I decided not to make a Christmas follow forever but instead an end of year one. This description might get a little messy, sorry. But anyway, these are the fabbest blogs ever and if you don’t follow them you’re doing it wrong.

These are my friends(?) special people who have made tumblr even more amazing because what’s anything without friends, the more the better. And these people are also super cool……(hover over your name for a message *insert wink* and sorry if I make some mistakes because formatting this has been kinda hard for me)
tsvvifts | everlsrk | kingdomlightsshine | futurewasme | odairscrestah | plaidswiftdays | treachreous | lilyjanescollins | cloudsmaygather | longlivethegirlinthedress | fabrae | exoclipses | baekxun

And here are amazing, wonderful blogs that I all love one way or another. Thanks for making my dashboard so beautiful. Please don’t feel sad if you’re not on this list because I’m 101% sure I forgot someone and I really love all the blogs I follow, so if you’re on my blogroll, I love you. (:
Listed in alphabetical order because I like things to be organised and bolded are favourites and ones I admire from afar.

abc: alaskayoung, alltowell, alonginthestorms, asheathes, backtodecembber, beautifulnight, bestapologies, breadinhotchocolate, cametotheshowinsd, casuallyscruel, catchingswift, catskirtdays, clarissafrayes

def: drunk-swift, emiliaclarke, e-mmacarstairs, emmaduerres, enchantedswift13, everlarkers, everswift, everythinhaschanged, eyesopen, fearsless, ffinicks, finnicksmellarks, fortuneandfames, frostingpeetaswounds, fuckyeahselenita, fuckyeahswift, fullofswift

ghi: gavemeroses, haymitch, hollyandthesunshine, hurtsorbleed, ialmostdo, indarkbluetennessee, indemne, indiesrecord, inthenameofbeinghonests, izzyfrays

jkl: jenniferlawrenceshrader, jenniferlawrenes, lasttimes, lawrience, lea-michele, letswift, lightthefuze, likeadrum, likebookend

mno: melark, mockingdream, mockingjace, morgensternsring, newfoundgrace, newyorkbehere, nowtheskyisgold, ofabeautifulgirl, ofabeautifulnight, ofastarlight, ohfrays, onehandfeel, ourprincesswift

pqr: padfootmagic, piecesintoplaces, rainyblueskys, rainyending, raphaelswings, redtour, roseshathaways, rruedolph

stu: sadbeautifultragic, savingmypromises, scathas, s-mg, stateofgracely, stateofgraces, staystaystays, staytaystay, strydering, swiftbeautifultragic, swiftdeen, swifth, swlft, tayllorswifts, tayloarswift, taylorsvift, taylorsweeft, teylurswifts, thatwhitedress, thisdaydreamsdangerous, timeerasingyou, tswift, ttreacherous, upinlights, unravelingwords

vwx: withtherains, wonderingfaiths

yz: yofinnick

I hope you had the merriest Christmas ever and the have the best New Year! All the best for 2014! xx


*clear throats* Ahem! I’ve decided to make my second “Follow Forever” to these blogs I’m following cause they all are so perfect and its actually making me upset. Okay Im joking but really Im so glad that i found all of your blogs and followed you all, cause your post makes my dash look awesome and beautiful!

  • friends and mutuals with bold ( im not gonna color my favorite blogs cause you all are perfect and idk man its too hard to choose and im too lazy )


adorauhl , alexrsso , arianast , arigrando , asparocky , alwaysgomez , beburr , bizzlena , biebmalik , ddreamoutloudly , deathsofme.

e-f-g-h ;

effyeahgomez , falsetos , fuckyeahzarry , holdintights , honorbiebs , feelsgomez , flawlessbieber , geteways , forgetfoerver , gavemeroses , getnakedselenamarie , harrystyls , gracieteefey , foreversours , godmezmarie.

i-j-k-l ;

itslovater , kittydrews , johannemasons , letyouflys , justinsbibers , iwonapologize , leightomester ,  kendellsjenner , letterstogomez , justalightweight , lovoto.

m-n-o-p ;

pretyhurts , miraclebiebs , ofabeautifulgirl , mariechrists , mosebys , mczayn , memphins , outtownjelena , mostelegantprincess.

r-s-t-u ;

  selenaafuckme , scotsmcall , selcose , stratfords , strattyford , stylesly , suckerforsloves , stylinz , swifterly , smaries , selenamg , rollercoastar , separatedways , selenamariesbieber , seleniez , slowsdowns , sadserenades , selienagomez , selenagomoz , texas7h19am , rockmafias ,selenadragons , selenangomez , robinfentys , tylersposeys , undercver , smariedrew , selesgmz , thxtgomes , slowdownss , selmgomz , skscraper , smokingwithselena , starsdancez , stunningjelena , seleness , selemis , selenagomesz.

v-w-x-y-z ;

zeynsmalek , xogomez , waitgomez , zaynmalikds , zaynharry , zaynepayne , zaynsmalik , zaeynmalik , zoellas , zustin , wisdombieber , yearswithrains , zaynmlk

+ blogroll



I felt like making a follow forever, so I used spring as an excuse to do so. Thanks for being so cool ily!!!!!

a-f: alisonjerrys, aristyles, breakburnandends, calvinsklein, daddymalik, destnycyrus, finallyfoundss, fuckyesjovato

g-n: hitthesun, hosephjonas, illbefinealone, itsaboutjobross, jonasbroothers, jonasgotdynamite, jovatoblog,  kendallpaynes, kingsoflion, loseyourminnd, loveofadaughters, malibamis, nickjerrys, nickjismylife

o-s: ofabeautifulgirl, ohjonasbros, onthefinishline, poynterdougies, seleagomez, slapsharry, slwdowns, smgbieber, stealingmyhearts, stopthisgirl, swifttailor

t-z: talentedjustin, takeabreaths, takeawaythepains, tequilaliam, texasfoolishly, thisdrinksjustsettingin, timesfade, turnryght, turntogrey, wearefounds, yeahitslikeadrug