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Taking a Break, Please Read if Interested!

To all my followers, I have reached a point where for now motivation is out my window and I feel my creative juices not flowing at all. I will work on uploading more screenshots I have taken and making photosets for today but I will take time off to focus on my Jacob Frye story from Monday on. I will leave queues for some posts, though. Still, you’re more than welcome to leave messages, tags, or asks for me or requests for lllmissfryelll. And why, you may ask? Well, too many personal issues about my life, job, and thoughts are driving me nuts and I want a time-out for now.
Yet, I will thank you that in my short absence, you keep on being there as usual and if you see anything you like, reblog it, like it, save it, use it. I’m here to entertain you with silly things of Jacob and that isn’t going to change ever.
Like I said, messages, asks, tags, and mentions will still be replied back to on a daily basis until I come back.
Hugs and kisses, E

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To help people in 2017

Guys here are some general tips I have accumulated over my terrible times.

Help you fall asleep better:

  • Blue light filters on devices 
    • Flux for computers, twilight for mobile phones. (both are free, both take some getting used to but will make a difference)
  • Burn lavender candles/use lavender scented products - calms you down!
  • Nightly routine + calming tea/drink. (Chamomile/lavender, or something else without sugar that calms you)

Help you sleep better:

  • Sleep tracking app (monitors your movements, can give you insight on your sleep schedule, etc)
    • If you use android I suggest ‘Sleep as Android’ - I pay for the premium, definitely worth it for me! 
  • Overactive brain at night? Sleep playlist of calming music/playlist of nature sounds to focus on.
    • Bonus if you have a playlist w/music and you still can’t stay still, make it a game of if you can stay still through a whole song
  • Throw a towel/t-shirt over any blinking electronic lights like your laptop/phone

Wake up better:

  • The first time that alarm goes off should be the last time, seriously, don’t you dare go back to bed
    • Bonus, if you get a sleep tracking app, alarms that will wake you up when your sleep cycle is the lightest, it’s less jarring.
  • Lay out your clothes the night before, even if you’re just wearing sweatpants
  • Try getting up earlier, even if it’s just by a few minutes it will make mornings less rushed

Mind-gone-wild begone:

  • Listen to music whenever possible, and focus on that
  • If you’re learning a new language, try to think in that language, it slows down your thought process.
  • If you can’t stop thinking about something negative, think of memes instead. (thinking about your grade on your final essay? What about the dog/pants meme?)

Homework better:

  • Have a planner/specific little notebook where you write down your hw.
  • Specific part of your binder/or a folder where you put your current homework assignments
  • Keep returned tests in another specific part of binder/folder until the end of the quarter
  • This is provided you actually do your homework. Seriously it will change your grades so much if you just do your hw you do not know.

Note take better: (not a studyblr but tbh they intimidate me because they’re so neat wth)

  • Taking notes on graphing paper makes them 10x prettier don’t ask me how
  • Try and color code notes with different colors of pen/highlighter.
    • It can either be per class, or categories, like green for vocab, orange for definitions, etc. Associating a certain color with a class can be really helpful on a quiz, and if you do it by category instead your notes will be much easier to decode.
  • Try sectioning off your notes. For example, once you finish writing down vocabulary, then box it in. It saves space and again makes notes super pretty as long as you use a straight edge (I use the side of my phone).

General tips:

  • Drink water and bring a water bottle with you everywhere
    • Seriously do it ffs guys it will make you feel so much better
  • When you see yourself in the mirror and you’re alone tell yourself you look pretty, make an ugly face, and then tell yourself you’re pretty again and wink 10/10 times boosts your confidence
  • Chocolate is usually the answer to all of life’s problems
  • If you are really not feeling a class/having a really tough day you can ask to go to the nurse’s office. 
    • Only use this sparingly as you will actually have to go to the nurses and it will look suspicious if you’re in there too much, like only if a class is seriously overloading you or you just cannot take it the nurse’s is a nice soft quiet haven
  • Swearing is generally theraputic, but research how to do it in a language not common at your school
    • If your school mainly speaks like Italian for example, try swearing in Russian, French, maybe Swahili. Whatever floats your boat. Nobody will know what you’re saying and you can comfortably tell somebody to fuck off or get your annoyance out w/being reprimanded
  • If you have a doctor’s appointment write all of your symptoms down/questions because you will forget them 10/10 times
  • If you have to take your meds at a certain time every day set an alarm ten minutes before, five minutes before, and for when you actually have to so you are prepared af and do not miss it
  • Brush your teeth and floss, getting a root canal/fillings sucks ass guys
    • Wait 15 minutes after eating food to brush your teeth it saves your enamel.
  • On that note, if you have a sugary drink/food it is (1) much better to drink it quickly than slowly or don’t snack on it slowly and (2) drink water right afterwards or soon afterwards.
    • Sugar has less time to stick around your mouth, essentially. The water will help wash it down. Ask your dentist guys I am 98% sure they will say I am right that it is better.

