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not to be beefy but why do some straight people ask really personal questions as soon as you come out to them?? like i was sat by myself eating chips and i had one kid who just straight up asked whether my family accepted me and i had to tell him my grandparents are violently opposed to gay marriage and he just went “oh".. like nathan what did you think the answer was gonna be?? now you’ve ruined my chips

VALAR MORGHULIS  :  ALL MEN MUST DIE.   /  pantone palette for clarke griffin’s ‘a song of ice  &  fire’ verse. fearless lioness  &  lannister of casterly rock. 

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Let me guess Ice, you're the incredibly short wing spiker?

“I’m a setter! Denmark is the wing spiker. Nor and Sweden are the blockers, Finland is our Libero. Sealand likes to join and play sometimes, but he sucks. Most of the time Estonia is our 6th player.”


Drown The Sun

Chapter 10 Published


“Allie this man has had more one night stands that you’ve had therapy appointments,” Gabie points out and I gape. What a cold thing to say!

“I wasn’t even alive most of the time he was having those flings so they don’t count!” I argue pointlessly and Gabie gives me an incredulous stare. “Yeah that was a dumb remark.”

“Well, you know…you have saved yourself a world of pain Maya Hansen. I mean look at this mess,” Gabie rants and redirects to her.

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Now kiss your favorite female muse as a demon

“I guess- how do we go about it?”
“For such an outgoing guy, you’re sure acting nervous about this.”

{Sweet Devil Event- End!}

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“To normal, at least!”