Double Take | Part 2 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: After Peter realizes that he likes the reader, Ned tells him that the only way for him to start acting normal around her again is for him to tell her. This is proven to be difficult because Peter being, well Peter, is unable to muster up the courage to do so. Instead, the reader’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman pays her a visit.

Author’s Note: So I was lying earlier when I said that part 2 would be the last part. I’m notoriously bad at wrapping up stories though so this shouldn’t be surprising to me really. Anyways I’d like to give a special thanks to @lunastarwatcher​ for bouncing ideas with me and as always I hope you enjoy this fic.

Word Count: 2263

Part 1

“So (Y/N),” Ned drawled out as he sat down across from his friends at their lunch table. “Peter tells me that there’s a boy you’re trying to impress.”

(Y/N) put her water bottle down and looked at Peter, who was sitting to the right of Ned. “And you wonder why I refused to tell you his name,” she said with a smug smile.

“That among other reasons,” Michelle mumbled under her breath, but not quiet enough that (Y/N) couldn’t hear her.

“Michelle,” (Y/N) said in a warning tone.

She waved her hand dismissively. “Yea, Yea, I’m not going to say anything.”

Peter looked at Michelle with a raised eyebrow “Wait, you know who he is?” She nodded absentmindedly, turning the page of her book. “You told her and not me?” Peter asked (Y/N) shocked.

(Y/N) snorted. “Are you really surprised Pete? I already told you that you can’t keep a secret so…”

“I too can keep a secret,” Peter retorted in a small voice, not looking (Y/N) in the eye.

Ned raised his hand and patted Peter on the back. “I can vouch for him (Nickname). He can keep secrets. You’d be surprised.”

Peter sat up straight and looked over at Ned with a smile. “That’s literally exactly what I said,” he said, raising his hand enthusiastically for a high-five.

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hey, at anyone who’s ever cosplayed

I see you and I love you

keep it up!

OFF AU where everything’s the same…
Except after years of battling his terminal illness, an older Hugo has gone mad and seeks joy in releasing specters into his world, watching them cause havoc and death.

Upon encounter, he speaks to both the Batter, and you.

The meat he carries is a recovery item that heals both health and any negative effects, constantly spawning specters to fight you both.
Hugo’s defeat is the key to winning, or the ghosts will just keep spawning endlessly.

Mid way he tried to plant the seed of doubt into you, begins to ask questions and make you feel as though you were right in disapproving of the Batter’s actions.

Close to death, Hugo becomes violent, his true nature breaking through the crippling surface in showing no remorse for the lives lost, and threatens both you and the Batter.

Defeated, Hugo tries to beg for mercy, the inevitable of his demise rattles him to behaving like a child…

“From now on, there will be no more darkness…”