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workin out that comic i said i would be doing, and it shall be starring the tragically neglected young teenage snofts. i look forward to trudging back into the territory of stan being good at school


Scraps you to bring me In-n-Out.


GODZILLA 2014 bootleg/knock-off figure: “Novel Style”.

It it roughly 10”-12” (25-30 cm) long [head to tail] and 6-7” (15-18) tall. It has articulation in the arms and legs. It takes AAA batteries to light up and make sounds.

I have to admit, the box looks very legit. It’s better than a lot of the packaging I see on bootleg/knock-off figures. But the figure itself… you can tell it’s a fake just by looking at it. Pretty sure this bootleg originates from China.

Wanted to make sure everyone was informed, I just found out about it today: if you see this figure somewhere, it is not an official product.