Aight, hope some of this helps, peace out guys xoxo

Tiger emojis, rated

A nice boy with good fur, on the prowl 9/10

WHOAH!!!!! ACTION MAN ON THE LOOSE!!!!!!!!! 23/10

Thickly, very orange, but still fluff. A hard 7/10

I would never body shame a tiger but that is why I suspect this is a leopard, or cheetah. a tragic disgrace but still a very stalwart lady 2/10

out of focus but points for complex stripes 4/10

where’s her eyes?? is her tail ok? I think this is just a bad guess at a tabby cat 2/10

This is just a tabby cat recolor. this is like a virtual pet site where you can ‘color’ your pets in a blatant rip off of neopets, and one of the choices was ‘jungle’ or something. Cute, but not a tiger 0/10

wow! those eyes, that look, perfect stripes, you know she’s walking and KNOWS where she’s going! 10/10

A sad body, a sad tail, 0/10

A courageous warrior cat from river clan 8/10

The sass! That angle! So different, so natural. Confusing angle on the body but points for cheek fuzz. He disapproves of me 9/10

Well folks, that’s just plain a tiger 10/10

I don’t normally write personal stuff on this blog, but this year has been quite a roller coaster for me. Been through a lot of stress, learned a lot of things about myself, finally got off my ass and started working towards improving myself as a person. This december, oddly enough, my life seems to have taken an upswing: I don’t feel quite so anxious, I don’t feel so depressed, I’ve actually started reaching out and being more sociable. I feel like I can focus a little better. I feel more on top of things. I’ve made some amazing new friends. Yes, the year has been harsh, but… I feel strangely positive. Optimistic, even. Rejuvenated in an unusual way. It’s different, and it feels good. 

To all of you out there still having a rough time of life, or just to everyone: I believe you can do it. You can make something to be proud of, you can achieve your goals. If someone like me, a big bundle of problems, can get this far, so can you. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a spectacular start to the New Year.

I have to go to work in fifteen minutes.  I don’t want to.  I really don’t know if I want to be a nurse at all anymore.

It’s not just that work is unpleasant, but that in my time off I’m still too exhausted and depressed to enjoy anything.  I feel like I lost one bit of my leisure at a time–first exercise, then writing, then reading, then crafting, and now I don’t even watch TV.  It takes two days off in a row before I have enough focus to maybe be able to get through an entire episode of a TV show.  It’s the highlight of my goddamn month if I go outdoors for more than a few minutes.

I work, sleep, and stare listlessly at the computer until it’s time to work or sleep again.  This is not me.  This is not anyone.  This is not life.

I don’t know what to do.  I don’t even know if work is my real problem here.  But something has to change here.  I have to find a way out.  This is not life.

Spirit in the House - Chap 3/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1,652

Warnings: Mention of Car Accident, Coma, Language

A/n: I’m so excited to share this story. Hope you’ll like it :)

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Bucky gestured to the sofa in front of the television, allowing Pietro and Wanda to take a seat. He looked around quickly, but you were not there.

“I don’t feel anything.” Wanda said, closing her eyes to focus. “You sure there’s a spirit?”

Bucky mumbled a ‘yes’, his eyes still roaming about the room. Pietro put his feet on the coffee table and you suddenly appeared next to Bucky. Wanda tensed immediately.

“Tell him to take his dirty feet off my table.” You snarled, looking at Pietro. “Who are these people?”

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Seeing that pin up picture with a girl, that had the focus on her legs and some dude actually sitting in the plane I couldn’t help myself. 
I know it’s not very Barry like but imagining him showing up there for a second and do this just to mess with Hal, who is getting ready for take off is still funny in my head. But I actually think that Hal loves his legs haha

i wonder what my life would be like if i could get over things. if i wasn’t staring down the same damn thing i was upset over a year ago. if i wasn’t still crying over the guy who never called me back. if i didn’t hold onto the past like chains binding to my chest.

i wonder what my life would be like if i could be one of those people who brush things off, who don’t let petty things ruin their mood, who move on and experience new things without the anxiety that comes from the old. i wonder what my life would be like if i stopped comparing myself to those who have it better than me, but then i focus on those who have it worse and are still smiling.

i wonder what my life would be like if i didn’t coop myself up in my room every damn day, ignore my friends, spend a lot of time dying instead of living. i wonder what my life would be like if i didn’t spend so much of it being haunted.

—  another night with my thoughts


Oooh these are all good points! Granted, I was leaving his presence in the game out for a moment because, as you said, having him or a cut-out of a different character everywhere can creep anyone out.

You mentioned it might be the smile, but I actually think it’s a combination of the smile and eyes. I was doing some comparisons to other cartoon characters, and Bendy’s eyes look wider apart than most others.

