Top 10 OTPs! Tagged by @ohemmagee1 (hi there friendd !!!!!)

(In no particular order)

1: Yamayachi- Yamaguchi and Yachi from Haikyuu!! (we’re all in this together (8))
2: Tamaharu- Tamaki and Haruhi from Ouran High school host club (my one and only since like forever)
3: Otani and Risa from lovely complex
4: Yatori - Yato and Hiyori from noragami (OMg the manga feels)
5: Levihan- levi and Hanji
6: riza hawkeye and mustang from fma (don’t remember the ship name right now) (also Ed and Winry ofcccc)
7: sousuke sagara and chidori kaname from full metal panic (I used to ship them so hard back then)

8: Horikashi - Hori and kashima from gekkan shojo nozaki-kun
9: Iramako/gamako (I DON’T REMEMBERRR) gamagoori and mako from kill la kill
10: soulmaka from soul eater 

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