i got my very own death note when i was like 14 and i took it to school to show my two best friends and we huddled around it at lunch and decided to try it out by each writing down a name, because Of Course We Did

so me and the first friend wrote down the names of people at our school who used to be our friends and then ditched us or whatever, and we look to our other friend and she’s like “idk guys mine is pretty weird but i just really really can’t stand him and i hope this really works. i want him to die.” so we’re like Shit Okay Girl and pass her the death note and she writes the name and passes it back so i look and

she wrote john travolta? she wrote john travolta’s name in my death note. she didn’t explain further than “i just hate him” and to this day i don’t know why she had such a searing hatred of john travolta to the extent that she tried to kill him with my death note

thank you, live action beauty and the beast, for explaining so many plotholes from the original that have annoyed me since childhood

  • Prince Adam (Adamn) being an actual selfish prick at the start (and an adult, not some poor 10 year old child with stranger danger awareness)
  • The enchantress making everyone forget the massive fucking castle 20 minutes from the village
  • Adam’s backstory to why he was a douche canoe 
  • Adam being able to read (and his delightful review of Romeo and Juliet) because of course a prince would have the best education there was not to mention a decade of free time

Plotholes not covered by the remake

  • food. where the fuck is they getting fresh produce from? they sure as shit couldn’t grow tomatoes in everlasting winter

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So lots of people are unhappy with the Naruto ending... but where do you lie on the spectrum?

I dislike it. Passionately. Mostly because I really, really hate what Naruto turned into and feel like it’s completely out of character. That practically everyone was out of character, and everyone lost the character development they worked so hard for *cough*SAKURA*cough*, and that it ignored a lot of the issues that were brought up over the course of the story. Then again, a lot of my problems with how things were handled started after Pein’s invasion, so I might not be the best to ask. The theme of beating destiny, that everyone got to choose their own fate, that was one of the very first themes brought into the storyline, and to lose that to Naruto as a Child of Prophecy and destined savior…that made me really sad. And then to see him (unhappily, in my view) married and nothing having changed in Konoha…that’s really kind of depressing. 

This is Michelle for you....

There are two young teachers at my school I’d classify as high femme. These women always have it going on, and I like both of them very much professionally and personally. They always have their hair, makeup and nails done. Their outfits are always feminine and on point, complete with their expensive designer purse sitting next to their expensive lap tops with expensive jewelry dangling off their necks and wrists. In addition to all of their put-together-ness, I’d also say both of them are pretty bad bitches. Queen bee types you do not fuck with. They’re incredibly nice if you’re on their good side. I am, of course. I’m recognized as being sort of…..how shall I say, best bitch of all the bitchy teachers. Because while I recognize these friends of mine for being really sexy and badass in their ways, and I admire them for that, I have a different sort of air to me. Everything I exude in the way I look, speak and act (or don’t act) says, “I literally do not give a fuck.” In fact, of all the women I work with and am friendly with, it’s obvious that no matter how badass each one of them is, no one comes close to my level of no fucks given, whether we are talking about our personal lives, how we deal with students or how we deal with school politics.

I’ve spent some time noticing the social dynamic among us and thinking about it, but not caring or worrying. If you see what I mean. It fascinates me from a purely psychological standpoint because I have never in my life been a part of a group of female friends. Ever. I’ve had one friend at different times who possibly tried to include me in their club, but I never assimilated. Ever.

I recall a time when my ex husband saw me at high school and commented on how a large group of girls was following me through the hallway, and he viewed me as a leader of the pack type of woman. He always viewed me that way and said he couldn’t believe I am an introvert. But the true story was that I was just walking to class and these girls took it upon themselves to follow me. I wasn’t trying to be a leader of any damn thing. I never gave a fuck and, ironically, that’s why they viewed me as top dog, same as now, 20 years later.

I find this a truly fascinating thing. Of course, it’s much more than giving no fucks because I obviously care deeply about things that matter. It’s also that I’m smart, I’m good at my job, I’m excellent at classroom management, I demand the best from everyone and myself, I always build up others to demand that they are autonomous as I am. I always express appreciation while staying in my lane. I always operate confidently no matter how I really feel inside. And, I simply have a commanding presence. It might be my natural face. But you know, it’s also that I’m a truly loving person and people will think I’m such a bitch if they only view me from the outside, and yet my students and friends become so devoted to me, and it makes people wonder what I’m doing. I keep all my cards chested.