Here’s Mickey

Even though this is a ¾ shot, his pupils are still sort of close together, as if he’s looking at something. Usually what makes dolls or bad CG look immediately uncanny is if the eyes don’t appear to move or focus on anything. 

Now let’s look at Bendy

Maybe nothing looks immediately off, but what happens when you try to add lines for the lower eyelids and a line to separate the eyes?

I find it appropriate that you brought up dolls, because I think that’s what his eyes kind of look like. When the eyes look all connected together, they look vacant and lifeless. And this expression never changes or moves. We have the cut-outs, but there’s also the looping animation that plays when you restore pressure to the ink machine (it was also used in the steam announcement post over on TheMeatly’s patreon). And even though Bendy is moving in that loop- with even his horns moving a little- his face doesn’t.


Requests/Questions for Yuzu, part 2 (19 Nov 2016)

Yuzu answered 2 more questions from fans (submitted to P&G during the off-season).

Q1. I am a high school student. When I study, my concentration power does not last. Hanyu-senshu, how do you improve your concentration power during competitions?

YH: I was also not really the type that can focus a lot on studying. Even now, when I write my university reports, I still think ‘ah I don’t like this’. (laughs) It is hard to focus, isn’t it? In my case, when I can’t concentrate, I try to do it for one minute first. Either one minute or 30 seconds. For reports, I just try writing one sentence first. I try writing it, and then if the next thought does not connect, I rest a while. 2 minutes or 3 minutes. Then I write one more sentence, and I continue to do that, and after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, without realising it, I have been concentrating, and there have been many times like that.

Competition is different from studying, there is nervousness. Figure skating is not a sport that is done alone, there are many people cheering for you and supporting you. So I think it is easier to concentrate.

–YUZU Album–

I can relax in Toronto;  I can focus on skating.


Q2: Among your programmes until now, which are the ones that you like very much? (Of course, you have feelings for all of them but is there any that you felt 'I love this choreography!’ or something like that?)

YH: When I was 5 years old, in my first competition, I skated to the opening theme of 'Ultraman’. At that time, I really liked Ultraman and so it was really memorable. And 'Sing Sing Sing’ too, I have liked it from young. My coach said, “If you like it that much, shall we try to skate to it?” I was so happy, and even now I still like it.

I enjoyed skating 'Change’ by Monkey Majik and the Yoshida Brothers. It is an intense programme that has almost no rest, very fun and I like it very much. 'Romeo and Juliet’ of 2011, which was the year of the earthquake disaster, was also very memorable. And then, Phantom of the Opera, a programme which I had wanted to do for a long time…… if I go on listing, it will be endless. (laughs)

–YUZU Album–

Cricket Club is a club that has produced many champions.

—translated by me; source: P&G, 

[Good and honest advice in the 1st answer.  In the 2nd answer, nothing very new or surprising for old fans. But nice to read about it again. :)
Haha…. he mentioned Ultraman again. My favourite TV show too when I was little. ^^]

Reverse Idol (Yoongi)

