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As for the banana peel's comedic potential not being lived up to... I would like to inform you that I was once the victim of banana peel comedy. I had taken note of it exactly 45 minutes prior, yet slipped on it and fell down about six stairs anyway. End of the school day on a Friday about three years ago. Went out with a bang.

I’m so glad

My grandma had to apply for a new job like three years ago and they asked her for her drug history. She was so stressed that she didn’t know what to do and wrote an anxious admission that one time, in 1996, she smoked a half a joint on her honeymoon in Jamaica.

Amelia: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

This is based off of @ourforgottenboleros series ‘Amelia’, which is AMAZING and you should go read it RIGHT NOW because oh my god it’s just so quality. ( @amelialuzmiranda )

My thing takes place seven years later, two months after Hamilton has premiered on Broadway. Yes, I wrote fanfiction of fanfiction but shhhh.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I know nothing about subways :)

Word Count: 1945

Hamilton took seven years for Lin to write, and you were there every step of the way. Five years ago, the two of you were married. Amy was the flower girl and a bridesmaid. She insisted on being both and you could you say no to that? Three years ago, you opened a second gallery in Brooklyn. It focused on more modern art pieces while your original focused on photography. You had never seen Lin so proud of you in your entire life. You were building a brand name.

One year ago, Hamilton opened at the Public Theater. Two months ago was Lin’s opening night on Broadway. Everything moved slowly, but at the same time was passing you by in an instant. You had always been pretty good at taking things slow.

On this particular Friday, Amelia had been talking about going to the theatre from the moment she woke up in the morning.

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Would you write a lil au for key because i love him?? Please and thank you ❤❤❤

  • sommelier!key 
  • is the best dressed at all the wine tasting competitions. no one ever beats him when it comes to looks
  • still holds a grudge against that cup dandelion wine they threw in as a wild card three years ago at the annual wine olympics. like who the hell drinks dandelion wine. name one person-
  • works with a couple of restaurant but his favorite is owned by a friend of his named jonghyun who in all honesty has no idea what the hell key is saying when he’s talking about wine, but he trusts him and just orders whatever key wants
  • except if it goes over the budget. which it ALWAYS does and they fight like cats over it until one of them gives in
  • wears a beret unironically, but it doesn’t matter he looks really freaking good in it
  • you’re the maître d’ of jonghyun’s restaurant and you’ve known key for ages,,,,,you always like when he’s over because he sets the staff straight in a way jonghyun can’t even do
  • like he just has to snap his fingers and be like “are you KIDDING ME is thiS what you call good service?” and suddenly the night is going smoothly and you, as head waiter, have like zero problems
  • key is always trying to teach you to be assertive like him but you’re just like,,,,,key,,,,,,,,,,you’re good at it because that’s your aesthetic: telling people what to do
  • key:,,,,,,,ok you’re not wrong 
  • one night he’s there to talk wine with jonghyun but jonghyun insists he has a meal first and you lead key to a table and get him the usual 
  • and as you’re pouring a drink for the table near key’s you overhear the guy make an offhand rude comment about key’s appearance 
  • and key turns around because,,,,you bet he heard it
  • but before key can even speak, you “accidentally” pour the champagne all over the guys shirt and you’re like “OH,,,,,my miSTAKE,,,,,,wow,,,,look at that it got on your watch too,,,,oh i hope it’s not broken!!!!!”
  • and you’re obviously being sarcastic and the guy wants to get angry and yell at you but key calls you over and you’re like “i need to go serve the other guest, napkins are on the table.”
  • and you hurry over and you’re like “what’s up”
  • and he’s got his eyes narrowed, but then a smirk becomes apparent on his face and he’s like “you’re learning well, i like this side of you.”
  • and you grin back, shrugging your shoulders saying that your savageness has always been hidden inside you
  • key just raises his glass as if to toast to that but then, before bringing it to his lips he goes, “i think it’s a very sexy side to have. bring it out more often for me.”
  • and you damn near drop the bottle you’re holding because,,,,,,,,,,,,,wait,,,,,,,,did key just,,,,,,,compliment you? in a flirty kinda way,,,,,,,,
  • jonghyun from in the kitchen: if key calls you sexy, you basically hit the jackpot 

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Uhm? Dave clearly got jealous when Karkat brought up his past crush on John (If you didn't catch this you're not reading Dave correctly) and he dumped Terezi SPECIFICALLY because he didn't feel comfortable with sharing Terezi, the dude is clearly not comfortable with polyamory. Also with Karkat that was also monogamous, it mirrors the Signless and he outright stated that he was doing it to "keep her to himself."

oh boy anon discourse that starts with “Uhm?”, my favorite

first off “If you didn’t catch this you’re not reading Dave correctly” is just so fucking condescending like there’s only one right way to read that character. and even then being jealous over “oh god my boyfriend still isnt over a crush on my best bro from three years ago” or “man i’m really not comfortable with my gf being in a blatantly abusive relationship” isn’t the same as being jealous in all scenarios or like necessarily excluding polyamory

and i dont think “it was mirroring the Signless” is really a valid argument for karkat. like, they are two separate characters i dont even see where you’re trying to go with that argument. the whole thing with him didn’t even have anything to do with the “multiple partners” aspect of quadrants, it was the whole “trying to reduce complex relationships into one category” thing. almost all of the problems you’re describing here are problems with the quadrant system being shitty

just fucking… is this all really just because of a shipping ask meme. i didn’t answer “oh sorry but dave and karkat are strictly monogamous” for the OT3 bit and now im getting discourse from anons telling me that these fictional characters can’t be polyamorous and that i’m reading the comic wrong if i think they can be.


