of...three years ago

Three years ago I was dealing with a bout of depression. It was not unusual, I’ve had depression and anxiety for almost as long as I can remember. But this bout followed my thirtieth birthday. I was not upset about turning thirty. I did not think my life was over or that my youth was behind me. Rather, I was in the middle of an amazing year full of the freedom that came with stepping away from religious oppression, finding my own faith and defining what that meant to me, and coming off of a year of painful fertility drugs and the decision not to continue treatment. I’d honestly never felt better.

And yet … depression.

I got that apathetic kind of depression where nothing seems fun or exciting or even remotely attention grabbing enough to pull me out of bed. I was just … stuck. I was missing something. 

As I do when I’m in a depression, I binged watched things. On a random Saturday, I stumbled upon Deathly Hallows Part One playing on ABC Family, likely during one of their marathons. 

“God I forgot how much I fucking love these movies.”

I’d seen almost every one in theatre. He-Man had read the books religiously (and even worked at a book store during the release of the first few). I knew the general plot because he is utterly incapable of NOT sharing things with me when he’s reading. So when the movies came out, of course we went. He fumed and fumed in his seat over missing characters and twisted plotlines, and I laughed and laughed until some random kid behind me loudly whispered to his friend “That’s the one that dies at the end” when Cedric Diggory first appeared on screen. (Seriously. WTF, you little brat?)

Rather than read the books, I’d spent time playing on Pottermore and the wiki pages learning ingredients to potions and the etymology behind the spells. I loved the world that JKR created, but I suck when it comes to reading fiction. My attention span (especially in my twenties) was garbage. 

So in the last week of June 2014, I borrowed my mother-in-law’s DVDs of the movies and binged them all. I laughed, I cried, I FELT something for the first time in weeks. Emotions. Feeling. Life. Magic. 

“I want to read the books now. I need to read the books.”

So I read them. I read several chapters every night out loud while my husband played video games. I laughed when he cried. He laughed when I cried. I did voices, and we argued over exactly how pompous Lockhart should sound. I gasped during parts that were not in the movies. “Why is Molly being such a bitch to Sirius?” “Wait, who are all these other elves?” “Dumbledore’s a shit. I’m glad he’s dead!” “OMG Tonks. OMG Fred. OMG Remus. OMG I hate this so much.”

And I loved it.

I loved it so much. 

I felt like an addict waiting for my husband to get home each night so I could keep reading. I begged him, “Just two more chapters. I’m almost done with this book!” even as I LITERALLY lost my voice in the middle of Deathly Hallows. 

Then, like magic, I remembered that the story didn’t have to end. I’d been RPing written stories with friends for two decades, and I’d stumbled into fanfiction from time to time. So I knew what sites to go to.

I read epilogue continuations first. I wanted to know what happened after. Then I thought, “I wonder what if …?” And I fell head first into the deep end of Dramione, Marauders, and a crap ton of Marriage Law and Time-Turner fics.

“I have an idea. I want to be apart of this. I think I have a story in me.”

And three years later, I have a life. A hobby. A PASSION. I’ve made amazing friends, rebuilt a really fucked up self esteem and sense of pride, learned a lot about grammar and story structure, and helped to add building blocks to a fandom that saved me. 

I can’t believe it’s been three years.

Thank you all, for some of the best three years of my life.

♥♥♥ Shaya ♥♥♥

Do you ever just

Think about people that died years ago, that you never knew and only ever heard studies about or read about

And get overwhelmed thinking about the lives they lived and the changes they saw

And wish you could talk to them, just once, to tell them how much they mean to you and how much they’ve helped you even though they’re gone

Because I do and let me tell you I’m damned emotional right now

anonymous asked:

How can you ship a couple that is so toxic like Jonas belittled Eva on multiple occasions called her stupid and ridiculed her in front of her face and with his friends and he called her a whore Like?!??how!!?!??

You’re so blowing things out of proportion he NEVER NEVER NEVER called her a whore, that’s a lie. And yeah, he was a dick. Three years ago. He didn’t understand that he couldn’t mess around with Eva like he would Isak for example, but he obviously had good intentions. And she CHEATED on him so idk why you re only attacking him.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect and their breakup was right. Three years ago. They have both grown? ITS THREE YEARS. They were kids, now they are both adults and they have both matured greatly. So fuck off if you think Jonas teasing Eva about her grades 3 years ago makes their current relationship “toxic” in that case no relationship is healthy. Evak??? Nono, Isak once said that he thought his life was better without mentally ill people so obviously their relationship is toxic. Eskild and Linn? No Eskild made fun of her being in her room a lot that’s toxic. Sana and her parents? No Sana lied about the party to them that obviously means their relationship is “toxic”

COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! We’ve had three seasons where we’ve seen both Jonas and Eva grow as people Jesus what show have you been watching.

