of. age

  • Kitty: I saw what you where doing back there.
  • Wolverine: Oh?
  • Kitty: Don’t play innocent with me.
  • Wolverine: What are you talking about?
  • Kitty: You... Playing with that kitten.
  • Wolverine: ...There was no kitten.
  • Kitty: Logan, I saw you. You dangling a piece of twine for it.
  • Wolverine: I was helping it train.
  • Kitty: You're a big softie!
  • Wolverine: We will never speak of this again.
  • Kitty: Softie!


A friend and I came up with a crazy theory. A still living Warden can be contacted through Leliana or Morrigan, but if he/she is travelling into the unknown, how the heck would they know how to get a message to the Warden before he/she moved on? What if the Warden never left at all, just disguised him/herself and joined the ranks of the Inquisition? How cool would it be to possibly have had all three player characters in Skyhold at once? We laughed to imagine poor Cassandra’s reaction to that.