I changed my internet (we have 2 routers, don’t ask) and I got it to work now, yay! Anyway, I’m making progress in Downtown! I put the finished lots in the lot bin so I can see my progress. But yeah, Downtown consists of 44 lots in total (and there are 4 extra lot bin lots) so I’ll be busy for a while, haha!

nightscream21  asked:

Hi! So after you redo all of downtown, what's your next project? Bluewater valley?

After Downtown there are still 4 lot bin lots, but after I finish those I will start with the OFB EP. So yeah, Bluewater Village is up next. Which is really exciting because I never had OFB before I got the UC, so I’ve never played with any of those lots :D

I’v seen people say online that they wish they could follow their sims to work. Well, with Freeplay, you can. I can’t say as I ever saw the appeal of sending a sim to work just to make them do what I do all day, but this uses the quest mechanism already built in to Freeplay, so it’s moderately amusing. If following your sims to work in-game worked like this (except without the encouragement to make everything work “better” using micro transactions), it’d be at least as fun for me as running a business with OFB.

Kulo Seeri is still being rebuilt, but I’ve had a few ideas about it that I want to share. First off, I’ve decided to push the big red button marked “retcon” and move the Nuidya territory from some random mountain region to the north of the premades… to some random mountain region to the south of the premades. For two reasons: one, that I want penguins to be able to wander around.

The other reason is that I want a community of plantsims - partly inspired by @heimlichbourger - somewhere in the region. Riverblossom Hills, one of the southernmost premades on the map, may be near one itself if the Greenman family backstory is anything to go by. So why not make it be that plantsim settlement that’s somewhere near to KS? I have a few plans for interaction between the two tribes, mostly involving trade (experimenting with OFB, a pack I’ve never used much) and fostering out the “extra” kidlets to live with the plantsims so houses are less crowded in Kulo Seeri.

…I kind of want a third tribe, but I have no ideas for them yet.

I’m also considering setting up another hood to play while I’m building Kulo Seeri. My idea at the moment is to make it an alternate universe KS, so I can still enjoy playing it (sort of) while I build the “canon” timeline. Obviously I won’t be taking everyone into that alternate hood… but yeah. I’m still debating about style/theme, but I’m mostly drawn to the idea of having an urban fantasy hood.

Anyway, ramble over… back to build mode. ;)

Last years prize for the winners of the Old Familiar Beard Bash. Join us this year Monday, August 1st at The Ohio State Fairgrounds. Registration starts at noon, judging starts at 2:00! Natural beard, natural stache, freestyle beard, freestyle stache, partial beard, and fake beard categories! #oldfamiliar #ofbs oldfamiliarbarbershop #beardbash #osf #ohiostatefair #moustachecompetition #beardgang #beardedman (at Ohio State Fair)

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