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First of all I love your art, it inspires me a lot. And...I think I have feelings on my best friend and she is a girl and me too, I'm scared, I don't trust anyone right now and I never felt this before, help me What should I do?

oh, gosh!  given the delay I’m answering you, maybe you are already married …
I’m a dork in these things, but what you feel is beautiful.

It’s different from your situation but I had a relationship of six years with my best friend (we knew from kindergarten then we got together around sixteen). he confessed his  fellings and I… well, I Always have my head far far away from this earth and I hadn’t noticed anything, of course. but I appreciated his sincerity and we get together.

then it’s over because it happened several things etc …but I cheer for you, and I think that the people we love always deserve our sincerity. so you should talk to her. :)

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Ah I love your coffee shop au!!! Could I ask for some Hunk headcanons? If it isn't too much trouble of course!

My guy, Hunk headcanons will never be too much trouble. Especially coffee shop au Hunk.

  • If a customer has any particular allergy or has requested any special alterations to a typical drink, Hunk will make sure that he personally makes that order because he’s seen too many reports of baristas ignoring requests for soy milk or subbing out splenda for sugar and he refuses to let that happen as long as he has any say in it
  • Is the goddamn best assistant manager you’ve ever seen
    • Knows every employees names and stories
    • Will always let people talk to Shiro through him because he gets it talking to your boss is scary don’t worry bud Hunk’s got you
    • Tries really hard to help Shiro schedule groups of people together that work really well together so they all get along
  • If a new employee gets hired Shiro befriends them IMMEDIATELY because he never ever wants anyone to feel alone at the shop
  • Hunk is the main caretaker for all of the various flowers and plants throughout the shop because Hunk is a fucking gardener don’t fight me on this yall
  • Lance is infuriated by the fact that all of the pretty girls in the shop always flirt with Hunk more than him
    • “What can he say, Lance? Hunk is a hunk” “I will knock your teeth out Pidge”
  • Attends art school, and regularly uses shop patrons for sketching practice
  • Hunk tries SO HARD to make romance happen in the shop
    • “So what do you think of that guy in the corner booth over there? He’s pretty cute” “Uh, yeah, about that, I’m actually a lesbian” “No worries because there also just so happens to be a really pretty girl in the shop. AND both of you ordered Caramel Macchiatos! What is happening here?”
  • He hosts the Kids Corner game every Wednesday because Hunk loves kids and kids love Hunk
  • Greets every single customer with a hello and a huge smile the moment they walk through the door
    • He knows most of their names
    • Everyone loves Hunk
  • Will have an hour long conversation with literally any customer. Did you have a bad day?? Come one down to the Five Kitties Cafe, where the nicest darn barista you’ve ever met will have a nice long coffee and chat with ya

That’s all I got at the moment! I hope this suffices!



* y-you would do the same bro, because your are the greatest.

* Hahaha! I can assure you that your cooking is fantastic, Papy.


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Okay for the remaining Matsu(Kara, Ichi, Jyushi), Which voice would you pick as: A ring tone, alarm clock, and car horn?

Pffftt ahahah this is honestly the best ask I’ve seen in a while thank you! 😂

Alright, so to get down to business…

I’d pick Kara as my ringtone–singing of course, because his voice is positively heart-melting~

Jyushi for an alarm clock bc are you serious who else would get you up better than the hyperactive matsu I mean come on

And finally, Ichi for the car horn, but I’m honestly confused with this one like?? Do I get to pick what he says or is it just him going ‘beep beep’ because that’s honestly so great yes please

BigBang Reaction: Being Moody

Request: How do you think Big bang would react go their pregnant wife beging all Moody like ; “Dont touch me.” “NO.” “If you dont leave me alone my next craving will be your head in the wall.” “1…2….”

GD: Jiyong would be a little frustrated because he would be trying to his best to help you be comfortable but you kept yelling at him and pushing him away. He would probably still insist on trying to help you and would do whatever you wanted even though you kept screaming at him.

