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Of Monsters and Men, Your Bones, Live from Music Hall of Williamsburg, 4/5/12 (by bowerypresents)

So hold on, Hold on to what we are, Hold on to your heart

anonymous asked:

I saw that you like Of Monsters and Men and I just had to ask what your favorite song is? ( my favorites are Little Talks, King and the Lionheart, Mountain Sound, Dirty Paws, and From Finner.)

ahh, that’s tough, I like a lot of their songs. I’ve also been listening to the new album a lot lately, too (like I’m actually listening to it on loop right now, haha)

Letsee, on their first album I probably like King and Lionheart, Mountain Sound, and Your Bones the best
On their new album, so far I tend to like Crystals, Human, Hunger, Empire, and We Sink… its harder to narrow down new stuff because its all new so I don’t know which songs are just temporary interests and which have the staying power to be my actual favorites

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songbird + tripskye

Your Bones - Of Monsters and Men

Troubled spirits on my chest / Where they laid to rest. / The birds all left, my tall friend, / As your body hit the sand. […] Said goodbye to you, my friend, / As the fire spread. / All that’s left are your bones / That will soon sink like stones.” 

So, I’m thinking this is a really angsty Tripskye AU takes place in a medieval/fantasy-ish type setting, where magic, while uncommon, shapes the fates of the people and the land. Skye and Trip are two best friends wandering, taking jobs as they come, as Skye searches for her parents - for a birthright that’s been promised to her in a vague prophecy. While Trip comes from a totally different background than the roguish Skye, he fell in love and has never looked back since he left his stable, aristocratic home to join in on her adventures. Though Skye’s affections are never clear, he loves her beyond measure.

Finally, a clairvoyant by the name of Raina promises to help Skye receive her birthright, though she warns that the price to be paid is terrible. Trip cautions Skye against it going to the caves where Raina promised she could find the answers to her questions. After defeating the evil in the caves, Skye is bestowed with great power, the ability to tap into the vibrations of all things around her.

As news of her great power spreads, leaders from all nearby lands send in armies. When their armies are defeated, one lord sends in an assassin to kill Skye while she sleeps. Trip wakes up in time to save her, but is fatally stabbed. Skye wakes up to see his body falling slant-wise, dead, to the ground. Driven mad by his death, knowing she’ll never be able to tell him how she truly felt, Skye now wanders the lands, wreaking revenge on those that wronged them, seeking an old one-eyed warlock by the name of Nick Fury, who it has been rumored can bring the dead back. 

(I’m really sorry this got away from me; and I’m really sorry if you wanted something happy and I just unleashed this angst on you. Also, yeah I know it’s cliche but I couldn’t help it!)

Thank you for the songbird asks! <3

URL song list

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T- The Tears (Robots in Disguise)

H- Hysteric (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

E- Everyday Robots (Damon Albarn)

W- Weird Era (Deerhunter)

I- I Can’t Decide (Scissor Sisters)

T- True Colors (Studio Killers)

T- To Binge (Gorillaz)

Y- Your Bones (Of Monsters and Men)

A- Art Star (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

R- Radio Ga Ga (Queen)

S- Seaweed Song (Passion Pit)

O- Ocean Man (Ween)

N- Nameless World (Skip the Use)

I- Ice Cream Man (Blur)

S- Space Oddity (David Bowie)

T- Transistor (Scissor Sisters)


Now, the rules are pretty simple: hit ‘shuffle’ on your iPhone, iPod, whatever you listen to your music on and listen to 10 songs. No skipping. Then write down the ten songs you’ve heard.

tagged by joetrickofficial and arbokdik (this is like the 3rd time ive done this tag tbh)

  1. heartbeat // childish gambino
  2. migraine / twenty one pilots
  3. your bones // of monsters and men
  4. run dry (x heart x fingers) // patrick stump
  5. some nights // fun.
  6. knee socks // arctic monkeys
  7. this summer’s gonna hurt // maroon 5
  8. the ballad of mona lisa // panic! at the disco
  9. brighter // patent pending
  10. swallow it // brandon flowers

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Day 15: Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

Como não tenho iPod (foi raptado pela minha mãe), vou usar a minha playlist mais usada no Spotify.

