thanks for everyone who makes my dash perfect. of course i can’t put in this everyone but i wanted to show who inspires me, whos edits are perfect to me and who i like the most here on tumblr.

sorry if u are not here.

lelogan + ofaperfectfantasy + heartbeatshard + adorauhl + selcose

lickingomez + sweetiebiebs + bieberscolors + rrauhls + selenamg

missfrozenyogurt + lookatmenowbiebs + scarswillstay + white-kenny

theplasticroses + meplusyous + biebergasmic + biebswish + k1drauhl

colouringtherainbow + nowherebutups + isabellaswan + wordsofwisdoms

radiatebeliebers + juicyjustin + besalright + theoceanswide + dontsforget

closernight + yeahdisney + wankingbieber + princebiebers + bieberfile

flawlessbieber + bieberarts + mabuses + r-millers + smilingwithjb

kidrauhl + ohitskidrauhl + itsohsmiley + royalkidrauhl + nightmoons

and the ones who i follow the longest:

everything-bieber # j-drew # lightthefuze # omgomez # mizzselena

biebergomezcy # ofabeautifulnight # verifiedbelieber # outlawgomez

+ and more

special thanks for lisa !i love you and idk what i will do without you. you are my best friend here and u deserve this special thanks!

ofaperfectfantasy-deactivated20 asked:

hi! :) just wanted to tell you that you're really nice and your blog is just pure quality. teach me how to photoshop seriously. i can't stop staring at your blog haha. btw mind checking out my pll blog, pll-obsession? thank you :)

omg thank you so much dear ♥ you’re way too sweet! I so don’t deserve all of this :’) and of course I don’t mind, I’ll check it in a bit. Thank you again!