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Sketching clothing is always my therapeutic fallback because I don’t have to refine facial features or anything (which is what’s been on my nerves lately). And since Alanis is a goob that never fucking goes outside, I figured it best to redo the “winter weather” section of that old outfit lineup I did with him. This is the only version I got done tonight, but I plan to do more. 

Layers layers layers. And geometric patterns because I already established a bit of that trend with my formal lineup. This outfit has at least four or five layers to it, but most is covered. All heavy wool or lined with soft fur to keep out that cold southern air blowing in from the Icefield. Extra scarves and such varies between individuals. 

Shimada Brothers at Ikea
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo I got you on my "reidar"
  • Hanzo: ..ooh god...
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo do you think the plants are "riskorn" not?
  • Hanzo: (shakes his head)
  • Genji: Hey hanzo, this clock looks pretty "Schmyke"
  • Hanzo: Uugh stop it..
  • Genji: Some people of asked me do 'ustrusta"?
  • Hanzo: stoooooop.
  • Genji: My hair is a bit fluffy can you remind me to "bygel" later?
  • Hanzo: STOP.
  • Genji: Goomorgon Hanzo.
  • Hanzo: (glares)
  • Genji: Hey hanzo you were talking about pests before--
  • Hanzo: Oh my god...
  • Genji: --I found a 'kritter"
  • Hanzo: GENJI.
  • Genji: Hanzo what did the guy say at the miniature horse race?
  • Hanzo: .....
  • Genji: Good "luktinypon"
  • Hanzo: (growling with eye twitching)
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo I "fyllio" not appreciating this anymo--
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Mook - Staff Cross Talk

Staff Interview [pg. 82-83]

Character Design: Ishikawa Masakazu
Subcharacter Design/Prop Design: Hara Yumiko

EDIT: I think I found out what +alpha processing is ahaha

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