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The Library

The library has always been known to be expansive, so much so that students have been known to get lost searching for just the right book to finish their final paper. They turn up by the end of the week… usually. If one were to truly explore the library they would find many doors hidden through it, they arent the typical doors leading from one section of the library to the other, but instead they have a habit of… losing students. Upon exiting the doorway, a student will find themself in what seems to still be the library, but if one bothered to explore the world, they would find an exact duplicate of the room they were in. The fey are well traveled and occasionally will take a liking to a room they find. Its a simple matter for them to recreate the room once they settle in an area of the world. The rooms add no size to the library, and sometimes they dont like to open back up. Some who were stuck in the rooms claim they werent in there very long, an hour or two. They always dress so strange though, their clothes decades out of date




Dorothy Liebes was an American Textile Designer who pioneered modern weaving. Her weaving was particularly remarkable due to the unusual materials which she used, including wood, plastic, metal and other ‘non textile’ materials. 

I started to look at Dorothy Liebes after thinking more about how my work fits into design contextually, as she was a designer who specialised in interiors and working with architects. 

I think that her use of other materials is really interesting, especially using pieces of wood and plastic as her warp material, something which I am going to consider when trying some off the loom weaving. I think that by using these materials, it gives her work a much more structural feel which works well with interiors, especially with my idea of bringing the exterior elements inside. 


A lot of positive things have happened this week. And receiving a house from the community we’ll be living in is one of them. 

As you guys may or may not know, my fiancé and I are moving into an eco community in South Africa that is very much focused on sustainability, off-grid living and restoring our own connection with Mother Nature by nurturing the land through permaculture and fruit forests🌳 🌿 My fiancé moved there on Monday and he was able to start clearing thick vegetation off a plot of land for our home and garden. But the owner and and homesteaders of Khula Dhamma decided that it would be better for us to move on the main hill of KD so we can work closely together with the owner. So, we were lucky enough to receive it. The house has been left in pretty good condition by the previous homesteaders. It’s very strong and sturdy, just needs some patching up to do on the walls. Obviously, the house needs to undergo some(!) refurbishment. I do not want to begin about the aesthetics of the place… it needs some work. BADLY!🙄  So we’ll be fixing up the place accordingly and will make it look suiting our tastes. 

The house is attached to a borehole so that is where we will be getting our water supply from and is heated by a rocket stove. The solar panels will hopefully be installed soon after I arrive. As soon as some cracks have been filled, a lime plaster will cover both outer and inner walls. Before all of that, the thick vegetation has to be cleared and the house needs to be cleaned thoroughly. 

The house as two upper floors. Our bedroom will be on the first and then there is a loft area for guests. The two big windows in our room overlook lush, green forests of the eco community. The garden has extreme fertile soil which helps us a lot. Now we only have to focus on maintaining the fertile soil when growing our food🍌 🍊 🍠🍐 🍎

I can not begin to express how blessed I feel for receiving all of these gifts from the universe. I’ve always wished, hoped and desired to live an off-grid lifestyle in an awesome place and here we are.. I don’t know how I manifested all of this but I am extremely grateful for believing I could live this kind of lifestyle🌞


Not a tiny house, but still awesome.

So, I saw the above house and it really spoke to me. I liked the original floor plan and left it alone. The only real change is the change from 5 doors to 4 (although I may reduce them further) and the addition of a staircase going down to a root cellar.

There weren’t any dimensions on the website, but the unfinished walls gave away all the info needed to get the size. I determined that this is a 525 sq. ft. home that is 15 ft. by 35 ft. It seems the walls are approximately 10 ft. from base to top of the facade. This leads me to believe that the roof slopes from 10 ft. to 7 ft. as indicated by how the drywall is cut on the interior.

I used these measurements to research how much the building materials would be and also came up with the floor plan above. I want a root cellar as well, so I included that in all the measurements and cost research.

