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Dorothy Liebes was an American Textile Designer who pioneered modern weaving. Her weaving was particularly remarkable due to the unusual materials which she used, including wood, plastic, metal and other ‘non textile’ materials. 

I started to look at Dorothy Liebes after thinking more about how my work fits into design contextually, as she was a designer who specialised in interiors and working with architects. 

I think that her use of other materials is really interesting, especially using pieces of wood and plastic as her warp material, something which I am going to consider when trying some off the loom weaving. I think that by using these materials, it gives her work a much more structural feel which works well with interiors, especially with my idea of bringing the exterior elements inside. 

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I found this wonderful book on Asgardian architecture, if you'd like to read it?

“Yesssss please.” She makes grabby hands because she’d kill to see alien architecture. She imagined it isn’t too far off of earth architecture in nature unless the entire laws of physics differ from earth’s. Seeing as Asgardians looked relatively human- it didn’t seem likely that there would be anything significantly different about how structure worked.

The Secret Garden | Arata Isozaki | 2002 | Barcelona CaixaForum Barcelona is an art gallery sponsored by Barcelona bank ‘la Caixa’, and opened in 2002 in a former factory. The building called the “Casaramona factory” was originally commissioned as a textile factory and built by Josep Puig i Cadafalch. It was completed in 1911. Recently it was opened as a museum in 2002. The building was restored and a new entrance was built, designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki. This part of the building also houses the “Secret garden”, a minimalist, intimate, closed-off dwelling. photo&text by @stoptherock #Barcelona #architecture #ArataIsozaki


High-res Metroid Prime Hunters: Celestial Archives: Part 6 (Cretaphid V1 Boss)

I’m doing more showing off the architecture than the actual boss here. Have you seen the size of those doors compared to Samus? Also, the Alimbics were big fans of circles and spirals by the looks of it. Those purple spikes periodically turn on and off, I wonder what they’re meant to be?