Dating Suga would include...

  • Cuddling 
  • Like lots and LOTS of cuddling
  • Hearing him rap all the time 
  • You would make him rap Cypher for you like all the time
  • Hed be working on his music all the time 
  • And sometimes hed ask if something was good
  • But other times youd ask what he was working on 
  • And hed hide it saying it wasnt ready 
  • Hed practice his lines everywhere 
  • It was actually really cute 
  • Because sometimes hed do it without noticing 
  • Hed tease you about being short 
  • Even though he wasnt much taller
  • He was just happy to actually be taller than someone else
  • “Look at you! Youre so tiny” 
  • His gummy smiles
  • It would probably take a while for him to open up to you 
  • But eventually he would 
  • And people would wonder how the hell you did it 
  • He would tell you the dumbest jokes he heard from V or something 
  • Lazy day 
  • Everyday
  • Deep conversation at night 
  • But also 
  • Like you guys can enjoy each others presence 
  • In just silence 
  • And be okay with it 
  • Really cute selfies
  • Him trying to be lowkey about how much he loves you 
  • Like “Hey make sure you put a jacket on its cold outside” 
  • “Woah is Min Yoongi worried about me”
  • “Fine get sick if you want. Im not going to be taking care of you”
  • You got sick
  • He was taking care of you 
  • “See. This is why you should listen to me more”
  • “Mmm fine just go to work then”
  • He missed out on work to make sure you were getting better
  • Hed be very protective 
  • Making sure you werent getting out of bed
  • He made you some really good ramen
  • Gordan Ramsey style
  • “You should be lucky you have such a great cook as a boyfriend”
  • Hed rub it in
  • And also the fact that he was right about you having to wear a jacket 
  • Making bets all the time
  • Because youre both very competitive
  • And love winning 
  • “How long do you think Hoseok can go without screaming?”
  • “How about Namjoon, How many things do you think hell brake today?”
  • Hed never let you live down whenever youre wrong 
  • Constant teasing 
  • Its a love hate relationship 
  • He would be too shy most of the time to show affection
  • Or be the first one to start something
  • And he would love when you do 
  • But hes too swag to admit it 
  • Youd take his clothes
  • And he would get flustered
  • “Yah what are you wearing?”
  • “Your sweater? What does it look like im wearing?”
  • “You better wash it when youre done wearing it”
  • He would joke
  • You knew he didnt like those cheesy couple things
  • So as a joke you got a couples matching sweaters
  • He would get teased by the others for wearing it 
  • “Bahah You actually wore it?”
  • “Well yeah. Havent you worn yours?”
  • “Yoongi I bought them as a joke you idiot”
  • He refused to talak to you for the rest of the day 
  • He secretly got a couples matching pajama for the both of you 
  • “You actually have to wear this though”
  • He got really happy
  • Even though it wasnt much of his thing
  • Youd make him take a selfie with you 
  • He made you promise not to show anyone
  • The stupid faces you would both make at each other
  • You would watch his performance videos about  300 times
  • Just to get the right derp faces
  • And embarrass him
  • Hed make fund of you trying to rap to Cypher
  • Make faces acting annoyed when you and Tae rapped together 
  • But in reality hes just really happy you like the song 
  • Hed let you listen to part 4 because he loves you that much 
  • Shower sex
  • Whoops where is this going…
  • He has this one kink 
  • Which is p gross in my opinion but whatev I just know it! im onto him
  • Slow sex
  • Hes v dominant 
  • Whenever you tried to be dominant 
  • Hed just laugh 
  • Kitchen sex as well ?
  • Like lots and lots of shower and kitchen sex
  • Hed buy you cute underwear 
  • He just wants to see you in them 
  • Your relationship is just a lot of insults
  • But its okay
  • Because its how the both of you get along
  • Taking pictures of him sleeping 
  • To show the others
  • Hed get you back somehow
  • Most of your camera roll is just embarrassing pictures of him 
  • And his is just of you 
  • Some of them would be taken when you werent noticing 
  • And he just found you cute 
  • And hed smile thinking of how lucky he is
  • Hed have his arm wrapped around your waist 
  • And you would just be talking about deep things
  • Or insulting each other 
  • Or talking about lyrics
  • Hed be so soft 
  • And squishy 
  • And his kisses
  • Would be the best things ever 
  • Because sometimes 
  • Hed be really sweet with them 
  • And other times hed be really passionate 
  • And rough 
  • Soft lips
  • Im v weak right now someone hold me 
  • Dates woulf just include napping all day 
  • Movie marathons
  • Laying his head on your lap while watching tv
  • This boy is whipped
  • But SOOO in denial 
  • He loves you lots, he might not show it often but this boy loves you a lot!
  • Hed secretly make songs for you 
  • ksdhksdhksd
  • This boy 
  • Kill me 
  • Anyways please love Suga a lot. This little mint marshmallow

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Help im feeling

this scene ;A;

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Oh Land - White Nights (Twin Shadow Remix)

so… yesterday, i was at the Gap. which i never shop at, but they had a huge sale.

the gap reminds me of banana republic. a bit old for me. and formal.

you won’t believe it. they played Ke$ha! at the Gap. wow.

but… this was ALSO playing, and i LOVE it!