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Loved your latest FE comic, but I wouldn't consider Karel to be an "edgelord" given that he developed between the two games he was in. His role as the 'Sword Demon' is an anti-hero, not a villain. And of course, not all anti-heroes were once villainous. It bugs me when some fans exaggerate his character and think of him as something he never was. Seriously, he's not the edgiest character in the franchise. Geez.


Are we reading the same caption anon? HAVE WE PLAYED THE SAME GAME EVEN? Because I must be very stupid to not read my own captions properly because I don’t think I said ANYTHING you just accused me of

EDIT: Have you seen Karel’s FE7 supports bc I have and you can’t tell me this isn’t edgy af


terfs/radfems to be aware of

edit: since it was apparently causing confusion, this is a sideblog where i Don’t have these blocked, in case urls or politics change and someone on these needs to contact me