This post is my thousandth post!!! I think that’s just really really cool a thousand posts is a l o t but now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, one half of sope, my highkey spirit animal who looked s o fucking good in the MV he was looking super cute and super nice and his rap was amazing as always, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (Yoongi’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • This is gonna involve some photographer!Yoongi (here)
  • Okay so Yoongi is a more laidback fan but he’s also one of the most supportive fans
  • So he’s not gonna come to a fansign in head to toe merch but he will be there for every fansign in his town, every concert, he’d have all the albums
  • He gets the boys into your music slowly but surely
  • Like he starts off with the most popular song and that gets their interest and then he starts playing the albums when they’re driving around and he’s super casual about it but it’s mainly bc he knows they’ll like it
  • He tells them about you pre-debut too but he doesn’t have any music to show them then so once he does, he brings it up just as a suggestion like a “hey you might like this song”
  • He’s the type of fan that knows about you before you debuts like you know how sometimes companies will release lil snippets or videos of their trainees to get people hyped up, that’s where Yoongi finds out about it
  • He keeps an eye out for any news and when he has free time, he likes to watch those videos bc you seem interesting so he’s curious to see where your music will go bc we all know how much yoon loves music
  • I have this head canon that Yoongi is one of the most loyal people bc to me, Yoongi has loyalty written all over him like I feel like he’s that friend that will stick by you no matter what (unless that friend does something horrible to him of course) and fanboy!yoongi is no different
  • Yoongi is a bit calmer with his reactions to performances like with some members in BTS, they’re dancing and bouncing around and going crazy but Yoongi’s just sitting there with a lil smile on his face but you can still tell that he’s really loving it and sometimes he sings along
  • He’s appreciating the tiny details of the performance most people wouldn’t notice
  • Also I gotta add this in bc when I was writing Jin’s post, I thought of this and it’s one of my new head canons and I can’t think of fanboy!Yoongi without thinking of this now
  • We all know Yoongi loves photography, he and Jungkook always have their cameras out when they’re on vacation like I think it was during Bon Voyage (if I remember correctly) he was just out taking a bunch of pictures and he looked like he was really enjoying it
  • He runs one of your fansites, he’s pretty popular in the fandom bc he’s always got the cutest pictures
  • The fans aren’t the only ones who recognize him, you know who he is as well, you’ve seen him at plenty of fansigns and events in general and you always see him with his camera so sometimes you don’t even get to see his face until the last few seconds when you’re walking off the stage
  • But when you do, your breath is officially taken bc he’s so pretty and he’s got that soft black hair and he’s talking to the person next to him so he smile at them and his smile is all gummy and cute and he just looks so niCe and you’re just like o h
  • And of course your reaction to him doesn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the fans and he’s so ?? about it bc wait what was there something on his face so there are quite a few people that start to ship it bc yoongi was one of the first fansites so he’s obviously gotta like you too to be willing to still be taking photos at events two years later
  • So you know how some fansites will give presents to their idol, Yoongi’s gifts are always really thoughtful and cute like I think I’ve mentioned it before but I feel like Yoongi’s personal gifts would be a bit more small but s o meaningful
  • Like there are of course the bigger presents from the fandom itself but Yoongi includes a gift that’s just from him and it’s a bit old-school but it’s super cute, he makes you a lil mix tape and includes a bunch of songs from underground artists, popular artists, all the artists that he really really loves and it’s really sweet
  • You two finally end up “meeting” face to face at a fan sign bc the fans convince yoon to go up there and get an album signed in person, they promise they’d take pictures for him so he doesn’t miss any moments and he eventually gives in when he sees you waving him over bc by this point, you’re really curious about him
  • He’s gotten you a mix tape (which you lovED) he’s been with you from day one, he’s always been really polite about everything and he’s supportive so you just wanna say thank you at the very least
  • Once you hear his voice, you’re gone, your jaw literally drops open bc you’d never heard him speak before and his voice is even nicer than you could’ve ever imagined and you can feel the crush developing as you’re talking to him bc he’s nice both visually and personality wise
  • You ask him about photography and he tells you it’s his major and that he’s always loved it since he was a lil kid and he’s making you laugh a bunch and he’s just really interesting and you wanna get to know him better
  • “Why not meet up at my next photo shoot? Maybe you can be the photographer”
  • “I would love that”
Just a lil cc rant

I’m still waiting on folks to stop making Kylie cc….like there are other celebrities to base your cc off of. She’s not trendy cause everybody else has done this shit before her…like stay out of her closet. We need more fashion Nova jeans. They got dresses and shirts and shoes. Kloset Envy has cute shit…I need more 88fin shit. That mustard jumpsuit ain’t gone cut it

I’m so impressed at how people can do the thing where they write actual notes in immaculate handwriting because like my notes are neat-ish but GIRL I’m busy trying to keep up with the lecture and not daydream or panic and oh wait I’m hot nope I’m cold now aw shit I dropped my pen oh no wait what did he just say ahhh I still haven’t made that phone call ew that islamophobic asshole opened his mouth #cashmeoutsidehowbowdah wait wait wait what did the professor just say bc I’m pretty sure my notes are off and nooooo he erased it before I could copy it down ok ok focus it’s fine we good and ur notes still good hey u know what’s not good? Ur bank account HAHAHAHA shut up oh hello depression my old friend can I help u? also u know what’s cute *starts writing Newtina fanfic in my head*

So like basically I’m so impressed by people who take pretty notes

That same thought process happens most of the time and once I write my notes once bing bam boom we done until I do my index cards

So round of applause for all y'all

When I was a kid I told myself I would be published by my 20s. In my head I always wanted it to happen before I turned 21. I don’t know why. In my nine year old mind that was an “adult”, and at the time there was a lot of hype around younger authors such as Christopher Paolini (who I adored and admired, btw). It was an achievable goal. But when I started college I was diagnosed with clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I veered off course. The only thing on my mind was getting through each day; inch by inch, one day at a time. It was the only thing I had the energy, focus, and general capacity to do. I missed my goal of publishing by the time I turned 21. In fact, I barely wrote for years. Like I said, survival became my number one thought. At 23 I am still in recovery, but I’m happier than I’ve been in years. And I met my goal. I published my first book in my twenties. And now I get to hold that book, which documents, through poetry, my journey of growing with and in spite of my depression and anxiety. To everyone who has ever felt like tomorrow isn’t worth meeting: it is; I promise you, it is.

Perhaps we spent so long in the dark because we were supposed to learn how to make our own light.

You can read the title poem on my writing blog and you can buy the full collection here! I want to take a moment to thank all of my amazing Tumblr friends for all of their encouragement and support. You guys are incredible. 

