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I need answers; I’m going to clarify too that I have only read the first three books and this is an actual question because I’m curious and I feel like it hasn’t been addressed yet in the series but..

 is Cinder actually Asian?

Because she is Lunar..until she went to France for surgery..THEN she was adopted by an Asian family..

I’m not dismissing anyone’s opinion if they do think she is Asian, I just want an explanation as to why you do or do not think so ?

Maxwell’s Waltz

So, I promised someone a few days ago a Maxwell waltz scene from Chapter 8, but I don’t remember who it was… @maxwellbeauxmont, @maxwellbaemont, @ohmymaxwell???  In any case, all you Maxwell shippers should enjoy it (I’m looking at you @bethanyplayschoices).

In any case, here it is.  It isn’t what I wanted it to be… I would have loved to add in some more, but I wanted to fulfill my fic promises and get this out.  So, here it is!

Summary: This is an extended scene from Chapter 8 of The Royal Romance where Maxwell and MC (named Riley here for simplicity’s sake) waltz. Slightly non-canon because of the dialogue.

Rating: PG, nothing scandalous here.

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               “Would you honor me with this dance?”

               Maxwell held out his hand towards Riley, fully expecting her to sit the waltz out.  After all, the lack of food, frigid temperatures, and general crappiness of the evening couldn’t possibly put her in the mood to dance.  But, he’d been trained since birth to use his manners around ladies, and that included asking them to dance.

               “Lord Maxwell, it is I who would be honored,” she smiled.

               He raised his eyebrows in surprise, but he didn’t know why.  Nothing about Riley had been predictable, not from the moment he’d met her.  She’d blown into his life like a gale off the Mediterranean, and like that fated wind, brought change that he hadn’t expected.

               But, the most surprising thing of all, was how much he realized he’d needed the change she brought.  Her energy, her stubbornness, her humor… all things that he hadn’t known he was missing in his own life had suddenly been dropped into his lap in the shape of a five foot three woman with laughing brown eyes.

               She slipped her right hand into his and instinctively, he cupped it in his own.  She placed her other hand on his shoulder and he slowly placed his hand on the small of her back.  He knew, from the years of dance lessons his mother had forced him to endure, his hand was supposed to be higher.  But somehow, it felt more natural to have his hand there, resting at her waist.

               He expected her to struggle as the waltz began, but she followed him effortlessly.  She didn’t even need to look at her feet as they moved together around the edge of the ballroom.

“Well,” he chuckled to himself.  “You’re actually pretty good at this.”

               “I’d better be,” she said with a laugh.  “Otherwise all that student debt from Julliard would really suck.”

               His eyebrows shot up.  “You went to Julliard?”

               “You sound surprised,” she said.  “Are you surprised I went to Julliard or are you surprised that I went to college at all?”

               His cheeks burned amber in embarrassment.  “No, I mean—I just didn’t know, I—“

               Riley pinched him playfully.  “I’m just joking.  I’m not offended.  It never really came up while you guys were telling dick jokes and earing burgers.”

               He winced as he remembered all the off-color conversations they’d had that night.  “We were pretty self-absorbed.”

               “Not all of you,” she said softly, turning to shoot a small smile at Liam.

               A strange, sudden pain in his chest made him wince.  Clearing his throat, he smiled down at her.  “I’ll admit, I didn’t know a lot about you… I didn’t even know your last name.”

               “Lucky for you I’m not a serial killer,” she said. Her hand on his shoulder stirred, and she lightly brushed away some specks of lint that had gathered on his shirt.

               Maxwell winced, suddenly aware of how warm her fingers felt, even through his shirt.  “If you went to such a fancy school, what were you doing waiting tables?”

               A shadow of sadness clouded her warm eyes. “I had a recurring role with the Alvin Ailey theatre company.  But the hours were long.  We were supposed to go on tour through Europe…”


               She looked up at him, her grip on his hand tightening.  “My mom found the lump.  So, I resigned and stayed behind to help take care of her.  Waitressing wasn’t glamorous, but it paid enough for me to help her out a little and it gave me the time off to make sure she got to all her chemo appointments.”

               “Riley…” Maxwell whispered, shaking his head.  “Riley I had no—“

               “—idea,” she finished for him with a smile.  “It’s fine, Maxwell.  I don’t know about all your family drama, there’s no reason I should expect you to know mine.”

               He tightened his hand on her waist, drawing her a little closer.  “When did you lose her?”

               “About two months before you showed up at the bar,” she admitted.  “That’s why I was still wearing mostly black.”

               She looked away and Maxwell cringed a little. Bertrand had always called him selfish, but he’d never really believed it until now.  All this time, he’d been thinking about his own future, his own family. Somehow, it had never occurred to him that Riley would have a history too.

               What sort of asshat did that?

               “Thank you for dancing with me,” he bit out, not knowing what else to say.

               “Are you kidding?” she smiled at him.  “There’s no one else I’d rather be dancing with.”

               “Riley,” he breathed out, “I—“

               Before he could finish, they changed partners. As Riley slowly spun into Liam’s arms, Maxwell suddenly found himself face to face with Olivia Nevakris.

               “What the hell’s wrong with you?” she bit out, her eyes narrowing on his suddenly pale face.

               “I wish I knew,” he said, wondering why he suddenly felt so frighteningly cold.


You know that guy you’re wishing he would be? I never met him. I only know this guy and, uh, yeah–I mean, he’s a little weird, but, uh… but I like him.