile. Fred frowns.

“(Y/n)? Are you alright?” He asks concerned, but it quickly turns to a gasp when he catches sight of your cheek. “Bloody hell, what happened to your face?” You quickly bring your hand up to your cheek, turning away from them. You’d forgotten about it, and you pray it doesn’t look too bad yet. But the look in the twins’ eyes tells you that’s a useless prayer.

“It’s nothing, I couldn’t sleep so I came down here but I tripped on the stairs. That’s-that’s why I’m crying…” you finish lamely. You doubt they’ll buy it but there’s no way you’re going to tell them the truth. You quickly stand up and brush past them. “I’d better get to bed, goodnight.” You rush up the stairs and quietly stow the cloak under your bed before climbing in. You touch your cheek gently before burying your face into your pillow with another sob.

Downstairs, George turns to his brother in confusion.

“Did that bruise look like what I thought it looked like?”

“If by that you mean a bloody handprint, then yes. That’s exactly what it looked like,” Fred grinds out harshly. George looks horrified.

“Who would do that to her?”

“I might have an idea, but by Merlin I hope I’m wrong. But whoever it is, I swear to you, George, they’re not going to get away with that.” The two boys head to bed, faces set, determined to find out who hurt you and make them pay.

The next morning, you’re up before anyone else. You stand in the bathroom staring at the hand-shaped bruise on your face, fighting back another round of tears. It’s not even that it hurts that bad, you’ve had others before this that hurt worse. But those were all able to be hidden by your robes. This, however, is out in plain sight for everyone to see. You might as well have a huge sign on your forehead that reads, I’m being abused by my boyfriend. You sink to the floor when you think of Draco, of how stupid you were last year. It had all started off so wonderful. Valentine’s Day, you’d gotten together. And he was so mysterious, charming even, and it was fun to have someone to be with. But when you came back after summer break and didn’t want to be with him anymore because you didn’t want to be in a relationship that you knew wouldn’t ever be serious for you, he’d turned violent. He started to yell at you, threaten you, to stay with him. You kept saying you didn’t want to, and he began to hit you. He accused you of finding someone else, and no matter how much you tried to tell him you hadn’t, he wouldn’t listen. The only reason you’re still with him is because he threatened to hurt your friends if you didn’t stay with him. So you stay, but everyday he hurts you, and yesterday was the first time he’d hit your face.

You stand up again, swallowing down the tears, and set to work disguising the handprint on your face. Hopefully, you think, you can make it look like a simple bruise. You can stick with the story you told the twins, that you simply tripped on the stairs. It should work. It has to.

The rest of the day, you keep your hair and head down, and avoid the twins like the plague. It works until they finally corner you after dinner in one of the empty hallways. You keep your eyes on the floor, turning your bruised cheek away from them.

“Leave me alone,” you mumble weakly, but Fred just crosses arms.


“Yeah, (Y/n), we know someone hit you, we just want to help.” You shake your head violently.

“Just go away, please!” Fred suddenly places his hand on your shoulder and you shy away, flinching. He quickly pulls it away with a gasp.

“Merlin…” he whispers, horrified. He looks to George, who looks like he’s about to cry. “(Y/n), whoever hit you, is this… Does it happen a lot?” You close your eyes at his soft tone, and against your better judgement, nod slowly. Fred slowly approaches you, and gently places his fingers under your chin. You flinch slightly, but stay still. He lifts your head to look at him. “I’m so sorry, (Y/n), I wish I had known. I could’ve helped you.”

“No! I didn’t ever want anyone to know! No one was supposed to know! I-I’m sorry, I can’t do this.” You brush past him and take off down the hallway, not stopping when you hear them calling after you.

You keep running, tears pouring from your eyes, until you bump into something. Or rather, someone. You look up and gasp in fear as you see who you’ve just bumped into. Draco. He grabs you firmly in his arms and smiles coldly at you.

“There you are! I’ve been look-” his expression hardens when he hears Fred and George yelling your name from down the hall. “What do they want?” he hisses, shoving you into a nearby alcove.

“N-nothing,” you stutter, “probably just help with h-homework.” He narrows his eyes at you and grabs your arm tightly, making you wince.

“It’s one of them, isn’t it?” he growls. “One of them is the one you want to leave me for, eh?” You shake your head frantically, but he tightens his grip on your arms. “Which one? Which one is it? George?”

“No! No, I don’t like George,” you whimper. He grins wickedly and pulls out his wand.

“Oh, so it’s little Freddie, then. I guess I’ll just have to pay him a little visit!” He shoves you back against the wall and charges out of the alcove. You dive out after him. I can’t let him hurt Fred, you think.

“No!” You scream at him, launching yourself onto him and trying to rip away his wand. He growls angrily and swings his fist at you, catching you on the side of your head. You fall to the ground in a heap, as everything begins to fade into the background. Draco looms over you angrily, brandishing his wand. He kicks you in the side before pointing his wand at you. You close your eyes, waiting for the spell, but instead you hear Fred’s voice.

Expelliarmus! Leave her alone, Malfoy!” You manage to open your eyes and see Fred and George facing a now-wandless Malfoy, their faces set in angry lines. “Step away from her. Now!” Draco just laughs and steps closer to them.

“Or what? She’s my girlfriend, Weasley. I can do what I want.” Fred growls and drops his wand before launching himself at Draco and landing a sickening punch to his jaw. Draco stumbles back, reeling, and Fred glares at him.

