Bottled Emotions

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Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 1067

Summary: Lady Y/N never meant for it to go this far but that was the thing with love potions, they were very unpredictable. 

A/N: MERRY XMAS TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE IT! Slow start but I promise it gets better! 

Y/N wasn’t the greatest castor in the whole nine realms, nor was she the greatest castor in Asgard. She wasn’t even the greatest castor in the small village that she was born in. Yet somehow, for some reason, Queen Frigga had found her worth the time to teach and harness the small power within her.

Alongside her son, Prince Loki, she started to formulate some sort of structure and discipline in her magic. She found herself a natural at healing magic and potion making. Two subjects of magic that the prince found worthless and he reminded her of this daily.

She didn’t pay him much mind seeing as Queen Frigga’s praise for her work severely outweighed the prince’s insults.  

“He’s just jealous,” Queen Frigga told her as they strolled through the royal gardens.

They were there to pick up some herbs, but the queen thought it was the perfect time to start a conversation with her involving the younger prince who, by luck, had been called away in the duty of combat.

“Jealous of what?” she asked confused.

“I’m not sure yet,” Queen Frigga confessed to her. “Loki does not enjoy sharing his feelings and is a very adept liar. Makes it hard for me to read him at times.”

“Well his insults don’t offend me,” she assures the queen. “I know I’m mediocre at the craft, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from you.”

Queen Frigga smiles at this and stops in front of the bushes filled with an array of roses.

“You’re one of the most enlightening students I have ever had the pleasure to teach,” Queen Frigga tells her. “And because of that, I’m going to indulge you in an inside secret.”

She watches Queen Frigga pluck a red rose from the bush and hands it over to her. She brings it up to her nose and takes in the sweet scent that the petals have to offer.

“In the first few days of bloom, such as that rose in your hand, the rose offers a very potent component that could bring any man to their knees… with the right ingredients, of course.”

“What can it do?” she asks curiously.

“Roses signify love,” Frigga explains to her.

It takes her only a few seconds to realize what the queen is implying and understand the severity of what such a potion could do to the man who consumes it.

“A love potion?” she asks. “Such a thing exists?”

“It is rarely used,” Frigga tells her. “One could never know what kind of effects the love potion could have on the consumer. Some cases have caused the man to become obsessed with the person who provided the potion. Others lead to having a destructive passion or intense desire for the castor. In simple cases, it led for the man to grow compassionate. Like I said, different effects for different users.”

“Could it give a heartless man a heart?” she asks her.

Queen Frigga couldn’t help but laugh at this, “Are you referring to my son?”

“Perhaps,” she jests. “He certainly needs a lesson in humility. I’ll like to think I’m a very patient person, but if your son praises himself once more on a spell cast well done I will implode.”

“I’ll make sure to keep Loki in check,” Queen Frigga assures her as they continued to walk through the gardens.

“What else is needed for the love potion?”

“Is there some unknown suitor I know not of?” Queen Frigga asked with curiosity.

“No,” she answers embarrassedly. “I’m just curious that’s all. There must be some reason the potion has different effects on people.”

“You believe you may have a solution to the downsides of this potion?” Queen Frigga asked her.

“Perhaps,” she responds. “Like you said, I have a knack for potion making. Maybe I’ll unlock this mystery.”

“Very well then,” Queen Frigga states knowing that if there was anyone who could break this tangent in the potion it would be her. “You are going to need goat’s milk, honey, pomegranate seeds, and a freshly bloomed rose. The potion must be cast over a fire and performed at early dawn.”

Y/N took note of all this and knew that this would most likely take up the rest of her day and likely the next.

Dawn was approaching and Y/N started concocting the potion with the freshest ingredients she could find. The smell of the potion after adding all of the ingredients was sweet and pure just like she had imagined a love potion to smell like. She was very tempted to taste it herself but prevented herself from doing so not knowing what would happen if she did.

She was ready to reveal her creation to Frigga when she heard the trumpets sound at the gates near the castles.

The princes were back, but celebrations weren’t heard from the streets, but screams.

Horses were sprinting down the pebbled stones and heading towards the castle. Y/N knew that she would soon be called in to help as it seemed that there were multiple injuries in the recent altercation.

She had just finished placing her hair in a braid when she heard the soft knock on the door. A servant relayed the message of the queen needing her immediate presence in the infirmary and Y/N didn’t waste time to head directly there.

The infirmary was a chaotic mess of nurses running around with bandages and gauzes to stop the bleeding wounds of the Warriors Three and Thor. Queen Frigga was seated beside Prince Thor who had a large gash across his chest. His eyes were closed and Y/N briefly thought he was dead if it wasn’t for the slow rise of his chest.

“You’re here,” Frigga answers tiredly and Y/N finally takes notice of the gold magic slipping through her fingers that were most likely stabilizing her son at the moment. “Loki, he’s in need of your help.”

