ofc he deserved all the points ;)

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I don't know if you have already answered this question or anything but how would Bencutio come out to Romeo?


ok so tbh i feel like ever since all three of them were like twelve years old they were always super close and there was always a hint of “they’re going to end up together” but ofc they were twelve at that point so they never thought much of it

so then when benvolio and mercutio are like 17/18 they start dating and first its all ‘lets keep this a secret’ and they do but theyre THE WORST SECRET KEEPERS because theyre always touching in some way or another and EVERYONE KNOWS even romeo and hes like one of the most clueless people ever 

and then finally theyre just like 'alright we gotta tell romeo i mean he’s our BFF he deserves to know’ etc and theyre all nervous about it and everything and they make a big deal of it and make some elaborate plan to tell him pERFECTLY

and then like romeo just accidentally walks in on them making out one day and hes just like “jFC GUYS PUT A TIE ON THE DOOR OR SMTH” and mercutio is like freaking out and hes like “I CAN EXPLAIN” and then romeo just starts laughing and hes like “wait u guys were supposed to be keeping this a secret??” and then all three of them are laughing and theyre making fun of each other and yEAH

idk thats kinda how i picture it ^_^

Just some thoughts

So basically, since 11x23 aired I have been seeing a lot of disheartened Destiel shippers saying they feel a bit disappointed about the finale. But after further thought and rigorous examination I actually think I’m pretty happy with how things turned out in relation to them for a number of reasons. Despite the much more overt subtext this year (which my partner actually noticed for the first time) I don’t think it was the right time to make it canon and I here’s why.

 1. Given the state of Cas’ mental health health and general opinion of himself, I think he is definitely not in the right place in his story line for a romantic relationship. I’m not even trying to deny that he doesn’t care about/love Dean (mainly because I think he’s actually much more emotionally advanced in their relationship than Dean) but any relationship that could have sprung between them this season would have rang a bit hollow to me. Rather than sticking Cas into a relationship with Dean and magically fixing his problems, I’d much rather see a story line where Cas deals with his own issues first. Too often I’ve seen shows where characters story lines are shelved and instead the focus becomes completely about their relationship. I feel like Cas is the kind of person (YES, PERSON) to give 110% in a relationship and right now he’s running on about 40% himself and I don’t want him to give all his love away when he deserves to direct some towards his own mind and well being. I think he needs to focus on growing to like himself and seeing his own value before trying to focus on Dean. That’s why I think it was way more important to have Dean tell him that he was his (and Sam’s ofc) best friend and brother and show him that he has a family and that he doesn’t have to be alone or without support while he heals. Which brings me on to point two which was another big source of contention from what I’ve read. 

2. The ’brother’ thing. Honestly, I don’t see why that word has to be seen in such a negative light. When you consider the fact that the thing Dean loves most in the world is his brother then I think what we should be focusing on is the fact that he even compared the two of them, which I personally think is MASSIVE. It’s also important to remember that Dean places a huge importance on the idea of family so including Cas in that is a step in the right direction as far as I’m concerned. I know, I know the word brother doesn’t exactly perpetuate the idea of a wild romance but Dean isn’t always the best at expressing his emotions so for all we know he just used that term because it was the best he could come up with his limited experiences of romantic love and general tendency to repress his feelings. It’s also important to consider that even if he did have a stirring of feelings he might be tempted to bury them because all his previous relationships have ended in heartbreak for him and he might not want to risk losing another person from his already small family. But if this season has driven anything home it’s the fact that despite the fact they both care him, Sam and Deans relationship with Cas differ from one another. This is a fact that is clearly seen consistently throughout the second half of the season. Sam may be worried about Cas, but it is clearly shown that Dean is the one who isn’t sleeping, Dean is the one who’s staying up all night doing research to get him back. While the show shies away from actually explaining what the difference actually stems from, I still think there is time to explore the idea in season 12. When you also consider the fact that we have the return of Mary, a character who has deep roots in Deans development into the the person he is, I think there is a lot of possibility for self discovery and emotional growth for Dean in the coming season.

I also believe that the changes within the writers team (except Robbie because I’m still crying about that) and the new show runner also add to the possibility of freshening up the show and taking it in a new direction. Dabb himself has written quiet a few subtext heavy episodes in the past so I’m hoping that he will continue with that during his time as show runner. 

Also, may I just say that I totally respect that some people are unhappy and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t entitled to your disappointment, people have been waiting a long time. But honestly, I think with how busy things got in the last few episodes I’m so happy they didn’t go there now. If this is going to eventually go canon I don’t want it to be a rushed little segue in between plots to defeat the Darkness. I want it to be well written and poignant and dammit I expect to cry! I’ve waited a long time and I’m willing to wait a bit longer to see it be written properly and beautifully, not as some rushed little after thought. But y'know, these are just my thoughts, you are totally entitled to be upset about it but I just thought I’d write this for all the wonderful people who are trying hard to be positive.

Hang in there! :)

Htgawm winter finale

Okay I feel like i am the only one who thinks so, but I loved it. Don’t get me wrong - it’s sad and it’s emotional as heck but i think this was amazing.
The writers did not “lie” to us with the flashforward of Wes earlier in the season - it served dramatic purposes and tbh i think it’s awesome when a show makes me think i understand everything but then it surprises me.
And it makes the most sense for Wes to die - his story is told, we know his background and he has been the center of attention most of the time throughout all the seasons. Also his death would clearly impact all the others the most - apart from Annalise maybe.
Tbh i would’ve found it disappointing if it had been Frank or Nate under the sheet - because they were not as important to the K5.
Ofc Wes did not deserve to die, but that’s the whole point here, isn’t it?
That you got Frank, the murderer who wants to kill himself, who several other characters want dead - but Wes, young, sweet cinnamon roll Wes is the one who ends up dying. Because that’s what this show has been all about since the start: Terrible things happen to good people and murderers get to walk free

Boybands AU Part 6 - Tanaka Ryuunosuke's trainee days

First of all: Tanaka deserves more love. Secondly: Taeyang is my real-life Tanaka (beside Shiota Kouhei ofc).

So here is a small scenario I came up with while watching Taeyang’s “I’ll be there”

  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke dancing to Taeyang’s ‘ I’ll be there ‘ without his shirt on (he convinced Nishinoya, Kinoshita and Narita to be his backup dancers)
  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke making other trainees question their sexuality
  • “Are there any straight guys left here?” Ennoshita asks Suga
  • Suga shakes his head solemnly and points to the youngest boys
  • Hinata is having a nosebleed while shouting “SENPAI YOU’RE SO COOL”
  • Kageyama is tending to his own nosebleed, while nodding vigorously at Hinata’s words
  • Tsukishima is having an identity crisis in the corner
  • Yamaguchi excused himself to go to the bathroom
  • “You’re hard Ennoshita” Suga says
  • “You too, senpai, but I’m not pointing it out, aren’t I.”