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AESTHETIC MEME:  [6/10] anything else: T h e  F o r c e
The Force is an energy field that connects all living things in the galaxy. The power of the Force can be used by individuals who were sensitive to it, a power that is tapped through the midi-chlorians.


star wars movies + quotes


#everything about this makes me smile #the fact that a marvel femslash ship was brought up #at a popular kick ass female panel #the fact that the panelist #did some research up on the show #and cartinelli must have prominently come up #and drawn enough attention # for it to spark interest # as well as hayley’s lovely reaction with her cute smile #and then gal gadot (aka fucking wonder woman) also smiling #a m a z i n g


that’s it, that’s the whole show

@outsideallboxes​ said: I associate you with Blooming and foxes

3 months ago i asked for palette/subject suggestions and i’m just now getting around to the rest of them :x i’ve been getting strong sleepover vibes lately so ! here’s me living vicariously through some fox girls 💖

also! i’m opening up commissions for the break! hit me up if you’re interested!


imindhowwelayinjune said to dwimmerlaiks: FINGON IN b2 or SAURON IN F4 pls and thank

SUPERB choice june, thank u. also I already did sauron so I included maedhros in 1E as requested by…. myself lmao.

Bellamy x Raven ship aesthetics

don’t ask me when i grew obsessed with them i’ve been obsessed with them separately forever but i’m obsessed with them TOGETHER but ofc the show won’t give me a SINGLE SCENE of them ALONE i always end up shipping the ships who never get anything.

neranishin  asked:

If you get your powers through a dark pact with a fiendish overlord, and this pact requires you to perform certain tasks, does that count as "serving" a higher power? Are warlocks a type of cleric?

Of course not. Warlock’s powers are deal-based - they negotiate the power they’ll receive in exchange of services\souls. Cleric’s powers are faith-based - they first devote themselves and for the strength of their devotion and service they are granted powers. These powers are basically boons, favors in recognition of service. Clerics don’t go “Okay, god, if you give me Minor Healing spell, I’ll praise you once a day, and if you give me Medium Wounds Healing, I’ll kneel and pray in the morning.” Clerics don’t negotiate, while warlocks powers are entirely negotiation and contract-based, even if that contract would require them to pray, for example.

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Who do you consider as your friends here on tumblr

Every single one of my followers are my friends tbh ! I really love all of them and even if we don’t talk, please know that I’ll be here if you ever need me okay ;-; !! @myghcst & @yourmomsaname are my tumblr friends whom I spent with most of the time OFF tumblr too. <3 ( even if they’re not really part of the fandom I’m currently in now, they’ve been very wonderful friends ! ) Well, I’ve been talking / interacting with some people and there are some babababaABABBAYS that I love very very much !!! 

@achahakyeon , @smilange , @starlight-vixxen@saltykong , @royalbins , @starlightingly , @brekineee , @burnt-enough-starlight ,@reila-ravkong , @nxnight , @vixxeroni , @dyeob@chained-up-taekwoon , @sprouthyuk@bigseuegsobtob , @chasassyeon , @ildinim , @chyogi , @hakyeon-go-go , @narcissisthyeyeon , @cactus-bin , @tvixx , @hansanghyuked , @hongpeenus , @rapperravioli , @calemiel , @taekswoons@hongbln , @taekwooniverse , @sugodemic , @sangshik , @thisfeeling-of-forever , @chkyeon , @fxck-vixx , @wonsiks-hamster-taek  & EVERYONE ;-;;;;

I’m sorry if I didn’t include you but I really want to interact with every single one of you in the future ;w;… <3 Thank you for sticking with me and you guys are amazing.


hey bubs! it’s your favorite potato 💕 kth & myg are my babes & kim yerim is my gf.

i got tagged by @gaybrose ! des, i still cannot get over ur picture. you’re absolutely gorgeous 😍 thank you for tagging me! ilu 💘

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