I see other people,

They seem so light, so happy.

It’s like they have no inhibitons.

Why am I never satisfied?

There’s always a million different weights pushing me down.

Adding to the constant pressure.

I just want that feeling of warmth,

Even if for only an instant,

Where I can taste a little happiness,

That will motivate me to move on.


Tangled up in your web of lies,
You’ve become someone I despise.
What pulls you down ‘till you weep.
Leaves you stuck here countin’ sheep.
Next time don’t make promises
That you don’t intend to keep.

What’s that, you can’t breathe?
Well that’s what happens when you deceive.
Good. I hope you fall face down on the floor.
It’s too late to ask for anything more.
Get the fuck out, and don’t forget,
Lock the door.


I want to let go of all my inhibitions. I want to enjoy every moment I have, and start feeling all the good vibes of the world, instead of all the bad. I want to melt away all my bad and burn down all my walls, and fill myself with warmth and hope. I want to forget all my hurt and resentment. I want to be light.