The total of the materials and appliances that are needed to get the house to a livable state is approximately $20,000. This includes the concrete blocks and bags of concrete for the root cellar. I also included some cosmetic things, like the cost of using stone tile on the walls of the bathroom and of covering the entire floor with tiger striped bamboo, because it looks kinda badass.

My goal with this build is to build a home that is efficient and comfortable during cold weather months. This home will be completely insulated to above the standard for -18°F which will make it comfy all year. For the efficiency, I plan on using solar and wind power for the food storage (deep freezer and small refrigerator) and lights. Propane will be used for cooking food and heating water using an on-demand device. As an alternative I will also have a wood-fired stove for heating the home, cooking, and heating water. During the warm months of the year I plan to do most of my cooking in an outdoor coal or wood-fired kitchen. 

The liberal amount of $40,000 will be the total cost of this home, the land, the digging of the well, the installation of the propane tank, and the purchase of the solar power system. There is no reason why this won’t pay for itself in a few years time. Growing my own food in underground greenhouses will supply me with food to eat and sell year round and will provide me with ingredients for canning, which can also be sold. I also plan on building a forge, which will allow me to make my own tools and create artistic and useful items to sell.

In conclusion, This home is my dream: off-grid, comfortable and inviting. I can’t wait to build it. I also look forward to constructing the accompanying building with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom so I can actually entertain overnight company. My goal is to complete building by early 2016.

Now, if one of you sees something where my measurements may be wrong or if you have any ideas for me, let me know. I welcome constructive criticism.

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Night in the City (PART TWO)

Request; Um hi, can you please do a imagine where the reader gets stood up on a date and ends up crying to Spencer and to make things better the next day Spencer takes her out on a date going to her favorite places around the city like the art museum, a bookstore, a botanical garden, and finishes off with a dinner at the reader favorite restaurant and tells the reader how much she means to him.

Warnings; headassery fluff



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“I love this song!” You exclaim excitedly as you reach towards the stereo system to turn up the volume. Electric by Alina Baraz begins to blare throughout the car, its relaxing tune filled your ears causing you to hum and slightly move to the music.

Spencer looked over at you, diverting his eyes from the road just for a second to admire how beautiful you looked beside him. He was glad that before you got in the car he had swapped out his classical music CD’s and allowed you to control the radio, even if there wasn’t much control in choosing what songs you wanted to hear that the radio stations played.

The way you lip-synced the lyrics and how you gently swayed your head to the music gave Spencer a warm feeling in his heart. He didn’t realize until that moment how much he had been falling in love with you over the past year and some change he had known you. Everything about you was so perfect to him.

“We’re here!” He announces with a large smile as he parks in front of the large white modern architecture.

“You didn’t,” you say in disbelief admiring the building. “Museum of Fine Arts.”

“I remember you saying how much you love art museums, so here we are,” Spencer shrugs, trying to hide how nervous he was.

“I do love art museums,” you nod, “I can’t believe you remember that.”

You paused for a second, thinking back on what you said. Stupid. Not even out with him for an hour and you’re already freezing up. Of course, the boy remembered, he has an eidetic memory.

“Wait, scratch that, that makes no sense when you remember literally everything,” you correct yourself with a nervous laugh. Spencer couldn’t help but let out a laugh with you, finding comfort in the fact that he could tell you’re nervous as well.

Spencer gets out of the car and races over to your door before you can open it for yourself. When he opens the door for you, he offers you a hand which you gladly take.

“Are you ready to admire some fine art, M'lady?” he asks with a funny accent.

“I would be dazzled to,” you respond in the same vintage accent.

Spencer was hoping to the universe that his hands would not get sweaty while holding yours. He was so nervous and even though he tried covering it up with humor, he was scared you would see through his tough boy act.

The two of you ventured into the museum, stopping by ever sculpture and painting that was in your path. Every room you went to, you and Spencer would pick out the best piece of art there. It took some debating and long observations, but eventually, you would come to terms with the best one.

As you stepped into one of the final rooms, you gasped in delight. In the middle of the empty room sat a squared off Arabic architecture with marble floors that resembled a ballroom.