Reverse Idol (Taehyung)

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, one part of the maknae line, the love of my life whose cheeks are so fucking cute they just look so squishy and kissable and I wanna give them lots of kisses, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (Tae’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • I’m gonna throw in some single father!Tae (here) bc I have an idea and it sounds so cute in my head I’m kinda squealing I gotta do it and also some youtuber!Tae (here)
  • Okay so Tae is one of the biggest fanboys I may have ever seen like he does not care if he’s in public, if he’s at the dorm, if he’s in the middle of the park, he’s gonna dance and sing his lil heart out
  • He’s so enthusiastic about music and he really genuinely enjoys the performance like that shit isn’t something you can fake
  • He gets so into it and it’s so cute to watch bc he gets so hyped up and he gets everyone around him excited too he’s such a happy virus
  • I could watch him react to performances all day long, he’s so cute about it bc he’ll know the dance and honestly Tae is one of the only people that can still make a whip or nae nae look that fucking cute
  • He would be the type to go all out with the merch, buy all the albums, go to as many concerts as he possibly can he’s just so supportive and loyal
  • He of course gets all of the boys into your music, especially Jimin bc Vmin are attached at the hip and since Jimin and kook live together, chim tells kook who tells Jin who tells joon who tells hobi who tells yoongi so it’s another one of those cycle type of things
  • He obviously gets bby boy into your music asap bc I feel like that’s something really cool about being a parent, being able to help mold your kid’s music taste or at least give them songs/artists that they can look back on fondly and be like that was my favorite song as a kid
  • The two of them are even more hyped up together bc Tae gets bby boy all hype which makes tae even more hyped which makes bby boy even more hyped and it’s never ending
  • Most nights, it ends with them dancing around their apartment with Tae carrying the puppy and both of them screaming the lyrics to your songs in matching pajamas with super fluffy socks on
  • He mentions you in a few videos and he doesn’t even bother trying to hide that he’s got a total crush on you
  • He does this thing on his channel where he and bby boy react to your music videos and they’re so precious bc the entire time bby boy is snacking on grapes or sucking on a pacifier and his hair is always messy, sometimes you can tell Tae tried to tame it a bit by tying it into this super teeny tiny ponytail but that doesn’t last long bc bby boy doesn’t do sitting still
  • He does sit still for the MV though, Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Spongebob and your mvs are the only things that can get his complete attention and keep it
  • Okay so head canon that you discover Tae’s channel through this video that goes viral
  • It’s of him and bby boy dancing to your newest song and it’s the cutest video you’ve ever watched bc Tae’s nonstop giggling and bby boy’s so serious about it and he’s doing all of the moves so perfectly
  • Even people who have no idea who you are, no idea who Tae is are in love with the video bc it’s smol and tol goofing around together and it’s pretty obvious that tae l o v e s his bby bc he keeps giving him this really fond smile and at one point, tae sits back and sings the song for bby boy so he can have his solo
  • Side note I just wanna add in that bby boy would look s o much like Tae, it’s almost scary like they have the same smile, the same eyes, the same lil nose bby boy is just smoller and obviously still has his bby chub bc he’s a toddler
  • So just imagine a super tiny Tae next to normal sized Tae dancing around and singing together and tell me that doesn’t sound adorable
  • You watch it so many times, you show it to everyone around you, you text it to everyone you know you’re just so in love bc cute man with a cute bby
  • You gotta go through his channel a bit and he’s just so funny and unique and his bby is always always always smiling and giggling and they do monthly updates so his subscribers can see how much bby Tae has grown 
  • You also find a lot of videos where he talks about you and he flat out says that you’re his celebrity crush and you can’t stop smiling after you find that out
  • You find his snapchat and his twitter and instagram all the social medias and it’s mainly about bby boy or the puppy or the hamster they just recently got but then there are other pictures of just Tae and he has a few where he’s in your merch
  • You develop a crush on him over the next few days and when he posts a new video you get so excited and watch it instantly and that’s when you figure you should talk to him, he knows who you are, he likes you already so you just go for it and message him on snapchat since that’s where he’s most active
  • “You and your son are adorable, I’d love to meet the both of you!! We should meet up soon, how’s next Friday?”
  • Tae screams in the middle of breakfast when he gets the message and bby boy doesn’t even know what’s going on but he starts screaming too and then Tae’s dancing all over the kitchen out of joy so bby boy’s following him, still a bit sleepy but dancing anyways bc the Kims always gotta dance together
A Favor For A Friend

I haven’t written in awhile

“What’s it like to kiss a guy?”

Tom almost spat out his drink, completely thrown off by Marco’s sudden question.

“You-uh…we uh….what?”, he stuttered, he and Marco were playing video games in Marco’s living room, and Tom’s sudden thoughts caused him to lose focus and his character was killed before he could even finish his sentence.

