Throwback to last year’s Rogue One opening day bliss when we were all screaming about our brave and flawless Team™, watching the hammerhead corvette smash a star destroyer into another star destroyer, Daddy V fucking us all the way up, and that flawless ending with Leia that transitioned right into a New Hope!!!! Take me back babes!

man i’ll never forget how it felt to watch the force awakens for the first time. i watched it with my friends after school on the last day of fall semester. it was the hong kong premiere. the movie ended at 9pm and afterwards we left the cinema and stood on the super busy street corner in the middle of all the night life, just talking about it for ages. as we walked to the subway station i called my friend who’d also just seen it in a cinema across the city and we gushed over it. we walked past restaurants and cafes and my friend said “what if we just yelled ‘han solo dies’ right now” and i laughed. it was exciting and fresh and hopeful! it was a movie experience that will stay with me forever! that will always be star wars to me, and the last jedi was not it