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dunno if you take fanfic prompts, but here it goes: Kya and Lin are secrerly dating. Meelo catches them kissing somewhere in Air Temple Island and throws a fit in front of everyone at dinner because Lin is his crush and Kya shouldn't be kissing her.

Darn tootin! I love this prompt and will forever cherish this prompt. Thank you so much, anon! I hope it’s to your liking! 

Meelo was all too excited for Lin to arrive that evening for dinner. Not only did his mom prepare his favorite dinner, but Lin would join them, which didn’t happen as much as Meelo would’ve liked.

Meelo headed near the dock, in hope to see Lin as soon as possible. The dock was in view and a wave of delight brushed over him when he saw Lin, his hero, his current crush. Lin arrived and Kya stood by the dock. It looked as Kya was messing with her because she earned one of Lin’s famous glares. Meelo didn’t think anything of it; he was just excited to see his favorite person! The airbender was just about to run and greet Lin, but he froze and his jaw dropped when Lin pulled Kya closer and Kya kissed her.

Meelo blinked a few times, there was no way that he just saw what the thought he saw. He rubbed his eyes and looked back at the two and Kya pulled Lin for another kiss before pushing her lightly and walking ahead of her to the house.


Meelo stared at his plate, biting his tongue as the grownups talked about the city. He was so upset that he didn’t even want to eat his favorite meal. He chewed the inside of his cheek confused and angry.  Confused that they were together and angry because they didn’t tell him!

The more he thought about it, it seemed not as surprising. They were much closer recently, and perhaps that’s why Kya visited the city more often. Thinking about it just seemed to make him angrier. He had crush on Lin and his own aunt took her away from him.

“Meelo sweetie, what’s wrong. You look upset,” Pema said obviously worried about her son. Tenzin looked over to see what his wife was so worried about. He raised his brow.

“You’re usually so happy when Lin is here,” said Tenzin. Everyone’s attention was directed towards Meelo.

“Yeah, you just love when Lin comes to dinner.” Ikki teased, but she got no response from her younger brother. Meelo’s cheeks went a bit pink from anger. “Look! He’s even blushing.”

“Stop teasing your brother, Ikki.” Tenzin said before reaching for his drink.

“It’s true,” Ikki stated with a smug look.

“Ikki, that’ll be enough,” Pema warned.

Meelo’s cheeks became flushed with anger; he banged his fists against the table, finally breaking away from his thoughts.

“I seen aunt Kya kissing Lin!” he finally yelled out. Tenzin nearly spat out his drink and started to choke, Pema quickly patted her back to reassure he was alright. Bumi burst out laughing and Kya and Lin looked like they couldn’t find the words. Meelo didn’t look from his plate. Jinora and Ikki looked from their brother to their parents for an answer.

“What?” Pema was the first to speak after Meelo’s sudden outburst.

“I was walking around the Island and I saw Lin arrive and so I wanted to say hi and Kya was there and they kissed! On the lips!”

“Well what’s wrong with that?” Kya asked.

“Because you shouldn’t be kissing Lin!” Meelo stood up from the table, and ran out of the house.

“Meelo!” Tenzin said about to go after him.

“Let him calm down, honey.” Pema said as touched his arm. “And you two…” she said looking to Lin and Kya.

“Is there anything you’d like to say?” Bumi asked, lightly elbowing his sister’s arm. Kya rolled her eyes at him and Lin cleared her throat.

“Meelo pretty much covered it,” Lin answered, wishing to herself that she hadn’t come.

“I don’t understand why he’d be so upset,” said Kya.

“Because he has a crush Lin,” said Ikki.

“Obviously…” Jinora said with a smirk.

“How was I supposed to know that?” asked Kya.

“I don’t know, maybe because she’s all he’s talked about for the past two months?” Jinora said.

“Isn’t that cute?” Bumi teased, earning a deadly glare from Lin.

“Can’t blame him. Quite a few people have crushed over you. Isn’t that right, Tenzin?” Kya asked. Once again, Tenzin started to choke.

“Kya, please!” Tenzin strained to say.


Lin walked out of the house, on her way to speak to Meelo. Kya thought it would be best for Lin to talk to him, as much as Lin protested. Now that she thought about it, she much rather speak with Meelo than continue the conversation inside the house.

“Still mad?” asked Lin, stepping onto the dock.

“Not really,” Meelo said before tossing another rock into the water. Lin bit her lip. She wasn’t exactly sure how to talk about something like this. Luckily Meelo saved her the hassle. “Why did you have to start dating aunt Kya?” Meelo asked. Lin sighed.

“Meelo, I’m much, much older than you.” Lin said.

“So is dad to mom and they’re married…” Lin let out a laugh.

“That’s a little bit different,” Lin sat down next to him.

“What about grandma and grandpa. They were a hundred years apart,” he mumbled. Lin rolled her eyes.

“Again, that was different.” Meelo pouted. “Why not someone closer to your age.” Meelo sighed and flew back looking at the sky.

“Asami is taken.” Meelo said dramatically. Lin smirked at his answer, shaking her head.

“Perhaps someone a smidge bit younger than that. What happened to that one girl that you talked about, Tuyen, from the Earth Kingdom” Meelo groaned.

“Long distance is tough,” he sighed.

“You can say that again,” Lin agreed. Both of them went silent for a moment, Lin thought what kind of advice she was going to give a kid and Meelo trying to come to terms that Lin and Kya was a thing.  Meelo looked over to Lin.

“Do you really like Kya?”

“I do,” answered Lin.

“And you’re happy?”

“I am.”

“Why didn’t you guys tell anyone?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “I thought it would be nice to not worry about other people knowing for awhile.” Meelo sulked a little bit.

“And I ruined it…”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said before rustling his hair. “It was a matter of time.” Meelo looked up at her and smiled.

“Do you think I’ll find someone?”

“I’m sure you will. You’re still young, Meelo. You have plenty of time.”

“If Kya moves in with you will you still come over for dinner?”

“Of course, I’ll probably be here more often because of it. Is that okay with you.” Meelo smiled brightly at that.

“Yeah.” The young airbender stood up and sighed once again. Lin raised her brow and wondered what was bothering him now.

“Maybe I should go with Mako to one of those speed dating things.” Meelo stated. Lin rolled her eyes again.

“How about going to a park.” Lin offered. “Then if you don’t meet anyone for a bit then you can join Mako on speed dates.”

“I guess I could start there. You got any advice on getting girls.” Lin shrugged her shoulders.

“Be yourself?” Lin suggested. Meelo pursed his lips and raised his brow.

“I’ll ask Aunt Kya…”