Oh, and Jonas never called her a whore. One thing is over dramatising and exaggerating like you did, but that’s a straight up lie.

another graceless night

Hi all! My name is Sophia. You can find me (as Hendrik so graciously pointed out) on Twitter here and on Tumblr here. In 2014 I wrote for OWOB on Lorde’s first album, Pure Heroine. It was almost three years ago. I had turned 17 not even half a year before. I was starting my first week of college. I wrote it sitting on the floor of my brand new dorm room between the bed and the dresser. I was really, honestly so young that it makes me feel soft and delicate and translucent to think about it. That’s how I feel about Pure Heroine too, now - something stark and delicate, something from a past life. I still listen to it. It’s still really good. I still love the background echos on “Royals”. I still sometimes cry when I listen to “Ribs” but it’s like the way you feel when you see a picture from your childhood you had forgotten existed. 

Melodrama is a very different album than Pure Heroine. It’s enormous. It has more instruments. It makes more mistakes. This week, maybe inevitably, we’ll talk about the way the two albums are parts of a coherent body of work, both emotionally and sonically. We’ll make comparisons, I won’t be able to help it. But for now I want to make sure I give Melodrama its due: it is a luminous thing. It takes up a huge amount of space and populates that space with tiny, exquisite details. “Hard Feelings/Loveless” is a perfect six minute song and yet I keep thinking about how at 3:41, as “Hard Feelings” fades out and “Loveless” begins, you can hear an inhale in the background that sounds a little bit like the word baby. How “The Louvre” has the most joyful shimmering Springsteen guitars. The hallowed church-cavern echo on “Sober” when she sings “liquor-wet lime” and a thousand voices join in. All these things are good. All these tiny joyful moments create the surface of a space we are lucky to be allowed to live inside of.

I am not sitting on the floor of my dorm room anymore but I love her just as much as I did when I was 17, with my whole heart. I’m excited to talk to you about Melodrama this week.

Meet the Gals!

These female teachers are strong, independent women that love their teaching jobs at United High School! They all care about their students very much and aim to make them the best people they could be. Each woman has their own personality and loves to answer questions (it’s their job)! 

Elizabeth (Eliza) Schuyler

She is a sweet and caring child development teacher who loves all of her students dearly. She is one of those rare teachers that everyone respects, no matter what. She may or may not have gotten the job through nepotism three years ago, but she deserved the position nonetheless. She loves her sisters dearly and is glad that she gets to teach at the same school as them. She has a crush on the economics teacher, but that’s something for her to know and him to never find out ;) But she is way more than the man she pines over. She oftentimes volunteers at local charities and loves to donate clothes she no longer wears. 

Angelica Schuyler

As well as Elizabeth, Angelica may or may not have gotten her job as the AP English IV teacher with her father’s help four years ago. She may seem off-putting at first, but she loves and cares her hard-working students. She loves to go to writing workshops on her free time and is hoping to publish her first book in a year. 

Margaret (Peggy) Schuyler 

Peggy is the newest addition to United High and teaches photography. She loves photography and may seem like a hardass, but she is amazing at what she does and her students thank her for it later. She is glad to be able to work with her loves, Gilbert de Lafayette and Maria Lewis. They keep her happy, even though she’s the sunshine of the trio. When she’s not teaching, she goes to animal shelters and photographs animals so they can use the pictures in adoption ads. 

Maria Lewis

Maria has been teaching at United High for two years and loves how diverse and accepting the atmosphere is. She suffers from depression but finds solace in the research she uses for her psychology classes. She is not defined by her mental illness, however. She is extremely loving to the world, her students, and her significant others. She gives back through spending her weekends in the park, picking up litter. 

Theodosia Prevost-Burr

Mrs. Burr has taught at United high for six years as Ms. Prevost and as Mrs. Burr for one. She loves her job as a female basketball coach and as a sociology teacher. She is fun-loving, adventurous, and enjoys mountain-biking when she is not working. In the future, the Burrs plan to start a family, but they are in the middle of basketball season and she wants to make sure that her team is attended to first.

Since this is an ask account, feel free to ask questions! They will not be responded to right away since all questions will be answered with a drawing. Also, no questions about the men, please! They haven’t been styled yet!

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Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read about two or three years ago called some strange place. It was Cherik and it was one of the best things I've read in this fandom (as I remember it) but I've been looking on ao3 and I can't seem to find it, I was hoping you could help me. Thanks!