So, I’m going to tell you all the truth. I actually didn’t start this blog because of my genuine interest in hetalia. I actually started it because of a redraw. Three years ago I was completely obsessed with hetalia and drew it non stop. I was going through my art a while ago and stumbled across a lot of it. I laughed, because a lot of it was rather stupid and, well, weebish. My twin told me I should redraw one, so I chose the one I remembered being most proud of. After I redrew it, Steph gave me the idea to create a blog. And here I am now.

If any of you guys are interested in seeing me redraw old art, let me know. I have way too much old hetalia fanart sitting around my house.
The redraws will be a little better quality than my normal ‘ask art’ since I will spend more than five minutes on them. XD

((Sorry for bad photo quality. Maybe if you click on it it’ll be better))

Missing Meals and Second Helpings, chapter one

a Hunk/Lance future fic, 9k, rated mature. additional tags for chubby Lance, weight gain, stuffing, existential angst, slow burn, and pining.

Summary: Working as a cargo pilot for a lunar shipping company isn’t exactly where Lance McClain imagined himself ending up. It’s not a bad life, but it’s far from the piloting career he was hoping for when he graduated Galaxy Garrison three years ago. But he’s learned his lesson the hard way–you can’t always get what you wish for, and that’s that. And hey, at least there isn’t a weight limit to flying a cargo ship.

One phone call and the words I need a favor are enough to set his life on a new course, crash landing through hopes and fears.

Suddenly you’re 21 and even though three years ago you swore to yourself you’d have everything figured out at this age it’s not the case. At all. You still cry your heart out over boys who do not deserve a single one of your tears, you still struggle to let go of things and people you told yourself you were done with. You don’t speak up for yourself or people who deserve it. You live in the background even though you’ve been fighting for it to change. Life passes you by and you’re never in control - you’re always stuck in the passenger seat. You told yourself “I’ll be happy in a year’s time” but you’re not. Happiness is always something that waits around the corner for you, but you’re never fast enough to catch it and close your fingers around it so it doesn’t escape. You don’t know what your life will be like in another three years, you have absolutely no idea, and it scares you senseless, not knowing where you’re going, where you want to be. It’s like you’re walking with a blindfold covering your eyes.
You know what? It’s not too late to get your life together. It’s not too late to write that letter, to send that application, to say goodbye to the people who do you no good and to be who you want to be, whether you’re 15 or 21 or 45.
—  tearing off the blindfold / n.j.

Art summary of 2016: my style stagnated for most of the year, mostly because I was quite busy with school and life, and I only began to improve a little bit near the end of the year. My goal for next year is to learn more about colours, since right now I’m just picking randomly from the colour wheel purely based on what I’m feeling at the moment.

Cheers! Thank you all so much for your support, and I sincerely hope you have a really great New Year. :)

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After that episode, I got so many messages on Instagram from fans that said, ‘I was raped three years ago and today I told my parents, because of your character.’ That touches me. It makes me very happy to know that people don’t see it as just a show. It actually touches people and helps girls feel stronger.

So here’s a thing

No one seems to ever talk about my favorite part of the Beauty and the Beast story, so in light of the disney remake coming out and everything, I’d like to take this moment to tell you guys something awesome. Bear with me for a moment.

First of all, as far as I can tell, Beauty and the Beast is the only mainstream Western fairy tale that was written ABOUT a woman, FOR women, BY women. 

If you list whatever fairy tales you can think of off the top of your head, about half of them–Rapunzel, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood–were probably traditional oral folk tales, typically told by women to other women or children while they were all spinning and doing other work. 

However, these tales were then collected, rewritten, anthologized, and popularized by men like the Grimm brothers and Charles Perrault. 

The other half–The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid–were made up in the style of these folk tales by modern (male) authors, most notably Hans Christian Anderson.

But not Beauty and the Beast

Setting aside its roots in the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche and its familial resemblance to East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Beauty and the Beast as we know it (prince cursed to be a beast, a rose, magic castle, a merchant’s daughter) was written by the French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve as a novella length story published in her book La Jeune Américaine et les Contes Marins in 1740. A considerably shortened version written by another woman, Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, appeared in a French girls’ magazine sixteen years later, and that’s essentially the version we all know today. In both versions, Beauty is undoubtedly the main character. 

But let’s talk about the de Villeneuve version for a moment, because it’s pretty interesting. 

(First of all, I really recommend finding a translation and reading it yourself, because it’s a riot: the story you know only takes up about half of the novel; there’s this whole subplot where every night Beauty has these dreams of a beautiful prince, and they talk a lot, and it’s kind of implied that they might be getting up to some dream-world hanky panky, but it’s the 1700s so no one’s saying it outright. And she’s falling in love with him, and he with her. Except he’s constantly telling her “You know, I know you like me and everything, but have you considered the Beast’s offer of marriage?” And Beauty, understandably, is like, wtf. And then after the prince turns back into a prince, his snooty mother turns up out of nowhere and tries to break them up? Idk, it’s weird. Anyway….)

So in the original version, Beauty is at the castle living with the Beast. And every night he asks her to be his bride, making it explicitly clear that her answer is totally allowed to be “no.” And every night, she says no, and he doesn’t push her further. 

The interesting bit is although most translations put the Beast’s question as “will you marry me?,” the original version is closer to “will you sleep with me?” And it’s made clear once the curse is broken that only a willing–and not coerced–“yes” on Beauty’s part would break the curse. 

tl;dr: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen and otherwise inclined. Beauty and the Beast is a 1700s-era feminist parable about the magical power of women’s consent. 

*mic drop*