Originally posted by memoriestomelodies

TOP: I think that Seunghyun wouldn’t ignore you or anything, but he’d try to help you out even though you didn’t want him near you. Of course if he thought you truly meant it he would do what you asked, but if a few seconds later you asked for his help he’d sigh and help you out. 

Originally posted by choi-top-hyung

Taeyang: He knew that women get moody during pregnancy so he knew what to expect. Except sometimes you could be a bit extreme sometimes with comments or yelling at him. For example you’d scream at him and he would get agitated and yell back, resulting in you crying even though he didn’t mean what he said.

Originally posted by winnerbangs

Daesung: Daesung would panic, he wouldn’t know how to react and he wouldn’t know whether he should still help you even if you declined his offer or not. Daesung would probably still help you anyways because he wanted to make sure that you felt as comfortable as possible. 

Originally posted by y0226d

Seungri: Seungri would respond to your moody comments with laughter as well as a response. If you screamed at him not to touch you, he’d chuckle and say “But don’t you want me to help you over to the couch so you can watch your tv shows?”. Even if you said something rude to him on accident, he’d just shrug it off. 

Originally posted by sevnghyuns

Good Enough (Sehun)

Type: Scenario (Fluff Fluff / Angst)

Words: 667

Summary: You have been distant from your best friend Sehun because of your feeling towards him and he doesn’t like it. 

I do not own thing GIF.

“Sehun! Stop I don’t want to cuddle.” I groan trying to escape the death grip my best friend had me trapped in.

“No, I haven’t seen you in a week. Do you not love me anymore Y/N?” His teasing whine fills the room. I turn my body towards him and give him a death look. I don’t understand this kid.

“Of course I still love you! Don’t say stuff like that. You know how I feel about our relationship.” I frown. He knows that he will always come first before anybody else. Why must he joke like that?

I have had a crush on Sehun since the third grade. We became friends that year due to me getting bullied. He stuck up for me when nobody else did. We have been inseparable ever since.

I will admit, it has been hard keeping my feelings away from him lately. That is why I have been pushing him away more than I should. I don’t want to confess my feelings and have everything come crashing down at my feet.

“Y/N, you have been distant. What’s the matter with you?” He sighs letting go of me with frustration clear in his face. I sit up, with guilt.

“Nothing, I just don’t want to cuddle.” I bite and that was what set him off. I messed up. I pushed him away a bit too far.

“That is it. I don’t understand why you are acting like this. It better stop!” He shouts and I jump from the tone of his voice. I can’t just tell him.

“I-I am going to lose my mind. For the past few months you have been acting like you are trying to get away from me. Do you not like me anymore Y/N?!” He starts pacing back and forth in his room.

“No…I am afraid I am not good enough for you…” I whisper to myself. He was right though. I have been treating him like I don’t care. I should be acting like I care more. The fear of rejection is the thing holding me back.

“What?” Sehun stops in front of me and a salty tear rolls down my left cheek. For the first time in a while I let Sehun drag me into his arms. Letting him embrace me the way he used to, with love.

“If anything…I am not good enough for you.” He whispers back and he places the softest kiss on my wet cheek. I look at Sehun taken aback by his actions. Did he just? No…it had to be in a friendly manner. Don’t get your hopes up.

Sehun places me back down on his bed carefully, getting on his knees so we were at the same level. The next few moments were covered in silence. I couldn’t look at him due to the guilt I carried still.

“Look at me Y/N…” He touched my chin, making my eyes look into his beautiful dark brown orbs.

I then watched his face slowly inch towards mine until his plump lips touched me. I flutter my eyes closed from the moment and took it all in. His lips touched mine with passion. Butterflies exploding in my stomach made the feeling 100 times better than before. The way he cupped my face made my limbs go weak. Too much perfection in one simple kiss.

Eventually he pulls away looking at me with a wide smile. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to do that.” He chuckles, looking down at the floor. I couldn’t help but do the same.

“Does this mean we are a thing now Y/N? You are not going to push me away, are you?” Sehun’s teasing manner came back. A blush forms on my cheeks as I look back up to see the hidden hope in his eyes. I instantly leaned back in for another kiss. Does that answer his question?