“She stopped being your girlfriend the second you hurt you. You have no right to touch her.” As if in defiance, Draco aims another kick at your ribs. You groan as white-hot pain flares in your side, and your vision begins to blur just as Fred lets out an angry yell. The last thing you see before you black out is Fred and George charging Draco with murderous looks in their eyes. Your last thought is that you hope they make him pay.

You slowly open your eyes, groaning at the pounding in your head as the light hits them. You hear movement beside you, and you turn to see Fred sitting next to you, covered in bruises and small cuts. He smiles when he sees you’re awake.

“Oh, good, you’re awake.” You wonder why he’s whispering, and it must show, because he smiles and points to the other side of your bed. You turn your head to see George sound asleep in a chair. “Shh, he’s been out for about ten minutes.” You turn back to Fred with a slight giggle, and he chuckles softly. But the events that just took place suddenly rush back into your mind, and your expression turns serious.

“Fred, I-” Fred holds up his hand to stop you.

“Don’t. I’m sorry this has been happening to you, and I wish I would’ve known sooner. But I know now, and it’s over. He won’t ever hurt you again,” he says softly, and tears gather in your eyes. He reaches out and grabs your hand in his.

“How long have I been out?” you ask quietly. Fred shrugs.

“Not very long, just a couple hours.” You nod before pointing to a particularly nasty cut on his forehead.

“Are you alright?” Fred smirks as he puts a finger to the healing cut.

“Right as rain. George and I both took just some minor bruising, nothing serious.” You breathe a sigh of relief.

“And what about…” You can’t bring yourself to say his name, but you don’t even have to. Fred grits his teeth.

“That slimy git?” His voice has turned hard and cold, and it would almost scare you if you didn’t feel a warm happiness over the fact that he’s so protective of you. You had never, ever let yourself think about it in the past, because of Draco, but now you think that maybe you’ve developed a crush on the oldest Weasley twin over the course of the past few months. You hide a smile as Fred continues passionately. “Don’t worry about him. He’ll be in the hospital wing for a while yet.” He jerks his thumb across the room, and you can just make out someone’s form lying in a bed on the far side of the hospital wing. Then Fred notices your smile. “What?”

“What do you mean, what?”

“Why are you smiling?” You chuckle slightly.

“No reason.” Fred gives you a skeptical look before shrugging. He adopts a quieter, sheepish tone, and you can tell he’s trying to decide how to say something. “What is it?” you prod gently, and he sighs.

“Why-why did he start to hurt you, just then when we showed up?” You swallow hard. You’d hoped this wouldn’t come up. For a second you think about lying to him, but one look in his eyes and you know you could never lie to him. You take a deep breath.

“I just ran into him, and he heard you two calling from down the hall. H-he accused me of leaving him for…one of you, and he pulled out his wand and was going to hurt you guys. So I jumped after him and tried to stop him and that’s when he punched me, and you know the rest.” Fred is silent for a while after you tell him. He opens his mouth to speak, but you know what he’s going to say even before he says it, so you stop him. “Fred, don’t you dare blame yourself. He would’ve found out I talked to you no matter what, and he would’ve accused me no matter what. The outcome would’ve been the same whether you were following me or not,” you tell him firmly, and Fred finally nods. There’s more silence before he speaks again.

“And…do you?” His voice is barely audible, as if he’s afraid to say the words out loud. He doesn’t have to explain further, you know exactly what he’s asking.

“I’m not sure. I’ve never let myself think about anyone else since school started this year, I never wanted him to find out and hurt the person. But… If I think about it, I think, maybe, I do. Yes.” Your voice matches his, the slightest whisper, and you swallow hard as you finish. He keeps his eyes on your hands.

“Is it-is it me or George?” he whispers awkwardly, and you have to fight the urge to snort. Keeping as straight a face as possible, you decide to mess with him. If he’s dumb enough to ask that, he deserves to get pranked.

“George,” you whisper slowly, and you feel a pang of guilt as his face falls.

“Oh.” You roll your eyes in annoyance.

“Fred, you doofus, of course it’s you,” you tell him slightly exasperated, grinning when he looks up at you with a spark in his eye.

“Oh. Well. Good. Because, well, I’ve… Um…” He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, stumbling over his words, and you raise your eyebrows at him expectantly.

“'Um’ what?”

“What I mean to say is… That I-I-” He’s interrupted by a loud, annoyed groan, and you and Fred jump in surprise.

“Would you just spit it out already, Freddie!” Your jaw drops in shock as you stare at George.

“Have you been listening this whole time?” you gasp in shock, and George nods.

“Yes, and cringing for that last bit. Let’s make this simple: (Y/n) likes Fred, Fred likes (Y/n). Now can I get some sleep please?” You burst into laughter at his words, while Fred looks like he’s about to murder his twin. You squeeze Fred’s hand and smile.

“Is that what you were going to tell me?” you ask him gently, and Fred eventually nods. You grin widely and lace your fingers between his, making his eyes go wide. You quickly turn your attention back to George as if nothing had happened, to see him smirking happily.

“Can I go to sleep now?” he whines again, and even Fred laughs this time.

“Yes, Georgie, you can go to sleep,” you chuckle, and George squeals happily before flopping his head onto the side of your bed and proceeding to snore loudly. You and Fred exchange an eyeroll before lapsing into a comfortable silence, relishing in the feel of your hands intertwined. You lean back against your pillow with a sigh, and close your eyes. After a second, you feel Fred start to smooth your hair away from your forehead, and you start to doze off with a smile. For the first time in months, you feel happy, at peace, and excited to see what the future will bring.