Pidge knows, Lance pines, Keiths trains and everything is going fine !

Also neither Keith nor Lance can put back the Shojo Manga filter down and they can’t even look at eachother in all those sparkles and sakura petals.

(they made him loose level 14 ; they better run)

Keith is fighting against this bot btw ↓


Make Me Choose:

YoonKook or Jikook - anon

Let me continue praising you more. Humorous. Cool-headed judgement. Charisma. Min Suga is the man who has them all. I want him - Jungkook (bday video for Suga)

This is my part for a collab with @trash-eruri and @cheekysmiletoo ♥ The full collab is here!! (❀◦‿◦) Our theme was “Who Erwin meets in paradise” ~

So here Erwin meets Kuchel and apologizes to her. But she told him “I’m glad that my beloved son could have met someone like you" 

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170810 - OP overheard Jihan’s conversation

HJS: yesterday i saw a cockroach
YJH: did u catch it?
HJS: yea 띵호 (myungho) did..

#MinghaotheHero #SaveShuafromcockroach 

cr: takemeifyoudare

photo: Vernona 

trans: royallyhoon

you know, idk if this has been said, but i know for alot of you tumblr is the only way you have an outlet to express and that this is the only semblance of queer culture you have - and i’m happy this kind of social network exists for that reason.

that being said, this website can be suffocating and for anyone discouraged at the constant discourse and tomfoolery that exists on this hell hole i’m here to say actual queer spaces, queer circles, and outside queer culture is way more chill for the most part

granted, I hang out mostly in artsy queer spaces but last time I went out I was at a table chilling with a latin bi guy, a latin gay man in heels, a black queer drag queen, a white drag queen, an asexual trans woman, a bi trans man, my latin bi ass, and a black nonbinary stud and we were all kiki-ing, and it was pretty much queer “It’s a Small World”. not once is discourse brought up. no one is being biphobic no one is being racist. no one is being transphobic. we were all there to dance to disco and watch drag shows and be with our own. 

does biphobia, racism, transphobia (etc) exist in queer spaces - yes. Ofcourse it does and it’s important to bring attention to that. But there’s more to queer culture than this website conveys sometimes, I promise.