Hrm. People have told me I should be a principal or something but hell no. That’s not for me. I have no interest in leading anyone anywhere. I’m trying to do my own damn thing and still they think my classroom is the hangout spot at lunch time! Ugh!! Still they think I’m the best person to vent to about their problems when all I want is to be alone on my break time. Ugh! So I try my best, but it’s not me.

Isn’t that weird, that the woman who makes it obvious that she cares the least and gives the fewest fucks is perceived somehow as being the strongest? I don’t feel strong. I’m trying to be alone just so I can regroup.

It’s been like this for me my whole life even when I was a preteen. The difference is that when I was a girl I felt like I was less than the other girls because I didn’t wear makeup and I was a tomboy and I wasn’t pretty or feminine. I am still a tomboy and I’m still not pretty or feminine……except now I know I could be whenever I wanted to be and that everything about me is my choice. I also realize now that the way I am is a power, and it’s not better or worse, it’s just who I am. I’m fortunate that the women I work with now are awesome. No one is catty. I admire them for their femininity and they admire me for my…..I dunno. My presence. I wish more women were this way in the world, appreciating our differences without competition.

I do think about how I could put my strengths to a different use where I’d make more money though. I’m thinking about moving myself and kids into a one bedroom apartment next year. That’s kinda sad that this profession barely supports us when I needed so much education to enter this field. Weird.

Ok I’ll stop rambling now.

I married Kaze last night, because hahahaha of course I did asdfga send help, so yeah anyway I made a thing to celebrate

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mc turns out to be someone's grandma like this whole time they've been flirting with her lol she comes to the party with cookies she baked herself


  • He’s a poor college student 
  • He’d be delighted to get food let alone free food. Free dessert though is almost too much for him to handle 
  • Plus, MC’s super kind and threw a great party and decided to remain in the RFA to continue to help out
  • This also included cooking and baking for the members which of course he enjoyed


  • She’s shocked, but she quickly hides that as she goes over to MC and continues a conversation they’d started a few days ago 
  • She’d definitely ask MC if they could help her make those cookies again 
  • Surprise! No matter what route it is, they’re now opening a coffee shop and are selling MC’s cookies and Jaehee’s coffees
  • They’re best friends 


  • He’s completely shocked, not just because MC’s much older than he expected, but also because he recognized them from somewhere
  • It turns out that for the past few years, they’ve been getting front row seats to every one of his shows, even when he was just starting off
  • He’s completely in awe that MC has seen everyone of his musicals in person
  • He’s also completely in awe of her cooking skill  


  • He and MC get along really well 
  • He’s the type of person who’s quite to hide his shock
  • They’ve always seemed much more mature than the rest of the idiots in their little group (with the exception of Jaehee) and now it was clear why he’s so wrong, they’re really not that mature, don’t let them fool you Jumin
  • He’s also kind of surprised to no longer be the oldest active member in the RFA. Especially by such a large number of years 


  • He knew from the start
  • The first night they were in the apartment he called them and suggested that they not let the RFA know about their actual age because it would be hilarious when they actually found out and they agreed to play along
  • He was also the only one to actually talk to MC on the phone during those eleven days so they could be sure not to give anything away
  • They’re both laughing so hard when they see the reactions of the rest of the RFA

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Can I have headcanons for Ciel and Lizzie living in the modern era au, please?


- Doesn’t have more than two friends initially, he’s a bit of a solitary person and actually prefers it that way.

- These two friends drag him into an even bigger group of friends, who never let him say no to a party.

- He always finds a way to sneaks out, though.

- Has a best friend called Sebastian, because of course - through the ages, Ciel and Sebastian are always together in one way or another. 

- Gets allergy attacks a lot of the time because his nose is sensitive.

- Ends up being the CEO of a big corporation.

- Never wears jeans. It’s suits or pyjamas, that’s it.

- Has a grotty pair of sweatpants in the back of his wardrobe. He wears them more than he says he does.

- Works out at the gym once a week.

- Goes to the bakery almost every day - he’s on a first name basis with all the staff there.


