off camera shenanigans

anonymous asked:

Heyyyy Also regarding the YM bed photoset Jimin later said when asked how well they slept he said Yoongi was knocked out straight away but I See You Park Jimin cos that bed looks waaay too wrinkled and messed up for someone who crashed out like a log More like Wine drinking and shenanigans scenario boys am I right ? 😍 YM off camera shenanigans 😂 exposed!

Okay but not only the wine is gone look at the pillows 👀👀👀👀👀 why would there be a pillow in the middle? 👀👀👀 and it actually looks like someone slept on it 👀

yoongi’s taking up like half the bed sleeping horizontally, there’s No Way he and jimin weren’t tangled up and all in each other’s space when they slept,,, and look at the pillow barrier fkjdnkgjfkg didn’t we all say they were going to throw them to the side as soon as they could