He grumbled at himself for losing focus.

Marco, on the other hand, continued to speak, eyes still focused on the game in front of him.

“Well…you know, like..kissing another guy?”, he was making it sound so awkward, and after playing games and shouting at the screen for hours this felt out of nowhere.

“W-why do you want to know?”, tom asked, two eyes focused on the game, but the third staring at his friend in wonder.

Marco bit his lip, “I don’t know….It’s just..It just kinda popped into my mind and…I’m really not sure…”

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So just like everyone else I re-watched episode 10 of Yuri on Ice and I noticed something during Yuuri and Yurio’s dance-off.

Do you see it? No? Let’s focus on the bottom image.

Still don’t see it? Let’s zoom in. 

Doesn’t this look kind of like this:

Kind of surprised no one mentioned this. I think this makes the events/what happened at the banquet that much more funny XD

Stitches & Kisses » Jacob Frye

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed

Words: 574

A/N: I finally finished the whole game and I think I got Jacob’s character down, but this is still a practice! I hope you guys like it! c:

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“Ow!” Jacob whined as you dabbed his bleeding forehead with an alcohol-soaked cloth. “Watch it, love.”

“Let me focus,” you sternly told him as you moved on to the cut on his upper shoulder. “You’re going to need to take your shirt off.”

Jacob smirked, giving you a wink. “If you wanted my shirt off, you could have just asked.”

You gave him a quick glare which shut him up. You focused on stopping the bleeding. You watched as Jacob didn’t him flinch as you poured more alcohol onto the wound, but he was being a baby when you touched his forehead. Jacob’s pain tolerance surprised you many times. Since you were a nurse, you saw many people with injuries crying or getting hostile, yet Jacob just quietly sat there.

“Does it not hurt?” you asked, stopping you hand mid-air just before you were about to dab his wound again.

Jacob hummed, looking at you, clearly he wasn’t listening. “What?” he asked, giving you a grin.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” you asked once again.

Jacob shrugged which caused more blood to drop from his right shoulder. “It feels numb, the only thing I can feel are your hands on my body.”

You scoffed, playfully shoving him as just smiled up at you. “I just need to stitch this up and then you’ll be all set.”

Jacob nodded, looking at the deep gash and then at the needle and thread in your hands. You leaned against him, slowly beginning to stitch him up. You tried your best to pay attention to him wound, but the location of his hands were distracting. They were resting on your waist, slowly pulling you closer.

When you finished, you glanced at Jacob to see him staring right at you. “Done,” you whispered, pulling away from him and setting the supplies on the table.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” Jacob spoke as he turned his head to the side, the small smirk still on his face.

“You tell me every day,” you said, sitting next to him on the couch, leaning against his left shoulder which was not injured.

He wrapped his arm around your waist, bringing you closer to him. The two of you stayed silent as you listened to the sound of the train moving.

“Thank you,” Jacob whispered as he planted a kiss on your forehead.

“What for?” you asked, snuggling into him, enjoying his bare skin touching yours. Jacob was extra warm and you loved that about him.

“For always taking care of me,” he replied as he entwined his hands with yours. “There were times where I was certain that I was a dead man, but you came along and saved me many times.”

You let out a short laugh, “You’re reckless, Jacob. Somebody needs to clean up after you.” You thought about Evie and how she always dealt with the trouble Jacob caused and how you always fixed him up.

Jacob sighed, “You sound like Evie.”

“She’s right, you know,” you said, looking up at him. “I don’t know what I would do if anything was to happen to you.”

“Don’t think like that,” Jacob spoke, kissing your cheek. “You’re stuck with me, [Name]. I’m not letting you go that easy.”

You let out a small laugh as you finally gave his lips a soft kiss. “You’re crazy, Jacob.”

Jacob smiled, running his hands through your hair. “You tell me every day, love.”

As much as I don’t want to bicker with people...

The vast majority of people who are disappointed in RWBY Volume 4 are, for the most part, saying nothing happened. Like, literally nothing, at least that’s not important. Or if it did happen, it was stupid, problematic on the character’s end, etc.

I confess: while I’m not entirely blind to a story’s flaws, I do tend to focus on the pros of something more than the cons, as they’re the reason that I keep going back to something despite the problems. I like these parts of the show, ergo that’s why I’m still watching it. I prefer the positives being emphasized over the cons. That still doesn’t mean, however, I am going to completely ignore them or brush them off as minor.