She tries to hide the grimace from her face but Queen Frigga sees it.

“I know,” she tells her. “But he’s severely injured and he needs the best. I would go, but Thor is in a more severe state, and you are the next, most qualified castor to take care of him.”

She can’t help but let out a sigh. How could she deny a direct request from the queen?

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B.A.P stans

shared characteristics of some stans of particular members that I’ve noticed over my time here :)))

Yongguk stans: good kind pure people. determined and hard-working, actually go on hiatuses to focus on school??? aren’t online often but when they are oh boy hello they are Here. have more pictures of himchan on their phones than yongguk. ok maybe not so pure but you get the idea

Himchan stans: proud owners of crack blogs. pretty witty and sharp and forward. seem intimidating but are the softest nicest losers ever who use humour to fool everyone into thinking they’re cool. never run out of memes and reaction pictures. hoes for art and nice food pics. always online

Daehyun stans: suffer daily, hourly, minute-ly, second-ly. usually quite vocal about things. don’t even react with mock outrage at rude!daehyun anymore, just cry softly 25/8 and sigh. can be pretty shameless and intend to drag everyone down with them. at any given point are probably thinking about something u don wanna know

Youngjae stans: snakes. all snakes. they seem sweet and cute and soft but harbour a secret desire to destroy everyone. probably are the mysterious owner of a b.a.p crack sideblog. very approachable but warning: do not approach. now own a choker or turtleneck. strange sleeping habits or schedules. secretly jongup stans

Jongup stans: would protect himchan with their lives. suffer during Soft Jongup Hours, continue suffering during Not So Soft Jongup Hours. can be quite vocal and forward about things but also can do their best to avoid confrontation. can seem distant or intimidating but please talk to them they’re needy and want love. secretly youngjae stans

Junhong stans: either constantly scream in caps lock in the tags or don’t tag at all, there’s no in between. have refined the art of the exasperated but fond sigh. still can’t believe how tall junhong is. reblog deep artsy photos and pics of food and coffee. s o f t. don’t talk to them about matrix era unless you have tissues. please shower them with affection


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A/N: Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this little requested one shot! I had a lot of fun writing it. You guys can send in requests/prompts, however I will not be getting to them until probably mid-January because in about a week I’m leaving to go abroad for a while (I’ll make an announcement regarding this soon)! Also sidenote, I love you all and you’re wonderful and beautiful just the way you are!

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do something about a reader who’s a tad overweight and is trying to lose weight so she goes to the gym down the street where she meets Cap and they start to meet up there daily or something and from there they become friends(eventually more)?

Word Count: 2.2k

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: weight issues / language

Y/N clutched her gym bag tightly in her arm, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone on the busy New York Street. She had finally made the decision to go to the gym and start working out, something she had wrestled with mentally for a while.

She had always been a little on heavier side, just enough to where a few rude people felt the need to make a comments. They usually didn’t bother her, but she had decided she would go to the gym anyway, just to start adopting a healthier lifestyle. She had recently started a new office job where she would be sitting all day, instead of her previous job working at a pet day care where she was up and moving all day. Knowing she wouldn’t be as active now, she reasoned that the gym was a good alternative. She figured she might be able to shed a few unwanted pounds, but that wasn’t what it was all about for her. It had taken a long time for her to love herself but she once she had reached that point no one’s comments offended her.

She had done her research and selected a small gym where she was sure she’d be comfortable and not surrounded by the uber crossfit types. She opened the door and was greeted by a girl working at the front desk and went to the locker room to put her stuff away. She didn’t see too many people there and breathed a small sigh of relief.

Y/N decided to start her workout by going to the treadmill. She put her headphones in and set the pace to a medium and focused herself. She’d made herself a new workout playlist that get her pumped and inspired and luckily it drowned out all the noise around her.

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Tell Me

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Prompt: A smutty, possessive John Shelby. 

She sprinted through the Birmingham streets skirts flowing wildly around her. She could hear him behind her, his heavy steps growing closer each second. In a last ditch attempt to get rid of him she ducked around a quiet corner and pressed herself into the shadows. The wall she had sidled up against was pressing into her back in an unpleasant manner and she was ankle deep in gutter water but it was worth it. The alley was well hidden and seemingly unused, she was sure that even he wouldn’t find it. She could still hear him running, his footsteps so familiar to her and when she heard them disappear she couldn’t help but think - Ha, victorious. She let out a long held breath. Goddamn that boy had stamina, he’d chased her from one side of the city to the other. She waited a few moments just to be sure and when the quiet remained she decided she was safe. Pushing herself off the wall she couldn’t help the stupid grin the made its way onto her face. 

She felt the impact first, her body slamming back into the wall. She didn’t hit it too hard but it was enough to knock the air out of her lungs. A hand found its way over her mouth and she bit at it, when that didn’t work she struck out at the body it was attached to in blind fear. And that’s when she saw them, those blue eyes swirling with mischief.

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