- Always in pink. If it’s not clothing, it’s in her hair.

- Has a large group of acquaintances but one or two friends.

- She’s the mum friend of the group.

- Takes self-defence classes once she reaches sixteen.

- Has a full-time job as well as being a student and helping out at home.

- Has a little Chihuahua with a rhinestone collar. 

- Is secretly kick-ass and will only be pushed to a certain point.

- Can often be found crying over cat videos because she can’t handle the cuteness.

- Sad films will destroy her for an hour or two. Cat videos on YouTube are the only remedy.

- Is generally adored by everyone she meets, though few know about the darker side within her.

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Yamato Hyuuga proposing to his S/O? :3 How would he do it and what would be going through his head?

I already answered it HERE but I will go ahead and write out a scenario for you ♡

How Yamato proposes to his S/O:

Yamato knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you from the moment he saw you. He thought you were a Heaven sent Angel. He just had to have you. After dating for awhile, he knew he would have to take that next step to have you for the rest of his life. It made him smile at the thought of waking up next to you every morning or you being the mother of his children, his life would be perfect. However, he did not know how to go about the proposal. Of course he wanted everything to be perfect because you deserve only the best. So he set out to doing more Sport Shows to earn more cash to buy you the most beautiful ring he could get his hands on. Yeah, material doesn’t compare to his actual love for you, but he still wanted you to be proud of him and show it off proudly that you are taken. After he found the perfect ring and bought it, now came the hard part. The actual proposal. He knew you loved watching him participate in Sport Shows, thus giving him the perfect idea. After weeks of planning and training, everything was finally set up. He made sure you sat front row of the show so you can watch him show off his strength and skills, hopefully impressing you. It was no surprise when he won first place. But what happened next really surprised you. He grabbed the microphone from the commentator and announced for you to come forward. This of course caused you to tense up and become shy with the cameras now on you. After you made your way through the crowd and in front of him finally. He began to announce his love for you. How perfect, loving and understanding you are. Then he suddenly dropped onto one knee and brought out a red velvet box, opening it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring personalized just for you. Everyone in the crowd aww’ing at the scene unraveling before them and the cameras directed right on to you. 

It’s like… impossible?? To misinterpret a protag because there’s….. nothing there to misinterpret, but I’ve seen so many people think of Nate as like this airhead that couldn’t do anything right, or they mold his character to fit a ship and I’m like “ :)))))))) wanna fight ”. 

I learned that as a teen Wren was seriously someone who had a lot more attitude when she got pissy or emotional.

Much to her mother’s dismay. So she tried her best to teach her fire witch balance and to keep herself calm.

Funnily enough this was one of Wren’s first lessons when she was younger. And whenever she got herself into trouble, or let her temper get the best of her, she had to get back to the lesson.

I suppose that’s why Wren is more reasonable and “down to Earth”, you can say, because she’s managing to keep herself to think logically. But, of course her heart still tends to speak first and louder.

It’s an ongoing process.

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Do you watch any other youtubers?

I recently pared down my subscription feed by a whole lot. There aren’t very many people that I watch every single day but my recs: 

- Presley Alexander - Brilliantly smart lgbtq eleven year old who does vlogs, science/education videos, is way into fandoms, discusses sexuality and current events with more clarity than most adults could dream of having, and has the best parents ever. She’s studying to take the GED test and taking college coding courses at the moment, so every video makes me feel a little more dumb but I love watching her grow. 
- Amy Lynn Thompson - Does lifestyle/homeware/makeup videos, but her personality is just so laid back and fun that I watch every single video no matter what. 

- Keira Rose - British vegan with sometimes very colorful hair. I started watching her regularly because she had pet rats, though she recent lost a lot of them (to natural causes) within a short period of time so I think she’s going to let the one she has now be her last. At this point I’m very fond of her personality so the rats aren’t the only draw. 

- Gone to the Snow Dogs/Snow Dogs Vlogs - A married couple with three huskies. The first channel features exclusively dog related videos, the second is their vlog channel (which obviously does also feature the dogs heavily, but also Jess and Jamie.)

Summary of my Thai trip

I don’t know where to begin, but overall the trip was awesome! Business class, shopping sprees in airport, private yacht, yummy food, spa, allowance and the best of all, my BFF is with me!!!!!

