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If they make another Batman lego movie I need for Bruce to adopt at least three more kids (Jason, Tim, Stephanie ofc) and its just them running around in tights beating the shit out of buildings and calling it family bonding time. Barbara is there, Batwoman is there. Batwoman flirts with Catwoman. The gay becomes unstoppable. Batwoman and Catwoman going on a double date with Joker and Batman @whoever made the lego batman movie P L  E A S E. 

the-jasontodd-cult  asked:

Tim drinks his coffee with Red Bull and everyone's wondering how he's still alive.

Of course he does! He needs to stay awake, if he falls asleep, someone might die because he hadn’t been there and it actually doesn’t taste that bad

- And the answer is spite. Tim’s a tiny ball of spite and that’s the only reason he hasn’t died yet. He’d probably just click his tongue, doing finger guns at death if it ever came for him

ok listen i know it would be so iconic if a girl won this season after the meninist outcomes of the first evictions, and i know i always said it would be such a goddamn mess if one of the non-canadians won bbcan and i never ever wanted it to happen but the fact(s) of the matter is:

  • cass wants tim to win
  • tim did play the (second) best game out of everyone in the house like he literally had everyone except cass fooled
  • tim is kinda like bbcan’s messy crackt version of dr. will
  • cass wants tim to win
  • tim was part of one of the most legendary duos in bb history alongside casslegend. the house flips? the manipulation? chilltown wishes.
  • if tim wins and he hooks up w/ cass after the show, godssandra could catch some of that $$$ and get her shopping spree
  • even if they don’t hook up, godssandra could still catch some of that $$$ and get her shopping spree
  • cass wants tim to win
  • how fucking iconic would it be if tim won two different formats of big brother from two different countries/continents though?? i didn’t want it at first bc a non-canadian winner? on my bbcan?? neaux. but now that i think about it… whew @ the chaos of it all.
  • he said if he wins the first thing he’s gonna do with the money is buy something canadian like a beaver or a moose, when will your faves or literally anyone else in the world
  • i mean the bottom line is cass wants tim to win and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whatever my momther wants