“It’s beautiful!” You exclaim happily, slightly skipping to the middle of the area. Spencer slowly trailed behind you, his hands in the pockets of his slacks.

“We are going to dance,” you announce, a wicked grin making its way onto your face. Spencer instantly tensed up.

“Um, there is no music,” he quickly says, trying to find a way out of the fool he’s about to make of himself.

“That’s why my iPhone has a speaker,” you retort, wiggling up your phone.

“Y/N,” he trails off, embarrassed. “I can’t dance, whatsoever.”

“We’re winging it, I’m probably gonna mess up too,” you reassure with a sweet smile. You click play on the song in your phone and wait for its soft tunes to fill up the echoey room before you take Spencer’s hands in yours. Spencer can’t help but laugh at your song choice.

“Sorry that if this seems weird,” you admit sheepishly. “I’m trying to live out a childhood dream over here.”

You were not subtle with the choice in lyrics, you wanted to let Spencer know exactly how you felt through the words that you couldn’t speak - so you let Cinderella do the talking.

“So this is love,” Spencer chuckles shyly. His chest was burning with nervousness as Cinderella’s sweet voice sang lyrics that Spencer wished were coming from you.

You, being the one who studied Prince Charming and Cinderella’s slow dance since you were a kid, allowed you to take initiative in the hand placements and feet movements. That, and the fact that Spencer had no idea what he was doing. You took one of his hands into yours and held them upright. Using your free hand, you took his other hand and placed it on your waist before you brought yours to his shoulder.

“All you have to do is move slowly from side to side, and some little turns,” you instruct. Spencer nods, looking down at his feet to make sure he doesn’t step on you.

After a couple of moments, Spencer felt himself getting the hang of the movements. You were already so far gone into the dance that you allowed yourself to admire Spencer while he tried to get accustomed to the dance. He looked so dreamy to you, the front part of his hair slightly fell over his eyes that were so focused on the ground. You took this as your chance to admire every feature on his beautifully structured face. His jaw, his nose, his eyebrows, his eyes, his cheekbones, his lips - oh my.

He was a real life Prince Charming, the one you have been dreaming of since forever ago.

Spencer looked up at you, catching you in the act. Instead of looking away like you normally would, you kept the eye contact with him, getting lost in his warm brown eyes. Spencer felt all his worries melt away as you looked at him with such adoration and appreciation. This was the look he had always dreamed of getting from you. The two of you just continued to stare at one another, just taking pleasure in each other’s presence. You were so taken with each other that it took a couple seconds after the song ended for you to break apart from him.

“Where is our next stop?” You ask, a wide smile on your lips.

“You will see when we get there,” Spencer answers, internally screaming with happiness at the childlike joy in your eyes.

Spencer wasted no time in taking you to your next location which was just down the street from the museum. You both decided on taking the ten-minute walk instead of taking the car with you, a fresh breath of air. You huddled close to Spencer, linking your arm with his. The air had gotten a little colder, seeing as it was now half past four.

“Did we really spend two hours in the museum?” You laugh in disbelief.

“Actually, we spent about one hour and twenty minutes,” Spencer begins and you giggle. “If you subtract the time we got there, two fifty-five, from the time we left, around four fifteen, you get the final result of one hour and twenty minutes.”

You smiled up at him, loving how he talks when he speaks on something he knows. Oh, how you loved those random facts, statistics and math equations. The remainder of your walk was filled with just that. You purposely brought up subjects that you knew Spencer would have an answer to just so you could hear him ramble on about it.

“Second stop,” Spencer says as he stops in front of the building. You look up and playfully slap his arm when you the sign.

“The bookstore,” you whisper to yourself in awe. “We are going to be in here a while.”

You drag Spencer into the aged bookstore, the familiar scent of books filled your senses and you smiled to yourself at the sense of comfort. You instantly found yourself behind the bookshelves, trailing your finger over the spine of the books. As you pulled one of the books out, you were met with Spencer on the other side. His eyes were focused on the words in front of him, skimming through the pages of the book at the speed of light.