I finally got the guy of my dreams. The one who is good enough for me…

a/n: I know that this is a bit crap, but this is the first scenario I ever wrote back on my old blog. I thought it would be nice to start off my new blog with my very first piece! 

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Ohhh my gosh, that Sanji pregnant post was amazing! Would you mind doing the same for Luffy? Btw, you're blog is something that I adore SO much!

Oh hush you! You’re making me blush! Hmmmm, pregnant S/O for a certain Monkey D. Luffy. Well I’ll give it my best shot.

  • The first time anyone heard of the news was over dinner. The only ones to know were Luffy’s S/O and Chopper, only because he discovered something odd about S/O during the monthly check up he strictly put the crew through. Of course upon discovery, S/O was terribly embarrassed while Chopper was torn between dancing happily and running around in a screaming panic because he’s never delivered a baby before! S/O swore Chopper under oath (and a threat of throwing away his stash of cotton candy) not to tell anyone until you were ready to tell the Captain. Oh but the secret ate at our sweet loving sweet. It wasn’t until a week later during dinner when Sanji asked Chopper if he’d like anymore potatoes, Chopper cried out, “IT’S NOT LIKE S/O’S PREGNANT OR ANYTHING YOU BASTARD!” Upon those words, the entire crew froze…except for Luffy (who was busy using the distraction to steal from people’s plates).
  • Then cue next scene: DESCENT INTO CHAOS! Sanji immediately kicked Luffy through a wall yelling about “HOW DARE YOU DEFILE S/O LIKE THAT, YOU BASTARD!” Meanwhile Luffy’s poor S/O buried her burning face into her hands with her head bowed, incredibly embarrassed. Meanwhile Zoro and Nami discuss how in all of the damn Grand Line that Luffy knew what sex was and actually participated in it, both actually shocked. It then leads into an argument about who’d the baby more look like. Brook and Franky break out into a dance about such an joyous occasion. Chopper is trying hard to apologize to S/O between yelling at Usopp, who had fallen out of his seat laughing. Robin meanwhile just smiles calmly at the chaos that is now her life. This baby would be lucky to have such a caring family.
  • Once his S/O escapes the embarrassment, she secluded herself somewhere private to think. Everyone had a mix bag of reactions, she hadn’t really been able to see a reaction from the father. But she doesn’t blame Luffy for doubting. Even she is beginning to have second thoughts of this whole baby business when Luffy makes his presence known with his signature laugh and a wide grin. Now Luffy knows about pregnancy, contrary to belief, and he knows what this means. A smaller person, a mix of his S/O and him, will become the newest addition to the crew. Was he scared or worried? Not for a second. While Ace’s relation to the Pirate King may have played a part in his execution, Luffy vowed to be stronger than Gold Roger. He would do what the Pirate King had failed to do: to protect his family. Whatever the means and no matter the cost. His family would be safe. Luffy offers no words but pulls his S/O into a hug, his face nuzzling into their hair as a hand reaches down between them to place on her stomach. If he declared open war on the World Government for nakama, just imagine what he’d do for family.
  • Despite the crews best attempts at safety for the carrying woman when Marines attack in the middle of night. An encounter with a sneaking Marine and a hidden S/O (much to Luffy’s pride, the Marine was knocked out from behind), sends his S/O into early labor at only seven months into her pregnancy. Everyone is on edge and tense. It was a understandably precarious situation that no one could beat into submission with their weapons. Luffy stayed by his S/O’s side during her contractions but eventually in the end, Chopper makes bold decision: C-Section. Before tapping out with Robin to help, Luffy reached up to his straw hat and place it on his S/O’s stomach. “For good luck,” he explained before leaving the room. Hours passed and Luffy had yet to budge from his staring from his cross legged position on the floor. Eventually the rest of the crew awaits with him until they hear it. A cry, the relieving sound of a newborn. Luffy, for once, has no words when the door opens to spot his tired S/O and the bundle in her arms. He grins widely when she reaches up to the straw hat on her head and places it back onto his head. Good luck indeed.
Open Starter-Will

“Pregnant?” The young woman’s words had caught him off guard. He wanted kids of course but not now. Like when he was thirty and married and lived in a mansion because he invented a cure for cancer. He was twenty-four. Was he ready to be a dad? Was she ready to be a mom? There were about a million questions running through his head. Kids wouldn’t be the worst thing, and he loved the girl more than anything. Will’s lips turned upward into a small smile, “Well, that’s, uh, that’s fantastic!”