From a technical standpoint regarding RWBY’s writing, the fatal flaw this show has no matter what is this: the shorter length of the episodes compared to other shows mean that getting through a MAJOR story arc takes a lot of time. The entirety of Volume 1 was introducing us to the world of Remnant. Both Volume 2 and Volume 3 were an entire arc story arc in themselves, as it was basically giving us the reason why the bad guys are such a threat. And Volume 4? Volume 4 is what we like to call a transition arc. The reason it feels like filler is because it’s trying to smoothly move us to the bigger story of Volume 5 instead of throwing a bunch of crap at us right away. Everything that happened in this Volume is setting us up for what’s coming next and making sure we have explanations for things, like the introduction of characters such as Oscar, Blake’s parents, Weiss’s family, and Cinder’s other associates. If you wanna look at it this way, it’s a passive volume in terms of storytelling, not active. That’s why it feels underwhelming to a lot of people.

Now for the elephant in the room: was this volume pointless because seemingly nothing happened? Hell no. This volume might not have gotten our blood pumping like the past volumes, but it did give a lot of insight to the characters and to Remnant. I’m not going to focus on things that I inherently found problematic IE the negative part of [character]’s introduction or stuff like that. Again, I like to focus on the bright side of things. I’m just going to highlight all the stuff that I thought Volume 4 did right. You can disagree with me, but hey, opinions are opinions, right?

The list

  • Remnant has finally been expanded beyond Vale. We actually got to see what the rest of the world looks like and understand why it’s so dangerous. Vale was constantly presented as a safe place and that did get boring after a while because we wanted to see the characters get into life-threatening trouble. Now? They presented things to us like how easy it is for small villages to get picked off by Grimm attacks.
  • Ruby is getting the screentime she deserves as a main character. I know people point out that she’s still feels as flat as cardboard as when she first appeared, but this volume finally did flesh out her character a bit more in terms of what’s going through her head. She’s learning that the world around her isn’t perfect and she’s also coping with upfront losses. While we know she lost her mother, it was stated that she was too young at the time to completely understand what was going on. Now? She’s showing a good deal of grief after seeing two friends die right in front of her last volume and is possibly starting to break from the pressure. (Which makes sense because she is two years younger than her teammates and JNR, making her more emotionally fragile because she hasn’t had those additional two years to mature.)
  • Expanding on Weiss’s family and getting a full explanation on why her childhood was so rough. Her mother is an alcoholic out of misery from her marriage, her father is only interested on preserving the image of the Schnee Dust Company, and Whitley has a passive-aggressive loathing of her and Winter. Only Winter is completely supportive of her and she considers Klein to be her family over her father, brother, and mother. I love Weiss showing an understanding that blood isn’t always thicker than water.
  • Sun getting better development as a character. I love this monkey boy for his personality and antics, but he’s honestly gotten more screentime than an actual understanding of what his character and motivations are. We know he’s attracted to Blake and his first time seeing her was oh hey you’re kinda cute, but a lot of what he said this volume basically solidifies that he sees her as a friend first and someone he’s interested in second, following her to make sure she didn’t hurt herself. He also doesn’t shove her relationships with her other friends to the side in favor of making it about himself. He brought up Yang in their conversation in episode 11 and made sure she understood that she was hurting everyone around her. Sun may be stupid at times, but he definitely isn’t selfish and self-centered.
  • Clarification on Blake being “born into the White Fang.” Since Volume 1, I had the impression that Blake was an orphan and was adopted by the White Fang even though it’s never stated, but her being the daughter of the previous leader actually makes sense and I do understand why she hasn’t brought her family up until this point; they left while she stayed. The fact that Kali and Ghira are shown to still to love their daughter despite that she essentially left them shows how much they care for her and that is really heartwarming.
  • Ren and Nora finally got the development we’ve been waiting for since Volume 1. Despite loving the two since their introduction, they’ve always been sidelined in terms of the Team JNPR development from my standpoint in favor of focusing on the Arkos duo. This volume, they got their backstory expanded on and we even got a bit of understanding on the nature of Ren’s personality and how it relates to his Semblance. (Although I do feel like they could have put more emphasis on Nora.)
  • The Nuckelavee Grimm. I know a lot of people saying that they built up this Grimm to be a lot more terrifying than it actually was when it was finally presented, but seriously? When that thing showed up in Ren and Nora’s flashback, I nearly pissed myself because it was that terrifying. And really, just think: there could be more of those things wandering around. What if it wasn’t just one, but two or three of them that attacked Kuroyuri? That’s worse to think about.
  • Jaune was actually bearable. Look, I won’t deny that I’m with the people who groan every time Jaune comes on because Ruby is shoved to the side every time. Here, he was actually put in more supporting, passive role. I liked his interactions with Ren and Nora and, looking at his relationship with Ruby, he did feel like a big brother to her. They are essentially helping each other hold up after Pyrrha’s death last volume and that, I think, is really important.
  • Yang’s interactions with Taiyang and understanding the dynamics of the Rose-Xiao Long family. I am one to agree that Yang’s “healing” from her PTSD felt rushed especially considering what real life PTSD is like, but it was nice to understand Taiyang’s feelings towards both his wives, as well as his worry regarding Yang wanting to find her mother. After all, Raven was shown in her interaction with Qrow that she gives jack shit about her daughter and the fact that Yang chose to go after her younger sister over Raven shows that Yang is more willing to go after someone she knows and cares about rather than a mother she knows little about.
  • This is more of a minor thing, but hey, it’s worth mentioning: NO ONE MAJOR DIED IN THIS VOLUME. THANK GOD, I WAS SO TERRIFIED FOR MY RENORA BABIES.
Reverse Idol (Namjoon)

