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Thank you to everyone who voted- it means a lot to all of us here on the TES team.

Here are some facts you might not know about TES:

•TES started in 2012 and has been host to many different admins, some have stayed the course, others have strayed, but every member has contributed to the success of the page and added to our story.

•Since the page started, we have shared more than 5,000 posts on the page across numerous countries and age groups.

•We have admins from all over the world: America, Ireland, Australia, France, New Zealand, Amsterdam, England, Wales, Greece….. the list goes on and on. The diversity of admins means we can offer an array of local and detailed knowledge across all time zones.

•Even more varied than our nationalities are our backgrounds- we host admins with backgrounds in Geology, Environmental Science, Petrology, Mineralogy, Technical Writing, Marine Biology, Dendrochronology and essentially every avenue of Earth Sciences you can imagine.

•Most of us have never met! Yup, the majority of the admins on this page only know each other through TES. That may be strange, but it’s amazing how quickly you can build relationships with people, even if you have never stood in front of them- perhaps someday we can all meet for a TES party in a neutral location (I’m hoping somewhere warm!).

•We read the comments and we often reply (sometimes as ourselves)- we care what you guys think and often we get corrected by a ‘fan’ or someone sparks an idea for a new post. Reading the comments means that we are forever learning, growing and trying to provide you guys with the information you want.

•We do this in our spare time, for no other reward than the joy of spreading a little bit of information- and we love it.

Thanks again everyone, together we will ensure that The Earth Story is one to remember!

-The TES Team.


My name is Bremen and I’m a nonbinary latinx. Being nonbinary is hard for me mostly because of the social dysphoria. Of course i’m misgendered on a daily basis but it hurts the most when its done at events where I felt safe. I’ve avoided going to social outtings with old friends because I’m not out to them. But its great being with people who love and accept me. I remember the first person I came out to was my best friend Alex, and the amount of love and support he gave me put me in tears. I’m out to a lot of my friends now and it feels so great. Now, I have wonderful friends who love me and a beautiful datemate who loves me and life isn’t so bad.

Chance Encounter

There were a thousand different times in a thousand different places but Arthur was The Queen and he wasn’t entirely certain as to why he should have been stuck in this one.

To him came a profound sense of serenity in searching for Spade’s new King—that there existed a troubling little wobble in his heart which thumped with a beat uncertain of the future was irrelevant. He was an omega with a cause, you see, and he couldn’t be pestered by the concern that maybe, just maybe, his future husband would be someone unfortunately assigned to wed him.

Unfortunate for Arthur, of course. He was sure a proper King would be delighted.

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Thanks Fandom <3

Looks like we lost but making it to the championship was a pretty big accomplishment, what matters is that we all tried our best :)

Thanks to all the Bellarke shippers who set aside their differences and voted for Clexa, because a vote for Clexa wasn’t just a vote for the ship but for The 100 as a whole, you guys are awesome!

And of course the Clexa shippers because you were all relentless lol

And those of you who are neutral on the ships and just wanted to vote because “THIS SHOW IS AWESOME AND NEEDS RECOGNITION DAMMIT!”

anonymous asked:

Hey I was just wondering if you could tell me something about EXO's Chinese. I can't speak it nor do I understand it but I'm curious as to how understandable it is. I know Chen improved but is it good? And do Tao and Yixing speak in dialect? I read somewhere that Luhan's Chinese was the clearest out of chinaline but now that he's not with the band anymore I'm wondering how they handle all the chinese versions of the songs and how well they're actually doing at singing in Chinese

hello! hmmm tao and yixing are native speakers so of course they’re understandable. among korean members i’d say kyungsoo has the best pronunciation (i turn into a temporary kyungsoo stan everytime i hear him sing in mandarin) because his syllables are very clear and understandable (which is amazing because i assume xiuchen would have had more training in mandarin than him). jongdae has improved quite a lot, he’s getting more and more understandable (and i think it helps that he has a clear voice), but i think he has more trouble losing the korean sound than kyungsoo does. i would say kyungsoo > jongdae > minseok > the rest of the K members when it comes to pronunciation.

yixing speaks changsha dialect, i’m not sure about tao but i guess he speaks qingdao dialect? i personally like luhan’s mandarin best because i really like his beijing accent. now there’s one less person with accurate pronunciation, but as they’ve given xingtao more lines it doesn’t sound /that/ much worse so don’t worry :D xingtao are definitely understandable.