I completely understand what is expected of me by my followers. Believe me, I have had a large number of people respond to my personal content. It’s flattering, of course. However, it can also be extremely draining when people are constantly asking things of me and getting mad when I am unable to provide them with what they want.

Surprisingly enough, I do have a life apart from tumblr. I need time in my day to spend with not only my family and friends but also with myself. Please respect the fact that I am not going to respond to everyone. Obviously, I will try my very best because I hate to disappoint people but I can’t make any promises.

I hope you understand and realize how much I appreciate you.

x Paige

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can you please make some cute joshaya headcanon?


Josh taking Maya to an art museum for their first date, which btw is some months after Maya starts classes in NYU; because after so many long nights talking, walking around campus, studying together, some sleepovers here and there, college parties, old 80′s- 90′s movies, having lunch together almost everyday, it was bound to happen. :)

Yeah not my best, but I did what I could lol. 

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I agree.... Anytime I see something related to Marina Joyce I get a huge panic attack... Everything about it scares me and I don't know what to do or how to help... -bear🐻

I think she has a good bit of help right now, tbh? The last thing I heard was she was having drug and mental illness problems and her family is handling it. This is of course not final and we may learn more in the future, but as for right now we’ve done all we can!

The best way you can help is keep her in your thoughts. However, that doesn’t mean you have to work yourself up over it!

You’re safe, and that’s not going to change, ok? You’re doing all you can and that’s ok! Don’t worry about the smaller details. Just because you can’t directly help doesn’t mean you’re doing wrong!

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My bias is D.O., so if we were alone, the first thing that comes to my mind is try to be very kind and polite to him, also help him if he needs anything. I want to make him feel comfortable and also feel comfortable myself while working. Of course I wish I could make him fall in love and marry me, but I want to be a little bit more realistic I mean, I'm the maid and EXO is my boss, plus is my first day (of many I hope) so I would try to do my best. Also, to get to know him more would be amazing.

Okay but what if you walk into the dorm and kyungsoo’s there like this

Or maybe even like this

Imagine trying your hardest to not just kneel next to him and watch him sleep. Not in a creepy sort of way, just because he looks so peaceful and child like.

Of course then you’ll need to explain yourself, however he would probably be more shy than you. I could imagine Kyungsoo sliding under the blanket to hide his red face as you slowly remove yourself haha :D


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Do you think a relationship between you and kirito would work out(the romantic kind because you are already best friends).

Sorry to disappoint but, Kirito is like my brother, so of course I care for him, just not in the way you are suggesting. Besides…I already have someone that I like…

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Fave blogs to follow/reblog? Absolutely love ur blog!

Thank you so much much that’s lovely! I’m useless at these questions though because I always go blank so I’m just gonna go with the flow and apologies to whoever I forget X

@boulevardsaint-laurent @overratedflower @catbproblems @frohzin @missoneminute @spag–bol @racinglegends @cherryvom @soundcheck26 @carryyouthroughtown @iseearizonastars @emgh @bottlmen @mccangetinmypants @twinkling-vixen @taylorbagley @ahomegurlslife @love–is-a–laserquest @youre-simpaticoo @albion-sails-on-course @poetry-and-bananas @expectations-are-not-reality @likeitrealnice @turnerbuggkane @vanmctrashcann @leatherme-withyourlips @livingdaystooslow @beatlevevo @theinfiniteamount @eternally-unfocused @pickherupfromheathrow @tepachee @the-lids @thebalcony2014 @averagelilly @vansdreamgirl @oh-but-honey @best-thing-since-cavan @shlibertines @veinsofvenus @vanmccanntrash @despairinthearrivallounge @shethatscarlos @the-libertines @lovelyoregonphotography

I can already think of some I forgot but that should do X

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Any tips/advice for running an astrology blog?

