I joined an RP called outforblood-rp because it looked interesting and I wanted to see how John would grow being around all the characters. Despite what I heard I thought I’d give this rp a chance and not let anyone elses opinions cloud my own before it had formed. 

At first it was a good rp. Not the most active but decent. Then I started to get anon hate. Some of the stuff they said was cruel and I would not say that to anyone or hope anyone to recieve it. ALL THE POSTS THIS/THESE ANONS SENT ARE ON MY BLOG AND MORE IN MY INBOX.

It kept coming and at first didn’t make a big deal out of it but then I noticed I only got it when I posted in the PRIVATE ooc chat, a side blog which is invite only and password protected by admins.

It was a player in the rp.

So I messaged the admins halebentderek and ressurected-reyes. Jan, who played Erica, I messaged on the main paige and did not seem at all bothered. Mell tried to blame a seperate group who I have no contact with and disregarded any and all evidence I showed her and then became nasty and short with me.

With nothing being done I traced ip to Orlando, New York and Germany that sent the hate and what happened when I told them?

I was kicked out for breaking the rules.

In this rp breaking the rules is trying to stop bullying and asking the admins for help.

I never once believed the bad things about the rp outforblood-rp , I never even cared for what everyone else (including some current members) told me but to see that you tolerate bullying and punish the victim only leads me to believe that the admins where involved in sending it or at least knew of it and just did not care in hopes to get me out.

And here is the proof:

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