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workin out that comic i said i would be doing, and it shall be starring the tragically neglected young teenage snofts. i look forward to trudging back into the territory of stan being good at school


👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #10

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High - Teaser

“You being serious?”, the expression on his face only making this even funnier than it already was.
“oohz together?”, he sounded mildly offended and slightly confused.

You nodded, smirking down at him, another laugh daring to spill over your lips.

“But like.. droohgs are bad for you”, he responded, furrowing his brows together even further, looking at you questionably.
“we can’t do drooghs!” he exclaimed finally, resulting in you burring your face in his neck to muffle your laughs.

“You’re such a dad sometimes”, you giggled into his skin hysterically, cracking yourself up about his rationality (though really, he wasn’t all that sensible at times).

Once your laughs had died off and your mind had made you think, you slowly began to come up for air. By now you had managed to hover over him, your knees either side of his waist, your hands steading yourself on the backrest of the sofa behind him. 

As you stared him straight in the eye, your face began to lower itself down slowly until it was only inches from his. 

“So that means you’ve never had high sex before?”, you whispered against his lips, feeling him gulp sharply at your touch …