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Do you avoid people sometimes?

I could totally lie right here and be all “Nooo! Of course not! I’m all sunshine and rainbows and love everyone 8D”

But thats not true.

I have some social anxiety. If certain people make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe at a con, I avoid them. I’m sorry if that upsets you, but it’s totally true.

I sometimes avoid people because I’m embarrassed about something and am nervous they’ll judge me. I avoid people if I’m worried about conflict, aka we’re fighting and I’m trying to avoid crying or just trying to have fun or forget about it… Hmmm… I’ve mistakenly avoided people in the past that I’ve had feelings for as well!

I’m not saying its a good habit, but yes, I avoid people sometimes~

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Oh oh oh I have one for you: commander!Cullen or avvar!Cullen? (for the "make me choose between" meme of course)

nooo you’re mean!

As much as I love avvar!Cullen (sweet Andraste, do I ever), I think I’m going to have to go with commander!Cullen because he’s the original and avvar!Cullen wouldn’t exist without him.

(oh goodness, now I’m thinking about being being in the middle of a commander!Cullen avvar!Cullen sandwich. *fans self*)

Today was full of underwater Photoshoots , diving , adventuring new places, Cliff Jumping , meeting new people , and of course Pineapples with @ni_nooo & @olgsss 🍍💙 Add me on Snapchat to see it all✖️
Snapchat: ckollenda (at Snapchat: ckollenda )

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Hello! I love every single hint about your account, and ugh I just can't what do I say right now I'm sorry I'm wasting your time but I just love your account omfgg

Omg nooo of course youre not wasting my time! *-* But thank you so much lovely anon!:OOO This is so sweet im happy you like my account awww❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Is there a better combination than Angelica Blick and Marrakech? Nooo of course not!! Here are some places that are fun to visit:

* Jardin Majorelle the Jardin Majorelle is an oasis of calm and a must-see during a visit to Marrakech. The Jardin Majorelle was owned by painter Jacques Majorelle, and later owned bij Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

*Djemaa el Fna In the morning a market is held where Moroccan products are sold. In the afternoon, the square turns into a rush. Between thousands of visitors there are various attractions, such as snake charmers, tooth pullers, storytellers, acrobats, water sellers in traditional costumes and musicians. Around the square there are several restaurants and hotels.

*Medina Marrakech has the oldest Medina in Morocco and you should definitely not miss this during your trip. The old city is surrounded by high red walls and you will find a maze of narrow streets, squares and shops.

*Bahia Palace is a palace and a set of gardens. The palace consists of one floor and 150 rooms. The intention was to capture the essence of the Islamic and Moroccan style in a single building.

I was tagged by r010se and panicatthepillow, I tag omgtrevorsecho and jessixamarie and everyone else!
1. Anna Catherine Batty
2. Capricorn
3. Being buried alive, being alone, slowly going insane
4. Guacamole, words, music
5. Brunette, kind eyes, musical, sense of humor
6. Ignorance, intolerance, selfishness, arrogance
7. Everyone !! Srsly come talk to me I love making friends
8. Straight
9. Uhhh
10. 5 5
11. My brother, but he’ll be home in a couple of days 😂
12. 8:30 ish at night
13. Blue and Yellow
14. Nope!
15. Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who only dream at night - Poe
16. Where my friends are
17. I really like avocados and raspberries and Oreos 😂
19. Dear Lord this will take forever. Okay so rn I’ve been loving Breezeblocks by Alt-J, Katie Queen of Tennessee by Apache Relay, Wishery by Pogo, Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant, Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiss with a fist by Florence and the Machine, Big Black Car by Gregory Alan Isakov, and 3005 by Childish Gambino. And a bunch more. I’ve been trying to add music to my blog but it won’t work so if I figure it out ill let you guys know.
20. I usually take note of the way someone’s voice sounds, and their eyes idk 😂
21. 8
22. Light blue
23. Dark red
24. I guess like a weird combination of edgy and preppy with influences from the eras and cool accessories.
25. Yes 😂
26. Orange 😂
27. I’m awkward. And I’m a human being.
28. Rear window or Breakfast at Tiffanys bc I’m v girly 😂
29. Don’t do this to me.
30. The strokes? Or Amy Winehouse? Or maybe Cake? Idk it changes pretty often.
31. Hungry
32. My dog.
33. Single and happy ✌️❤️
34. Very good, I’m really lucky.
35. Halloween.
36. Ears pierced 😂 I’m kind of boring
37. Not sure right now. I think I want to get my cartilage pierced but I don’t have any plans for tattoos or anything.
38. Boredom.
39. I just finished 1984
40. Nope, but my dog licks my face when I wake up.
41. Nope
42. This morning with my friend 😂
43. 30 minutes to an hour.
44. Yes.
45. On the couch.
46. I honestly don’t know 😂
47. Depends

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when are you going to make the skype group? im sorry if this comes of as rude

omg nooo of course it doesnt love!!! fuck im so sorry ive been so busy im gonna do it right now!!

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Flo, i know this may be annoying bc this is your blog, but is there a way for you to make you asks separate from your answers? They look like theyre one thing together to me. sorry if this isnt proper constructive criticism xx

nooo of course thank you for telling me! i will look into changing the fonts, idk how exactly rn. but thank you x

I haven’t been online for more than fifteen minutes and already I’m working on another post about the history of witchcraft. Like I thought I had seen the most offensive reblog of that post, but nooo, of course not!

I should just make my own post about the historical context of the Founders’ era. It irritates the hell out of me when people take laws and statements from one kingdom and use them to say that there was no witch persecution anywhere in Europe at that time! I just saw someone use a book as reference to support that claim which actually contains several mentions of widespread witch persecutions under the Carolingians. Maybe they didn’t read the whole thing?

I mean I suppose I should be used to this, because I’ve heard people use a law in the Admonitio Generalis to say that Charlemagne outlawed witch burnings, without realizing that the law is actually against ritually burning and cannibalizing people accused of sorcery because it’s “a pagan practice”; meanwhile the Admonitio Generalis also says to execute people who practice weather working and fortune telling and various other forms of sorcery. I’ve heard people quote Charlemagne’s statements about belief in witchcraft being heresy without acknowledging that his son, King Louis the Pious, had people burned, drowned and beheaded for suspected sorcery. All of which happened around the same period that Hogwarts was founded, and I strongly suspect that Salazar came from a region of northern Spain which was under Louis’ rule in that time.

But yeah, sure, keep believing that witch burnings only REALLY started in the early modern period and taking stuff out of context to support that idea.

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Do you have to go to makeup school to be really good at applying makeup because right now I'm kind of new to makeup I'm 18 but I only know basics I don't know tips and tricks

Nooo of course not! Makeup school is good and all but you def don’t need it. If you’re passionate about makeup you can learn it on your own:) I feel like for special effects makeup you might need to go to school for it because it’s pretty advanced, but even that if you really want to you can learn it at home💕

mom: did we wake u?

me: no -nooo of course not i was only woken up 10 mins ago by your dumbass walking in and out like a child. i mean the fact that i was laying down and sleeping means i was totally awake-

mom: are you lying?

me: yes