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urghhhhhhh samurai jack has finally finished and I’m just here like “……I liked the comic’s ending better“

every steve/tony argument ever

the world: is fucked and in immediate peril

tony: how about this pragmatic but morally dubious solution

steve: TONY NO that’s imperfect and therefore wrong

tony: ok, what should we do instead then?


A quick doodle of Petyr Baelish on my new Cintiq.

No Lois Lane, no Superman

You know what’s so amazing and awe-inspiring about Superman? Like, he’s this powerful, powerful god who can break skies apart and shoot fire out of his eyes and has fifty different kinds of visions and can crush mountains with his hands and like he’s super smart too and can absorb endless knowledge and stuff in seconds and and 

And he’s also so very in love with this mortal woman so so much and considers himself fully beholden to her and the narrative makes absolutely no apologies about it like Superman and Lois Lane have always gone together forever and ever even my dad who’s not into superheroes at all and still can’t remember who’s Batman secret identity supposed to be yells at the screen when Clark does something dumb about Lois in L&C or STM and keeps asking where’s Lois in a non-Lois Smallville episode and and

It’s just so amazing that we have that kind of love story that have been with us for years and years handed down from generations to generations like a legacy in itself and god their story is so so important to me because yes, Superman is about hope and love and faith and the best of humanity but without Lois it’s just so… empty. Sorry I’m not very articulate about it at this moment but like DAMN THE FASTEST WAY YOU COULD MAKE ME DROP A SUPERMAN STORY IS TO TAKE LOIS OUT OF IT. No Lois, no Superman okay I don’t care.

anonymous asked:

How in the world are the writers treating iris disrespectfully? Just because they don't spend every episode thinking about how to make a westallen moment doesn't mean her character is being treated unfairly. She is an individual character. No need to be rotten because they're having more "snowboring" moments. They're trying to develop a plot.

Whoa anon excuse you! First off why are you Snowbunnies even trolling my blog? I would’ve thought the URL was dead give-a-away for what I post. Second I’m entitled to my opinions and I certainly don’t need you grey-face to tell me what I can and can’t post on my own blog. I don’t troll the Snow*arry tags and I definitely don’t post anything in there. If I have anything negative to say I appropriately post it in the anti tags. So I’m baffled as to how you found anything of mine when I don’t tag Snowbarry. My guess is you’ve been trolling tags for quite some time, maybe even trolled the Snowstorm tag. 

Let me just say that I have no problem with people’s shipping preferences when it comes to Snow*arry what I do have a problem with is the Flash writers needlessly pandering to a crackship which in turn starts effecting the quality of the show [especially the writing and the character assassination of Barry Allen]. For instance I ship Gobblepot on Gotham but I know darn well neither Jim Gordon or Oswald is gay [as far as I know] nor am I in denial that that he will suddenly fall in love with Penguin. Gobblepotters are smart enough to know Jim and Oswald aren’t going to end up together romantically and sexuality has nothing to do with it; its because Jim is good and Oswald/Penguin is destined to become evil. Which is exactly whats going to be the case when Caitlin Snow becomes Killer Frost a villain.

Gobblepotters love the interaction of our crackship for what it is in canon on the show just as most of us enjoy the show as a whole. We love our fantasy. We have fun writing head-canons and smut fan-fictions but that doesn’t mean we’re out there on twitter demanding the writers put Jim and Penguin together just because the actors have alot of chemistry. We’re not demanding the showrunners to drastically change comic canon for the sake of a crackship just because we’re amused by the interaction between Jim Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot which is what your fandom has been doing since before the Flash even started. Most of you refuse to accept what Barry and Caitlin’s relationship actually is on the show [strictly platonic] and completely disregard and deny the role Iris West plays in Barry’s life. You’d rather see her erased out of Barry’s life just so your favorite can snag the male lead.

 And you’ve yet to accept that Candice Patton is the female lead not Danielle Panabaker. What happened on Arrow was a fluke, no one saw it coming, and trying to lay claim that your ship is even remotely close to Olicity’s magical dynamic is purely laughable. Just because Arrow’s male lead didn’t click with his original leading lady doesn’t mean the same thing is going to happen on The Flash. Grant and Candice are phenomenal onscreen together whether you choose to see it or not. And yes she’s being sidelined for another actress to amuse the obvious Snow*arry ship. Of course you don’t care about that however if the roles were reversed and it was your ship that was comic canon while mine was a crackship dominating the airtime of your favorite you’d be singing a whole different tune nonnie.

The reality is Iris is Barry’s one and only. Lets say Barry and Caitlin do get together it’ll be a means to an end rebound from who they really love [WHICH IS RONNIE AND IRIS]. Even if the writers are idiotic enough to go off course and ruin comic canon for the sake of amusing your fandom, Caitlin’s villain’s fate is enviably sealed. Robbie Amell kinda confirmed this in his latest interview for his Firestorm character [x] Besides that IMO Barry isn’t just going to squash decades of feelings for Iris and suddenly fall head over heels for Caitlin. History has nothing to do with it, Barry hasn’t even been shown to be the slightest bit attracted to Caitlin whereas he is very much attracted to Iris and Linda. Unlike you I’ve accepted the reality of my ship Gobblepot but that doesn’t mean it’ll stop me from shipping them or enjoying them. 

I don’t expect the Gotham writers to keep giving me Gobblepot scenes the way you Snow*arrys have harassed the Flash writers for scenes [and got an entire crappy episode which earned low ratings and bad reviews]. I also wouldn’t want Gobblepot to actually happen if it meant the character assassination of both Jim and Penguin; in your case you don’t seem to care whether Barry Allen is in character or not as long as you get to see your ship sail. By all mean ship whatever you want I don’t give a crap but if its messing with the formula of the show then I do have a problem with your ship.