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Day 9: Favorite non-Veronica/JD Actor

↳ Jessica Keenan Wynn

Heathers the Musical: Rewritten Lyric Titles

Beautiful: High School Really Sucks

Candy Store: Bitches from Hell, Reign Down On Us All

Fight For Me: We Could Be Jay- Z and Beyonce

Freeze Your Brain: I Can’t Afford Real Drugs


Dead Girl Walking: Desperate and Thirsty

The Me Inside of Me: Lifetime Movie Moment


Our Love Is God: Let’s Murder Everyone: A Metaphor, But Not Really

My Dead Gay Son: My Dead Gay Son

Seventeen: A Literal Murder Ballad

Shine A Light: Let’s Have A Community Therapy Session

Lifeboat: I Have Real Feelings, But Let’s Talk About Boats Instead

Shine A Light (Reprise): Heather Duke, Reign Down On Us All

Kindergarten Boyfriend: Everything Was Simpler When We Were 5

Yo Girl: Hhmmm… Maybe JD Is  A Raging Psychopath

Meant To Be Yours: Confessions of a Genocide Obsessed and Love-struck Lunatic 

Dead Girl Walking: Desperate (To Kick Some Ass)

I Am Damaged: Wow … Maybe I Am A Raging Psychopath

Seventeen (Reprise): Let’s Be Normal For Once

markarmstrong4  asked:

How do you afford to see all this theater?

I get this question a lot. Part of it is just luck. I work in theater and I am lucky to have talented friends working all over the city, too. So when there’s a discount or a comp to be had, I’m on it. Beyond that, though, the truth is I can afford it because I rarely pay more than $50 for a ticket. And here’s how I manage it:

1. I get one membership each season to wherever looks to have the best season. Last year it was playwrightshorizons, this year it’s publictheaterny. It’s tax-deductible and I can get cheaper tickets.

2. I go to TKTS or use TodayTix** for discounted Broadway and off-Broadway tickets. I’d also recommend a TDF membership if you are eligible (full-time student or teacher, recent grad, union member, etc) so you can get the TKTS booth deals and a LOT more for very little. Goldstar is a similar ticket site that’s free to join but I’ve never used them.

**If you sign up with my code, AAJDA, you get $20 off your first ticket order. So do that.

3. I take advantage of all the discounts available from individual theaters, including many for the 30-and-under crowd. Most of these are free to sign up:

LincTix for Lincoln Center

HipTix for Roundabout

29&Up at 59e59theatersblog

CheapTix at New York Theater Workshop

HotTix, Front Row Sundays, and Live for Five Lotto at playwrightshorizons

Back 20 at Atlantic Theater

99-Cent Sundays at Soho Rep

30 Under 30 at MCC

Greenseats at Irish Rep

30 Under 30 at Manhattan Theater Club

4. Broadway for Broke People is a great resource for all the lotto/standby/SRO/etc policies for everything currently on Broadway. I don’t do this very often because I’m usually working during the day but if you have the time, go for it. Especially if the weather is miserable. I’ve seen some great shows for cheap because it was snowing or raining and nobody wanted to be out in the lotto or standby line.

Those are all my secrets. Have at. Enjoy some cheap(er) theater!

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