Fanfic Recs!

Hello lovely followers, 

So some of you have asked about fanfic recs and I actually have a link on my page with some of my favs HERE

But there are few that I just feel need to spotlight. 

Bitter Cold by mugglesarah by far my favorite Fourtris AU, heck it is possibly my favorite fourtris story period! Go read this! That’s all I literally have to save because once you read this your fourtris life will be complete. 

After October by wittleblonde42 is another AU one in which Tobias has a sister and so far I am loving every chapter the author has posted. 

Something New by inopinion is an alternate ending to Allegiant and is full of angst! Oh gosh so much physical pain reading this but I love it oh so much! 

Of course the traditional favorites and the best of the best,  bleuwrites and windchimedwriter have their stories which by now I have suggested their stories about a million times. Check out my dear friend cordys-vision too, because her stories are also a good read and she has an interesting twist to the Divergent World. 

The signs as real housewives taglines

Aries-“Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend — freedom is.”

Taurus-“Why be so nasty and so rude — when I can be so fierce and so successful.”

Gemini-“I can deal with a lot, but I can’t deal with stupid.”

Cancer-“It may look like I have it all, but I want more.”

Leo-“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because I’m here to stay.”

Virgo-“Am I high maintenance? Of course I am, look at me.”

Libra-“I like things that are elegant and sophisticated, just like me.”

Scorpio-“Don’t hate me because I have it all, hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Sagittarius-“Life isn’t all diamonds and rosé, but it should be.”

Capricorn-“I’m a survivor, no one is bringing me down.”

Aquarius-“I am still standing, and I am making my own rules.”

Pisces-“I never throw the first punch, but I’m always a knockout.”

siphilemon asked:

WAIT now I need to talk about stealing babies from orphanages because what do you want to bet somebody thinks of the idea that these hypothetical children are carefully screened for magical ability and the ability to be manipulated. The best fit is chosen and the resemblance is creepy. Child gets sorted into Slytherin. Families already kinda dark magic and of course associate with know accused dark wixes ie Vargas family (who probably had a Royal Breeding Program) so they are raising dark wix

They go to the Higgses because Arthur had such a huge role in that night Charlie died and they don’t give out all their suspicions but they ask Anna how the DIMR treated Arthur since they stole him away so suddenly and she just goes so deathly still and silent.

“They told him. Minutes after it happened, they told him my Charlie died… Who does that to a child?”

So this child is screened and groomed and trained and pressured and emotionally neglected and then on top of all that they emotionally destroyed him and then they kept him away from Scorpius while he was dying and when Scor visited house kent for the FIRST AND ONLY TIME he came back and it didn’t seem odd but now it does that Arthur was staying in a house full of strange men with no toys or games or personal effects.

Oh my god.

(this activity in my blog is exactly what I want the Wotter-and-friends meeting to look like and these wild and crazy theories to bubble up exactly like this and oh my god OHHH MY GOD)

anonymous asked:

You seem very knowledgeable so I'll ask you. I signed up for some classes I thought would be interesting (literature etc) but I just started to look at the assignments, syllables and I'm kind of put off. I want to learn about the subjects but the class just turned me off. Have any advice

If you want to learn about a topic, especially humanities, school is not always the best way to go about it in my opinion. It’s worth toughing it out because you learn how to analyze the subject matter and appreciate it more. It can spur a greater interest or understanding in a field you already enjoy. For example I recently completed a film course because I love movies, but a lot of it was reading about camera angles, the production process, etc. Not necessarily debating the merits of epic films like I wanted but I still loved the class. 

Stay in school kids. 

personalsilly asked:

Okay but if Dorian's tranquil there's like very little hope for Teviner's future as a non-slavery country and I have so many /feels/ because he probably talked about what he wanted to change and how during late nights w/ the inquisitor. Your AU is the best but hurts so bad... Ow

Oh my god I didn’t even think of that 

holy shit just imagine the Inquisitor thinking about all of that as she’s watching him just stand there placidly
everything that Dorian said he wanted to do 
how inspired he had been by the Inqusitor and what he wanted to accomplish in Tevinter

and in an instant thats all gone 

Oh my god I need to write this you beautiful inspiration you

of course my Inquisitor would go to the ends of the Earth to remove the Tranquility because there is no way she is failing one of her friends again, no way 

but god the agony 

and even if the Tranquilty was removed that doesn’t guarantee anything former Tranquil have been known to be irrational and changed because of being severed from the Fade 


anonymous asked:

I've seen people say that Danny's reluctance to get married is like an updated version of the whole Be Cool situation. That breaks my heart because you hope he learned from that experience. Do you agree?

