I joined an RP called outforblood-rp because it looked interesting and I wanted to see how John would grow being around all the characters. Despite what I heard I thought I’d give this rp a chance and not let anyone elses opinions cloud my own before it had formed. 

At first it was a good rp. Not the most active but decent. Then I started to get anon hate. Some of the stuff they said was cruel and I would not say that to anyone or hope anyone to recieve it. ALL THE POSTS THIS/THESE ANONS SENT ARE ON MY BLOG AND MORE IN MY INBOX.

It kept coming and at first didn’t make a big deal out of it but then I noticed I only got it when I posted in the PRIVATE ooc chat, a side blog which is invite only and password protected by admins.

It was a player in the rp.

So I messaged the admins halebentderek and ressurected-reyes. Jan, who played Erica, I messaged on the main paige and did not seem at all bothered. Mell tried to blame a seperate group who I have no contact with and disregarded any and all evidence I showed her and then became nasty and short with me.

With nothing being done I traced ip to Orlando, New York and Germany that sent the hate and what happened when I told them?

I was kicked out for breaking the rules.

In this rp breaking the rules is trying to stop bullying and asking the admins for help.

I never once believed the bad things about the rp outforblood-rp , I never even cared for what everyone else (including some current members) told me but to see that you tolerate bullying and punish the victim only leads me to believe that the admins where involved in sending it or at least knew of it and just did not care in hopes to get me out.

And here is the proof:

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2t4 conversion of ofb and k&b towels

I used anna’s recolors (only 21 colors) and added a white and black recolor to the “towel cady plus”. The wooden rods and rings come in brown wood (I used the one that came with the sims 2), black (by anna) , and a white color that I made! (cause I’m dumb and didn’t notice she made a white one too lol). 

They are all compatible with the design tool.

You will find all of these under: Objects by Room > Bathroom > Accents.

NOTE: I didn’t convert the “Towel Hanger Plus Plus” because I never really used it on the sims 2 but if you want it just let me know and I’ll convert it asap :D

NOTE 2: They are all remapped but they are still easy to recolor. I didn’t touch the meshes though, and didn’t change the sizes either. 

You can recolor, retexture do whatever you want with them, just give credit, please? also, don’t claim them as your own, and don’t upload them to pay sites!

DOWNLOAD : DROPBOX | BOX  -  swatch is included and under the cut.

credits: anna for her recolors.

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RANT || Theo Raeken/ Cody Christian|

I can’t believe some of us have to actually write endless posts about this and it BLOWS MY MIND that Cody actually has to make a Video or posts to remind people that the person he portrayers on TW is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER . The qualities Theo Raeken possess is not the qualities Cody holds !

CODY CHRISTIAN IS AN ACTOR . He ACTS . He PRETENDS to be another person in simple words . HE IS NOT THEO RAEKEN . Therefore , unless Cody Christian has actually offended you in person by saying something mean etc you have no reason to hate him and bash on him !

It’s his Job to play Theo for our entertainment. So why are you hating on him? In my opinion you should be praising the fucking guy for such OUTSTANDING acting skills . I mean c'mon he’s the best villain in my opinion . Void was good , but Theo is amazing.
Besides the point , irrelevant ..

STOP all this dumb HATE on CODY CHRISTIAN . He’s just ACTING . In all honesty he’s a freaking Warm Cinnamon Roll .

So go send him some love . And apologize if you’ve thrashed him.

Have a good day .

TS1Unleashed Produce Stand Remade for TS2

(At last, it is done :D I must admit that I’m pretty proud of myself.)

Here is a grocery display from which can also be purchased the Seasons vegetables. Those can be brought individually, or in bulks of five, ten and twenty-five. Just like the regular groceries, it’ll  require a cash register on the lot to do so.

Found under appliances/large on both home and community lots. However, it will not be functional on residential lots (unless of course, said lot is a home business - you’ll then be able to sell groceries from it.)

The object requires the OfB, Nightlife and Seasons EPs.

-> Swatches


Edit: added a mirror link. Thank you to everyone who pointed out that the dropbox one was broken. It still will not work on the dashboard for some reason :S


Another bunch of default replacement. These are OFB hairs, so naturally OFB is required. I won’t be touching all the mascot hats and such, because  I have a hider for those. All these hairs come in Poppet’s v2 textures and colors.

FhairCurlsUp - replaced with Newsea BabyFace, alpha edited by Skell. original default by zunie-sims

CFhairCurlsUp - replaced with Newsea Love and Kiwi

FhairMidWaveMature - replaced with Newsea Heroine

FhairPixie - replaced with Marja’s 3t2 Pixie Cut

MhairLongBangs - replaced with Narusia MH04, alpha edited by Lilith. Maxis reused this hair for Free Time, so there are two versions of this hair in your game. This default replaces both of them and hides the FT one. You need both OFB and FT for this one. I based this one off Bergatory’s default. 

MhairModBangs - replaced with Gramsims’ JB, converted by Martini

~ Download OFB Defaults


The first part is a bunch of objects and objects recolors :D

8 Recolors of the Pets Atomic rug

I was asked waaaaay back to make more rug recolors, and I finally found an excuse to do it! The Pets EP is required :)

Credits: Rug Company, Rugs Direct, Rugs USA

Swatch - Download - Alternate

Isotopia and Atomic Rugs resized

Because I love these so much, and I wanted some size variety (1,5x and 2x). They’re slaved to the originals, so the Free Time and Pets EPs are required!

Download FT Isotopia Rug Resized - Alternate

Download Pets Atomic Rug Resized - Alternate

Contempto Adirondack Chair Striped Recolors

I always wanted cute recolors of these seats! And if you download Huge Lunatic’s CEP extra, the recolors will apply to the loveseat as well. Patterns are from Colourlovers :)

Swatch - Download - Alternate

OFB Ug-No-More Makeover Station in Anna’s colors and Polka Dots

For cute hair salons! OFB EP is required :)

Download OFB Makeover Chair Anna’s colors - Alternate

Download OFB Makeover Chair Polka Dots - Alternate

Pet Friendly art on NL Grilled Cheese

I fell in love with these cute prints when I was browsing Society6. And I defeated the urge to use the travelposter mesh again XD. So the NL EP is required for these :)

Art Credit: Pet Friendly on Society6

Swatch - Download - Alternate

Shoe Clutter

Last but not least in this super long post, I made some shoe clutter for the first time, because I’m a shoe clutter addict XD They can be found in the deco / misc category and cost 20 simoleons. They should be base game compatible, if I didn’t mess them up (please tell me if there are any problems with them) :)

Credits: Elexis, Pinketamine, Pixicat, Skeleton-Teacup

Download - Alternate

And now, let’s move on to the next part! :D

                                                                                          Merciful King

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Pan Dulce and Being Chican@ by Ariana Ortiz

Throughout my childhood, pan dulce served as reassurance of unconditional love.The early morning rustling of warm paper bags was the only signal I needed to roll out of bed on lazy weekend mornings and blearily make my way to the kitchen. If any family member waited too long to claim their share, their favorites would be long gone before they even had time to cool. I remember fighting with my sister almost every weekend over the sandías, butter cookies cleverly shaped and vibrantly colored to look like watermelon slices…..

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