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Rosie had been delighted that John would soon be able to come to her classes to watch her dance, so she made a calendar to mark off when she practised and the number of days until her daddy was coming to her first class.

Just like the teacher had said, they spent the next two weeks repeating what they had learned in their last class, but now they could all do the moves almost every time on their own without being reminded or needing help.

The weekend before the first class John was going to get to go along, he had free, so he took her out for a little father/daughter bonding time and brought her a new leotard set.  They had found the perfect one and they were sure Sherlock would love it.  It was pale yellow with little bumblebees and white flowers on it and they brought a matching yellow tutu. Rosie was exuberant and couldn’t wait to get home to show her papa.

“Do you think he’ll like it?” she asked her daddy.

“I’m sure he’ll love it, you know bees are his favourite things next to you and me.” John answered her.

When they arrived home two hours later after some more shopping for preschool clothes they found Sherlock in the midst of a case, he had declined on texting John since this was the first real time he had to spend with Rosie in weeks.

Rosie was excited to show Sherlock all her new clothing and he took the time out of the case while she modeled all her new clothes and she saved the best for last, her new leotard outfit.

“Rosie! It’s beautiful just like you!”  he exclaimed.

She blushed and curled her fingers together and swayed back and forth while Sherlock dropped to his knees and gave her a big hug and kiss.

“Listen sweetheart, I have to go out now and help Uncle Greg with a case, but I love all your new outfits and I bet daddy has some fun things for you and him to do this evening.”

She pouted, but she knew it was his job and she was happy because her daddy was staying home with her instead of going along to help her papa out.

Sherlock stood and gave John a kiss and John whispered thank you in his ear for allowing him to have this case off.  Sherlock grinned at him as he waltzed out the door, “it’s barely a five, I should be home by dinner or right there after.”

Since Rosie still had her leotard on, she decided to practise for John and he moved the coffee table so she had the whole area to use and he sat on the sofa and watched her intently.  He was looking forward to Tuesday’s class which was two days away, he just hoped that Sherlock was right and he’d be done his case by then.

She went through her routine three times until she had gone through it without making any mistakes and John had to remind himself not to tell her that she needn’t always be perfect.  If she wanted to practise until she had it perfect then that was her decision, she took after Sherlock in that respect.

The hours passed and Rosie had changed into her play clothes and she and John were sitting at the table playing a game when John received a text from Sherlock that the case had taken a twist and that he wouldn’t be home in time for dinner, probably not until after Rosie was in bed.  Rosie was a bit disappointed, but also happy because it meant extra time with just her and her daddy, even though she preferred it to be the three of them but John had been working a lot so now it was papa’s turn to work.

“So, What should we have for dinner?” He asked Rosie.

She scrunched her nose like Sherlock often does and asked “do we have to make it or can we order out?”

John thought about it momentarily and said, “I planned on cooking, but since it’s just the two of us, we can order out.  What would you like?”

“Chinese.” She answered.

John smiled.  It was amazing how much she was like Sherlock.

Then a serious look came over her face.  “Daddy, what happens if this case isn’t over by Tuesday?”

“Then I will take you to class as planned and you can show papa what you learned when he comes home.”

She thought about it a moment. “I suppose that would be ok, but I’d prefer it if the two of you would be there.”

John got up and walked by her to get the menu and tousled her curls.  “I know you would sweetheart, but sometimes work gets in the way.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Neither do I but we’re lucky that we have pretty flexible schedules that one of us can always be there for your classes or events.”

She wrapped her tiny arms around his waist. “Yes I am lucky, some of the girls at school and dance have nannies that watch over them. I’m lucky that I get to have you or papa, sometimes Mrs. Hudson watch over me.  I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie, now let’s order our dinner and make sure I don’t forget to get papa’s favourite.”

Rosie giggled as John dialed the number, like it was a possibility he would forget to order her papa food.