And now it is time for our amazing leader, the second half of Namjin, my lowkey spirit animal who is looking s o fucking good with the purple hair like I love comebacks bc I’m such a hair girl and one of my favorite parts is seeing the new hair and his is looking gooD, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (joon’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • The AU for this is gonna be college!Namjoon but I haven’t written that yet (I will be writing it soon) I have written a drabble using the AU though (here)
  • Namjoon is such a cute fanboy like I feel like he has so much respect for the artists he likes
  • He doesn’t just like them for a simple reason, he has to have something to connect to, a back story, the lyrics of a song, the way they work
  • He loves when he can just put his earphones in and just listen to the music and have the lyrics mean something to him but he also is into the songs that are more about the beat and when people manage to tie those two together oh bOY
  • Like BTS has s o many songs where the beat is amazing but then the lyrics have some meaning to it and that can be tricky to do but they’ve mastered it
  • Namjoon’s the type of fan that’s chill for 0.2 seconds then gives in and starts screaming and then goes back to being chill immediately after
  • He’s the s w e e test fan ever like he’s the fan that’s always wishing you good luck and watches every performance and does the fan chants in his dorm
  • Namjoon gets s o hyped up when he likes a song just imagine a tiny college!joon in his dorm with Jin just jamming out to your music and Jin’s kinda numb to it at this point bc he’s lived with joon for too long to be bothered by it and joon’s singing at the top of his lungs and doing his lil face dances
  • Jin’s just reading his book and joon keeps dancing around him singing and getting in his face and Jin doesn’t even blink tbh
  • Namjoon gets all of the boys into your music bc I feel like joon is totally one of those people that’s always discovering new music so they’re used to him suggesting artists to them so it’s easy to get them into it as well
  • Okay but Namjoon watching performances is literally s o fucking cute he gets so hype sometimes that it’s like he forgets where he is and he can be loud and that’s adorable to me
  • He also pretty much never stops dancing, he’s either bobbing his head or doing the actual dance to the song (at least the hand movements) and it’s just so precious bc it’s almost like he can’t help it he’s just gotta do it
  • Okay so you know how joon does those Kim Daily photos and they’re my favorite thing ever well head canon that college!joon has an Instagram and that he posts a Kim Daily with your merch on and then everyone flips bc wait he looks so good with it on why is he not the model for your merch
  • That’s actually how you two meet
  • The pictures goes viral in the fandom, everyone’s asking who he is, people are tweeting you, tagging you, trying to get you to notice this picture bc he looks so damn good bc we all know Namjoon is a model have you seen Kim Daily that’s some good shiT
  • Especially bc it’s a white shirt and he’s got the blonde hair and the glasses and some white shorts so it’s all white!joon (I highly recommend looking up all white!joon bc oh my god what a look) and his legs are looking all long and his shoulders are broad
  • You notice it pretty quickly bc one of your friends had told you about the cute college kid wearing your merch 
  • People figure out who he is bc Yoongi’s a youtuber with a music channel and he has joon come on with him during one of his rare live streams and they’re goofing around and making some amazing music together and everyone’s s o quick to link you to it
  • You start watching while you’re getting your hair styled for your performance and you’re nonstop laughing and smiling bc he’s so goofy and cute but you can see he’s got a lot of passion for music and he mentions how he’s a fashion major but considered going into music
  • Do you guys remember w a y back in the day when Yoongi was trying to make a log and joon was in the background and started goofing around and rapping over whatever Yoongi was saying (and then the iconic moment Yoongi got his revenge when joon tried to do a log later on) that’s the live stream just them playing around
  • You gotta admit that Namjoon is r e a l l y nicE but the personality is just 1000/10 you’ve got a crush already especially knowing that he already knows who you are and likes you enough to buy merch that’s !!!
  • You go to his Instagram and your heart melts bc he’s so cute, some pictures are Kim Daily, some are of his puppy Rapmon, some are of him with his friends (especially Jin bc roommates) and his smile is so fucking adorable the dimples are so poke worthy and his eyes get all bright and the crush has officially locked in
  • You decide to message him bc you just gotta, he’s too cute in every way, he’s got a kind soul and he’s just so interesting you could listen to him talk for hours and not get bored
  • “Hey, thanks for wearing my merch!! Maybe we could meet up sometime and talk about music or fashion? Maybe you can give me tips on what the next shirts should look like”