off catwalk

[ @thelastmaxson ]

“Nothing we ever do is safe.” The man points out, sitting on the railing of the Prydwen, facing outwards as he smokes. He kicks his feet in the open air, feeling the breeze in his brown locks as he looks out over the ruins of the world below. In the pink and orange light of sunset, draping over the towers and spires jutting up from the rubble, the world looks beautiful, even now. It’s a shame no one is even using the buildings.

But, nevertheless he kicks his feet up and turns around with a quick spin, hopping down from the rail. He puts his cigar out on the metal bar and looks up only to drop it a moment later. It bounces, rolling off of the catwalk and tumbling down to the earth.

Who he sees is not who he had been expecting. Her image before him is like so many that have haunted the man’s dreams through his years. In these past few he had thought her face would torment him less but to see her now is to see a ghost staring back at him from the great beyond.. But this is not a dream, and ghosts are not a part of their terrible reality… And even with ten years of change on both of them, her face, her eyes- That’s something a boy never forgets…

… Sarah.

YOU KNOW, I remember always telling you that smoking is so bad for you. But, that seems like the least of your worries now.” A smile rose, her stoic features melting into something warmer. It was frightening to hear her name again, something only whispered in alleys was now shouted into the skies.  

“It’s good to see you, Elder Maxson. It’s been what? 10 years? More? I’m surprised you recognized me.” Her casualness was an act, a front to hide away her true emotions. She was overjoyed to see the other, more than that. Her only family that the wastes didn’t steal away. It was a blessing almost. 

“You’ve gotten so big, you know.”