off camera

It’s a photo collection! All the little squares are each individual photos I’ve taken that make up my favorite picture! It’s HUGE!!! He took pictures off my camera, phone & off my external! He put a lot of time & thought into it too!!

   it was nearly 4 am and all the cameras were off as most of the people slept. kaspar quietly snuck out of a bedroom with a hoodied on and his hands in his pockets, turning to head back to his room. as he turned the corner, he heard someone whisper his name, which caused him to nearly jump out of his skin. “huh…? i am sorry, did I disturb you…?” he said, trying to remain calm.

All of my family just started following me on Instagram and I feel… Monitored. I’m an adult and it is my private space to express myself. It took me years to be comfortable enough to post pictures of myself on social media and feel good about it. I like Instagram and I love posting my art and whatever else on there, but now I feel like I have to watch it or my family is going to call me out on it. There’s a picture of me drunk at a party in my tagged pictures and I’m hoping and praying that they never look there because my friends are flicking off the camera and I’m obviously drunk. I love my family, and I know that they just want to keep in touch and see what I’m up to, but Instagram is a creative, free space for me to be myself and post what I like. I shouldn’t have to censor myself for them. Sigh. On that note, how do I block them with out them noticing?

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i LOVE that fic i find the author captures dnp in such a natural, realistic way? like i sometimes find myself cringing w how ppl mischaracterize their dynamic and whatnot (not that we actually know what it is but y'know what i mean - i dont think of them as particularly different off camera except probably more cuddles and touches and vulnerability)

ik it was so realistic the way they interacted and it didn’t focus on them hiding anything it was just them figuring out how to live their lives without comparing themselves to others. also it was so sweet and i love japhan so much fucc

I was in Sudbury, Ontario which is like a mining town way out in the middle of nowhere and I got a call at the hotel and it was like; ‘hi, can I please speak to Sarah?’ and I was like, 'uh, sorry you’ve got the wrong number’ and she was like, 'can I please speak to Alison’ and I was like, 'oh, no sorry, you have the wrong number’ and she was like, 'is Beth there?’ and I was like 'oh shiiiiiiit!’ and I realised what was happening and lost my mind.
—  Tatiana Maslany on how she found out she landed the Orphan Black job - Off Camera.

Since working with Jon Favreau on the first Iron Man, I have practically zero regard for what is physically printed on the pages when I go to work. And sometimes, the better the writing is, the more annoying it is, because it’s more likely I will not be able to innovate within it. So it’s a problem.


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