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Presenting...Signless: A Musical Fable

In a dreambubble somewhere in a darkened corner of paradox space sits a cloaked figure.  If by chance you should find yourself in his corner of the afterlife, and if your dream should permit it, then he’ll tell you a story.  His story.  A story of love and hate.  A story of rebellion.  A story of peace.  A story of one mutant bloodline and how it would change the world.

Oh, and it’s a musical!

Act 1:  The Teachings Begin

Any Dream Will Do
Let Me Win This Game
What’s This?
I’m Not That Troll
No One Is Alone, Children Will Listen
When You Believe
Dance of the Cloak

Act 2:  The Center of Rebellion

Our Alternia
Do You Hear The Lowbloods Sing
Caliginous Lament  (based on “Hellfire” from Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Unusual Way
Pale Rebellion  (based on “The Plagues” from Prince of Egypt)
Defying Destiny

Act 3:  The Sufferer’s Endgame

God Help The Lowbloods
Waltz for a Demon and Saint
Sufferer’s Lament  (based on “Days of Plenty” from Little Women)
No Good Deed
Don’t Forget Me
Finale (No spoilers here.  This song is going to stay secret for a while!)

Done in the style of the musical Yentl, Signless:  A Musical Fable features solo musical numbers connected by scenes of dialogue between the Signless Sufferer and those that he interacted with in his life, all told from the perspective of the Sufferer from his dreambubble in the afterlife.

Coming soon! 

Signless: A Musical Fable - Progress Report 1


I’ll be posting progress reports from time to time so that even if nothing seems to be happening, you’ll know that I’m still working on this shit. 

First of all, once again a clarification on how this all is going to work.  Most of the songs on the original post have already been done by me, with three exceptions.  I’ll get to those in a bit.

For the rest of the songs I’m going to basically be writing the “Book” portion of the musical, the dialogues, from scratch to lead in or out of the songs, depending on how that’ll work out.  While the songs will mostly be me, with a few exceptions, the dialogue scenes will naturally enough be other people and me.  I will probably not be having auditions unless I’m really desperate for a character.

Now, let’s talk about some of those exceptions.  

Waltz for a Demon and a Saint is based off of “Watlz for Eva and Che” from  Evita and is meant to be a duet between the Handmaid and Signless.  It’s still in the planning stage and I’m waiting until after I’m finished rewriting the lyrics before contacting one of my friends who would make a brilliant Handmaid.

Don’t Forget Me is yet another song from Smash, and is a simple matter of rewriting lyrics.  I think you’ll all enjoy it.  

Last but not least, the Finale.  I’m keeping that song under wraps for a few reasons but mostly because as it stands now it’s going to be complicated enough to pull off and if I end up having to change plans I don’t want to have gotten up your hopes and dissapointed you.


Obviously enough, no one was calling him Signless or Sufferer during his early life and it was probably an earned title later.  So, we have the issue of what to call him.  Naturally enough if in comic we ever find out what his name was, this’ll mean that unless I’m somehow really lucky, it’ll sound really weird.  However, going off the current pattern, namely that Meenah and Aranea were both suggestions for Feferi and Vriska’s names, I think I’ve found something that works.

Acuben Vantas.

For those of you who don’t know, Acubens is one of the stars of the Cancer constellation, located in the crabclaw.  So, out of all the suggested names it was either this, or Carson, and Carson just doesn’t sound as whimsical.

This has been your progress report.  Peace out!