The most important thing is to know what you’re talking about. Educate yourself as much as possible. Tumblr is not a good learning platform, so it’s best to know everything you need to know before joining the scene.

Stay active, original, and fun. Doing aesthetics, compatibility, and ask memes in the beginning will draw a lot of people in. Be nice, of course. Keep detached from any drama you encounter because followers take sides and that’s a great way to lose a bunch of them (I’m not speaking from experience but I have seen it happen many times). Having consistent content is also important, so make sure like 98% of your posts are astrology-related.

And follow @astrologymarina, she’s super knowledgeable and cute

That’s all I can think of. Everything else is up to you~

Unpopular opinion maybe not sure, but does anyone feel like that a lot of the relationships between the seven in hoo, romantic or otherwise, were just.. either  not-well-developed, built-up by the fandom, or just overall hard to believe.

Like I don’t understand why Rick would have Piper and Annabeth become ‘best friends 5ever’ during the unwritten pause between tlh and moa. For one thing, we know Annabeth is an extremely closed off person - she doesn’t open herself up to new people easily. So for her and Piper to be like sisters in Moa with private secret jokes and what not.. it was really really strange to see because that entire development happened off screen. It made it hard for me to believe and over the course of the next books, I really could never get into their friendship because I never saw how it all started which sucks because so many of their interactions were amazing, but just lacked the build-up I personally needed to get into it.

Jason and Piper on the other hand, I could much much more easily get into because I was introduced to their characters in tlh and saw how they interacted with each other - but once again, why have the beginning of their relationship happen offscreen? Why not write that development? That would have been so interesting to read and I don’t know about you guys, but I would ship their relationship so much more if I got to see more of the build up and the actual start to it.

Now but what really gets me is the Jason and Percy bro bro friendship. Not only did most of their friendship get crammed into the last book, I just felt like it was.. not how Percy and Jason would act?? Once again, that’s just my opinion, but it just felt really, I don’t know, forced?

Like I love the platonic relationships between Frank, Hazel, and Percy, and the one between Jason, Leo, and Piper. I cannot tell you how much I love Percy and Annabeth’s relationship. But all of those relationships go back to the fact is I read everything that happened - beginning, middle, and end. I got to see how Frank and Hazel acted as a team and how close Piper and Leo were. I had an entirely different series for Percy and Annabeth. It was just when Rick tried to connect all of the seven into this one big friend group - it just didn’t feel right. 

And that makes me so sad, because as the fandom has brought up - there are so many relationships that could have happened that would have been so natural and seamless and amazing to see. I would have loved to seen Piper and Percy become best friends because hey - they use sarcasm like a second language and Piper could have easily brought out the playful ‘troublemaker’ side to Percy. I would have loved to see Jason and Hazel and Frank become friends because not only did Jason mention Hazel in the first book as someone important in his life, all of them could have bonded so much over easily anything in Camp Jupiter. Annabeth and Leo could have easily become friends over being smarty pants and building and designing the Argo 2 together. 

Email Tips

I had to send a ridiculous amount of emails to my teachers last semester because of reasons and these are some tips for getting the best results.


Look at the syllabus first, some teachers will put in it exactly how they like to receive emails.

Put your first and last name and the class in the subject, also try and put something that explains what the email is about.

EX: Hailey Last name, Poli Sci M/W 9:30, Absence

Never leave the subject blank. It almost always guarantees a delay because teachers and faculty will respond to ones with subject first.

If you know the course code for the class, throw that in too. Sometimes teachers are more familiar with that then the actual class days and times.

If you are emailing a member of staff in Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, etc., always include your student ID number in the subject, and what it is regarding.

EX: Hailey Last Name, 123456789, Schedule Change

They will appreciate it so much.

Know your audience:

I have a teacher who has a PhD in Psychology but does not like to be called by Dr. He prefers for people to call him Frank and to be really casual with him.