I was thinking about the parallels between these two episodes today, actually. There are a lot of them. Most importantly: Danny’s goal in both is to protect Mindy from his perceived inadequacy, and to protect himself from Mindy abandoning him. Secondarily, that Mindy is asking, desperately, for something he feels he can’t give. Most heartbreakingly, that Mindy believes on a fundamental level that she is the reason he can’t give it, that his words are bullshit and actually, he just doesn’t care for her enough.

That aside, I think they’re two very different situations. Because in Be Cool, Danny knew he was breaking up with her, even if he was convinced it was for the greater good. He wanted the friendship back, but he knew he was making a huge sacrifice to keep it. He knew, deep down, that he was abandoning her, although he had no way to comprehend the true price of that decision.

But in Best Man, Danny doesn’t see his unwillingness to marry Mindy as evidence of a lack of commitment. He’s not pulling away like he was in Be Cool. He doesn’t see marriage as a huge sacrifice to make - quite the opposite. He’s not reluctantly giving up a life together to protect Mindy, as some act of chivalry. He’s trying to find a way to have his cake and eat it too; to have a family without the fallout he knows will come with marriage.

In fact, I wonder if this isn’t exactly what Danny was warning Mindy about in Be Cool. That if they didn’t end it then, they might end up married, hating each other, resentment building until she abandoned him. That if they didn’t end it in Be Cool, sooner or later Mindy would ask for a fairytale that Danny is convinced doesn’t exist. Be Cool wasn’t so much the first version of this scenario. It was more a portent, a warning of things to come.

But does this mean he’s learned? Danny’s learning is so quiet, so incremental as to be imperceptible from one episode to the next. That he didn’t immediately assume they were done when she all but gave him an ultimatum is evidence of learning, I think.

He didn’t give up, didn’t assume all was lost and retreat to his apartment and a fog of bourbon. He went about his daily routine for almost a day before he snapped and went to Mumbai. He packed for Austin, left her a note, made sure to say love you. I don’t know at what point he switched his flight (though I love the idea that it was at the airport, just because that kind of snap insanity is so Danny, you know?) but I feel like we can assume he has every intention of getting home on time, to talk.

So yeah, he’s learned. But enough? That remains to be seen.

anonymous asked:

When you cling onto them like a koala because they’re not paying attention to you/are upset with you. like the "when Bae is mad at you meme' (you can use gifs if you like)

HAHAHA oh my god I didn’t know that meme until yet. I’ll use GIFs of course for my answers cause they fit perfectly! :) N will try his best to be still upset with you but you’re too cute for him to handle and it will be very difficult for him to not start laughing. Of course he’ll give in and re-hug you while he’s telling you how adorable you are.

With Leo it will be very similar. He’ll hold his laughter the longest but after a few minutes he will start giggling and pushing you softly back on your feet so he can shake his head at you and pat your head. Things are going

Little Hyuk will be like “Stop it, Cutey. Can’t you see I’m trying to ignore you?” But his mouth ill twitch and soon he’ll start smirking and also hugging you back telling you how unbelievable you are acting and that this is the reason he loves you so much.

Ken will start with his Ottokaji~ “Oh no! A small koala is clinging on me! WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOO~” He will walk to the fridge with you, giving you some karrot or another vegetable to eat.

Ravi won’t talk to you. He will look past behind you, sigh so loud that you get the hint you annoy him and finally you’ll be the one to give in. Cause when Ravi’s upset he’s really upset and it doesn’t stop with a simple koala hug, no matter how cute it is.

Hongbin: “Oh my god… Okay, okay… stop doing that I’m fine. You hear me, stop doin-” His words are muffled by a kiss he got from you.

anonymous asked:

That still sounds like radfem logic. Would sex work exist in a feminist utopia? Probably not in its current incarnation. Does that impact our support of sex workers to make the best decision for themselves? Hell no. Do women have plastic surgery because of unrealistic beauty standards? Of course. Is shitting on their decision to do so in any way feminist? Hell no. You are projecting your feels about surgery on to other people.