But, of course there were some hiccups. Mostly my SD’s friends and my friends who are beginner in the sugar bowl.

1. Allowance. I don’t know how it is done in the west, but from where I came from, 80% of them usually give it at the end of the meet. And my friends were, one of them actually, was always paranoid about not getting enough, because they never communicate the amount prior to that. And it wasn’t very nice for them to talk about money when their SDs also new in the bowl.

2. Escorting or sugaring? One of them, who’s also working as an escort on the side, the paranoid one (let’s call her miss paranoid from now), is always measuring how many times she and her SD should get intimate. I told her to take her time, but she was so worry that if she’s not going to bed with his SD, he is not going to hand her her allowance. It was a bit of struggle to expand her mind on that, told her that she should try to stay platonic until she’s ready, but she just won’t listen. I told her about long term investment, tell her that if done right, she could fly to where I am and we could possibly do more of these trips.

3. Cultural differences. My friends and my SD friends are of different nationality. Asian but still very different background.

Left this post for too long, forgotten many details for the trip. But all is good, both my friends go their allowance at last, wasn’t much consider my SD friends have not had and not familiar with arrangements like this. Overall I enjoyed myself, mainly because I’m not alone and having a few friends together to share tips and bitch about the entire trip.

Can we focus on Yurio and the fact that the only thing he wanted was to get recognition from Viktor and Yuuri?The fact that he was always competitive and kinda “jealous” of Yuuri was because Viktor aknowledged Yuuri’s talent and choosed him .He tried his best to impress them and only them ( of course also his coachs and his grandpa) .BUT when he looks at Yuuri ,he sees a broken and sad man standing in the centre of the stage..He understands how Yuuri feels ,he knows what it means to wait for someone to stand by you ,be with you and how it hurts not having them there .Look at him struggling ,just by looking at Yuuri beacause he simply reminds of himself while he’s too emotional..And thats why i’m fucking proud of Yuri Plisetsky *Also someone punch JJ cuz he almost destroyed the moment*


So I was rewatching YOI again and then I got to think…

In Episode 7 when Yuuri cried:

  • He’s always been an anxious fellow; he gets extremely nervous before important events
  • Now his anxiety and nervousness doubled because he thinks that his mistakes will reflect badly on Viktor, too, and of course he of all people doesn’t want the living legend to look bad in front of everyone - especially on Viktor’s debut as a coach
  • He’s trying his best to man up and hold himself together
  • But then Viktor said “i will resign as your coach if you fail” like testing him, so Yuuri gets extremely upset because it feels like Viktor has so little trust in him
  • Thus he reaches his limit and breaks down in tears

And then in Episode 12 when Viktor cries, at first I was like “well of course he cried, who wouldn’t be sad suddenly listening to yuuri saying something like that?”

But when I tried to put myself in his shoes:

  • He has been fascinated by Yuuri since the banquet last year; he was lonely and at the brink of losing inspiration, but then Yuuri came and brought colors to his life
  • His relationship with Yuuri has made him extremely happy; Yuuri taught him “life and love”, they have just recently exchanged engagement rings
  • They have been practicing for the Stay Close to Me Duet; that night Viktor must be looking forward to tomorrow’s exhibition when he could finally show their love to the whole world while skating to this program - the program that represents his desperate plea for love which was answered by Yuuri
  • But suddenly Yuuri said he would retire after this final, making that Duet he looked forward to the last time they skated together



So I was rewatching the blessing that was episode 7 when i noticed something-

You see how Victor is lying here?

He has his ear right over where Yuri’s heart would be, meaning Victor can hear Yuri’s heartbeat. He can tell from listening whether Yuri is nervous or calm, or whether he’s asleep at all. So of course when the two get back to practice he knows that Yuri is 1) nervous and 2) didn’t sleep.

yeah bullshit Yuri. No jumps in practice for you. 

And this is why I admire Victor so much, is because he is so actively trying to get to know Yuri so he knows how to best accommodate him and make him feel comfortable. His strategies don’t always work out, but he learns from it and tries harder. Victor is the best sort of friend *cough*boyfriend that you could have in that respect. 

And you know why Victor didn’t set an alarm for their nap? I’m sure he had no intention of sleeping.

headcanon that everyone in the DEO is pissed off at Supergirl for risking her neck to save Lena.