Sorry friend, that fic doesn’t sound familiar to me at all..and I couldn’t find anything posted previously on our blog.

If anyone can help Anon please let us know! Thank you!

Isn’t my mom awesome. She got me a IT shirt and a Sons of Anarchy towel.
The beautiful SAMCRO blanket was a Christmas gift three years ago. Still love it to this day. Its my traveling partner lol that and my nightmare before Christmas pillow that she also made.

Best mom ever!!!!

anonymous asked:

What was it like for Emil when he met Mathias? Maybe that'll help clear how he feels about his and Lukas' break up.

Emil: Meeting him? It was three years ago, and I was barely fourteen. 

Emil: As for how I feel, I’m not important right now. I’m not really thinking about my feelings, more of Lukas’. 

Attention all writers

Don’t. Delete. Your work. Don’t throw it away, burn your paper notes and scribbles, character doodles and failed verses. Keep a record of everything you do, every trip and every hilariously bad piece of work. Because often its hard to see the quality of your own work up close. In a few years, you’ll be rummaging around trying to find a different paper, and you’ll find some scrumpled draft scene from a book you started writing but gave up on. And you’ll read through it, and there’ll be lines that /sing/. You won’t recognise your work for the first few lines, and you’ll be thrown out of the writers chair and into the audience for the first time, and you’ll be able to have the magical experience of hearing your own words and not knowing how the sentence ends. And yeah, sometimes it’ll be laughably bad, but then you can see how far you’ve come. And when its not bad, its usually really, really good.
Keep your notes. Keep copies of your drafts and keep your old notebooks. You are your own best inspiration.

With all the feels going on with the tour and what not, thought I would just put these two smol beans meeting for the first time here. This is from Ethan’s vlog just over three years ago at Pax East. So adorable!
These guys have both come so far in such a short amount of time, look at where they are now.
I’m so happy and already excited for the fall shows. ♡

So here’s a thing

No one seems to ever talk about my favorite part of the Beauty and the Beast story, so in light of the disney remake coming out and everything, I’d like to take this moment to tell you guys something awesome. Bear with me for a moment.

First of all, as far as I can tell, Beauty and the Beast is the only mainstream Western fairy tale that was written ABOUT a woman, FOR women, BY women. 

If you list whatever fairy tales you can think of off the top of your head, about half of them–Rapunzel, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood–were probably traditional oral folk tales, typically told by women to other women or children while they were all spinning and doing other work. 

However, these tales were then collected, rewritten, anthologized, and popularized by men like the Grimm brothers and Charles Perrault. 

The other half–The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid–were made up in the style of these folk tales by modern (male) authors, most notably Hans Christian Anderson.

But not Beauty and the Beast

Setting aside its roots in the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche and its familial resemblance to East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Beauty and the Beast as we know it (prince cursed to be a beast, a rose, magic castle, a merchant’s daughter) was written by the French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve as a novella length story published in her book La Jeune Américaine et les Contes Marins in 1740. A considerably shortened version written by another woman, Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, appeared in a French girls’ magazine sixteen years later, and that’s essentially the version we all know today. In both versions, Beauty is undoubtedly the main character. 

But let’s talk about the de Villeneuve version for a moment, because it’s pretty interesting. 

(First of all, I really recommend finding a translation and reading it yourself, because it’s a riot: the story you know only takes up about half of the novel; there’s this whole subplot where every night Beauty has these dreams of a beautiful prince, and they talk a lot, and it’s kind of implied that they might be getting up to some dream-world hanky panky, but it’s the 1700s so no one’s saying it outright. And she’s falling in love with him, and he with her. Except he’s constantly telling her “You know, I know you like me and everything, but have you considered the Beast’s offer of marriage?” And Beauty, understandably, is like, wtf. And then after the prince turns back into a prince, his snooty mother turns up out of nowhere and tries to break them up? Idk, it’s weird. Anyway….)

So in the original version, Beauty is at the castle living with the Beast. And every night he asks her to be his bride, making it explicitly clear that her answer is totally allowed to be “no.” And every night, she says no, and he doesn’t push her further. 

The interesting bit is although most translations put the Beast’s question as “will you marry me?,” the original version is closer to “will you sleep with me?” And it’s made clear once the curse is broken that only a willing–and not coerced–“yes” on Beauty’s part would break the curse. 

tl;dr: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen and otherwise inclined. Beauty and the Beast is a 1700s-era feminist parable about the magical power of women’s consent. 

*mic drop*