somewhere only we know

A present to all of the lovely Kainora shippers out there. :)

“They have a spot. / [Kai/Jinora] Minor Book 4 finale spoilers.”


Jinora shows it to him shortly after the airbenders arrive on Air Temple Island. It’s one of the many trees on the island, secluded away from the others, near a small cove. The sun filters through the leaves just right so it offers the perfect reading light. At night, the stars are brilliant as the winter solstice draws nearer and the days darken. Most importantly, it’s a spot that nobody else goes to. It's her spot.

And now, it's their spot.

Kai’s face lights up. “Jinora, this is amazing!”

She laughs lightly, as bright and clear as the shimmering pond under the midday sun. “I’m glad you like it. I come here all the time.”

“I - and I can come here too?” he asks uncertainly. Jinora nods, smiling. He grins back at her. “Cool. Thanks.”

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