But not because she saved a Luthor, but because she made Alex and Winn so worried they both called out Kara several times, meaning that all officers in the vicinity had to sign the confidentiality agreements and go through a mandatory meeting and training session about Kara/Supergirl/protecting her identity and all of that. It’s an HR nightmare. They’re dealing with it for weeks.

They’re pissed off because Kara being Supergirl was the biggest ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ of the DEO. Like, it’s an organisation of elite agents, of course they knew that Agent Danvers’ younger sister is Supergirl, have you seen how over-protective that bitch is at the best of times? They just never ever wanted to sit through all the mandatory bullshit. Everyone was happy pretending they didn’t know, and constantly ignored all of Supergirl’s and Alex’s almost slip-ups, and ignored Kara when they saw her in public and she’d accidentally say hi to them because she’d forget momentarily that she wasn’t supposed to know them as Kara.

Ÿ̶̨͖̥͔̘̗̭̰͙́͂͐͝ͅͅÖ̴̧̹̻͉͉́Ų̵̡̺̣̯̲̼͕̻̹̭̫̠͆̌͗̾͌̏́̏̔͜ ̴̢̝͇̙͉̺͍̩̈͘W̷̨͔͔̗̫͕̹̩͕̱̞̥̓̓̀̕͜A̴̩̹̗̹̺̩̹̹̟̤͈̞̹̍̑̃̅͒̓́̽̈͜͝N̸̨̼̽̊̓̾̋̏̕͘͝T̴̛̯̝̖̞̙̼͌̍̇͂̀̊̾͜͠͠E̸̤̺͖̦͉̼̍͛̏̇̀͜͝D̸̢͚̩̰̼̞̓̐̃̇̾̂̓͝ ̴̓̀̍̀̓̋́̇͐̓͒͛̄̆̕͜Ṫ̴̡̨̛̝̞͚͎̪̬̙̻͖̱̜̳́͊͊̚͝H̴̡̛̭͎͕̫̩̣̟̲̬̪̻̳̝̍́͂̀̉͂̃̒͠ͅI̸̧̧͍̠̗̗̝̺̥͈̫͔̣͌͊͂͆͜S̸̡̛̤̤͕͕̟̱̭̈̅͐̓̅̎̇ͅͅ

Sooper dooper quick scribble, because I couldn’t help myself. Absolutely loved Jack/Antisepticeye’s grand finale!! Jack and his editor did a phenomenal job over the course of October to bring Anti to life, so HUGE props to them *finger snaps in applause* Thank you for such a fun and genuinely eerie experience!! Keep doing what you love, Sean, and I wish you the best in life

I really love and will not let go of the idea of people constantly hitting on young Baze when they’re out in Jedha because he’s tall and broad and built like a tree trunk and has good hair

so of course Chirrut would totally tease him for it, constantly asking “what do you look like then? I have a right to know if my best friend is practically a demigod, everyone must think i’m ugly in comparison!”

and before he can think Baze blurts out “you’re not ugly you’re gorgeous” and Chirrut is like what and Baze is like what

Danny is meant to be a savior or something, as he rallies against un-kicked heads and big business alike. But his quest as the chosen one never feels like anything more than your college roommate’s two-week quest to try Tai Chi each morning, especially when he’s paired with Colleen Wing, the owner of a martial arts dojo with actual experience. He shows up in New York, shoeless with an “I traveled abroad this summer and it CHANGED MY LIFE” outfit, and immediately remarks about how he used to skateboard in a skyscraper. You’re so fucking cool, Danny. And did you immediately go to the one dojo in New York City and school the expert female owner in both martial arts techniques and “finding your inner strength”?

Of course you did, because if something exists, whether it’s morality lessons or punching, Danny Rand has got to be the best at it. He’s the ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy for everyone who’s ever talked for an hour to a stranger about finding their zen and then gotten angry when that stranger refused to sign up for Tae Kwon Do lessons. He’s lacks any character traits, but if you have a character trait, Danny Rand could still probably one-up you on it. He’s the guy who tries to fuck a girl after her massage session and claims that it was all about “healing.”

How Iron Fist Killed Marvel’s Winning Streak