Okay, after this I’m not going to answer any more asks about this because it’s my opinion and I’m not going to change it. I respect other’s opinions and if you want to have a discussion, message me off anon.

Let’s remove sex work from the equation. I guess I was the one that introduced it and perhaps I shouldn’t have because I’m talking generally about plastic surgery. My issue is not the women that get the plastic surgery, it’s the circumstances that lead up to the surgery and how society is being impacted as a whole.

Plastic surgery was first introduced in the early 1900s as a result of WWI. An otolaryngologist took it upon himself to try to reconstruct the faces of soldiers who had suffered burns and wounds. Some plastic surgeons still do a lot of reconstructive work but over the past fifteen years, elective procedures have increased quite a bit. Buttock augmentation increased 86% in 2014, labiaplasty increased 49% in 2014, almost 300,000 breast augmentations were done in 2014 which is a slight decrease since 2013 but breast implant revision was up 30%. In 2014, women had almost 10 million cosmetic procedures, accounting for 90% of all total procedures. 

It’s all fine and dandy to say “Oh wow! How empowering! She got plastic surgery, she looks so good!” but that seems rather naïve. Obviously based on the statistics, more and more people are going to get plastic surgery. Look at South Korea, parasitic medical professionals have opened clinics to perform procedures they aren’t licensed to do and have permanently disfigured people and have caused physical issues like inability to breathe through their nose. Many people look like clones. There was recently an article about a beauty pageant and it was almost impossible to tell the contestants apart. What about the kids? There was that Chinese couple where the man sued his wife because she had over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery and their children were “ugly”. How do you think those poor kids feel? Not only that their parents look absolutely nothing like them but that their father is so fucking shallow that he’d call them ugly in front of the world and sue his own wife. I think plastic surgery opens a huge can of worms. Many people don’t feel satisfied with one procedure, soon they want another one. There is always something to fix.

So pardon me for not jumping on the bandwagon.

Not a bad Monday

Well, I saw him today! He came in my geometry class at the very end, and then he walked me out and to my locker, which is across campus. Oh, it was great. He had his hand like on my shoulder, I mean not like his arm around me, but you know. And he was laughing a lot and stuff. We passed my best friend and she winked at me and he goes “what was that about?” And I was like “oh, she’s crazy.” And I was blushing so he started laughing. He told me I looked very pretty today, which of course made me want to faint right in the middle of the hall. Then when we got to my locker, he was like “I’m very excited for Friday. It’ll be nice to spend time together.” Because Friday is the day I’m shadowing him.. I’m glad he’s excited. AND THEN TO END IT THE PERFECT WAY, he gave me a hug. I swear I almost died.


  1. Kahlua coffee
  2. Law & Order: SVU (it’s become an unhealthy obsession)
  3. Obnoxious hats that I’m excited to wear this coming summer
  4. The possibility of going back to school in September
  5. When people leave me ‘asks’ about the Drakes

thisis-annieedisns, thank you for enjoying the Drakes! I placed them in the gallery so people can have them in their game, so of course you can add them to your town. No need to credit or tag me, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I’d love to see them in your game. :)

igglemouse, can I do another 5 things because I think I really need to be reminded right now of 5 things that make me happy. It’s been one of those days.

  1. Summer vacation - my June-July is pretty much booked and I get to see my boyfriend which is the best part
  2. That I still technically have two weeks before my next exam, so that gives me enough time to get my shit together
  3. Getting that inspiration to write (unfortunately not Sims-related, but any push to write is always good in my book)
  4. Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn
  5. Netflix + HDMI cable = this past weekend

Anon, I can’t make any promises. I’m not that far into my gameplay so I don’t know if those two still plan on having kids. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though, because they planned to stop with Davis, but look what happened… 

Rune Reading!

Okay, so I started this reading this morning but wasn’t feeling focused enough and decided to try again tonight. My apologies for the delay! 

Because runes are best used when deciding a course of action, asking for advice on a specific topic, etc,. readings from them offer insight on how to tackle an issue. This one definitely felt like a personal growth reading (maybe a touch of romance on the edges, but mostly self growth). It seems like you keep your emotions to yourself as a form of protection…but that could be what’s keeping you from breaking through or growing, if that makes sense. I could be totally off, I just keep getting a very strong sense of frustration. As if you feel confined, maybe? Breakthrough is a word I’m “hearing,’ for lack of a better term. It seems like your greatest struggles have always been internal and with yourself. The best advice I can give right now is to take it one day at a time. Allow yourself to feel your emotions because that’s how you move forward (sometimes slower than we’d like). Be willing to take a leap of faith! Even if you don’t know exactly how or when everything will shake out, know that you’ll be okay.