“Hi there stranger,” you say, breaking his concentration.

“Hi,” he responds with an awkward wave which made you let out a small laugh. The typical librarian passed by and made a harsh ‘shh’ sound to the both of you which made you laugh even harder. Spencer looked at you lovingly, absolutely adoring the way your eyes almost shut closed but you could still see the twinkle in them, how your smile stretched from ear to ear in pure joy.

“Okay, I think I have my books picked out,” you say through quick breaths, calming down from your laugh attack.

“Same with me,” Spencer agrees. “I think we should give them a test reading. I want the sun to be down when we arrive at our next location.”

You waited until seven to leave the bookstore. The books you both had picked out were put back on their shelves seeing as you finished a whole one and Spencer finished a handful. You decided to take a few that you didn’t get a chance to finish at the store.

“I’m going to pay or these and then we’ll leave,” you say. You both rush over to the cash register, handing off your books to the lady at the counter.

Once they were done and paid for, you both almost raced out, eager to get to your next destination. Spencer and you took the ten-minute walk again back to the museum where his car was parked.

“We are going to our second to the last destination,” Spencer says with a small frown.

“The night is still young!” You exclaim. “We might be able to add a few more adventures to the night.”

“That’s true,” he smiles at your thoughtfulness.

He drove a fifteen-minute drive to the next location. You recognized it immediately as he pulled up to it, a botanical garden.

“You know me way too well,” you say in astonishment. The botanical garden was huge, the light posts made the building look even more beautiful as it stretched across the night sky. There were a few colorful lights in the pond that reflected onto the plants near them.

When you entered the pathway that took you along the several bushes, trees, and flowers, you and Spencer were isolated from the outside world. You felt like it was just the two of you and you loved every second of it. He was walking alongside you, one hand at his side and the other touching some leaves of a bush. You took the initiative in intertwining your hand with his which caused him to look down at the sudden contact. You froze for a second, not knowing if you made the right move or not - but you know you did when you saw the faint blush on his cheeks and the reassuring squeeze he gave you.

That’s how you two spent the last hour, walking around the garden. Admiring each other, admiring the green filled garden and the fishes in the pond. At one point, you two sat on a bench and talked about life. Future goals and aspirations, funny stories from past experiences, work, and just life in general. You never wanted the moment to last, but when Spencer brought up the time you knew he had something else planned.

“We are going to be late if we don’t leave right now,” he says giddily. He seemed so excited to show you where you were going next and you couldn’t help but feel excited too.

Spencer linked your hand with his once again and lead you out of the garden. The garden was within a park which held different small museums, souvenir shops, attractions, and restaurants. Including your favorite one.

In the direction he was leading you in, you knew for a fact he was taking you there. Once you saw the lit up sign in the distance you let out a small shriek.

“You didn’t!” You say in shock.

“I did, our reservation starts at nine, it’s eight fifty.”

You stop in your tracks which causes Spencer to stop too. He turned around and looked at you in fear and confusion. You stood there for a second before throwing your arms around his neck and pulling him into a tight hug. You felt him tense and then snake his arms around your waist which made your heart flutter.

“Thank you,” you whisper in his ear. “I don’t know how this night can get any better.”

“I have plans on making it even better,” he replies softly.

“We’ll see about that, Dr. Reid,” you giggle, pulling away from the hug.

The restaurant was two stories, and when Spencer checked in with the hostess and lead you up the stairs and into the balcony seating, you nearly fainted. In front of you was a candle lit dinner, it looked straight out of a movie and all you wanted to do was shout from the top of that balcony how much you loved Spencer Reid.

Once you arrived at your seats, Spencer took the chair out for you and pushed it in once you sat down, his manners never faltering.

“Your server will be with you shortly,” the hostess says, handing you both a menu.

“I can’t believe you did this for me,” you say once the hostess leaves.