When I send an email to this professor I am more casual with him.
My first email was more on the professional side, but once I saw how he responds, I wrote my emails to match his tone. Very laid back and very concise. I got more friendly responses and even joking, and I think that helps to build a rapport with teachers.

I had a teacher that was extremely professional and wanted as much information as you could provide in an email, even had a part of his syllabus about how to email him.

It will differ from teacher to teacher. Start out with a professional type email, but adjust accordingly once you see their style and can see how they like to be addressed.

Actual Email:

Always try to be cordial. Even if you have a laid back professor, never be rude or antagonizing if you can help it.

If the email is about an absence, explain as much as you are comfortable with about the absence and let them know you are sorry you will be missing class. If you have the syllabus, let them know that you are aware of the assignments and will be keeping up with the work so as not to fall behind.

If you need something specifically from the teacher, apologize for the inconvenience and ask if they can email you the material when they are able to. Also, if it is an extended absence, let them know when you will return. Try and give as much notice as possible. If you know you aren’t coming at 2 AM, then go ahead and send the email. Don’t wait until the actual class time, if you are able to notify before then.

If you are only missing this one class, but can maybe make another one of their other classes at a different time and are willing to do so, ask for permission. Most of the time they will say yes and will like the initiative, and this could also clear out the absence you would have gotten.

If you are missing a deadline or a test, make sure to ask for an extension or make up test time. DO NOT ask for the last two if it is 100% clear in the syllabus that they do not do make-ups or extensions. It usually just irritates them.

If the email is about a grade, make sure you can back it up. Have concrete examples as to why you think you deserve a different grade.

Do not email teachers asking when a grade is going to be posted or something is going to be given back unless it is well past the expected return time. Sometimes they forget. Most of the time they are just busy.

If your reason for emailing is about an explanation for an assignment or just about assignment details, make sure it is not explained in the syllabus first. Nothing will annoy a teacher more than asking for a clarification that could be found in a rubric or syllabus. It just makes you look lazy.

If the information is not in the syllabus or rubric, or not explained to where you can understand it, let the teacher know. Explain your problem or what you need, let them know you looked at the syllabus/rubric and it either did not have the information or wasn’t clear enough. They will appreciate the honesty and the fact that you looked first.

If you are in a group assignment and you are doing all of the work, let the professor know. Either they will find a way to help you, almost always in discreet manner, or when it comes time for grading, the grade will reflect it. There is nothing wrong with letting a teacher know you are having an issue. Someone should not benefit from your hard work, if they didn’t help.

If you are emailing staff members in Financial Aid, Registrar, Cashier, Bookstore, and Admissions, be extremely detailed. 

These people don’t know you and your situation, you need to explain it as much as possible. If it is something like a schedule change make sure you have course code  numbers, they aren’t going to look it up for you.

Always end the email with thanking the person for their time, help, or consideration based on what the email is about.


Don’t have some weird inappropriate signature with lyrics or anything like that. Always end with your First and Last name. Sign off with Thank you about 98% of the time, if something is more appropriate you will know.

If it is something where the person you are emailing will need to know your student ID, include it again with your signature.


It can be a little scary to email professors. I am one of those people who still doesn’t like to make adult calls if I can help it. The most important thing to remember is to be courteous and clear in all emails. You will get the hang of it and be a pro in no time.These tips might not work for everyone, but they work for me. I’ve been emailing professors multiple times a week for the past 3 semesters and I always get good results and responses.

EDIT: @lilstudybug made an important point in the reblog about student email. I swear I thought it was in there.

ALWAYS use your student email when you can. The teachers usually already have your email as part of their class roster, it is professional, and would most likely be responded to before any other type of email.

HOWEVER, if you lose your password/login and are waiting for an IT person, which can take a while, have a back up “safe” email.

My personal email was created for job searching way back when, so it is my first name and last name and an initial.

If it is an urgent matter and you can’t reach them through some other manner, have a respectable email and email them from it. Also, apologize for having to email them from that email, and that you will do so from a student email in the future.

I have had to email my teachers from my personal email before. It is not ideal, but it is not the end of the world!