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24 March 2017

It’s been a while since Phuc and I have hung out together. I know he comes to dinner with my family every now and then, but I have to divide my attention between him, my mom, and my sister. Yesterday was a first time we hung out one on one for a period longer than 2 hours. I met Phuc at his place after class. We chilled,and then we went to eat at Slap Fish! I was so sad, there wasn’t any lobster dip. But their bowl was amazing. 10/10 would come back for the bowl. Then he dropped off his laptop to be fixed, so we played 8th note. It’s so stupid, but so fun. I laughed till I cried. We played pool. It was sad. Really sad. I was exhausted, so he was nice enough to just chill at his place again. I love laying on his chest. And then to end the day, we went to eat sushi (: I’ve missed him so much. With him working 2 jobs and me studying a majority of the day, we don’t really talk much. At most, we talked during my drive home, but he worked when I would drive home :/ 

good things that happened today 1) i passed my accounting exam!!!!!!! how??/? how/??// i dont fucking know its a fucking miracle because i started the class late. like. one lesson before the first exam late. so i was expecting to maybe scrape together 10 marks at most because i have little to no accounting knowledge but bitch!!11!!! somehow i got 31/50!!!! its a miracle im dying

bad things that happened today 2) i decided to reward myself because i’d been craving potato chips for a while now but decided to hold it off because im so fucking poor and cant afford to freely buy snacks anymore and i discovered i was 10 cents short but the lady kindly let me buy the chips anyway. im so depressed over how poor i am


I was hoping to be feeling better today, and I admit I am doing a little better today I’m going to school (well attending 2/4 classes) for the first time nearly two weeks which is great but I’m still not well enough to come off the semi hiatus.

Hopefully sometime next week I will be, but I’m pretty sick right now since two years of anti inflammatory medication due to a hip injury and cause of chronic pain has torn up my stomach and I’m currently doing everything I can to not have to use my gastro doctor’s fall back plan of calling him to set up a hospital admission and being placed on IV infusions and no food to let my GI tract rest.

I’ll still do replies and asks when I can. I’ll be lurking now and then, reblogging posts, and answering IMs. I have discord too so if anyone wants that IM me and I’ll give it to you!

For now I’ll place the semi hiatus ending at 3/24, hopefully I’m much better by then.

#I actually wrote an angry letter to my future self b/c they had seen vld season 2 and I hadn’t (via @iseveryoneelsenodding)

I should totally do this and look back on it at the end of season 2 or smth.

Dear future Mod Sgri,

First off, please tell me you stayed up all night watching this like you did season 1. Yeah, I know you have your editorial classes and are swamped with real life, but we’ve only been waiting for this for months now. 

Anyway, I’m hoping that since you’ve watched it and I haven’t, that Shiro doesn’t die and no one is that terrible to the fans. He’s gone on some great journey of self-discovery, learning more about himself, his past and the nature of the Black Paladin. Because they can’t just throw that curveball in there about Zarkon being the former Black Paladin and not expound on it in season 2. Hopefully he lands somewhere nice where the natives are kind and help him, because who knows where they’ve landed at this point. I’m hoping it’s got some references to Voltron: Defender of the Universe in it because that would just be sad if they didn’t.

Also, please tell me we learn more about the Holts and Haggar; I’ve been dying to know what happened to them and if the assassin character is Matt or not. Because that would be super cool if he was, but I’m also game for a new character as well. And VDU mentioned that Haggar was once young and beautiful before she became evil, so I’m hoping we learn more about her backstory as ell. Or at least get some hints.

Hopefully, no one dies, everyone is happy and we’re all screaming at our computers and TV screens when the season finale shows up because THEY CAN’T JUST LEAVE IT LIKE THIS. Best of wishes, can’t wait to be you, please don’t die.


Current Mod Sgri


2/100 Days of Productivity

So I have three tests tomorrow and I’ve only studied for one… yikes. Well, at least I have the biggest one over with. To be honest, I’m so scared to take this test tomorrow. I did really badly on my first AP Bio test and barely managed to haul that grade to a B. Hopefully, by the end of this semester, I’ll be able to come back with a post telling you guys that I got an A in the class. I’m off to studying for Chem and Stats now, bye! Also thank you all so much, I’ve managed to hit 400!