Sorry that that was a bit long and wordy and maybe not making the best sense. I really hope it helps, though! Would like to do a tarot reading for you sometime, I feel like I’d get a better read lol. Anywho. Have a great night! :)


I am currently taking university level biology, English, and a university major level art class, along with photography as an elective. Would it be bad if I dropped photography because it is putting too much stress on me for such a simple class so I can focus on my major courses or do I suck it up and stay in the course and keep trying my best to do the work?

featherofficial asked:

I originally followed you because of the witchcraft and scenery you reblog, but over time I've become sure that I'll never unfollow you, because you are one of the most genuinely kind people I've met on here. You're always so sweet and generous :) xx

Thank you so much, cuite! <3 That is so nice :’) xx

Of course you qualify, and for you darling, I used the Shadowscapes Tarot. Three cards, you know the drill~ :P


The first card is the Two of Pentacles.

You’ve been struggling with decisions lately, it seems. You’re trying to balance the best of both worlds, but it is straining you. Juggling the options won’t bring any closure or satisfaction, you need to choose. Both have something to offer you, but this card tells me that deep down, you’re afraid to acknowledge what you know to be the best choice. 

You might already feel pressured as it is, and there might be a metaphorical pedestal that you feel placed upon. Expectations are to be dismissed, because the opinions of others are truly nothing you should pain yourself with addressing. Despite insecurities or what others have perpetuated, you are capable of making the right choices for yourself. 

The Two of Pentacles is a reminder of your potential for something great. If there is something you want to pursue, even if it means leaving something behind, this card promises you that it’s worth it. You can truly do anything you set your mind to, and the future shows opportunity for friendship, adventure, and success. 


Secondly, The Devil. 

You’re locking yourself away and allowing raw temptation and desire to drive your heart. You have it exposed, and tangled in a mess of uncertainty and fear. This isn’t a good thing, obviously. You have things to face about yourself before you can free from the prison you’ve built. You might have or do think that it is protecting you, when in reality it’s trapping you. 

You’re allowing the bad things that you have experienced to keep you afraid of the world, and of love. There are people trying to save you, to coax you from the pod, but you just bow your head and hide. This isn’t the same as cowardice. You are just scared. I feel as though you put yourself out, and looked for happiness, but there was disappointment, hurt, and or rejection. You feel inadequate, and unworthy in your natural form. This is far from the truth! You have so many amazing qualities, and you are most definitely a gorgeous soul with lots of love to give… And even more to receive.

Being naked and exposed to the possibilities of pain is usually what sways us, and this is a reasonable reaction. It’s one of the most difficult things to do, reach out and look for love. There will be no’s, there will be ugly people who don’t see your beauty because they’re shallow and blind to what matters, and there will be unrequited feelings. It’s life, and there’s no stopping it. The Devil represents the temptation to hide away and let the world do the work for you. Sometimes we have to fight for what we want, we have to show the Universe what we desire. You can do that, you just need to break free and show what you’re made of.


Lastly, the Ace of Pentacles.

A journey is in store for you! It looks like you’ve experienced stages of growth and progression, but now the future has an adventure planned for you. You can expect to see the ending of a cycle, independence, hard work, goals achieved, a toxic person (or people) that will let you down/betray you, and then success. Loyal companions, bounty, etcetera. 

Advice is to stay true to yourself and put faith in your abilities. There are ups and downs, there are failures. You will get through it all if you don’t give up and persist. You deserve happiness, you deserve what you have been and will be working hard for. Stop putting yourself down, stop discrediting your capabilities, and stop downplaying your power. You can do it! 

As a conclusion, stay focused on your goals. Don’t stray too far from what you want, make sure you don’t compromise for the sake of others. You’ve been doing that for far too long, and some people especially need to be put on the back burner for you to realize your dreams and potential.


Sorry for taking so long! I finally feel a bit better after a lot of therapy and tea. I hope this was helpful and accurate! Please remember to leave me some feedback so that I can improve, it’s really important. Thanks~ <3 xx