“I had to,” Spencer smiles. “After what happened yesterday, I couldn’t stand the thought of not doing something about it. I needed to show you how you deserve to be treated.”

“Spencer,” you trail off, feeling your heart swell up.

“Y/N,” Spencer trails off, thinking of his next words. The words he knows will change everything between the two of you forever. “I love you.”

Your mouth fell open, you felt paralyzed from head to toe. Did this man really just tell you he loves you? This man that you have been dreaming about since the first moment you laid eyes on him.

Spencer stands up from his chair and extends his hand out for you to take, which you do. The two of you are now standing in front of each other, your hands in his.

“I never thought I would fall in love so unexpectedly,” he begins. “From the first moment I met you, I knew there was something different about you. Y/N, you mean the absolute world to me, and I don’t care if I sound like a fool. I can’t stand seeing you go on dates with jerks anymore, I can’t stand living another day where I can’t call you mine, I need you, more than you know. You deserve the world, and I promise every day that I am with you, I will give you just that.”

You look up at Spencer, completely dumbfounded by love. You finally react by letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding with a teary-eyed smile. Your hands were still joined together, like a bride and groom at an alter. Spencer’s eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips and you could hear yourself screaming on the inside, begging him with your eyes to take the hint and kiss you. And he did just that.

The gap between you closed as his lips met yours in a passionate and loving kiss. You let go of his hands and reached up and link them together behind his neck whereas his hands went to linger on your hips. Spencer didn’t need you to repeat the three words because he knew by the look in your eyes and the way you were kissing him gave him all the reassurance he needed.

“Can you say it again?” You breathe out jokingly when you pull away from him. “Seriously.”

The two of you laugh before Spencer nods.

“I love you,” he says and then gives you a kiss. “I love you,” kiss.

“I love you too, Spencer.”

And just like that, time stood still.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I really like your blog and fics. I was wondering why do you like H7? This is not to provoke anything, I also like him (more than Richard and his son anyway), I'm just curious.

That’s quite alright, Nonny.  Thank you for the question.

I like Henry VII because I find him and his reign fascinating.  His personality is interesting to me, he’s so morally ambiguous, mercurial, and mysterious.  His motivations are fairly obvious, but they don’t always totally explain his reactions and responses.  He was a fairly logical, cautious, and clever person.  He could also be very harsh, unforgiving, suspicious, untrusting, and exceedingly avaricious.  We also have accounts of his sense of humor and wit.  I’m continually fascinated by his ongoing Tudor marketing campaign and his love of embellishing his own family history.  And actually, his love of embellishing anything (i.e. caps with giant pearls).

His reign is also pretty fascinating.  With him we watch as the Wars of the Roses peeters out, we also see rebellion and instability.  While he was able to stabilize the kingdom in someways, he wasn’t in others.  He became suspicious of the nobles and took out quite a lot on them, in my view.  He was the king who bridged the gap between medieval England and modern England.  He loved repairing and building in order to show off the latest architecture.  He hired enlightened scholars to educate his children.  He brought England to the table of continental politics in a way previous kings had been unable to achieve.  In spite of all this, he wasn’t charismatic or particularly lovable, and never won the affection of his people.  But, he did make England a stable, wealthy, cultured nation.  And we see this anthem reflected on down the line of Tudor monarchs.

I also like the story of his early life, the years exile and separation from his mother did a number on him.  His circumstances shaped him into the man he became.  Also, he was either incredibly brave, incredibly desperate, or incredibly stupid to go after Richard’s crown the way he did – I’ve never been able to work out which it was.

He was a man as deeply flawed as he was brilliant.  And I find the flaws very interesting.  I actually like that he wasn’t this celebrated monarch who did everything right.  I like that he had a dark side and that he did some incredibly questionable things (especially in the name of money).  There are a lot of question marks and blanks and unsolved or unexplained elements to his reign that I like to look at too, there’s so much we don’t know and that’s kind of cool from a research standpoint.  

This answer is probably too long, but, I think you get the gist of it!  Thank you.