1- The A Team - Ed Sheeran

2- Nobody’s Empire - Belle & Sebastian

3- Her Camera - Oranjuly

4- Save Your Scissors - City and Colour

5- Sundress - Ben Kweller

6- Your Bones - Of Monsters and Men

7- The Foothills - Sara Watkins

8- Leaf Off/The Cave - José González

9- Los Angeles, I’m Yours - The Decemberists

10- Hello Vagina - Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s

11- Heaven - The Walkman

12- Lisztomania - Phoenix

13- Everybody Talks - Neon Trees

14- Sing Song Bird - Iron & Wine

15- The Ghost of Beverly Drive - Death Cab for Cutie

I miss you

For kaisercarolyn
White Blood- Oh Wonder
Your Bones- Of Monsters & Men
Still- The Japanese House
After the Moment- Craft Spells
Undo- The 1975
Real- Years & Years
505- Artic Monkeys
I of the Storm- Of Monsters & Men
Memo- Years & Years
Fallingforyou- The 1975
Pools to Bathe In- The Japanese House
Tear in My Heart- Twenty One Pilots

I miss you so much.
Just 15 days till I’m home…

So apparently I was tagged by not-what-everyone-seems as one of their favorite blogs to do a song shuffle challenge. Wow I feel so cool thank you for the tag <3

-Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood

-Ride by Twenty-One Pilots

-The Bidding by Tally Hall

-A Team by Ed Sheeran

-Your Bones by Of Monsters and Men

-House of Gold by Twenty-One Pilots

- Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco

-Spring and the Storm by Tally Hall

-Potatoes and Molasses (I don’t know who wrote it :P)

-Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

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Okay I suck at tagging ppl so if I missed you I’m sorry.

Also none of you have to do it but I hope you have a lovely day and you are all great :D

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your itunes/spotify/whatever and write down the first ten songs, the pass it on to ten people!

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It took me ages to figure out how to shuffle my itunes playlist, lol

Placebo - Because I Want You
Keaton Henson - Not That You´d Even Notice
David Bowie - Velvet Goldmine
IAMX - Nightlife
Of Monsters and Men - Your Bones
Iggy Pop - I am Sick of you
The Jezables - Horsehead
Dir en grey - Jesus Christ R'n R
Brian Tyler  - Betrayal (Thor - The Dark World Soundtrack <3)
Foals - My Number

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Mix Rec Monday

“Just a Step at a Time”

“Maybe, just maybe in this crazy town they could be something more.

(Some happy, some not, a playlist for these two amazing people just trying to make it to the next day.)”


by: OnTheWayHero
date: 26 June 2015
ship: Sciles

Bon Iver | Skinny Love
Benjamin Leftwich | Atlas Hands
Christina Perri | A Thousand Years
Gregory Alan Isakov | The Stable Song
Of Monsters and Men | Your Bones
Roo Panes | Open Road
Bastille | Flaws (Acoustic)
The Cab | Angel With A Shotgun
Carbon Leaf | The War Was In Color
The Avett Brothers | I And Love And You ,
Ben Howard | Soldiers  
Sheppard |  Geronimo
James Vincent McMorrow | Sparrow And The Wolf
Ingrid Michaelson | Can’t Help Falling In Love


broken crown - mumford and sons // crime and punishment - hatsune miku // bulletproof heart - my chemical romance // do you realize?? - the flaming lips // flesh and bone - the killers // gravity - nico vega // smile like you mean it - the killers // sing - my chemical romance // i of the storm - of monsters and men // kill your heroes - awolnation // what me worry? - st. vincent

gracie mix yo