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In The Wake of The Goddess

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Thank you to the lovely @txhohood and @permanentcross for putting up with me as I constantly sent them parts of this because I was so excited.

The first night he tried to find a beautiful woman who was almost entirely the opposite of Y/N and then see if that would get her out of his mind. Her name had been a season or a month or something like that, he couldn’t entirely remember, and he couldn’t even manage to get it up at first. It wasn’t until he started thinking about the way Y/N’s lips looked wrapped around his cock, the way her lipstick would stain his skin as she went on and the little thing she would do with her tongue that he was finally able to muster up an erection for the girl lying right in front of him. She was pretty, she was tight, she was everything that he used to go for, yet she couldn’t get him off. He could only achieve sweet release when he closed his eyes and imagined the way that Y/N would pant and moan beneath him.


Y/N is back home and Harry can’t stand being without her. 

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👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #10

       ↳ MNET Asian Music Awards Hong Kong 151202


For quick style practices I sure did spend a lot of time on the first one.

workin out that comic i said i would be doing, and it shall be starring the tragically neglected young teenage snofts. i look forward to trudging back into the territory of stan being good at school

It’s a Crop Top Gang!

D-4 to KuroTsuki Day: Cake

Kuroo bakes a strawberry shortcake that (sort of??) resembles Tsukki, which makes the latter feel slightly touched and extremely mortified.

Inspired by @midnightmooncatcher‘s bakery AU, Beautiful Disaster: in which Kuroo bakes killer strawberry shortcakes, Tsukki gets slain and they slowly (like really slowly) fall in love. Please read it if you haven’t already and feel yourself melt.

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Scraps you to bring me In-n-Out.


GODZILLA 2014 bootleg/knock-off figure: “Novel Style”.

It it roughly 10”-12” (25-30 cm) long [head to tail] and 6-7” (15-18) tall. It has articulation in the arms and legs. It takes AAA batteries to light up and make sounds.

I have to admit, the box looks very legit. It’s better than a lot of the packaging I see on bootleg/knock-off figures. But the figure itself… you can tell it’s a fake just by looking at it. Pretty sure this bootleg originates from China.

Wanted to make sure everyone was informed, I just found out about it today: if you see this figure somewhere, it is not an official product.