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Time for the Results!

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(Our cinnamon bun as Katniss kicks his @$$!!)

This week found our heroine, Katniss, forced into a get-along shirt teaching with her nemesis, the very guy who three years ago lead her on then tossed her aside… how gauche! Peeta you dog, you’ve got some ‘splainin to do!

But then, a possible reprieve from spending the entire day with our golden cinnamon bun presents itself: split the class!

Alas poor Katniss, it is not to be. Our crack team of everlark enthusiasts have spoken, and in a definitive 42-3 vote, you’ve elected to keep Katniss and Peeta together (all the better to blow up this powder keg and let the smut scenes pieces fall as they may…)

Tune in next week, when the always exciting @thegirlfromoverthepond continues our adventure. See you then!

self investment

what value does the calendar have
over me, the mortal
who craves nothing,
greater still than the all-being,
all-seeing, all-living.
how can i crave when i am always
shape-shifting into
some other interest, some other
girl? i have no stock
in fools,
the company i keep
and loathe to keep.
this is a temporary, necessary evil;
to be alone is the worst offense.
desperate, we grasped for
anyone who would have us,
clawing for comfort, for strength
in numbers, someone we could use
as a human shield in the cafeteria
full of strangers, a body
to occupy the expected space -
to defy the laws of nature is
to die alone; no investment could be
so valuable as existence
in adjacent space,
no words, just being, being,
to be not yourself but stretched out
over unfitting insides,
skin awkwardly shifting with
the weight of the knowledge that
you do not belong here.
i should not be here.

i wander back
three years ago;
i am locked under the stars with you,
you who knows.
and isn’t that enough,
that someone knows?
no matter the people
i stack up behind me,
no matter the cacophony of
meaningless phrases shrouded in
useless conflict and propaganda -
there will still be you,
and there will still be stars,
and i will not be lost.

Definitely received a sign from a spirit or deity

Was driving by a crossroads and saw a huge ass white owl swoop down right in front of my car and stare at me for a while. I swerved to not hit it ans it took a second and flew off. I’ve been thinking about Artemis and Hecate today and did a communication reading with Aphrodite. She said that some big changes are coming for me. Some transitions but good ones. And owls are symbols of transitions. It could also be Athena or another goddess reaching out to me? Or a spirit of some kind?

/////////Thoughts on things associated with owls??? Please share any insight! /////////

Note:::: forgot to mention white owls don’t exist where I live. The last one seen where I live was like three years ago

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OK, I SENT U AN ANNON LIKE THREE YEARS AGO BUT MY PHONE BETRAYED ME SO HERE IT GOES AGAIN. 1. I'm so proud of you that you finished that deh comic (which is amazing and I basically cried) 2. YOU ARE SO TALENTED WOWW!!! I love your art so much, you are so talented like HM (lowkey envious jk love ya) ok bye, have a good week ;)) -🐧


Taekook Drabble #1

The jitters never quite fade.

They should, really, after some of the more disappointing encounters of the past few days, after Jimin’s forced smiles and Namjoon’s little sighs and Hoseok’s continued attempts to lighten the mood.

Three years ago, they had been in this very same city, handing out flyers to passersby, repeating English phrases that their leader had drilled into them. Group name is BTS. Please come to our concert. Again and again, met with shaking heads or vaguely indulgent expressions, picking up pamphelts off the ground after they had be tosses away only moments later. Jungkook had thought that could be worse than being treated as invisible whenever you tried to make eye contact.

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nickname: xav

gender: non-binary

star sign: virgo

myers-briggs personality type: istj (this still matters?)

height: around 172cm (5’8”)

time: 2:55am (why am i not asleep yet)

birthday: 18th of september

favourite bands: alt-j, exo, arcade fire, the jezabels, vixx

favourite solo artists: st vincent, fka twigs, frank ocean, sia

song stuck in my head: perth by bon iver

last movie i watched: a ghost story (2017) i got a headache

last show i watched: neon genesis evangelion, i’m sad and gay

when i created my blog: uhh three years ago? i’ve been on here for longer but i went on hiatus for a while but i’m back bitches

what i post about: movies, television, and hot actors

last thing i googled: oh my god i googled that cursed “are you a fucking r*ylo?” post i’m embarrassed

other blogs i have: @hellveticaneue i’ve wanted to use it as a studyblr

why i chose my url: i’m literally glued to oscar isaac’s dick

following: 427 (don’t ask)

followers: 246

favourite colour: grey

average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours

lucky number: i don’t have one

instruments: flesh flute (i’m joking i can’t really play anything)

what i’m wearing: pyjamas

number of blankets i sleep with: just one

dream job: i would say graphic/web designer but that dream is already a reality so i’ll say cinematographer

dream trip: south korea and japan

favourite food: BREAD

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Three years ago today, a child’s life was stolen when officer Timothy Loehmann from the Cleveland Police Department shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir while he was playing with a toy gun in a playground. #BlackLivesMatter

vintage Carmilla fandom things
  • L/Elle/Ell/Eleanor Discourse
  • Is Danny a werewolf?
  • Is Danny Elle?
  • Is the Dean Carmilla’s mother (this question came up earlier for people who’d read the book than those who hadn’t)?
  • H*llence vs. H*llstein 
  • I’m not spelling out either of those because virtual fucking blood was spilled in that ship war and it still hasn’t totally died and I don’t want to arouse the ire of anyone in the tags
  • people stalking Natasha and her mom
  • I’m not sure anyone ever figured out why they stalked her mom
  • One time someone shipped Carmilla/the Dean and tried to hold a Carmilla And Lilita Week for people to make fanworks about them. 
  • Most fans were understandably put off by the idea of shipping someone with her abusive mother figure and nobody contributed except this one person who made us all deeply uncomfortable for a week in the tags
  • Stars and Candles (early name for Hollstein, before the current name solidified)
  • Carmilla’s bangs. that doesn’t seem like a big thing but some people got like personally affronted when Natasha decided to grow her bangs out
  • “See that subscribe button? You should click it.”
  • VerveGirlTV
  • Laura having no fashion sense to speak of and straight hair
  • Perry dressing like a Sunday school teacher. From 1987. 
  • Coming up with names for Laura’s dad
  • “But what if Carmilla’s not a vampire in this version?”
  • Yes, that was an actual theory. I saw it a surprising amount considering it was made clear from almost her first appearance that she was a Massive Vampireface from Vampireland
  • I’ve just realized Tuesgays and Thursgays are becoming a vintage fandom thing and now I’m sad

You know what? I’m so fucking tired of Taylor being literally the only female singer who has to put up with ridiculous amounts of shit being thrown at her for some weird unprovoked reason every time she does something. She literally is just existing and doing the job that she loves and is incredible at, is it that hard to leave her alone?? Like okay great you don’t like her music it’s not for everyone, but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. If you don’t like, here’s a whole concept: Shut up about it!!!! Some people are obsessive with their vicious tweets towards her like wow don’t they get exhausted??? She is nothing but kind and generous and open hearted and genuine, she deserves none of all of the shit that people give her and I really hope she knows that

“I’m trans and to know you accept me makes me feel better about my existence”. Well, yeah, it’s crazy. Like in the UK it’s been a really bad week for that ‘cause all of our trashy, cancerous, garbage news papers have been printing those, like, horrendous articles just… you know it’s that kind of like should trans people be allowed to use bathrooms? Should schools allow trans people to wear what they want? Should we take it serious if someone is under eighteen and they want to define their own gender? And it’s just like… I’m sure they do understand which just makes it even more evil. It’s like we’re debating people’s right to exist, which is just… it’s insane. It just sounds so crazy, doesn’t it? Like questioning these things, it’s not a political debate, it’s like you’re literally saying: these are people that are now comfortable with how they want to define their own existences and you’re questioning whether their existences are valid? Which is so crazy because these things don’t affect other people. It’s something like gun laws, it’s like y'all don’t need guns but there’s a whole debate there and it’s a legitimate debate but how somebody chooses to live their own life that doesn’t affect other people. People say it will influence other kids. To what? To be aware people can make their own choices? It’s just logically, it doesn’t make any sense, so there’s things you can disagree on and then there’s things you can’t even disagree on. … Just think about how problematic everyone in culture was two years ago, three years ago, five years ago, eight years ago, it’s so crazy. You know, it’s like eight years ago everyone would just use the word “retarded” and not think about it. Years before that, like in the ‘90s, people would just say “tranny” all the time and it’s like you constantly look back and you’re just shocked by how horrifying and just how… ignorant everyone was. But everyone is progressing so fast now that even though it can seem like there’s dark times, I think the pace of which things are getting better only bodes well for the future. We just need to wait for all the old, ignorant people to die and it feels like generally our generation is more good than bad and then as long as that’s the case and we keep our ground political system, it should all work out. Let’s just stay strong in the meantime.

@danielhowell during his live show on the 21st of November 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (105/?)

All trans people are valid.

Attention all writers

Don’t. Delete. Your work. Don’t throw it away, burn your paper notes and scribbles, character doodles and failed verses. Keep a record of everything you do, every trip and every hilariously bad piece of work. Because often its hard to see the quality of your own work up close. In a few years, you’ll be rummaging around trying to find a different paper, and you’ll find some scrumpled draft scene from a book you started writing but gave up on. And you’ll read through it, and there’ll be lines that /sing/. You won’t recognise your work for the first few lines, and you’ll be thrown out of the writers chair and into the audience for the first time, and you’ll be able to have the magical experience of hearing your own words and not knowing how the sentence ends. And yeah, sometimes it’ll be laughably bad, but then you can see how far you’ve come. And when its not bad, its usually really, really good.
Keep your notes. Keep copies of your drafts and keep your old notebooks. You are your own best inspiration.